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  1. Well, it's the extent of his career to date. Is everyone speculating about his future and comparison to Alex Smith?
  2. 3 straight winning seasons, 2 playoff appearances, both to the Div round, 2 NFC East titles. Yeah, Dak sucks. ARE YOU FLIPPIN STUPID!!!???
  3. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Red zone will be a train wreck without Zeke. I'm not for paying him top dollar, but to be honest, this offense goes as Zeke goes, especially in the RZ.
  4. Preseason Game 1, @ San Fran

    Didn't see him play but I bet he's BAD! 😉
  5. DE Robert Quin suspended 2 games

    What a f'ing joke. This league, this team, everything. Well, this is what happens when professionslism takes a back seat to individual and personal objectives. Players putting themselves above the "team". Lol, team, what in the hell is that anymore?
  6. Training camp 2019

    LOL!!! What a bust!
  7. Training camp 2019

    Meh, 6 weeks he will be 100%.
  8. Trade Zeke

  9. Trade Zeke

    Dude, you DO realize you are talking to a school teacher? Believe me, NO ONE gets reemed on the pay scale more than us. 9 million is 9 million in any language. Don't worry about others. And btw. That "other" RB has already played in a SB. Pay scale justified.
  10. Trade Zeke

    I get it. I'm just tired of the inmates running the asylum. What is a "big payday" anyway? If you hit the lottery for 9 million dollars today, would you keep your job? Or would you speak with your financial adviser, invest in a mutual fund or 403 B, or whatever and retire? Don't know about you, but 9 million would set me up very well for the remainder of my life. And I'm only 47.
  11. How should the Cowboys handle Zeke?

    How should we handle Zeke??? Hit him in face with a large piece of mining equipment! Then you will have his undivided attention.
  12. Trade Zeke

    Oh well, F#$% him! I'm tired of these "unique skill set" dill holes that think they are above the law, can dictate payment, act like morons, screw their team mates by holding out, talk a big game but CAN'T WIN A FRICKIN CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! Hey "Mr. my ish don't stink" deliver a title and then talk numbers. You still have a year left on your rookie contract. Individual achievement only counts in fantasy, you know, like slapping the bishop? This isn't fantasy, this is reality. You signed a contract, you are making crazy money already, compared to people who actually work for a living, honor it, deliver a title if you are so damn good, and then look for a bigger payday. If the FO terms aren't good enough for you, go pound sand!
  13. How should the Cowboys handle Zeke?

    Why not? 3 years ago he was the guy they turned to when Zeke made his debut and fumbled. Morris came in, did a nice job, and showed Zeke how to play with poise. Seems poetic he is the go to now.
  14. Training camp 2019

    Well, look at it this way, we can trust boy wonder as OC, hope Dak, and Matts are correct that QB is the primo position to win championships, do a RBC, and trade the ungrateful bastage!
  15. Training camp 2019

    Believe it when I see it.