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  1. J-Deere’s 1 round mock (trades) 1.0

    I would be furious if NYG took Okudah over Simmons.
  2. Giants Coaching Staff

    These latest two hires help your point
  3. Giants Coaching Staff

    To be fair, JG hasn’t been an OC since like 2010 or so. And there’s a lot of speculation from Dallas fans (and Romo) that JG held the offense back significantly.
  4. Giants Coaching Staff

    I would have preferred Kitchens to JG if it meant we got Bill Callahan as OL coach. I think BC is an upper tier OL coach which we desperately need. Kitchens offense during those 8 games was pretty decent
  5. Giants Coaching Staff

    It appears that hiring JG meant no Bill Callahan. If Judge knew that, then he made a mistake imo. Kitchens/BC > JG/Columbo.
  6. 2020 NFL draft thread

    Teams overpay to get their guy. Saying it won’t happen because the trade value chart says it’s a bad deal is silly. It’s even more silly to then propose a trade that has you underpaying for your guy
  7. Giants Coaching Staff

    Should have gone for Cowboys Gary Brown. He’d be good for Gallamn and Barkley
  8. 2020 NFL draft thread

    I like Beckton but have concerns about his weight/health. Wirfs is my #1 tackle RN
  9. The Make No Sense Mock, Bengals don't click...

    No to Thomas at 4. Would rather trade down and get Simmons or Wirfs.
  10. Giants Coaching Staff

    Scott Linnehan is in the mix. I really wanted Joe Brady but i’d prefer Garrett or Kitchens over Shula/Linnehan
  11. Giants Coaching Staff

    What about Cowboys RB coach Gary Brown?
  12. Coaching Staff

    This hurts. Lunda and Tolbert were the two assistants I really wanted to keep. He’s been solid for our TEs.
  13. Giants Coaching Staff

    Lunda wells to Cowboys. That is very rude.
  14. 4 Round Post Wilcard Mock With Comp Picks

    I am assuming NYG will throw lots of money at Yannick Ngakoue and Jack Conklin, but either way... i’d much prefer Isaiah Simmons, LB Lucas Niang, OT Ashtyn Davis, FS Quintez Stephus WR
  15. Giants Coaching Staff

    Shula over Gruden? No, thank you. I’d prefer Jason Garrett over Shula tbh