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  1. Aaron Rodgers in 16 games outside of Raymond James Stadium this year. 54 TD's, 3 picks
  2. Yeah, we seriously considered not using anything that night, but thought that might look sketchy, and tried to get Blue's role pm that night too so we would know. Of course it was just redirected back at us. MWill dies, didn't get blue's role. Bad night, lol
  3. Also, is the show the Witcher worth watching? Or reading? Seems like there are multiple eras or stories or something.
  4. I always thought there should be a lot more re-playing of games, maybe just some minor tweaks, but overall same teams, objectives, etc. People put so much time into creating a game, they should get more use.
  5. Took out a closet in our entrance/mud room/laundry room and made little locker type dealy's for the kids. Was not expecting to find an air duct in that short wall when I started, lol, luckily was able to get it into back wall.
  6. Re-did our fireplace wall and hearth, added some shiplap and a mantel.
  7. I got some projects to share, redoing our clost:
  8. Boom!! Tricked everyone of you mf’s, not one person suspected me. thanks whicker!! go get em red!! pulled my groin tonight playing broom ball on the lake, trying to knob creek it. go packers!
  9. Either way, I'll check back later to see what happens, but no use going over this same old stuff while 4-5 people just keep happily hanging out in the shadows unless. Kind of funny not one person has asked who sirA1 is or what he is claiming. Just throw on a vote and disappear, why I am thinking there probably next to no one still alive with a win condition of trying to kill kings. LIS, gg whicker. 👍
  10. I could also lie about someone's identity 30 minutes before night time, being incredibly coy about it, get caught in a lie, never explain myself, and somehow still be alive.
  11. How am I detrimental? Actually engaging in conversation? Not believing every person in a lying game? Should I just show up and imply something about another player, vote without reason and disappear? Throw on a bandwagon vote and disappear? Not contribute at all?
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