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  1. I don't advocate a full dismantling unless you want to be bad for an extended period. And I don't think that's necessary, we can be competitive next year if things go well. Keep Kendricks, Hunter, Smith and Theilen.
  2. Theres the perspective that he was supposed to be the solution, and if we’re not any better with him, then he wasn’t the solution.
  3. The only reason to fire a coach midseason is if you think you can save the season or possibly if you think the coach has checked out already. There's something irrational about the "failure is not acceptable" mindset that I don't find to be particularly helpful.
  4. I'd be pretty surprised if Zimmer was fired during the season. I don't see the point. I think he's more likely to be here for 2021 than to be fired before the end of it.
  5. My question is how many franchise QB’s are in the first round and are we determined to take one no matter what. In some ways I think we’ve built the wrong way around, he probably would be better served with a great offensive line than great receivers. So if we’re sitting at 3 and Lawrence and Fields are gone, are we OK taking an OT or do we stay focused on moving on from Kirk?
  6. Of course getting stopped on 4th down decreases your chances of winning, but over the last 20 years, teams have converted 4th and 1 65 percent of the time. You're not really acknowledging the likelihood that you convert that first down. As far as running the ball well, there was holding call on that set of downs, so they had already run for 19 yards in the previous 3 downs.
  7. I don’t agree. They were scared. Pretty much any situation where you have an opportunity to win the game by gaining 1 yard, going for it is justifiable.
  8. I don’t think it’s hard to understand. If you get one yard , the game is over, especially considering the way they were running the ball that possession. If Russell Wilson is your biggest concern, then getting the first down is what removes him from the equation. Not that it was an easy decision, I would have understood either way.
  9. I don’t know. He’s already had way more success than Millen, who never came close to making the playoffs.
  10. Most of the prognosticators have us in that upper middle range of the league. If you expected the Vikings to terrible that's fine, but it seems most of the football world did not. Not being in Super Bowl contention isn't the same thing as contending for the first overall pick.
  11. If we didn't commit to it before the season, 1 game in is too early to start.
  12. They're just much better shooters. How is a sub-30 percent 3-point shooter shooting from half court a good shot?
  13. Taking a half court shot in the middle of a game? It seems like the only purpose for it would be to bring attention to himself. Along the lines of Lamelo's 90 point games, it's like the sole purpose of his team is just so he can showcase his talent.
  14. Lamelo taking a half court shot in the middle of game is kind of off-putting.
  15. The problem with Edwards seems to be a Wiggins-like motor. The vibe I'm getting is that Ball is the better overall prospect, although also a greater unknown. Not that I've personally put any effort into scouting these guys.
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