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  1. The end of halfs has been an issue all year. There seems to be something going on when the Vikings are trying to prevent big plays. Especially the last two weeks, they were really good until they needed to be.
  2. Isn't Peterson the best player of this group right now? I'm not breaking down film, but that's my impression.
  3. The last two games, it seems like there's an issue with the defense letting up, which hasn't always been an issue for Zimmer's teams. The last two games were borderline dominant defensively until the last 5 minutes, when they gave up multiple scores.
  4. I feel like there's no way the Vikings make that kick against another team. If there's one team that can out bad break/choke the Vikings, it's the Lions.
  5. You’re projecting. Whether positive or negative, Zimmer was reacting to getting shoved.
  6. I think there are players that would. Players like Anthony Barr and Everson Griffen have shown a desire to be here and there are players, especially defensive players, that have talked affectionately about him. And I'm sure others feel differently.
  7. Osborne was all by himself for a TD on that sack.
  8. Tanner Morgan is regressing. This offensive coordinator needs to go.
  9. To be fair, just last week we saw what can happen when you run one more play. I would have made a different decision, but I don't think this decision was unforgivable. As much bad luck as anything.
  10. It was 37, wasn’t it? I still would have run another play, just with our history, but 37 has to be 90+ percent success rate.
  11. Gophers with a shutout. Most dominant defensive performance in a long time. Colorado has 63 total yards.
  12. Yes. I saw multiple predictions that the Vikings would lose. I agree though, it was a terrible job by the coaches.
  13. I guess that depends how you feel about winning your division and getting swept in the playoffs. There's been quite a few playoff teams in that time frame.
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