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  1. GDT: Cowboys V Eagles

    Okay, that is your prerogative. But my vote is the officials seem to throw the most bogus calls at the most inopportune time against us. And I get what you were saying about letting them play, but 5 yards down field on a pass play is just inexcusable. That's not a judgement call, its just missed.
  2. GDT: Cowboys V Eagles

    I could point to at least 2 very obvious non calls that kept Iggles drives alive which later led to points for them: The ridiculous hold on 57 when all they could talk about was how great it was of Wentz to get the pass off when his arm is being grabbed. I mean, when you see the O lineman's face as he is holding the rusher from behind, its clear he is beat and holding. Result- NO FLAG! And the other obvious one committed by Carnac the fudged up Elf, their center, 5 yards down field blocking before the pass is even released. I mean, what ever happened to ineligible man down field??? But we get game killers like Snap Infraction or the Unsportsmanlike COnduct in the 2016 playoff game against GB when the WR ran into the huddle and out for a total of 2 seconds which negated a huge gain for us. Call it what you want, I call it messing with the kid.
  3. GDT: Cowboys V Eagles

  4. GDT: Cowboys V Eagles

    A turnover would be HUGE
  5. GDT: Cowboys V Eagles

    Its not that They crush us, it's the fact that, like last week and Washington and Carolina, the game was there to win. Simple execution and ball control and the game was ours. Just like this one. But......
  6. GDT: Cowboys V Eagles

    I really admire his effort, and he is a stand up guy, he truly is. But DAMN! He really doesn't have a clue does he?
  7. GDT: Cowboys V Eagles

    Wow, we are winning and this is still pathetic!
  8. GDT: Cowboys V Eagles

    could be the AFC darkhorse
  9. GDT: Cowboys V Eagles

    Don't forget, Romo wasn't even drafted and he was our QB for a decade. With 3 first round picks on the O line, a top five 1st round pick running the ball, a 1st round WR (Cooper), he SHOULD be able to score when the defense gives you the ball 2 or 3 times in the first quarter of a game at home in the other teams half of the field. After that, our offense seemed to be going backwards most of the time. He changes plays at the LOS that simply make no sense. ie: he doesn't read defensive looks very well, makes poor or late decision with the ball and panics when rushed. He does not keep his eyes upfield when being chased OR he keeps his eyes upfield and fails to see or feel the heat right in front of him- see sack fumble from Monday Night's game. Sorry guys, I just do not thinkt he weapons around him are so bad that he has to do much of this himself. He has adequate to above average weapons. He just doesn't put it together.
  10. GDT: Cowboys V Eagles

    Not gonna happen guys, IMO. Look at the Steelers. They have ONE 1st round pick on their O line, DeCastro. Their best RB has been a hold out all year. They lost their top Defensive player, Shazier, to injury a year or so ago. They started the season 0-1-1 and everyone thought they were done. Enter Ben Rothlisberger. Here is a QB that can play at a high level in the league. He has elevated the teams players around him to a new level and they won 5 straight, thumping Carolina last night on national TV. Good coaching and a QB that can make players around him better is more than 50% of the battle. Just look at the variables I listed at the beginning of this post: One 1st round pick- DeCastro, we have- 3 Smith, Martin, L. Collins (would have been)- Our O line sucks! Best RB holding out (Bell), Ours is playing (Elliott) and he is getting creamed! Lost their top D player (Shazier), Lost our top D player (Lee)- can't make a 3rd down stop without him. They started 0-1-1, we started 1-1. We have won 2 games since, they have 7. Not much else to say here boys. The kid was right WE SUCK! but a good NFL style QB can make all the difference. And we don't have one.
  11. GDT: Cowboys V Eagles

    Somehow your logic makes me feel comforted. However.....
  12. GDT: Cowboys V Eagles

    If that is the case, clean house offensively, trade Zeke for a 11st this year and 1 next year. See who else you can unload for a pick or two, new HC, new DC, And start building your offense with a QB, RB, TE, OL. our defense is young and coming on. Look, 4 years ago, the Iggles had no 1st round pick, no HC, OC, DC, Sammy sleeves as a QB, gave away D. Jackson and L. McCoy. And they FA, and wheeling and dealing, they won a SB only 2 years later with a back up QB, RB, OLineman, K, LB, CB. So, all is not hopeless.
  13. GDT: Cowboys V Eagles

    Lee's career is over. Should have been 2 or 3 years ago. No way he keeps a roster spot earning big money. He is and always was way too injury prone. Here is an idea: Romo for OC, Lee for DC. HC???? As for this game, who in the heck cares?
  14. Week 10 news: Dez throwing up the X for Who Dat

    Well, another talented ex-Cowboy on his way to a SB title, possibly. While we stand on the sidelines with our thumb firmly planted in our arses. Go get it Dez! You deserve it.
  15. Dak

    https://bleacherreport.com/dallas-cowboys Listen to Brian Baldinger's comments about Dak changing the play at the LOS. He just doesn't have the football IQ to play at a Pro Level. This should have been a TD!! Instead, on the next play, it led to an INT and ultimately, a game changer, It didn't have to be! Forget it folks, no coaching skills, no QB IQ, no 1st round pick. We are lower than gopher ish!