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  1. For NYG: 1 (6) - Josh Allen, Edge 1 (17) - Andre Dillard, OT 2 (37) - Dalton Risner, OG/OC [also considering Drew Lock here] 3 (95) - Chauncey Gardner Johnson, FS/CB 4 (108) - Julian Love, CB 4 (132) - Amani Oruwariye, CB 5 (142) - Mack Wilson, ILB 5 (143) - Charles Ominiwu, DE 5 (171) - Kelvin Harmon, WR 6 (180) - Emeke Egbule, ILB 7 (232) - Alize Mack, TE 7 (245) - Jalen Jelks, Edge
  2. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    Saquan and Allen. Then get Hebert or Fromm in 2020!
  3. QB Daniel Jones selected by Giants @ 1.6

    Laulettas career was derailed by the police. Not his fault. They were Jet fans tbh
  4. Daley and Prince still there. So is Harmon. If we can get both in 7th and Covey, Egbule, Jelks, and Anderson as UDFA then it’ll be a decent draft. Of course, imagine the defense with addition of Allen at 6
  5. “You can never have enough good football players at any position” when DG said that I didn’t think he was going to draft 175 CBs and ignore the rest of our needs
  6. I don’t hate the pick, but I do wonder if Eli/Jones can take advantage of him down the field. He’s a good chess piece for Shumar though.
  7. Speeeeeeeeeeeed. Edwards went two picks before. I’d prefer Kelvin Harmon because of physicality but a deep threat is nice. Not sure we have a QB that can take advantage though
  8. Yuck. Better LB available. Harmon was still there and some other WR. Team desperately needs a RT but now I think Mike Remmers will be signed as RT. There were solid Edge players available. Harmon, Wilson, Coney, Cashman, Walker, Jelks, Hollins, Treveon Williams, Jackson, Ominehu, Edwards, Daley... Don’t like this pick much. Should have traded up for Thompson tbh
  9. CB Julian Love / Notre Dame selected @ 4.108

    Huge value pick. Baker, Beal, Love, Haley, Jenkins... lot of talent there.
  10. Same as the CB from Penn State. Might get some coverage sacks!!!
  11. Butler, Harmon, or Ridley would be nice. If we could get one of them, CGJ, and either Edwards or Daley it would be okay. Some other names: Blake Cashman, Emeke Egbule, Christian Miller, Charles Omenihu, DeAndre Walker, Isaiah Johnson... still a lot of quality talent but most of it’s just on defensive side of ball.
  12. There are no good RT left. We should have gone Bobby Evans at 3. I think Ximines would have been there at 108. If not, Christian Miller, DeAndre Walker, Ben Banganu, and others are there. Chancey Gardner Johnson is my pick for 108. A true FS
  13. QB Daniel Jones selected by Giants @ 1.6

    “ Typically sits on his primary read and will work to check downs from there.” oh hi Eli jr
  14. I don’t think I’ve eaten my words yet. I am very glad to hear that my one to two posts a month on here leave such a propound impact on you for me to be so memorable. We went into the draft with one of the worst defenses. We needed pass rushers like crazy. We need help in the middle of the defense. We need a true free safety. We have 75 slot receivers and no true outside receivers. We have a human turnstile for a right tackle. Now, let’s examine his great moves. We traded Snacks, and Apple for a 4 and 5 to turn around and use two 1s, a 2, 4, and 5 on their replacements. Baker is likely better than Apple, though Apple looked pretty solid in NO. Still, we used two firsts to draft replacement for players we traded for a 4th and 5th. We traded OBJ and Vernon for Peppers, Zeitler, a 1, and 3. Zeitler and Peppers help. Though we wouldn’t have needed Peppers had we tagged LC. Still, the Giants are better with OBJ, there is no denying that. OBJ is one of the most electric WR to ever play the game. He is a franchise player that wants to win. He spoke out against the losing culture the Giants have and was traded. To replace him, the Giants signed and extended two slot receivers for about the same money as we were paying OBJ. Collins wasn’t tagged nor was he traded last year. That’s a poor management decision. You already traded multiple players so the concept of you didn’t want to send the wrong message to locker room is total BS. If a player isn’t in your long term plans, and you have a 2nd or 3rd offer, you trade him. Letting him finish a losing season just to walk at end of season is poor asset management. Lets examine our FA signings: We signed basically everyone who had a decent season under Betcher in 2016 and was out of place last season. Not a single impact player. Tate is 31 and we signed him for 4 years and gave the Eagles a comp pick in the process. Bethea is 35. We also extended Pulley who was average at best and resigned Halapio for competition at center. In my view, that puts us going into the draft with the following holes: Edge, RT, WR1. We also had the following needs: DE, QB, FS, CB, C, ILB. With THREE first round draft picks we still have no one to generate any pressure and we still don’t have a right tackle. We passed on one of the most athletic edge rushers in years for an Eli clone to keep the status quo. That is inexcusable. If me criticizing a team that has had a losing culture for at least half a decade and continues to make moves that demonstrate it wants to continue losing upsets you so much that you can recall my posts, then that says a lot more about you than me. Some of us like to win.