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  1. Predict Dallas' record.

    Predict their record at this point: -6.
  2. Week 14 - News and Notes

    I think there’s some organizations that truly would do everything possible to win, they just don’t really know where to begin. And there’s different ways to do it – and I certainly understand that – but in Dallas, Dallas knows how it was done. I know how it was done. It was done with a really strong head coach who the players knew that that’s who they had to answer to. And for some reason that model changed, and it hasn’t been very effective for a while.”- Troy Aikman This is EXACTLY what I have been saying about it doesn't matter who our new HC is, JJ is calling the shots and screwing everything up. So, I'll say it again, until that ol bastard dies, we be F-ed.
  3. Week 14 GDT - Dallas @ Chicago

    Good news- Beat Philly and Wash and we are in. Bad news- We aren't going to win a game the rest of the season. Agreed, Zeke is the only one to show up last night. O line looks like garbage. Time to move on from T Smith. He gets beat like a drum on that side. Future coaching considerations- Far fetched as it may seem, why not consider Tony Romo as a HC? Listening to him as an analyst, I have not heard better. He recognizes formations, schemes, mismatches and predicts the outcome of the play with crazy accuracy. AND- he was there when Prescott came in the league, who would know his strengths better? If not HC, then OC??? And time to get rid of the dumpster fire named Marinelli. What a joke this defense has become. Can't tackle, can't defend, rarely gets T.O. (I know we got 2 last night) first in how many games??? We need young, innovative and motivated coordinators.
  4. Week 14 GDT - Dallas @ Chicago

    I will say it again. Win in Philly, beat Wash, host a wild card.
  5. Week 14 GDT - Dallas @ Chicago

    I attempted to like this multiple times but it won't let me. So.....this x 10000000000000000
  6. DT Woods Arrested

    True, but I believe he was playing with fire to begin with and there in lies the stupidity.
  7. Week 14 GDT - Dallas @ Chicago

    The goid news is we only need to win 2 more games, Philly and 1 other, most likely Wash. This game, Rams are garbage. We don't need them. We have no shot at a bye. Winning the East is it. If we beat Philly and anyone else, we finish 8-8. If Philly goes 8-8, we get in on head to head sweep. So who cares about this game.
  8. DT Woods Arrested

    And you must be one of those "whooo, no rules bro!" Wanna be hippies. Lol, actually I feel there is a balance that needs to happen in order to keep everything running well. Too much, "wooo" and anarchy happens. Too much "follow the rules at any cost" and slavery happens. But in Woods case, he screwed up. You get a small window of opportunity in this league. You have to make it count. And if smoking herb is against the rules, you don't do it. You let down your team, your fans, and your future. That's the point.
  9. DT Woods Arrested

    I never called anyone a degenerate. And as of now, alcohol is legal, weed isn't. LeShawn is breaking the law, Don is not. It's people like you that justify indulging in illegal activity because you think it's the same thing as indulging in legal activity. It isn't. And that's why people like Randy Gregory and now Woods are ruining promising careers.
  10. DT Woods Arrested

    Or choose a career that doesn't punish your body to the point of having to take pain killers at the age of 25. You see, playing in the NFL is a choice. It is also a very dangerous risk of lifetime injury at a very young age. So your justification is to use illegal substances to manage the pain that comes with the job you signed up for, knowing the risks, even though they offer the absolute best medical program the world has ever seen, including: Military- active and retired Politicians Whomever. That's like justifying someone for becoming an alcoholic because the stress of being a teacher or doctor or attorney becomes too great. Here's a suggestion- GET THE F$%^ OUT of THAT PROFESSION!!!! If it is that bad that you need to take pain killers or supplement illegal substances to go on in your chosen profession. GET HELP OR LEAVE!
  11. DT Woods Arrested

    I was one of them in my younger days. And it was great back then. But, you know, you grow up, get an education, get a job and a mortgage, you pay taxes and move on. If I was in my 20's and someone offered me a job making hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions but said: "Hey, no smoking weed." That ish would have been flushed before the ink on the contract was dry.
  12. Week 14 GDT - Dallas @ Chicago

    And that's my 1st red flag. Howie Roseman was said to be behind all of the wheeling and dealings of that year, 1 year after being fired, I believe, for being such a horrible GM. So again, what did he go see Mr. Miagi and came back a genius? Did he just get lucky? Did he learn from past mistakes? If that is the case, why is he crapping the bed now? It doesn't add up. All I hear on sports radio in Philly is how horrible their receiving core is this year. Isn't this the same group that was on board for that "Super Bowl" championship? Now they all suck??? Then we will all hear about Nick Foles and his miracle run. The same guy the Iggles got rid of because he sucked here, couldn't get a starting job on the Rams or Chiefs, comes back and beats the GOAT on the biggest of stages AFTER Belicheck benches his best DB the night before the game?????? HUH!!!???? And let's not forget about the TD's that were Ertz-fumbled in the End Zone- but it was still a catch (Uh HUMMM Dez Bryant) and the Clement TD where he bobbled it on his hip for his 1st step, toe out of bounds by the time he recovered it, but it was a TD! I get that calls go bad and rules change and if I had wheels I'd be a wagon. So, either: They caught lightning in a bottle and all other variables just happen to fall into place for them, ease of schedule, injuries to players, lucky bounces, coulda, shoulda, woulda but didn't, bal, bla, bla OR It was fixed. And the idea that games can be fixed is pretty much a foregone conclusion at this point. See- Saints/Rams No PI call. And I know, you have an answer for that. "They changed the rule man, you can challenge that now." Right, that is nothing more than a lollipop after you seen the Dr for your booster shot. Its a distraction, a card to play. What has it helped this year so far? They cannot even determine what a catch is, they are going to get this right? So, that's my take. I don't care what anyone thinks, I don't care what anyone says, I've been watching this game over 40 years. It has become so obvious, they aren't even trying to hide it anymore. The players know it. To a lot of them the league is a quick cash grab to buy a home, bank hundreds of thousands of dollars and shmoke der weed!!! They don't care about a little plastic trophy, who cares??? We got enough money to get high for the rest of our lives. If we should win it, great. If not, pass that down, deep inhale, crank up the tunes and life is good.
  13. Week 14 GDT - Dallas @ Chicago

    Drafts, yes. FA signings, no. They signed a horde of FAs that year. This of course after Howie came back from the degoba system for GM. Because prior to 2017, and now, after and to date, he had reverted back to horrible. But in 2017, he was making trades and signings with the wisdom of Yoda. Before 2017, he was so bad the Iggles fired him or demoted him or something.
  14. DT Woods Arrested

    Because the sense of entitlement that continues to spread like wildfire through this country cannot be stopped. If an authority figure tries to uphold the law or enforce a rule they are deemed as biased, racist, a hater, etc. These terms have been empowered beyond their actual meaning or definition. So, people in advantages positions ie, professional athletes-lots of money, free time, etc- feel a sense of entitlement. "Can't tell me what to do!" And they make the wrong choice. Make no mistake, this is not a habit, it is a lifestyle. It has probably been going on since 12 years of age or so. I know, I see everyday in the schools. I teach at 3 elementary schools in one district (all pm classes) and a high school in another district (all am classes) and the paraphernalia, the look, the smell, the language, etc is at both age levels. It's a sad state of affairs that is destroying our society.
  15. Week 14 GDT - Dallas @ Chicago

    Maybe not. In 2015, Chip Kelly gave away most of the talent the Iggles had. Then he implemented a horrible system and destroyed that team. Enter D. Pederson. They traded away many of their picks to acquire Wentz. No picks, most of the talent given away, 1st time HC, hmmmm. 2nd year....SB Champs? It's possible. I still think it was fixed for them to win it all, but it is possible. Of course, with JJ at the helm, I can't say.