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  1. Zeke suspension to start

    OMG!!! YOU...ARE...A...GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We should compare notes sometime.
  2. Zeke suspension to start

    What I am suggesting, tongue in cheek, is the possibility may exist that the league is holding something of a grudge against Dallas because of all of the boat rocking that Jerry Jones did during and on the heels of the dynasty of the 90's, you know, when his teams marketing value was never higher. Then after Jimmy left and Barry was hired, there was a shadow cast over this team that Jerry couldn't win a SB without Jimmy. We lost in the 94 season to SF. The following year was nothing to be proud of and this team was a mere shadow of its dominant days only 2 years ago. They were strong enough to make it to the SB and fortunate enough NOT to have faced SF in the NFC championship game due to the fact that GB had beaten them a week earlier. Back then we owned GB so we beat them en route to SB XXX. If you watch the replay of that game, we were out coached and our deficiencies were being exploited. Pitts twice had the ball and were driving on us only to throw 2 INT's DIRECTLY and I mean not a Steeler in sight, to Larry Brown. It was blatant. One time, I could understand, a busted route, not on the same page, whatever. But considering the timing of the turnovers and how it gave us the momentum right back, I find it highly unlikely that it would happen twice. Now again, this is a conspiracy theory, looking at the situation through a neutral lens, being able to emotionally separate yourself from the team you love and try to consider it a possibility. As such, with Jerry on the leagues "how dare he"list,. they may have said, enough of this guy. And they are keeping him and his team down. I mean, 2 decades and we haven't got close to a SB???? With all the talent this team has put on the field???? And during that time we have seen teams like Tampa Bay, New Orleans (the free bee for Katrina), Seattle (Three times visitor 1 time champ), all win SB's. These used to be the laughing stock of the league. I get that roles reverse, but more than 2 decades you have to start asking yourself WTF??? Then you see the situation we are dealing with now with Elliott. How is this even a possibility??? If he was accused of this in college or right afterwards, how is it an NFL legal matter? And if that is justified then how do you allow a guy like Joe Mixon into the league? Isn't this a contradiction? So, if you or Minny Mouse or anyone has a better explanation as to why the wheels are continuously coming off our cart just when we get rolling, I'm all ears because I can't figure it out. And one last time, it is a conspiracy theory, a "what if" concept. Thinking outside the box, that's all.
  3. Zeke suspension to start

    No, the one that DOESN'T put it in writing is gutless, in my opinion. The one that doesn't even consider the possibility, well now, that is the dumb one.
  4. Zeke suspension to start

    Well, try this conspiracy theory on for size. The last Cowboys SB win against Pittsburgh was bought. JJ had paid off O'Donnell to throw 2 timely INT's to secure a SB victory so JJ can say, "See, I didn't need Jimmy to win a SB!!" O'Donnell KNEW he was leaving for the NYJ via FA. What did he care? He leaves with a nice retirement check, JJ gets his"I told you so trophy" and everybody's a winner. Except for one thing. The league KNEW what happened, they just couldn't prove it. And after JJ has been sticking it the league by signing deals outside of the shared revenue agreement that was in place back then, not sure if it is now, the league has had enough of JJ. So, they will stick it to us EVERY single time they get an opportunity so that JJ NEVER sniffs a title again. Just a conspiracy theory. But it would explain an awful lot of the ish calls we have gotten in big games. The Dez no catch. All the timely penalties that stalled drives for us in the playoffs like the PF 12 men in the huddle ish when there was no huddle. The bad spot in the loss to Seattle when Witten CLEARLY had the first down and then Romo fumbled the snap for the FG and gets tackled at the 1. I mean, the list goes on and on. We just NEVER seem to get the break we need. Except for the obvious Detroit Lions no PI call. Perhaps the Dez catch was retribution for that one. God, I love being the Conspiracy Theorist on here. Maybe not the only one, but the only one with balls big enough to put it in writing.
  5. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    WOW! certainly puzzling. It really does dispel everything I have come to believe about getting to the QB. The only conclusion I could infer from this is that we, outside of getting to the QB, have become more of a reactionary defense instead of an attacking style of defense. Hence, we do not generate turnovers. We are content to give up short yardage passing and running plays by keeping the game in front of us. The problem we are having then is that our tackling is atrocious. Guys are getting the easy 3 and 4 yard plays but turning them into big gainers because we are not stopping them at the point of contact. I HATE this style of defense as it gives the opposing offense momentum and confidence. If they can create a size/speed mismatch, we are cooked. And it has been happening all season long. If the consensus is that we ARE playing Marinelli's defense to a T, then we need a new defensive coordinator. Someone that emphasizes basics like tackling, shedding blocks and above all CREATING TURNOVERS! This is where we fall wayyyyyyyyy short. It is no secret that out offense plays a ball control style of offense to protect our defense. That, by its very definition, is admitting our defense sucks and needs protection. You think opposing offenses haven't figured this out? Their solution, stop the running game, put us in 3rd and long and you beat Dallas. Has anyone seen where our closest WR or TE is on in the league rankings so far this year? How about 54th, I believe. That sucks! That paired with where Dak is ranked, 24th overall. Again, what this is saying that, in spite of Zeke being 6th in the rushing category, when we are pressed into a 3rd and long, often we do not convert. If we did, our QB and WR's SHOULD have a higher ranking. Here is to hoping that the bye week got our defensive woes ironed out.
  6. Zeke suspension to start

    Yes well that is the real problem, not only for us but it appears Zeke as well. He certainly does not seem to be running with the same hard charging enthusiasm he displayed last year. I have seen him numerous times this year hit the hole only to be tripped or shoe string tackled. It's like he just gives up where last year he was hurdling guys and running through them. Just hard to watch this year.
  7. Here is a question, perhaps someone can answer. If our O line is struggling because of LG and RT being (Cooper or flavor of the month at LG) and Collins at RT, where he clearly cannot play well. Why don't we minimize our weakness by putting Collins back inside at LG and then we only have RT to worry about? Whoever we put out there we can plug in a FB or TE to help him out. At least 4/5ths of the line will be dominant again. As it is we have a swinging door for an O line. Seems 1 hole is easier to fix than 2.
  8. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    So B Jones is ANOTHER DB bust??? With our poor D line, they will all be busts.
  9. 2018 NFL Draft Prospects

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!??? Didn't we address this "bad safety issue" with B. Jones? Or is he another name to add to the long list of first round DB busts? You see, you, and the Cowboys STILL aren't getting it! I can't believe the words are about to come out of me mouth, but look at the Iggles. They revamped their entire secondary thru FA and LOST their best FA DB with an ankle injury. Yet they are leading in INTS and are a shut down defense. Hmmmm, I wonder why? Is it because they have a solid rotation of D linemen in Cox, Curry, Jerrnigan, etc. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been SCREAMING this for years! You have to have a solid D line equal to your O line. Then a make shift secondary, like Philly's, looks like the legion of boom! Get it thru your thick skulls! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SHUT DOWN SECONDARY without a dominating D line. It is why we lost to the NYG in 2007. It is why a team like Denver beat the ish out of us. It is why Zeke and Dak are struggling this year against a team like the Rams. Just wait until Philly comes to town. They must be licking their chops. STAY THE F AWAY FROM DB in the first, second or third round of the draft. Solidify your D line with a stud D tackle and another DE that can ACTUALLY play. Not this poor excuse for first round pick in TACO Charlton. And then Solidify your O line, T Smith is on his way out with constant back issues and we have to move Collins back to the inside and draft an OT that can actually play the position well. Do this and you will see a resurgence of the 2016 year. Go the other way and keep taking DB's with nothing up front to give them a chance to succeed and you will see the same ish you have been seeing for 25 years now.
  10. Zeke suspension to start

    Well the simple fact is the Iggles are enjoying the success we had last year and we are taking on their role from last year. The Giants are toast and the no one really knows WHAT Wash is at this point. But with Elliott out for the next 6 games: SF Wash KC ATL Phila SD We would be VERY fortunate to win two of these putting us at 4-7. Season is over folks. In as far as the league itself is concerned. I almost can't put into words how out in left field it has all become. You don't want to stand for the anthem? Then don't play the anthem. They don't deserve to hear it. They are beneath the symbol it represents. Don't give them the opportunity to disrespect it. Just go play your game, do your stupid endzone celebrations, get your camera time and go the BLANK home. As for the suspensions, I said this all spring and some thought I was just being "crazy Dave" but here we are. There is NO structure to ANY of this. The league has absolute power to sit ANYONE it deems unfit regardless of what the law says. Case in point. Elliott is only ACCUSED of DV. Joe Mixon is on video and was prosecuted, I believe for it. Yet I see him on the field every Sunday. How is this possible? If the NFL is going to take such a hard stance on DV, as it should, then why allow players of DV to even enter the league in the first place??? I call BS! Then there is the officiating. The bogus PF foul we got last year in the playoff game (too many men in the huddle) that wiped out a 14 yard first down to put us in the RZ. Never heard of that one before. Then the PF on Rodgers in last weeks game when we clearly had him in the grasp and he CLEARLY committed Int Grnding.. But no call there because he is Arron Rogers. What is a catch and what isn't? The Europe market. What in the hell do we need that for? It just seems there are so many hands in this pie and so many ways to manipulate the league, non of them consistent with anything other than opinion and prejudice, and the Cowboys seem to be one of the teams on the short end of things for almost a quarter century now. I really cannot explain WHY I even care enough to watch anymore. The more I do, the less I recognize the sport I grew up with and the tradition it carried with it. The memories with family on Sundays and Holidays. The low's in the early 80's and high's in the 90's. It all seems like a lifetime ago and what I am watching is some variation of those times. But DAMN I miss my sport.
  11. Zeke suspension to start

    If we got top five in the draft, you HAVE to go D line or LB. And then O line.
  12. Zeke suspension to start

    With the 3rd overall pick in the 2018 the Dallas Cowboys select....?
  13. Coaches, should they be replaced?

    LOL. I made this point on the GB vs Dal game day thread about 4 hours ago. Edit: It was on THIS thread. Sorry.
  14. Coaches, should they be replaced?

    I watched the replay of the game last night and I think you nailed it here. Regardless of what transpired in the first 3 quarters and much of the fourth, this team had two opportunities to utilize the run game and close the deal on GB. 1. was less of a percentage. On second down when we threw close to our own goal line and the ball was intercepted and returned for a go ahead TD. If we ran and got a 1st down, we would have eaten at least 35 more seconds off the clock. If we didn't get the first down, same result. And even if GB scored, it would have likely taken more time off the clock via 3rd down results and the punt and whatever drive they would have needed to score. 2. This was the dagger. ESPECIALLY considering how we lost in the playoffs with only half the time remaining for that game (35 seconds). In this game it was 2nd and 1 from our 10 yard line with 1:18 seconds to go. We passed and it was incomplete stopping the clock. Had we run, make it or not, GB either uses their last TO or we take another 35 seconds off the clock. Let us assume we make it and they call TO. Now it is 1st and goal from the 9 with 1:13 left. No guarantee we score, but they haven't stopped us in the red zone all game, except for the 1st drive and that bogus penalty, but this late in the game and their D was tired. We were gashing them with the run game. Without question, this is where we lost this game. If we ran, got the first forced their last TO. Just one more running play would have taken it under 30 seconds. With three plays to go I like our chances with our offense of scoring the game winner leaving Rodgers about 20 to 30 seconds and no TO. Even the most accurate sideline passer would need at LEAST 6 seconds a play to get into game tying FG range. Chances would have been extremely thin. That my friends is how our coaching staff cost us this game.
  15. Packers at Dallas: LP's and DF's

    Just out of energy to complain anymore. I quit