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  1. What is some NFL history you think needs to be revised?

    If anything, the manufactured controversy over that authentic SB win has died down over the years nationwide. There was actually only one bad call which favored the Steelers in that game, and it had no bearing on the outcome. The rest of the calls are made every week in the NFL.
  2. Where Do the 2013 Seahawks Rank All Time?

    I think you have the 2013 Seahawks in the right vicinity on this list. And while the 1972 Dolphins have the unique achievement of a perfect season, I have to go with my eyes and several members of those great Dolphins teams and go with the 1973 version as the stronger team. That unit was more impressive in the postseason as well. Either way, the 1978 Steelers would have have been too much for Miami to handle. The 1972-73 Dolphins had a tough time beating a developing Steelers team, and this was before Pittsburgh added Lambert, Webster, Swann, Stallworth, and Bradshaw matured as QB.
  3. Kam Chancellor announced his retirement

    Playing NFL football will never be safe, and long term reminders of playing the sport are inevitable if anyone has played several years. In the 2000s and earlier, many more safeties delivered those big hits, it's one of many ways the game has changed. Because of rules changes, today's safeties often let up before contact. It's helped offenses, and the dumb helmet lowering rule this season will affect defenses more than offenses. When Kam Chancellor entered the NFL, he was well aware a career could be over with a single hit. Hope he saved his money, and his a plan for the next phase of his life. Many other careers have negative long term health effects. Working in construction often results in hand problems and hearing loss. Sedentary careers often cause back issues, circulatory problems, or weight gain. The list goes on and on, playing NFL football is just a compressed, more violent way to make a living. One of the many benefits of being a player is the potential to set yourself up for life financially in a short time span. Also, the contacts are valuable as well.
  4. Better Franchise All-Time: Cowboys, Patriots, or 49ers?

    I acknowledged the Pats have a harder time keeper their core together, but in this tight evaluation, I can't place too much emphasis on SB losses. Two of the three Cowboy SB defeats were to a 70s Steelers team which was more talented than the 2017 Eagles, and 2008/2010 Giants clubs that beat New England. When we look at division competition, the Niners had to deal with Eric Dickerson and Kevin Greene in LA, and those stacked New Orleans defenses of the 80s and 90s as well. The 70s and 90s Cowboys had strong Washington teams, Cardinals in the 70s, and the Giants/Eagles in the 90s.
  5. Better Franchise All-Time: Cowboys, Patriots, or 49ers?

    All three franchises are close, but the Cowboys and Niners were able to win Super Bowls with different head coaches and quarterbacks. Also, they had tougher competition inside their own divisions, the AFC East has been like putting Alabama in the Sun Belt Conference. Playing in such a weak division has also helped New England obtain home field advantage in the AFC playoffs. Even though Tom Brady won't be playing until he's 45, the continuing futility of that division will help the Patriots for years to come. I also have to give the edge to the Cowboys and Niners in overall talent, acknowledging the disadvantage New England has in the salary cap/free agent era.
  6. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    Well then, both men showed poor judgement.
  7. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    Teammates aren't going to side with the opposing player in that situation, it doesn't work that way. Other Niners players and coaches were also very concerned Owens could have easily been injured on that hit by George Teague. But again, it was Owens who was the instigator. It's easy for a player to celebrate without acting like an idiot.
  8. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    Yes, the media gets it wrong in both sports and elsewhere, but it's silly to suggest the world is out to get Terrell Owens. His dumb celebrations were over the top, it has nothing to do with political correctness. I don't know what the media has to do with ripping your own QB on the sidelines, or many other incidents. It's simply immature to not appear at the HOF ceremony, he can easily avoid the writers who were against his induction. This is the moment for Terrell Owens, and he could have told his own story.
  9. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    I think we're trying to make excuses for someone who made a colossal mistake in judgment. It would have been easy for Owens to tell the HOF he wasn't going to participate in the media sessions, and there were only a couple HOF players who said anything about his whining prior to getting into the Hall. And as Rod Woodson recently said, a HOF player doesn't reach this honor alone, there were people along the way who helped Owens, and this is the time to thank them. That's what mature adults do, people who don't harbor slights, don't think the world is out to get them, and don't feel entitled to have an honor in a specific time frame. It's no surprise whatsoever Owens is losing in the game of life after football, it's not about honesty, it's about reality. As impressive as Owens' career was, it would have been even better without the distractions and idiotic moments.
  10. Raiders Fear Suspension for WR Martavis Bryant

    The takeaway from this saga is how someone with potential can self-destruct, and we've seen it outside the sports world as well. No matter how many chances, or how many people are rooting for them to succeed, mistakes will eventually squander that potential. Claiming ownership and responsibility for past actions is the first step for better decision-making. Older Raiders fans will remember the name of Warren Wells. Wells was a far more accomplished receiver than Bryant, but went off the rails at age 27 or 28, destroying his career in the process.
  11. Most complete back in NFL history

    We also have to remember Sayers had the disadvantage of not playing on artificial turf for nearly his entire career. In addition, the quality of those natural grass fields in the 1960s, wasn't the same as the 1990s. Sayers was forced to use more of a power game after the knee injuries took their toll, but prior to that, he was incredible. Better than Randy Moss in the open field, and unlike Barry Sanders, Sayers was rarely caught from behind.
  12. The CBA doesn't help, that's for sure. The more practice you have at something the better you'll be. If anything, that should help college QBs in the decision-making process stay in school. The reality is, only a tiny percentage of college QBs are gifted enough to leave school early, and be assured of first round status. Christian Hackenberg foolishly left a building Penn State program, which improved to 10-3 the season after he departed. A more polished Hackenberg could have been a an upper first round pick, the chances of injury are actually quite small. It's both a combination of physical and mental ability for the young QBs who developed into elite NFL players. The huge difference today as compared with the 80s, is the fact we're living in an instant gratification society. More young QBs are either transferring from college programs when faced with change, or rushing through college to grab the $ as soon as possible. A player truly interested in a longer term NFL career usually needs as much experience as possible in college. Hackenberg had well-documented flaws, and it was considered a surprise when he bailed on Penn State. Now it's going to take a miracle for him to start in the NFL, these past two years have been essentially wasted from a developmental standpoint.
  13. Yet another classic case of a QB leaving college too early, Hackenberg left a good situation at Penn State. This mad rush to get through college as soon as possible is a shortsighted plan, especially at the QB position.
  14. Richard Sherman is a good example of a potential future HOF candidate who could be impacted by the mistakes of Terrell Owens. In his mind, Sherman may expect an invite from Canton within a certain time frame. I could easily see the same moronic whining Owens pulled, and the HOF committee would be within their right to pick candidates who are both credible and grateful.
  15. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    Owens wasn't paid to be an idiot, yell at his QB on the sidelines, pull a high school stunt on another team's logo, or drain the energy of most of the teams he played for over the years. His needless distractions weren't helpful, and it's unfortunate we didn't see more of the guy who played injured in the SB. It's not all about stats people, that's why we have a selection process. Having to wait three years isn't a long wait with a player of his baggage. Make no mistake, Owens will be booed heartily at the HOF ceremony, and like all his other antics, it was self-induced. A self-aware 44 year old with a troubled past and bleak future, would understand the HOF ceremony would be a golden opportunity to improve his own personal brand. Owens has no skills, and has added to the inequality problem with his role as an absentee father. As things stand right now, this story isn't going to have an happy ending. And for anybody saying screw the NFL, keep in mind numerous players like Warrick Dunn. The NFL helped provide Dunn with a great standard of living, and Dunn has been giving back to the community for years.