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  1. Fundamentals.....hmmmmm, where did I hear that before???? Let me see..... Oh wait, WEEK 1!!!!!!!!!
  2. I have to say I never thought I'd admit this but I am jealous watching other teams play professional football at a competitive level when ours is a steaming wet turd. I am actually jealous and frustrated that I have to wait until next year for..... That's just it, I don't have any confidence in this FO. It's not like in 1989 when we had Aikman and Irvin and a bunch of 1st round picks and a HC that promised better days ahead. A HC with a pedigree and history of winning. A HC that had a vision and did whatever it took to succeed. We don't have that. In any capacity. In short, we have no hope.
  3. And 1 2nd rounder a DT. Get me a wrecking machine in the middle of that defense and THEN you will see something of a defense.
  4. But let's keep drafting DBs in the higher rounds. Because, you know, DT is a worthless, unimportant position. I mean, who even uses DTs anymore? God forbid a DB gets beat for a TD.
  5. Well that should tell you everything you need to know about why this team sucks so badly. They are not a team, period. They don't rally around one another, they don't play as a unit and they don't stick up for one another. Simply put, they quit. In the words of The Dread Pirate Roberts, "Get used to disappointment."
  6. I agree with everything you said. Except you forgot to mention that twice, once with Romo and once with Dak, this team won 13 games. That's a mighty supporting cast, not once but twice.
  7. I like how you set this up, well down. I have just 1 problem with it though. How much of the players you mentioned failures are on the coaches not putting them into positions to succeed? I have seen so called "busts" leave this team and go elsewhere and flourish, even win a title. It's happened often actually. While back here on the ranch our beloved franchise ruined the careers of players lije: Romo, Witten, Barber, Newman, T. Smith., S. Lee etc. These guys could have won a title with better coaching, a better GM, and an owner who doesn't put himself first.
  8. So, this does present a unique view for next year. 1. Does anyone believe in McCarthy/Nolan? 2. If not, then who? With the HC in question it makes little sense to debate this point but since we got nothing better to do, here goes. 3. Does anyone still believe in the Dak/ Zeke regime or is it time to start thinking new QB, regime? 4. If the latter, then who would you draft at QB and, if we are in the top 3, what would you be willing to trade to get up to said player? 5. What players get cut/traded? 6. What players that are already here would you keep as a foundation?
  9. Well, Atlanta can still finish better than us. We are only half way thru the year. I mean, the way we look, we are only going to get worse and more injured. If this team wins 4 games all year, it will be a miracle.
  10. This season really has the feel of 1989. The 1 -15 season. Good players dropping passes that would go for TDs or big gains, OL players with a lot of potential but no experience as a unit (remember the 11 sack game in Philly in 89), a 1st year HC feeling out his team ( even though I said McCarthy sucks) a back up QB playing out the season. Just can't seem to get ANYTHING going positively. Let's hope the next 3 years are equally as similar.
  11. I do not believe talent is the real issue. If Zeke were to be traded to a team like Wash, and the fear us he would destroy us twice a year, then he clearly has gas in the tank. The problem is coaching. Or more to the point, lack there of. I believe there is an abundance of talent on this team. The problem is our coaches suck! And maybe it's not their fault entirely. I don't know when it happened, but somewhere along the line players got comfortable with zero accountability and owners and coaches alike seem fine with that. The days of coaches like Lombardi, Landry, Knoll, Johnson, Parcells are gone. Players have too damn much say, bad attitudes, minds on stuff other than football, and seem careless and disinterested at times. Imagine a guy like Irvin on this team in this age. He would be in jail for murder! Now, im not against cutting or trading players past their prime or oft injured players. But to bring this full circle, we have way bigger problems than some older players.
  12. In the final 2 minutes of the Iggles/ Giants game the NYG have been penalized 7 times 3 of which extended drives for Philly and gave them a fresh set of downs inside the 10. I hate watching officials decide games.
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