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  1. This is the ish that has destroyed Pro Football. Sure this stuff, and much worse,went on in the past. And I didn't need to know about it! Nor did I want to. All there was to do was enjoy the game. I'm not advocating the short comings of humans. They run in all walks of life, rich-poor, white-black or other, male-female, etc. But temptations of lust, greed and other sins is something that has existed since the beginning of time. They can't be changed, altered or stopped. Sometimes succumbing to these temptations is part of being human. It seems to me in today's day
  2. So. 3 signings, 3 DBs. Are we STILL going DB in 1st round??? At this point I would think D line or O line would be the best bet. How many DBs are you going to suite up on Sundays? This is looking like a compete and win now team, hence Daks contract. If you just signed 3 Safteys, and you are going to draft another in the 1st round, he needs to come in and start or contribute in a big way this year. And with Crawford retiring, and rumors of not bringing Aldon Smith back, our D line just went from really bad to non existent. So you could have the Flash, Deion Sa
  3. Ohhh, I don't think so. It's just what I've been reading in Mock Drafts.
  4. Perhaps I misunderstood the post. I was 2 or 3 Dewars in. I thought you meant who did Dallas have as their number 1. It's like every mock draft I read, Surtain is the guy.
  5. Is this the same Howie that masterminded all of the trades, FA signings, cap manipulation and roster that built a team that defeated a 2 decade dynasty????? Blasphemy!!!!
  6. Looks as good an idea as the green new deal in Texas right now.
  7. Matt's, I appreciate the vote of confidence.....I think. But I don't have a moment to spare. Too much remote ish going on with school and teaching. I can't take on another computer responsibility.
  8. Hey hey, don't make me the Joe Biden of this forum!!! I may be crazy but I ain't Nuts!!!
  9. Bingo!!! Yahtzee!!! Tell em what he's won Bob.... Lol, I'm right there with you Buddy.
  10. To say Jerry doesn't care about winning is NOT what the article or anyone is saying. What we are saying is he cares MORE about marketing and making money using the Cowboys Brand then he is focused on doing what is necessary to get the right personnel in here to compete and win a title. A good example of this is when Jimmy Johnson was here and just won a big game and wanted to address his players ALONE with no press, no visitors,no one at all, a private meeting between him and the team. While Jerry was entertaining an Aribian Prince or something and insisted he be allowed in the
  11. I get it, but I have a nephew that just got married and says he NEVER even seen the Cowboys in a championship game. How could anyone born in the last 20 years see this team as anything but the the way we looked at the Oilers of the 70s or Browns of the 80s?
  12. That's all I'm saying Plan. The guy pulling the strings and pressing the buttons has his priorities on dollars not trophies. And, aside from the Cowboys faithful, the guys hurting the most are the Tony Romo's, Jason Witten's, Sean Lee's, Dez Bryant's, etc. Soon you can add Zeke Elliot to that list along with many others who came to Dallas with the understanding that they hit bigtime, for their bank accounts yes, but for the professional athlete looking to test his skills against the best and prove himself a champion, that's a big fat NOPE! All in the name of making a buck. What
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