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  1. Sorry to be a bluenose about this but I'm on a "prove you can stay clean" side of things. There is a huge risk here. He comes in, plays great, our d line begins dominating, YEAH! Then he gets high, gets caught and the morale of this team is once again in the toilet. Do I like that he is back? Yes. Do I trust him to stay clean? 😕
  2. 2018 Over/Under Predictions

    Under Dak throws 9 Ints all year Bailey misses 5 FG's all year
  3. How did our rivals do draft wise?(Compared to us)

    You all know how I feel about the draft anymore. Sure it is important to find value and stock up on role players. But the real winning teams are doing it more with FA's and trade players than with draft picks now a days. With that said, on paper I rank them this way: 1. NYG 2. Tie Dal/Wash 3. Philly All teams did well in the draft, but to my original point, look what Philly did in FA this year already and then the draft. The ONLY player that will see any real time on the field from their draft will be Goedert. They have 3 or 4 players that will immediately make an impact on this team from FA. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/philadelphia-eagles/
  4. DT Collins breaks foot

    https://www.foothealthfacts.org/conditions/fractures-of-the-fifth-metatarsal I guess it depends on what type of fracture it is, but at any rate, they say it is pretty common. It IS only May. I mean, he would have 10 weeks to heal until TC. Seems likely he will be ready in that time.
  5. Greatest Cowboy to never WIN.

    Huh, Fancy that?
  6. Witten to retire after 15 seasons

    One of my favorites, will be big shoes to fill. But its time.
  7. Greatest Cowboy to never WIN.

    Not the greatest but should have got at least one- Danny White
  8. Guess the Top 53

    Isn't T. Austin a WR? Why are you listing him as a RB?
  9. 4-137 TE Dalton Schultz [Stanford]

    5 shillings says you are wrong.
  10. 4-137 TE Dalton Schultz [Stanford]

    Damn that's funny!!!! 😄
  11. 4-137 TE Dalton Schultz [Stanford]

    YES I am happy now. I believe if Dak is going to take the next step he needs his bff at TE. I wanted Andrews, but Schultz is a nice second.
  12. 4-116 DE Dorance Armstrong

    Never heard of him
  13. 3.81. Gallup-ing into Dallas

    They blew it on TE. All the good ones are gone. Should have traded back into the 3rd round and grabbed M. Andrews. We had enough ammo with our comp picks. Oh well, can't win em all.
  14. Witten to retire after 15 seasons

    He's a mench. 😉
  15. Witten to retire after 15 seasons

    In all my time on this site, you have been nothing if not consistent.