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  1. 2020 Schedule

    Not much when you get right down to it. But I would much rather be in Dallas than SF or Phily
  2. 2020 Schedule

    So glad we have 9ers and Iggles in Dallas at the end of the year. They will be crucial positioning games for the playoff seeding. Glad we're home.
  3. News & Notes: Offseason Edition V.2.0.

    When does TC begin?
  4. D82, I do not envy the task you have nowadays. It is virtually impossible to ignore or not speak of the events happening presently. I understand the controversy it can all cause so I'm out of that stuff in my future posts. If it spills over into league play, and I'm guessing it will, I'm still out. Go Boys!!! New blood, new coach, TC next month!
  5. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Roger that.
  6. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    86 people shot in Chicago last weekend. 25 dead. In a weekend!!!! Many of them African American. Can anybody name one of them? Just one? I had to look them up. Nothing written about this. As much as I agree with the call to end police brutality, and believe me, I agree with it! I do take offense to terms like "white privlidge" and " white supremacy." The latter conjures up images if Nazi's and Hitler. Now I know things are bad, but DAMN! And as for the former, look, I graduated Southern HS in Philly. I worked in a restaurant while also trying to earn a record deal in a band for 10 years. I was broke, living in a 1 room rattle, eating leftovers from work. I got wise at 28 and went back to school. It took 3 years to graduate a 2 year community college because I had to pay for everything myself. It was the same at Temple and Rowan. Point is, I worked my *** off, sacrificed, starved and clawed to get to a respectable place in life. No one gave it to me and I sure as hell was not from privilege. And today, I spend a great deal of time working with children of all ethnicities and also teenagers. I share my experiences to show them, you can make it, you can be successful. So I think BLM's heart is in the right place, but if they do not recognize what's happening to African Americans in cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia etc, by there own ethnicity, then all of this noise falls short of the very point they are trying to make.
  7. Well, not to break the rules of the forum, and speaking only from my own beliefs and point of view, this comes as no surprise. This is what happens when you take God out of everything. If this is offensive to anyone, I apologize.
  8. Eh, what the trucks the difference? Every QB misses a layup once in awhile. Bottom line, Dak is our QB. I watched Trent Dilfer, Nick Foles, Johnson (Tampa Bay) all win SBs. Why in the hell can't we with Dak? New coach, new blood, great draft, fingers crossed.
  9. I remember how banged up he was.
  10. Are you talking about the Iggles game?
  11. Okay. I watched the Iggles game. How many drops were in that game? Not every QB has a great game every game. Prescott has done a good enough job to warrant being the starting QB. All this other stuff is some next level kind of frustration crap because we haven't come close to winning a championship in a quarter of a decade. I was only trying to point out the Minnesota game was a bad example to use because Dak played well. Our hold out over paid RB sucked *** that game. THAT and our Swiss cheese LB corp and DC who couldn't adjust to dump offs to Cook and SOMEBODY covering Rudolph are went we lost THAT game. Christ, go back and watch it, I did.
  12. I just watched highlites of the Dal vs Minn game. 3 things that killed us NOT named Dak: Minn TE Rudoplh- he abused our DBs and LBs with 2 TDs and a 2 point Conv. Minn RB Cook- he DESTROYED us on passes to the flat, underneath behind our D line and secondary, where in the hell were our LB'S????? Dosen't matter I seen Smith, Lee, and Vander Deusch wiff on TFL on this guy at least 3 times. Dal- RB Eliott- Didn't hear his name on a single play during the highlites reels until the 3rd quarter. Next time I heard it was the last drive where HE shatt the bed. So, the fact that we were in that game at all is because of the outstanding play of Prescott and the WRs. Not to mention our K attempted a FG and sent it into left field. Had he made that, we would only have needed a FG to win. My 2 cents.
  13. Rumor: Cowboys Locked In on Adams

    Okay, I'm an open minded person. I stated my case, you debated well. Do it. But understand, this is our top drat pick for next year. Nobody better be crying no guff in April if this guy turns out to have some undisclosed condition, all of a sudden losses a step, becomes injury prone right away, or offenses just "figure him out" and he becomes a liability. I've seen it happen. But, if you are that admit about it, okay, pull the trigger.
  14. Rumor: Cowboys Locked In on Adams

    Well, I heard all of this ish when we traded up to take Claiborne. I heard all of this ish when we drafted Roy Williams, and then in 1 game against Wash, they exposed him twice with bombs for TDs. I heard all of this hero worship ish with every DB we ever drafted high: Byron Jones, Mike (forget his last last name-Felix Jones year) etc. Jenkins But I'm telling you, it looks great now because things are quite and it's something on paper that looks solid. But again come 2021 draft, everyone will be crying, Mark my words.
  15. Rumor: Cowboys Locked In on Adams

    They would be welcomed additions to be sure. But I do not believe a S is a "put you over the top" piece. I mean, really, how many plays is a S actually in on? So, a 1st and 3rd??? It may look good to satisfy a sweet tooth for a stacked roster, but come April next year when we are on the clock and another CeeDee Lamb type prospect possibly falls our way, what do you do then? So our draft card will look like: 2nd round pick 50 plus or higher. 4th round pick 110 or higher? That sucks! and for what? A position that, if the opposing team is a running team or their QB is a check down type or our D line cannot generate pressure, what is he actually going to do for us? No, I still do not think an addition of Clowney or Griffen would sway me to throw away a 1st and 3rd at the S position, no matter who it is.