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  1. https://nypost.com/2021/01/04/giants-make-big-decision-on-dave-gettleman/amp/?utm_campaign=iphone_nyp&utm_source=twitter_app&__twitter_impression=true Not surprised but not impressed.
  2. I hope Lance stays and plays next year. Only one season as a starter makes me nervous and he’d be top QB next year. If we are picking early, it’s probably bc our QB in year 3 is making the same mistakes as year 1 and 2
  3. We don’t need a pass rushing DL. If DG drafts another DL in the first round I will riot and Mara should immediately grow a pair and fire him. He’s spent 1/2 his draft capital on DL. Allen Robinson, Bud Dupree, Williams, and Tomlinson. Abrams is good with cap and can make that all work. We will have about $40-45M anyway. Solder retires, cut Zeitler and a few others on bad deals. Then go pass rushing LB/Edge - Parsons, Collins, JOK, Paye, Jones II. I think WR1, OL, Edge, and CB2 have to be the focus of draft/FA - though Love did have a strong game against a mediocre Dallas team.
  4. I agree this draft class is meh. I think we HAVE to get a premium edge rusher in FA and it's going to cost a lot of money. I would love to sign Williams long term and admit I was wrong about him. I think the trade was still stupid and mismanaged, but he's been an impact player. If we have a real live actual legitimate edge rusher, it will only make our DL stronger. However, I think Williams may be approaching Donald money which may be unfeasible. Dalvin needs to be resigned, too. He's underappreciated by a lot of fans, imo, because he doesn't get stats, but he pushes the pocket and is f
  5. Maybe I'm just cynical, but the roster is bad. I can't think of one player on a rookie contract that I'm comfortable saying is above average. Saquon, maybe - but Gallman has looked like the better runner this year. Slayton has looked lost. Thomas is meh. Peart is bad. Lemieux is terribad. Hernandez is bad. I just do not think the roster has the talent to support bargain FA. We need an infusion of quality talent because we have none. Quality talent costs money. Allen Robinson would be huge for Jones. We've scored like 20 points in the last 4 games. We stink on offense. We can't mo
  6. Needs: Edge, CB2, WR1, OG, ILB FA Targets: Bud Dupree and Allen Robinson
  7. Ballentine not good in slot. Should be decent on boundary.
  8. Restructured him to give guaranteed money too. Looks like we are carrying 3 QB again. Dumb.
  9. I don’t like Peart here. Would have preferred Troy Dye, Nick Harris, Gandy-Golden, or Davis-Gaither. We have to go Harris in 4th if he’s there.
  10. I still think we need a LB that can cover the middle of the field, but am willing to give Martinez a chance to prove me wrong. I think I’d rather Thomas/Wills than Wirfs. I go back and forth. Basically hits everything we need except an athletic LB so hard to really complain.
  11. Would open up a lot of possibilities for us and would make taking an OT in first the right move. Plus, if we keep our second, we might even be able to get Queen or Murray and have a sideline to sideline coverage ILB, too, or get a true deep safety.
  12. Another run stuffing IDL with limited to no pass rush capability. Depth is cool and all but I think we’re pretty deep on IDL
  13. I don’t like OT at 4, but I think it’s going to happen. McKinney is insane value there. Let Akeem Davis-Gaither fall to us in third and give us that athletic LB were lacking and it’ll be a great 3 rounds. Will need an OC and edge. Ruiz and Baidiaz still on board so bound to get one in fourth. Wouldn’t hate it at all
  14. While First-Pick drafts are fun, they’re totally madden fantasy. I did a fanspeak mock, and while I disagree with a lot of the positional rankings, ended up with this: 4. Tristan Wirfs, OT 36. Xavier McKinney, FS 99. Akeem Davis-Gaither, LB 110. Cesar Ruiz, OC 150. Darrel Taylor, Edge 183. Jonathan Garvin, Edge 218. Kaijia Lipscomb, WR 238. AJ Green, CB 247. Stephen Sullivan, TE 255. Julian Blackmon, S ADG and Ruiz likely don’t make it past 2nd. Taylor and Garvin both have good developmental traits to work with. I passed on Murray and Que
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