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  1. Giants Coaching Staff

    Lunda wells to Cowboys. That is very rude.
  2. 4 Round Post Wilcard Mock With Comp Picks

    I am assuming NYG will throw lots of money at Yannick Ngakoue and Jack Conklin, but either way... i’d much prefer Isaiah Simmons, LB Lucas Niang, OT Ashtyn Davis, FS Quintez Stephus WR
  3. Giants Coaching Staff

    Shula over Gruden? No, thank you. I’d prefer Jason Garrett over Shula tbh
  4. 2020 NFL draft thread

    I now believe Simmons goes 3 and I will be kicked out of the bar I am watching the draft at for throwing a glass at the TV
  5. How much talent do we have compared to the Dolphins..? The dolphins replaced him in like 5 minutes internally and granted us permission for a lateral move. They didn’t seem to think too highly of him. Plus, with so many others available, we went with this guy.
  6. Giants Coaching Staff

    Well it’s official.... yuck.
  7. Giants Coaching Staff

    It’s concerning that Graham couldn’t find a spot for Minkah, but he becomes an All Pro with the Steelers. If we get Simmons, I think Graham will waste his talent. Bettcher hasn’t yielded the same defenses with us as Arizona, but he had top defenses with them. Graham hasn’t. Neither would be great hires, especially when there are much better DC out there.
  8. Giants Coaching Staff

    Would rather keep Bettcher. Graham couldn’t even find a way to use Minkah.
  9. 2020 NFL draft thread

    Detroit is in a superb position to trade down as well - but it will likely be to a QB needy team. Not a tackle needy team
  10. Giants Coaching Staff

    Also, Kitchens, like Shumar, seems to be better as an OC than HC.
  11. 2020 NFL draft thread

    I agree on all accounts. He should trade down, but won’t. I still think he take Brown or Jeudy and tries to justify it
  12. Patriots ST Joe Judge named Head Coach

    I agree with your latter point, but I think an experienced coordinator with prior HC experience could help Judge come along. I don’t know if Lewis is vocal (for lack of a better word) to usurp and attempt to run the show from a coordinator position. If so, I agree that it’s a bad hire. Some HC that go back to coordinators are better at coordinators than HC - Shumar, Phillips, Norv Turner come to mind. Hell even Freddie Kitchens was better as OC than HC. And he is likely our new OC lol
  13. 2020 NFL draft thread

    I think typically you’re right but if a team is trading up for a QB - especially to ensure they get their guy when the teams ahead all need a QB - we can price gouge. No way we trade from 4 to 7 without getting a 2nd and 2021 1st imo.Look at what Skins gave up for RG3. (Actually, wouldn’t be surprised if Gettleman traded 4 plus our second for 7 and some first round player that hasn’t lived up to their draft slot but UNTAPPED POTENTIAL!!!).
  14. Patriots ST Joe Judge named Head Coach

    It’s just an interesting tidbit. Plus he threw someone over a bench when playing back in like 04. Pretty fiery guy lol. What does everyone think about Marvin Lewis as DC?
  15. 2020 NFL draft thread

    Miami, SD, Carolina, Bucs, and Raiders all likely looking for new QB. Five teams for 2 QBs. We are in a great position to bring in a haul.
  16. 2020 NFL draft thread

    I’m praying for the opposite... Burrow, Young, Okbudah. Then we trade back to 5 so Dolphins get their guy and trade from 5 to 12 so Raiders get their guy. And somehow Simmons/Wirfs/Thomas fall to 12 lol
  17. Patriots ST Joe Judge named Head Coach

    Ngokue is a popular target here. Same with both Simmons and Okudah. If we had a GM that was halfway decent, we’d trade back. Instead, we’ll take an IDL cause you gotta stop the run in the pass happy NFL
  18. Patriots ST Joe Judge named Head Coach

    I wonder if DG is going to assemble the staff... I hope not
  19. Patriots ST Joe Judge named Head Coach

    I like the concept of an experienced HC being a coordinator. I do not like the concept of JG’s offense. Edit: Jay Gruden is available for OC. Still think we gotta bring Callahan for OL Coach. Hunter sucks.
  20. 2020 NFL draft thread

    Hey if JG becomes our OC maybe we will invest in OL. Hot damn what a change that will be!
  21. Patriots ST Joe Judge named Head Coach

    I agree with that. I don’t know what good OC are available, but a solid staff would be what I posted earlier Phillips for DC McGaughey as ST Lunda for TE coach, Gary Brown as RB coach, Bill Callahan as OL coach, Larry Johnson DL coach, DeMeco Ryans LB coach. Marinelli/Richards and Chase Blackburn in some capacity.
  22. Patriots ST Joe Judge named Head Coach

    This is a panic decision.
  23. Head Coach Search