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  1. But they also won ARs only SB. Besides, who in the he'll believed Tom Brady would be in Tampa this time last year, let alone another SB? But in the world's of what it's, what would you say? Aging QB, frustrated in GB, fully stocked offense, wants 1 more 💍. Sounds tasty.
  2. What would you think about Aaron Rodgers coming to Dallas? I just read where he believes his future in GB is uncertain. McCarthy and Rogers together again? With these receivers and Zeke?
  3. It's a real privilege to be alive in a time to watch the greatest football player of all time STILL doing it. This is something 20 years from now I can tell the grandkids, I followed his entire career and YES he was that good. GOAT.
  4. Don't forget, Buffalo was already in a SB when we were coming off a 1-15 season. Only 2 years later WE were handing them there hats! History may yet repeat itself.
  5. Just off the topic a bit, this seems like a brewing side story, but did anyone notice Pam Oliver's sideline report? She sounded wasted! I've been reading about how cold it is in Green Bay this time of year, but yesterday wasn't that cold, 30 degrees? Also, the report was 14 minutes and change in the 3rd quarter. That's immediately after halftime! She didn't go in and get warm at halftime? Finally, the other reporter Melissa Pink, I believe, sounded sharp as a tac. No slurring there. Just an observation.
  6. I had no idea GBs line was THIS good!!!??? This is the number one defense in the league. But, it goes to show, if you can't get to the QB, no secondary is safe.
  7. Happy Birthday!!! 🥃🍻🎁 Mail me some brisket please.
  8. I thought the Cowboys signed Moore to a contract?
  9. You seem to have missed my point. HE IS A CHOKE ARTIST! At least by that rationale. But if just getting there is your ceiling, then I guess he is the man!
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