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  1. https://www.sportscasting.com/legendary-cowboys-wr-michael-irvin-calls-out-dak-prescott-ezekiel-elliott-and-ceedee-lamb-for-playing-like-role-players/ Don't take my word for it. Listen to the Play Maker. To be fair, he does call out Zeke and Lamb.
  2. Okay, you get your tape and then show me tape from Ariz, SF and KC. You know, maybe he played so well early in his career because he had a monster running game. Once that crapped out, he seems to have list a step in his accuracy and decision making. And, again, stats can be misleading. He had the luxury of playing the NFC east for 6 games. Big numbers there huh? How did he do against the West? 1-5??? Of those teams: KC, LV, Denv, Ariz, SF 4 made the playoffs. So, against better competition, he does not fare well. But, whatever. Matt's, I really
  3. Don't care about Josh frickin Allen! Poor coaching is the answer to that one. I'm saying trying to rebuild an offensive line so that they can protect Dak for 7 seconds without taking a holding penalty and trusting his accuracy is too much to ask, imo. Dak isn't THAT guy. He is slow with his decision making and his accuracy is inconsistent at best. I believe building the O line with maulers, which is easier than pass blocking AND the linemen like it more, while feeding the running game will benefit Dak more. Given that we have him for, how many more years? But I believe Dak
  4. So where is their trip to an NFCCG, let alone a SB? You, Matt's and I have very different understandings of "choke." In the WC the, Prescott had 2 opportunities to go down and score and could not. His defense got him the ball back twice AND held SF to 1 score in the second half, compliments of an INT by Dak. Not sure what part of this you are not getting, but fom what I witnessed in the game, and others, he took too long to either throw, decide I run or just get rid of it. Thus leading to a defeat. If that isn't choking,im lost.
  5. Well, what good is a QB who racks up regular season stats only to get beat by a QB that can "turn it up in the playoffs?" Your knowledge of stats and use of algorithms is impressive, I will give you that. But, I'm tired of the Danny White, Tony Romo and now Dak Prescott "choke in the big game" QBs. And NO, I don't want to go back to Quincy Carter or Drew Bledsoe or a host of other zeros or retreads. But if Prescott can manage a post season game with 3 step drops and ball is out, and we lean heavy on the running game, a get a damn DT that can collapse the middle or stuff the run,
  6. Best accuracy for a Cowboys QB???? Regarding stats, the only one that truly matters is this, titles. Aikman's accuracy was unparalleled in his day. That ball would be out before the receiver would break and be dead on target when the receiver turned around. What about the Ariz game? Or the Denver or KC game? SF was a carbon copy. Look, if u you believe that this team is going to build an online that can protect Dak for that long, without taking holding penalties, then you will have a very long wait.
  7. Another stat. I got eyes pal. Stats can be misleading. Watching Dak run around waiting for a receiver to get open, rather than throw him open or throw to a spot and let the receiver make a play, is something I witnessed too much this season. So maybe he was the 9th fastest, but that does not make him fast or worse, accurate, which is why he doesn't do the things I, and many other professional analysts and former SB winning QBs have said.
  8. You seem to think my opinion is based on 1 game. The fact is, I've seen Prescott play this way several times this season. Denver KC Ariz LV To name a few. Maybe the reason our line looks soooo bad is because they are being asked to block for a QB that takes forever to make a decision? I have text multiple times this year..."why does it take so long for our pass plays to develop?" You can't keep asking your oline to hold their blocks for a 7 step drop and then waiting another 3 or 4 seconds for your QB to wait for his receiver to get open before he t
  9. If this offense adondons the idea of being a run first unit and makes Prescott the focal point, with this line and our WRs that cant seem to get open, we are SCREWED! Prescott takes wayyy to long to make a decision to throw, or don't throw and run, and his accuracy is an issue. Every now and then he throws a gem ala Cooper in the WCG. But that type of pass is way to inconsistent with him. If Zeke is truly shot, start Pollard and use Zeke sparingly. But get some maulers up front.
  10. It doesn't. The poor defensive play of Buff paired with the excellent offensive play of KC won the game.
  11. Sorry folks. I was pulling for you. They did show a lot of heart!
  12. I don't. They already DID change the rules. 13 seconds, number 1 defense, make a freakin stop! Just one! How many chances you wanna give a team??? I was pulling for Buffalo, but they blew it. That's it. Life isn't fair or in the words of the dread pirate Roberts, " Get used to disappointment."
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