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  1. Just to clarify, he would only be dealing me either Tyreek or Davante, not both. Half PPR
  2. Need a little advice on a potential trade deadline deal Currently... WRs: Godwin, McLaurin, Moore, D. Smith, Mooney RBs: Taylor, Harris, Barkley, J. Williams TEs: Kittle, Waller Someone offered me either Davante/Tyreek and Dillon for Barkley, Waller, and Moore.. I feel like its a pretty good move to grab a for sure #1 WR although I am a bit hesitant to deal high end RB depth. Thoughts?
  3. Not saying he definitely has had more BS than Carr, but certainly a comparable amount of head coaches and coordinator changes to start his career, Kaepernick drama to deal with, and legit almost losing his leg from a sack on the field and ultimately retiring from said injury. That's a lot to deal with. Carr has dealt with everything like a G though. No complaints and a model citizen through it all.
  4. Just traded Sermon and M. Williams for Jonathan Taylor. With Godwin, Moore, and McLaurin already, I decided to sell high on Williams and buy low on Taylor as my RB3. Thoughts on Taylor ROS?
  5. Oof. I would probably not make that trade if I were you. Mixon is a high usage top 12 RB and Godwin has been very good in a high powered passing offense. Kupp is awesome so I get you wanting to go after him but I don't think the total return package is enough. Could depend on who else you have at those positions though
  6. While I agree that having a couple Lions players in your starting lineup might not be ideal, looking at your team makes me want to do that trade even more. Cook would bring some much needed stability to your squad. If I'm ever trading away Kelce who gives such a positional advantage, it would only be to get a top 5 RB like Cook. Hockenson could easily end up as a top-3 TE by the end of the year as well.
  7. Depends what the rest of your team looks like, but I would probably do it. Cook is top 5 and Hockenson might be a drop off from Kelce, but valuable enough for me to want to grab a top flight RB in the process
  8. 10 -team 0.5 PPR league Current Roster: QBs: Herbert WRs: McLaurin, Godwin, D. Moore, D. Smith, M. Williams RBs: Saquon, Najee, Mitchell/Sermon, J. Williams, Gainwell TE: Kittle Looking to upgrade my RB spot with Saquon being a bit of an unknown and possibly damaged goods this year (not giving up hope, just like having a backup plan). I feel like I have 5 good WR's and any combination could start for me each week, so I want to use one or two as trade bait possibly. What types of trades would you suggest offering with the pieces I have? Or would you sta
  9. Yeah it's Javonte Williams. Hopefully Saquon will just stay healthy this year and I won't have to pray that one of my backup RB's breakthrough sooner rather than later. I strategically drafted the rookie RB's on teams where I personally do not like the current starter and could push for meaningful carries late in the season: Gainwell for Sanders, Stevenson for Harris, Williams for Gordon, and Sermon for Mostert. My team looks a lot worse if Saquon is still broken though lol Wasn't the biggest Godwin guy either honestly, but he was the last guy in that fringe WR2 with upside category
  10. I love it personally. Could be better with depth behind CMC, especially in PPR, but your WR's are fantastic at the top of the depth chart. Guessing you took Allen and Gaskin at the 2nd turn you had? If Sermon comes on late, then I think its a top 3-4 team
  11. 10th pick in 10-man .5ppr league QB: J. Herbert WR: T. McLaurin WR: C. Godwin RB: S. Barkley RB: N. Harris TE: G. Kittle FLEX: D.J. Moore Bench: T. Sermon, J. Williams, D. Smith, D. Mooney, K. Gainwell, R. Stevenson People in this league are such vultures for RB's, so they go early and often
  12. Trey Sermon or Michael Carter in Dynasty?
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