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  1. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Clip from last year, but me gusta Tyler Johnson, amazing footwork on these routes, he is going to have a very high floor.
  2. Week 14 Games

    Jason Garrett’s last game? and yeah, after Dak, bares got Rodgers, Mahomes, and Kirk 4 decent QBs.
  3. Week 14 GDT: Packers vs Washington Redskins

    I'll be sitting in 124 as well, aisle seats too. More like row 50ish or so. South side aisle, pretty much right on the 20 yardline.
  4. https://www.kaggle.com/c/nfl-playing-surface-analytics Anyone familiar with Kaggle competitions and good with data analysis, via python or R and are ideally familiar with nflscrapr or nfl next gen stat? and want to get a team together?
  5. The Milwaukee Yelichs Thread - Home of the Real MVP

    TY, get more quality information from that in 20 minutes than I could possibly find in hours of reading other articles.
  6. The Milwaukee Yelichs Thread - Home of the Real MVP

    When is rams gunna make his 2019/2020 offseason dissertation?
  7. Montez Sweat vs Preston Smith

    No worries, I like to lurk everywhere.
  8. Montez Sweat vs Preston Smith

    Packers only blitz 21.0% of the time, 6th fewest in the league. pro-football-reference.com/years/2019/opp.htm
  9. Trade Deadline Rumors

    That's fair. Not a huge factor, but is a factor, Tate had like a 6 million salary last year, costing the Eagles like 3-4 million. Sanders' salary is 10.25 million, so a trade now would likely be closer to the 7 million range if after week 5.
  10. Trade Deadline Rumors

    Although I am very interested in him, I doubt Denver would require that much for him, assuming he isn't in their plans to resign this offseason. They can save about $7 million by trading him now and guarantee themselves any pick next year vs. gambling on a comp pick for 2021, which they may not get. I think a 5th should be more realistic.
  11. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    Anyone want to work on some data analysis projects? I've been able to web scrape NFL next gen stats using R, pretty cool play by play by play analytics there. There is no API but I've seen you can scrape pro-football-reference.com too using Python, which I'm not very familiar with. Would be really fun to try to merge them up, perhaps add additional sources. Could have an obscene amount of access to data to play with. Other than it being hopefully really fun, really want to have a functional reason to learn some python, so would be awesome to follow along with someone who knows what they are doing there.
  12. The Milwaukee Yelichs Thread - Home of the Real MVP

    Seems like everyone here is as confused as I was the last two days.
  13. rank the roster: 2019 edition (#8) (complete)

    Waldo’s running this again at the other (cooler) forum. Our results this far: 1. Aaron Rodgers (90%)[--]2. David Bakhtiari (78%)[--]3. Kenny Clark (59%)[+2]4. Davante Adams (100%)[-1]5. Jaire Alexander (57%)[+11]6. Aaron Jones (62%)[+8]7. Za'Darius Smith (45%)[FA]8. Brian Bulaga (52%)[+5]9. Blake Martinez (68%)[-1] Will be interesting to compare the two lists side by side