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  1. I agree, but there's a way to get dingers without the defense now. Maybe this resolves itself if Arcia can hit and Urias can play 2B? Or Gyorko? Sogard? Holt? I'd trust all of them more than Hiura at the moment. That whole Reds game changes if he turns a routine double play on Votto in the first. Instead, through his legs, the inning continues and then Suarez hits the 3 run bomb. I don't know - just sick of that feeling in my stomach every time a ball is hit in his vicinity.
  2. Can we make Hiura the DH? I’m sick of watching him play defense.
  3. Get Clowney on the phone. See ya Vic.
  4. Is there any chance he calls them the Washington Snyders?
  5. Whoa. Chubb has a Bo Jackson thing going on there. If you fail to call his play, he’s getting at least 40. After his first run, I knew there was no way we were winning that game. Thanks again for running this, Malf! Very fun! Get Em next year, Tecmo-boys!
  6. Semifinal game: https://youtu.be/9nSH8KNiylY
  7. So what’s the Vegas (Malf) line? If we stop chubb, we win but easier said than done?
  8. Must have been a short week for us - Titans looked much slower this game, except Garrett and AJ Brown who saved the day! Good game, Hobo! On to the Super Bowl! Cleveland O vs Cleveland D!
  9. May the better team... not have missed XP's or a punter that swallows the ball!
  10. Who does "yours" apply to? The owner? The original owner? The fanbase? The majority of the fanbase? Doesn't this also apply to the Cowboys? Vikings? Chiefs? Raiders? 49'ers? Buccaneers? That's just the NFL - how many names are "a culture that isn't yours" in other sports? I'm not against a name change. But people who think it's just simple and the Skins are the only team affected here are being unrealistic.
  11. Yeah, Sanders was killing us. Got a couple turnovers to swing the momentum thankfully. Excited to be moving on! I feel very lucky to have faced Tecmo-Brees and survived.
  12. Haven't left Earth yet. Been busy with four teenagers and a kindergartner! Our quarterfinal matchup against the Saints offense/Panther defense: https://youtu.be/pGITZLIICyg
  13. When (not if) Vegas starts taking action on this tourney, I think the favorites are NO and ATL (with a stout Titans D!). Props to Tecmo for getting Brett Kern's supreme talent translated to the small screen... that punt went 75 yards in the air! Correction: 83 yards in the air!
  14. @Malfatron is running a simulation Tecmo Bowl tournament. You had to choose an offense and defense but couldn’t just take the best ones. Our D was taken so I paired our offense with Cleveland’s defense which seemed like the best of the lot I could choose from. I drew the Ravens (with Jags defense) in the first round. Here’s the result: https://youtu.be/Kvclc4e0ETI
  15. That sequel was almost as satisfying as the original. Thanks for doing this, Malf. Very entertaining!
  16. I inherited a "Mauser" or I think they call it a Kar-98? I know nothing about guns but these were apparently used by the Germans in WW2. It appears to be in working order but nowhere near a "new" state. Any guesses on how much it would be worth?
  17. I agree as a fan. Would have loved to keep him at a reduced number. But from Casey's perspective, wasn't it much better to trade him and allow another team to pay him his full contract? I don't get the animosity from him. Serious question: if we cut him and he's a FA, does he get a deal close to what he has now? Even from Denver?
  18. From Casey's perspective, the Titans decided he wasn't worth his contract. That happens to every single player eventually. The Titans could have cut him and he would have had to renegotiate a new deal with a team... for FAR less than he's scheduled to make already. But they traded him meaning Denver assumes his contract. He hasn't renegotiated with Denver, correct? They did him a favor if you ask me. I like Casey and what he gave to the team all these years. He's a pro. But save me the sob story about treating him "like a piece of trash" by making a decision that he wasn't worth the $13M or $14M that he was due to be paid.
  19. My take is if Rodgers is still able to win a title, why are you wasting valuable resources (mainly the 1st round pick but also a 4th) on the only position that will not be on the field to help him win that title? If they take Gladney or Queen (just for example), maybe their defense becomes good enough to get more stops in the NFCCG next year? I don't buy the "weak backup QB" argument because you can get a competent backup to help win some games if Rodgers gets hurt from the list of vets that float around every year. You don't need to waste a 1st round pick on that. Hate the move. If you have a Brees or a Brady or a Rodgers, you don't waste their window with 1st round picks designed to replace them. Give them every chance at help you can until they're gone.
  20. This is about... fourth hand so take it for what it's worth. A former player on Denver radio said he was talking to his friend who played with Clowney on the Texans. The friend said you could always tell what kind of effort you'd get from Clowney in the first two mins you saw him that day. He was either up or down. That's not a good endorsement. But obviously Vrabel would know that and not be going into this naive.
  21. It's a nice gesture to Casey too since the Broncos now pick up his lucrative salary. Had we cut him, I seriously doubt he gets that much on the open market given his age and the beginning of an inevitable decline.
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