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  1. Nothland's Reality Check Part 2

    Praise the Lord and thank you Jesus for hearing our prayers. Great news North!!!! Thank you for sharing.
  2. Most Impactful Cowboys Ever?

    Lol, you're just too much fun.
  3. Most Impactful Cowboys Ever?

    Well, he didn't miss that many games. But when he was off the field, it was obvious they couldn't do a Damn thing. The example was more than 2 games. I mentioned they won 7 straight en route to a 2nd straight SB, to add, he also won MVP, and the rushing title in only 14 games. You really should pay more attention to what was written before you try to make a counter argument with a smart *** reply. Makes you look foolish. That's free advice.
  4. Most Impactful Cowboys Ever?

    I could see that, but I don't understand why. Blind faith to tradition I guess.
  5. Most Impactful Cowboys Ever?

    Well now are we talking about a figure or player? If it is a figure (non player- coach, owner etc) then I would have to argue Landry or even Jimmy Johnson. One is iconic and the fedora is synonymous with the Cowboys. The other, we all know, is why they win those titles in the 90s.
  6. Most Impactful Cowboys Ever?

    Wrong. E. Smith is # 1. I don't understand how nobody gets that without him they couldn't win. Not a championship. They simply couldn't win a freakin game! 1992 Cowboys 52, Bills 17. 1993, no Smith weeks 1 and 2, record: 0 and 2. Smith comes back, they win 7 straight en route to SB victory #2 during that era. Don't give me this, "he had a great team" or "best line in football" ****. They couldn't win with another RB after coming off a 52 to 17 snack down. Nuff said.
  7. Who will be the breakout player in 2019?

    Sorry, I have to go Rob Pettite
  8. Northland's Reality Check

    My prayers are with you and your family. Please know that cancer is not the boogeyman it once was. My mother, now 78, has had and overcome 4 types of cancer. You would never know she had anything. Strong wills, love, prayer and support. Your son will be just fine. And What's more, he will come out of this a stronger person with a better appreciation for life. God bless.
  9. Who will be the breakout player in 2019?

    Wow, I cannot believe no one said Charlton. So far he is a MAJOR bust. But he was taken in the 1st round. There must be SOMETHING the FO seen in him. It would be a very pleasant surprise. Also, I am going to go out on a limb here and say Dalton Schultz. I would love to see him turn into a series weapon. With the return of Witten, ir will be difficult, but perhaps he learns something from Witten. Also going on the record to say Witten goes down this season. Just a hunch. Hope I'm wrong.
  10. Elliott detained after Vegas scuffle

    No, what is sad is the over pu$$ified, my wittle feewings are hurt, society we have become as a result of being able to film everything and run to big brother and cry about it. What a bunch of slap-jawed cigarettes.
  11. Elliott detained after Vegas scuffle

    Yeaaa, football!
  12. Elliott detained after Vegas scuffle

    Sounds to me like we are making the same point. Zeke's a moron.
  13. Elliott detained after Vegas scuffle

    I'm not saying this stuff didn't happen in the past. Sure it did. Ever hear of the "white house" back in the 90's? But if Zeke had the sense of a houseplant, he would know EVERYTHING is recorded and taken out of context and, as a result, punished. Please don't be so easy to dismiss my point with "kids of today."
  14. Elliott detained after Vegas scuffle

    Dude is a great person. But he is either dumb as stump or he simply overlooks consequences. That's a learned behavior.
  15. Elliott detained after Vegas scuffle

    No, he won't. You see, gifted athletes like Zeke have been given preferentail treatment their entire lives. Dude has a big heart, no doubt. But ever school they attended from middle school on did well to cover any misconduct so that he may reach his potential one day. I now teach in a High School and I have seen this sort of thing at virtually every grade level. If this behavior was dealt with properly at a younger age, it would not be an issue today. People like that have no respect for the gift they have been given. The behavior is ingrained at this point. It will not change. You think missing 6 games and costing your teammates a trip to the playoffs, AND watching your rival win a SB might have been enough to straighten a kid out? Nope, because he is not used to discipline. Never had to deal with it before. So, fudge him, suspend his arse all year. Iggles won with a boat load of subs, why can't we?