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  1. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    Ray Rice -caught on video, guilty as sin- 2 games J. Brown -admitted to multiple incidents of DV -1 game G. Hardy -Involved in incident with GUNS on a bed -reduced from 10 to 4, more than 50% T. Brady -Conduct unbecoming a pro football player, no actual proof- 4 games. Z. Elliott -Dallas Cowboy star RB, game changer, not charged, sketchy information at best 6 GAMES!!!!! Looking at this, there is absolutely NO consistency with the amount of games being levied OR consequential difference between the ones that were actually PROVEN guilty as to the ones that were speculated. Also, if the NFL is so damn hard nosed on DV, then STOP letting players into the league that are guilty of it, and by guilty I mean caught on camera, proven in a court of law and convicted or at the very least, put on probation. You want to send a message, there it is.
  2. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    All great points...and accurate. But consider this, the teams that can navigate setbacks like this one by finding OTHER approaches to winning AND having those young players step up and execute are the ones that win championships. If this team is going to survive this suspension and compete for a title it has to reinvent itself. It WAS relying heavily on the running game, especially on 1st downs. Do you know that Dallas led the league in yards gained on 1st down? I think it was like 4 yards on average. Making for a manageable 2nd and 3rd down. Also controls the clock. Unless McFadden or Morris can duplicate that, we have to rely somewhat on the short passing game to replicate that. I believe with Switzer and Beasley we can do exactly that. Now imagine a LB that can cover, rush the passer and create turnovers. We very well may have that guy on the roster in J. Smith. Imagine a young, fast pair of DE's that can actually create pressure? They don't have to be sack masters, just put on the pressure. Could give our DB's every opportunity to play well and with confidence.
  3. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    There are also 3 key defensive players that NO ONE has even mentioned yet. J. Smith, C. Tapper and T. Charlton. If Smith and Charlton can have HALF the success on defense that Elliott and Prescott had last year on offense, our defense will be significantly improved. If Tapper can play even a supporting role as a rotational player, it will add to it. A young, inexperienced secondary will look pretty good if those players can step it up. As for the offense, I am counting on two players to help take the heat off of Prescott and Zeke during the suspension. They would be Switzer and Gathers. If you can get Switzer and Beasley on the field at the same time, we can do big time damage underneath with quick slants, bubble screens, etc. It offers big time match ups to opposing LB's. As for the redzone, Gathers looks to me like he can out jump/muscle ANYONE in the redzone. Of course, all of this has to come together, but no more absurd than the Giants revamped defense last year that proved semi-good. I mean, it got them to the playoffs.
  4. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    We are just going round robin here. The simple fact is we have a division rival in GMen arguing against a bunch of Cowboys fans that believe the suspension was a misuse of the NFL's power considering Rice got a 2 game suspension, Brown got a 1 game suspension, Hardy got reduced from 10 to 4. You are never going to get this idiot to agree with you so just let it go. Take the six games, win 3, and then stick it as far up his, and every other hater's dark side as you can. He has us at 2-4, I say 3-3, while the rest of the NFC East goes 4-2 at best. The NYG have to play both Dal and Phila in that 6 game span. If we can take game 1 of the season, that would be key for us in the division as the Iggles open with Wash. Someone is getting a W and someone an L Assuming we only win 3 games during this suspension, the best case scenario is for us to win week 1, Phila to win week 1 against Wash, NYG to win week 3 against Phila. This way, all NFC East teams will have 1 loss in the division, except for us! Then all we have to do is win 2 out of 5 games and hope each of them lose at least 1 more during that stretch. By week 6, someone is 4-2 and we are 3-3 with 10 games to go, 5 against NFC East teams, a healthy and pissed off Elliott. We take care of business in our division and it is ours. Not out of the realm of possibility.
  5. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    One thing is really bugging me thou, if the NFL is so stringent about DV and is trying to make an example of a player like Elliott, then why in the hell would they allow a player like Joe Mixon to enter its league in the first place? Is he serving any type of suspension this year? I mean, here is a guy that was video taped fracturing a woman's face. Nothing?????
  6. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    That's okay, Gmen. We will take the 6 games, probably going to be 4 after all is said and done. It matters not, we are going to best your asses anyway. Take it boys, take it all and use it. All of this BS tells me one thing. Other teams fear us with Zeke. If they are celebrating over it, then they are flat out afraid. He will be back. All we need is to stay at .500. No one in this division is going 6 and 0 or 5 and 1. If we round out at 3 and 3 and someone else is 4 and 2, we are in great shape. And he will be fresh, a jump start to another gear. So we can take it They pulled the same ish with NE last year. Wonder how that turned out?
  7. Elliott Suspension Discussion

    Hate to say I told you so but.... I know it is a difficult thing to accept, but at some point you have to begin to consider the possibility that the league IS controlling who it wants in its gran spotlight and who it wants to keep down. To believe that this league, one that generates multiple billions of dollars each year, is on the up and up and playing ONLY in the interest of sport, you know-may the best team win-, is absurd and foolish. Not with THAT much money being generated. On that note, does anyone know the amount of time Joe Mixon has to serve before he can begin to participate with the Bengals? I mean, he was seen on VIDEO fracturing a woman's face.