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  1. Good luck texted. One day at a time, bed rest, pump the fluids. My stepdaughter is a nurse. She now has Covid patients in her care. She has to decontaminate every day she comes home from work. I'm more worried for her than for us. We bleach the crap out of everything each day. Fingers crossed and in our prayers, all of you. Be strong, be safe, be well and God bless you all.
  2. Not yet, and thank the good Lord I pray I never do, or any of you for that matter.
  3. NFL Wide Free Agency Thread

    So, let me know when this registers. I have posted on here many times, it doesn't matter who we get as HC. This team will NEVER be a true contender as long as Jerry Jones is alive. Every year it's the same story. FA, draft, TC, hold outs, drug suspensions, pantie thieves-sorry, couldn't resist-and bad nicknames. It doesn't matter!!!!! The fish stinks from the head down! Buckle up for 8-8.

    Love this!
  5. Byron Jones signs wit Mia

    Oh goodie
  6. Byron Jones signs wit Mia

    Jones is gone to the tune of 81 million.
  7. Byron Jones signs wit Mia

    Jones is gone to the tune of 81 million.
  8. Looks like opposing defenses on our QB!
  9. At work setting up virtual classrooms for the next 2 weeks. No students allowed in the building. Spent 300.00 at Acme yesterday. Stocked up for a few weeks. Not going to gym or doing gigs or anything. Wash your hands often, avoid large crowds, stay out of public restrooms, and don't take any wooden nickels. Be well and safe, put your faith in the Lord and this too shall pass.
  10. Would you retain Byron Jones for $16m per?

    Rumor has it he is going to Philly.
  11. Dude, all they talk about on sports radio in Philly is Dallas, Jerry Jones, Dak Prescott and how Wentz is still elite but has no line, no coaching, no WRs. I can't turn that station on for more than 5 minutes without hearing one of the aforementioned. Talk about little hammer complex.
  12. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Too much baggage to rely on for a championship run. If you need to coax a person into such a privledged league as the NFL, then they are either not interested or dumb as rocks. Either way, no good. The second they are faced with adversity they will crumble.
  13. Simple, players and coaches leave Jerry's shadow and have success.
  14. Super Bowl LIV: 49ers vs Chiefs

    Hey Chiefs, congrats!!! Glad it was you. Enjoy.
  15. News and Notes: Cowboys Not in Playoffs Edition

    And I didn't think I could feel any worse.