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  1. Around the League - It's Officially the Offseason

    Perhaps it needs to be more stringent. Just too many of these guys lose it or put on a bad show once they are in the league. Hardy, Burffect, Beckham jr, Norman, Rice, just to name a few. Then guys like Elliott are serving severe suspensions based on here say, now you got this idiot running around naked and bleeding. Ask yourself, if these people and their actions or accusations existed at your place of employment, just how long would you still be in business?
  2. Around the League - It's Officially the Offseason

    Yeah, he sure looks it right now.
  3. Around the League - It's Officially the Offseason

    Just watched it on TMZ. Look, the league is a hot mess right now. They insist on letting players in who are mentally unstable. These are young men, virtually still adolescent men with tons of money and semi fame. They CANNOT HANDLE IT!!! They are ill equipped to deal with that kind of responsibility and do not have the maturity or life experiences to realize the advantages position they are in at this young stage of their lives. You want to solve the problem, there are two things you can do: 1. STOP giving the big bucks to young bucks. They cannot handle the responsibility of having that kind of money. They act foolishly and stupidly getting into all sorts of trouble. 2. Have each draftee take a pysch evaluation test before coming into the league. Of course, if teams want them bad enough and the league sees them as a marketing tool, they will only fudge the numbers. But if that is the case, then they deserve everything they get. But if they are sincere about keeping the image of the shield clean, and we can only assume they are based off of last year's suspension to Elliott, then I believe it is necessary to spare them any further embarrassment. Because this, compounded with O. Beckham's offseason should warrant far more than Elliott's, but we shall see.
  4. New Catch Rule

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/report-nfl-clarifies-new-definition-for-controversial-catch-rule/ar-BBKtjEj Too little too late IMO. Funny how this rule gets made just after they gave Zach Ertz the game winning TD in the SB to GIVE the Iggles their first trophy. Oh well, IF we keep Dez, this should favor us tremendously because he has victimized by this a few times in games.
  5. Cowboys off season notes - DLaw Franchised

    Not sure who this guy is or how it is supposed to help our team. Didn't the Raiders sign Smith our former FB? If so, then they obviously believe he is an upgrade over this guy. If that is the case, this reeks of last year's blockbuster FA signings which should have the same end result, this bozo wont even be on the roster by December. Way to go fossil.
  6. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    Congrats and God Bless you and your family. Always good to hear something positive.
  7. Around the League - It's Officially the Offseason

    I would agree with you say for one thing, the Iggles were 9 million over the cap and they just upgraded their D line big time. Don't know how with them having no money. But Bennet and Nata are only going to make Cox and Jernigan that much better. I also have a feeling they are not done.
  8. Around the League - It's Officially the Offseason

    http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/sports/eagles/Here-are-all-the-Eagles-free-agent-signings-so-far.html http://www.patriots.com/news/free_agent_tracker_2016 Here are lists, not complete for Philly, this is only what they did on March, we know all about Foles, Long, Blount, Elliott, Darby, Ajayi, etc that were added later. But look at the moves and the deals. A lot of 1 year deals offered with the idea that if they perform to their potential, they will get extensions. In short, the days of building thru the draft are DEAD! It simply takes too long to develop these kids to reach their potential. 3-5 years. By that point they have either outplayed their rookie contracts or have been labeled busts. If it is the first option, now you have to reward them with big paydays, which ALWAYS bites us in the arse. If it is the latter, they go elsewhere and win there: See M. Bennett, D Ware (thou not a bust, couldn't win here) and a host of others I'm sure. No, the new NFL formula for winning is get an accurate, smart QB that protects the ball and executes with efficiency, surround him with already proven players via FA on short contracts so you can sign them all, keep your game plan simple and execute. It makes perfect sense. What is more likely to happen, a bunch of rookies coming in an acclimating to the game right away to the point of contention OR signing a bunch of proven players on bad teams to come together and work, like mercenaries, to get a trophy? When it comes down to it, you are asking a bunch of rookies and 1-2 year p[layers beat a bunch of proven veterans. Not very likely. Want proof? We invested 4 first round picks on our O line and signed a former 1st round in J. Cooper. We lost one, ONE damn player and gave up 6 sacks to one guy in one game????? We couldn't do ish!!!! Without just ONE of our missing O linemen. The Iggles lost the same position and won the frickin SB with a back up QB!!!!! The problem, by the time we got all of our O line players up to speed and acclimated to the game, T Smith is beginning to wear down because it took several years to acquire the talent we have and build them up to a dominant O line. They will begin to fall like dominoes. Next it will be Fredricks getting nicked up and missing time then Martin, by then Smith will be done. and we start all over. The new NFL, Get a solid LT, protect your blind side, get a solid back up behind him, draft 1 more O lineman that is too good a prospect to pass up and sign the others by FA or trades from proven teams. They are road tested, proven winners, know the riggers of the game and can come right in and compete. So with all this in mind, the Jones's are on vacation. Tells you all you need to know.
  9. Irving gets 2nd Round Tender

    Would that pick be for this year's draft? If so, this is win/win. We would have a great deal of ammo to move back into the 1st round and take 2 players of our choice to help this team. You all know my feelings on the front office and how behind they are with the new direction of the NFL. With that said, and a few gambles aside (J. Smith/R. Gregory), they have drafted well in the recent past.
  10. Hitchens to KC

    Good riddance. He wasn't winning anything here anyway.
  11. Around the League - It's Officially the Offseason

    See, this was my greatest fear coming into this season. Dallas isn't making moves because we are tight to the cap. Philly is 9 million over. Not stopping them. Dallas isn't making any moves because the FO doesn't know what to do. They are incompetent. They do not have a plan. They are still trying to figure out what to do. Possibly cautious about poor FA signings in the past. But these players are going at bargain prices. No, we are just not keeping pace with how quickly the league is changing. This reeks of stubborn old Jerry Jones still believing he is a GM.
  12. Around the League - It's Officially the Offseason

    All of these players being traded and moved around for peanuts and there isn't 1 guy out there that might be able to help our team moving forward??? Positions of need: LG, LT, S, WR, LB, DT, DE Not ONE?
  13. Around the League - It's Officially the Offseason

    Well, there is that. And again, they have to wise up if they want to win. Play to your strengths and keep it simple. If we can develop an O line that can overpower most any defensive front, and run at will. HOW can we be stopped?
  14. Around the League - It's Officially the Offseason

    Look, the Iggles have figured it out. No doubt about it. Dallas is still trying to win with the "build thru the draft" philosophy. The last 2 years the SB was won by teams that traded away early to mid round picks to acquire veteran players that they felt fit their game plan. It worked. Our idea of FA signings is LAUGHABLE!!! Christ, by the end of the year the 3 players we signed were NOT EVEN ON THE FRICKIN TEAM! But, I do see a way that this team, the way it is built can hang with teams like Philly and NE. 1. Solidify the O line. Do WHATEVER it takes to get the LG and LT positions stable. Draft or FA, get the LG spot solid and get a quality back up for T. Smith because he wont make it a solid year. 2. Get your running game in order. Have a solid back up behind Elliott. D. Murray would be a wise choice if he was willing to return to Dallas. He has some tred left and he DID lead the league in rushing behind less of an O line than we would have this year. 3. Get E. Thomas or someone that can QB our DB's. We NEED veteran presence back there to teach these young bucks how to play in the NFL. 4. Get your arse a rotation of lethal pass rushers. You may have a few in D. Law, and Irving. But we need that monster presence in the middle that can collapse the pocket and more rotational players on the outside. Ca nit be Tapper, Charlton, FA, Draft? We shall see. 5. Get a WR that can separate and get young at TE. Dak needs to develop HIS guy at TE. If they did this, they can play keep away ball control and hang with ANY defense. It will give them, at the very least, a chance to hang around long enough in every game to win it in the end. Because our passing game, with our WR's and old man Witten combined with a huge question mark at QB and Dak's regression last year cannot play the game Philly, Pitts, NE, NO, Atl all play. We just can't. Keep Dak at the short to intermediate passes, get a WR that can separate, a TE that he trusts and connects with, let him use his legs and lean heavy on the running game. As for defense, with a leader in the secondary and a rotational pass rush, we might just get that sack late in the game that causes the GW turnover, if we aren't down 3 scores already. That is the only way I see this team competing this year. If they try to play an open offense relying heavy on the passing game, we are SCREWED!
  15. I get you Cal but you said it yourself, "two stud backs." RBC only works because none of their backs are designed to be bell cow runners. They can only handle so many carries a game. Stud backs like Elliott and Barkley get stronger as the game goes on. They get into a rhythm and wear a defense down. That is their strength. E Smith was a Classic example of that. If you split time with them, they will never find that rhythm and they are less effective. But since we are talking about RB's, any chance we take a look at Murray since he has been released? Imagine that, 2 RB's who lead the league in rushing 2 of the last 4 years!!!