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  1. King Henry Appreciation Thread.

    Yeah, I'd do that. But if we would quickly sign him to that number it means he's worth more than that. He'll be an unrestricted FA, correct? You think every other team in the NFL is gonna look at a 6'3" 240 lb back who can run like a wideout and who puts up 180 yard games and just say, "Nope, that's too rich for our blood"?
  2. King Henry Appreciation Thread.

    I get your point. I just don't think Henry is the best way to maximize Brady's value. I also don't know who else is coming up for another contract (Ryan, for instance) but sinking more than half of our expected cap space into two players doesn't seem wise to me. Brady excels with quick pass-catching RBs anyway. Re-sign Lewis and watch him come back to life in that style of offense. I like Henry - I really do. I just think his big games are pricing us out of the market for his next deal. Time will tell.
  3. King Henry Appreciation Thread.

    Sure, I want the best of everything at every position too. But can we afford $30M for Brady and $15M for Henry? Who do we lose because of those two numbers?
  4. 5000 yards or bust! 2019 version

    Used: Garoppolo (166), Ryan (320), Winston (380), Rivers (310), Wentz (189), Cousins (333), Wilson (241), Watson (279), Brady (285), Murray (324) Week 11: Drew Brees
  5. King Henry Appreciation Thread.

    I'll say this much. My thoughts change slightly if we're going young at QB and won't have a big contract at that position. If you sign a stop-gap (Tanny) to a 3 year modest deal and draft a QB, I could see giving Henry a similar 3 year deal. That would allow us to compete for the playoffs with this defense for the near term. Of course if Brady is coming next year, adios Henry.
  6. AFC South Discussion Thread

    I don't know. She said sorry and sounded like she meant it.
  7. King Henry Appreciation Thread.

    I don't think it is. I'd love to see Henry run through the holes that Zeke gets. Zeke has better vision, but Henry has more speed and power. Who's to say what Zeke would look like on the Titans or Henry on the Cowboys? I think he will want something in the Zeke/LeVeon/Gurley range: $15M per. And I don't blame him. He's not some huge step down from those guys in talent. Will any other team be willing to give him that? Hard to say. I just don't think it will (or should) be us.
  8. King Henry Appreciation Thread.

    And yet, I don't want to pay him.
  9. GDT: Chiefs -3.5 (6-3) @ Titans (4-5)

    The difference I see is between defending yourself and sounding like a whiny cry-baby. His first two sentences were pathetic. If you remove those and just keep the second two sentences of his post, I'd be totally fine with it. Defend yourself. He has a point that those criticizing him don't know the scheme so they may not even be correct in placing blame on him. But save the "woe is me" stuff when you're being paid millions to play a game for a living.
  10. GDT: Chiefs -3.5 (6-3) @ Titans (4-5)

    I don't see it as hypocritical at all. If you want to be on social media as a player, fine. If you can't take some critical comments and have to pop off and have a pity-party, that's pathetic. He's getting paid more money in a year than I will my entire life and I'm supposed to feel sorry for him because his feelings were hurt? Grow up, buddy. Grow up. (Saffold, not you - lovetitans) And if you want to criticize me for saying that, fine. That's your right. We can disagree and remain civil. You won't see me crying about your comments.
  11. GDT: Chiefs -3.5 (6-3) @ Titans (4-5)

    That is pathetic. Dude, get off social media and do your job.
  12. GDT: Chiefs -3.5 (6-3) @ Titans (4-5)

    This Titans team is the most Titanest ever.
  13. Titans Pick'Em Competition - Week 10

    Chiefs 45 Titans 13 This can only mean we will somehow pull out a win.
  14. It's so irritating listening to fans try to argue their team is somehow superior to others in this regard. Every single team does this. Every one of them. It's just reality. For every instance where you can point to a team releasing a player for bad behavior, there are 2-3 more instances of them giving guys second chances because they were more talented.
  15. I kinda hope he catches on with another team. Not the type of guy I want wandering the streets with a lot of time on his hands.
  16. 5000 yards or bust! 2019 version

    Used: Garoppolo (166), Ryan (320), Winston (380), Rivers (310), Wentz (189), Cousins (333), Wilson (241), Watson (279), Brady (285) Week 10: Kyler Murray
  17. Colts WR Parris Campbell has surgery today for fractured hand

    Chester Rogers?
  18. Week 9 GDT: Titans(4-4) @ Panthers(4-3)

    I haven't been able to watch much of the last two games. Has Simmons been dominant at times? Is his PT increasing? Or is he more silent after that awesome debut?
  19. A.M- Life After Marcus Watch (options?)

    He's not the kind of QB that would come in and try to fit into our system. He's bringing his own system or he's not coming. If he's doing this at all, it's to prove he can win without Belichick so he's not going to leave anything to chance. I watched him last night and I admit he didn't look "spry". But he hasn't been particularly mobile his entire career. If he gets a free rusher in his face, he just turtles up and takes the sack. I'm fine with that. Because when he doesn't, he's standing tall in the pocket, picking apart the defense and making crisp, accurate throws all over the field. Forget the interception last night, that was just a punt but the WR couldn't touch the DB on the way by. I'm still firmly in the TB12 camp. Sign me up! Let's see what he's got left in the tank when presented with a new challenge.
  20. Titans Pick'Em Competition - Week 9

    Titans 24 panthers 23
  21. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    You’re a Cardinals fan AND a Lakers fan? Wow. You’re like... the anti-me. Anyway, sign me up for Brady. I’ve never understood the hate he gets from people. He understands offense and defense and even in decline is way better than anything else we have.
  22. A.M- Life After Marcus Watch (options?)

    True, but I may take 50 year old Tom over Tannehill and Dalton. The cost of a 1st rd QB vs a 2nd rd QB doesn't concern me at all. We have whiffed more often then not.
  23. 5000 yards or bust! 2019 version

    Used: Garoppolo (166), Ryan (320), Winston (380), Rivers (310), Wentz (189), Cousins (333), Wilson (241), Watson (279) Week 9: Tom Brady
  24. A.M- Life After Marcus Watch (options?)

    I mean... is this a trick question?