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  1. It's not that the crosser itself was crucial, it's what it represented in terms of how Rodgers played. MLF's offense is not like McCarthy's was; in McCarthy's offense Rodgers enjoyed a large degree of freedom in terms of pre-snap reads and route adjustments because that was what the offense was built around. It was built for and largely by Rodgers to let him play exactly how he desires: saunter up to the line, read the coverage, throw a few winks and nudges to the receivers to let em know what route they're running now, then snap the ball, meander through the pocket while you move the safeti
  2. So does anyone else have access to the All-22 yet? Because that long TD to Harris is a weird play to watch. Both King and Black gear down unexpectedly right before Winston throws it; King looks sort of like he's expecting Harris to take it back to the corner and he goes to play bracket coverage before realizing they're both out of position. Granted this is all from memory of a single watch of it, and I can't say I'm completely confident in what the coverage called even is. That being said, King only gave up one other completion aside from this play; feel like it's weird how much he's ge
  3. It's actually worse than that. He's not just looking downfield, he's looking at Adams who does indeed come open. They're running a double mesh concept: two deep crossers, two shallow crossers, go route on the boundary to the wide side of the field. You're just trying to lose someone in coverage as they all cross, with the go route taking his defender out of the play to create more space. Both Jones and Adams lose their defenders pretty much like you'd draw it up, but Rodgers freezes up. Adams should actually be the target here, as there's plenty of room for a guy with Aaron's arm to drop
  4. Yeah, there's absolutely the look of some of that. I do worry about the sheer number of 11 personnel calls and his return to eschewing checkdowns and underneath targets unless absolutely forced to go there. Could just be rust and being slow through his reads, but 2020 is at this point the clear outlier in the last five years or so in terms of playing within scheme.
  5. Think it was just the heat. They rotated a lot and early on defense, which would indicate to me they were trying to keep guys fresh for the second half. Z being injured also didn't help.
  6. Game Pass International, he didn't legally admit to saying. I use ExpressVPN + GPI because I'm out of state and it's the easiest and most consistent way to actually get to watch all the Packers games. I had the regular All-22 option when I started it up today, but I did notice that it was missing the cutaways to the game clock/down & distance between plays, which makes it a bit more exciting to try to figure out exactly where I am in the game.
  7. I would have agreed with you on most of this before watching the All-22, but I gotta be honest through the twenty minutes of game time at least it's not nearly as bad as I feared. Rodgers absolutely takes the brunt of the blame, with Rashan Gary and Joe Barry coming in at a distant second and third. Most of the Saints first two drives lived on Jameis picking up first downs due to Gary running himself out of the play, and they did have some questionable personnel and alignment decisions against heavier personnel for sure. But for the most part it's just small errors compounding and the Saint
  8. Feel like people maybe need to take the edge off, just a tad. Defenses oftentimes have growing pain performances early in the season, and a good chunk of recent Super Bowl winning defenses have had ugly early season games. This was pretty egregious, but giving the team at least a few weeks to try and get it figured out seems fair.
  9. Structure and game plan were out the window on the first Packers drive. Rodgers holding the ball and not hitting the wiiiiiiide open Jones on 3rd and 7 on their first drive was the flashing warning light that proved more and more valid each drive. The Packers get the ball down 0-3, and go 2 runs, 5 passes, and punt. Their next drive they get the ball down ten, run twice for 12 yards and a 1st down, then pass three times for net -4 yards and punt. Their next drive is the two minute drill, then they get the ball to start the third, down 14 - they go 2 runs, 10 passes and Rodgers throws a pic
  10. Man I gotta admit, I forget how virulent the despair gets after a walloping like that. Don't have much to add until the All-22 comes out (assuming it does, given the issues apparently happening with it), but this felt a lot like a classic Rodgers hero-ball game. Give up on the run immediately, run tons of empty set/11 personnel (81% 11 personnel if Ben Fennell's numbers are correct - gag), hold the ball forever looking for shot plays then spread the blame around post-game when it goes wrong. This team has some issues, but unless Rodgers returns to playing in structure none of it matters. T
  11. To add to this, I think it's fair to call this one a great pick by TT rather than a miss by the rest of the league. Lots of guys with who look like Clark on paper bomb out in the pros; there's not a ton of guys who are 6'2", 315#, with short arms and poor explosive numbers who are even good starters in the NFL, much less All-Pros. To put it in comparison, Tyler Lancaster was an inch taller, the same weight, slightly longer arms, and had better numbers in the 40, bench, broad jump, and shuttle; the only place Clark was better on paper was the vert, by 1.5" (Clark didn't do the 3-cone so that'
  12. So to be clear, I'm mostly talking about non-pressure packages here. I'm fully onboard with them playing Z wherever when the time comes to just get after the QB, and I really like him playing 0 actually in that scenario because he's so quick he oftentimes beats the center to the spot. But assuming it's base or nickel I just don't know there's enough value in moving Clark around unless you know one of the guards is a real weak link. It's so rare that you can play a NT that has that level of quickness and acceleration because usually you need more weight to anchor in the interior; Clark gets
  13. Damn, didn't realize it was that low. And he only got $9 million guaranteed. And he's only 30, meaning he's got another contract in him for sure the way he's playing. Now that you mention it, it's almost weird he hasn't held out or otherwise demanded recompense.
  14. You sound just like my ex-wife, and also every single other person in my life. Or you would, if any of them could get a word in edge-wise.
  15. As would I, I didn't actually word that right and I agree that it's super unlikely he plays 40% of the total snaps for the year. I do expect him to be playing about 40% of the snaps in a game by the end of season; he's not going to be in every package, but he's a player who fits in a number of formations/personnel groups. Appreciate you pulling the numbers. My guess would be that Adams and Lancaster most likely were on the field together a decent amount, as they both played a big chunk of their snaps in the first 9 weeks of the season (Adams was on IR after week 9, Lancaster only on
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