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  1. Ummm, 2 rushing TDs, over 83 yards in the 1st half????
  2. But c'mon, say it. SAY IT! The running game was the difference today.
  3. Nice catch Dorn, don't ever fu*@in do it again!
  4. I'm not sure you fully grasp how horrid that experience was. And I get your point. Maybe I'm just getting old, but the fact that it was males only is in line with the mindset back then that it was too gruesome for women's eyes. In other words, they were protecting their women. That's what a man did. Thats what I was taught. It's an old fashioned idea but it harkens to being a gentleman. Again, I get your point, and it's a good point, I just have a different point of view. But we are all Americans. This thought should remain constant. 🇺🇸
  5. Are you kidding, lol!!! They can't agree on the color of sight, let alone pull together to defend our country. And the flaw in YOUR logic is their resolve was on full display on Aug 31st!! What a disgrace. But hey, im glad we're not talking politics as we are not supposed to.
  6. Maybe so, but if it were not for THAT generation we would all be goose stepping down main Street today! Now, we are running from a 3rd world bunch of wussies. But let's all live on our "perception is reality" mind set. That's working out great! 😵
  7. Ask Michael Irvin if the running game matters. He had a great take on this in one of his interviews and how, without it, you are simply 1 dimensional. If nothing else, it keeps a defense honest. At its best, it controls the clock, plays keep away, closes out games, gives the O line a chance to hit back and protects the QB. It matters!
  8. Hey man, it's time the youth steps up. Wtf are they waiting for?
  9. Some lucky ones are asymptomatic. Maybe there is something to be said for smoking a crap ton of weed regarding Covid.
  10. Well, unless the Rams get 2 safties, 31 isn't going to happen. But it would have been something else huh?
  11. I got it on video on my phone just in case, lol.
  12. If you can rewind the game, like on firestick, go to 7:17 1st quarter and watch the commercial break. They advertised the score of the SNF game at LA 31 Chi 29 4th quarter 10:00. It could be a typo or something, but man if that is the score at that point in the game.... The fish stinks from the head down!
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