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  1. Yeah, but it's tough to assume everything stays the same going forward. And while that pitch should have been called a strike, it was right on the line of the box. It was a borderline call.
  2. Really that's just a devastating loss. It's starting to appear that Rogers isn't good enough to be our closer even if he is our best relief pitcher.
  3. It was 1 run game in the 8th. Even if the ump gives Duffy that call, it's not over.
  4. It's not really meant to be a criticism. I'm just considering whether they would be better off with an ace in a short series. Do these Twins have their Frank Viola or Jack Morris? Do they need one?
  5. We could use an ace I suppose. Is there a Cy Young caliber pitcher that might be available before the deadline?
  6. They didn’t win the division with an 8-7 record, they were a wild card, and 3 of their losses were by replacement players. The 87 Vikings were better than their regular season record would indicate.
  7. It's impressive to build an 8 game lead this early, but 10 years ago the Twins were 7 games back at the beginning of September and ended up winning the division. It's just way too early to take anything for granted.
  8. Why Dennis Green couldn't take us all the way

    That's probably the reason he was willing to take a chance on Randy Moss.
  9. I mean, this is the United States.
  10. That’s hard to predict until we see Sloter get some meaningful snaps.
  11. My fantasy football championship in 2002.
  12. Everyone has to start somewhere. We’ve made a point of keeping Sloter on the roster the last 2 years. If he’s worthwhile, we eventually have to give him a shot to move up the ladder.
  13. 2020 Draft Talk

    He still 74 sacks behind Randle, that's almost 15 per season.
  14. There has to be players at other positions that we could have taken a risk on. I know it’s unlikely that a 7th round pick is going to make an impact, when guys like Adam Thielen and Holton Hill go undrafted there has better risks than a long snapper.
  15. Yeah, don’t think we needed a running back in round 3.