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  1. Defense Appreciation Thread

    Eh, Daniels got washed out of his gap more than once last year. He was a good player but he was not a good fit in a two gap scheme like Pettine's and it was likely that play happens the same regardless. Kenny Clark not being on the field was a lot bigger factor. Plus, that play was just a lot of little things going wrong at the same time. Lancaster saw the gap the run was going to and overcommitted early, letting the center get into his side and drive him out of the play. Adams should have been there to squeeze it but for reasons I have yet to figure out he inexplicably tries to spin back away from the play. I assume he felt the pressure from his side and thought they were driving him out of the play (similar to Lancaster) because he couldn't see Cook yet. He wins initially and if he had just kept going it's probably no gain when Cook cuts back against Lancaster. Both of them are trying to fill the gap Fadol Brown should be filling, but he goes with a hard inside move and guesses very wrong. Or he and Lancaster are running the world's slowest stunt, it's hard to tell and if they really called a NT/DE stunt with Lancaster/Brown then I'd like to petition Pettine to go ahead and dump that one out of the playbook. Martinez takes too long to read the play so the RG gets into his body and he's done. Then Savage misses a tough tackle. Tough break, but just a lot of small individual things that went the wrong way this time.
  2. 2019 WEEK 3 PACKERS vs broncos GAME DAY THREAD

    You can't really give a grade on any of the receivers (including TEs) at this point. The offense has just been too disjointed and they're still figuring too much out. Graham may or may not do anything this year, but he hasn't exactly been overwhelmed with opportunities honestly.
  3. Random Packer News & Notes

    Oh I agree, I really doubt he would offer an upgrade, I just meant more in a "love of chaos" way.
  4. Random Packer News & Notes

    I'd totally take Dez just for the entertainment value. Not sure what all he has left in the tank, but as a fan who just kinda wants to see some crazy stuff happen I'm for it.
  5. Packers & Bears Postgame

    GMo just didn't really get a chance to do much. Didn't take many snaps, and wasn't really a lot of opportunity when he did due to the Bears front seven. I think he'll be a nice fit in the slot actually when the stretch play is working and the line isn't being overwhelmed by a bunch of physical freaks. Fingers crossed he gets some more snaps next week, because I think they're making a mistake playing Lewis/Vitale over GMo as much as they did. Was 100% a RPO that Rodgers chose pass on. Everyone but Rodgers and MVS executing the run. MVS actually was open, it was the right read, Rodgers just didn't put the ball on him. However, I'm not sure if he was expecting a different route from MVS or it was just a bad throw. Looked a lot like most of Rodgers's RPOs; a week or two away from being ready for primetime. Pretty sure King was on a snap count. They rotated him in and out for drives, replaced him with Crazy Tony as he seems to be the next man up on the boundary. Honestly, I didn't think his coverage was bad on the catches Robinson made, but Trubs made a great throw on one and on the other Robinson is a legit stud at finding the ball and adjusting and Tony is not. I like Tony overall and it's still nice that you can put your CB4 on the other team's #1 and not be totally concerned it's all about to explode. This is just one of those things that can happen when you're playing your reserves. Savage is a freak. I need to do a full watch of the secondary just to get a really dialed in look, but first blush impressions is he's 100% going to the Hall of Fame and will probably retire as the greatest defensive back of all time. Failing that, he'll be a damn fine safety. The game didn't look too big for him at all, his oft-mentioned intelligence and poise was on display. Was twitchy and quick on his breaks in man coverage, blitzed pretty well, and can absolutely cover grass when he's playing deep. Most importantly, he knows what he's looking for and if he gets it he'll make you pay. He was sitting on that throw to Robinson before the ball was even snapped and was a few inches away from his first INT. Now, this was a pretty perfect set up for him. Trubs isn't an elite passing QB and was under siege all game, and the Bears don't have much for weapons offensively. Next step for him will be to see how he handles teams that try to isolate and attack hiim specifically, ie whether he bites on PA/misdirection/double moves/etc. But you gotta feel good about that game 1.
  6. 2019 Week 2 PACKERS vs vikings GAME DAY THREAD

    Eh, Griffin is a bit of a goof. I think this was half serious, but half also poking fun at a guy he's gotta try to figure out twice a year. Both him and Bahktiari have a pretty similar sense of humor.
  7. Week 1 Play by Play

    As always, it's incredibly appreciated that you put this kinda work in. I always think of doing something similar and run from the effort of it, so cheers to you. I'm really interested to see your breakdowns of the rest of the game when you get to it. I don't really have much to add from my own watch. There's maybe a 0.5 point here and there I'd do differently, but mostly just differences in how much responsibility I attribute on a play or two. My biggest take away is that maybe an away night game against likely the #1 defense in the league is not the best time to be working the kinks of your offense out. Rodgers looked rusty and was terrible throwing off-platform, but I don't think it's a long-term concern yet. Line got whipped in a tough environment by a brutal opponent, that'll happen. They held up when they needed, and Bulaga especially should have put any concerns that he's not still an All-Pro caliber pass protector to bed. Some time to gel and they'll be a very good line this year, although hard not to see Jenkins starting at one of the guard spots by the end of the year. I would assume Taylor's, given what they have invested in Turner. Receivers were sort of tough to grade given the situation, just not enough chances to do much of anything with. Don't feel right making a judgement on them right now. I like the TE group more than I expected to, although they aren't much as blockers. Lewis is supposed to be a blocker but he looked pretty pedestrian out there. He'll have easier match-ups down the road, and at worst he's more or less average so I'm still glad to have him, but not sure I'd play him that much if his blocking doesn't improve. I'm curious to see how the offense evolves as the year goes. I get the plan, get the defense flowing left and right and attack with vertical and counter-action stuff, but it's easy to see how badly a lot of it goes when the outside zone isn't working. As good as Rodgers is, I don't see this as the kind of offense well-adapted to having him just throw the team into rhythm. It's not something he's particularly good at anyway, he's always been more streaky and he doesn't take the short stuff often enough to establish a real rhythm to the offense these days. But on top of that, when you're running as many 1-2, 2-1, and 2-2 sets as the Packers did this game you're just not getting that many receivers on the field and you limit what you can do downfield. Getting off-schedule is a real problem for this philosophy, and Aaron's a guy who gets off-schedule often trying to do some wildin. This isn't an offensive scheme that's going to break big plays when he goes scramble drill because of all the slow guys on the field, and it's not an offense well-suited to converting 3rd and long when he takes a sack because he felt the hot route was being droll and refused to throw to them. I realize this has been talked about ad nauseum by everyone since LeFleur's hire, but I just kinda hoped they'd have worked up some magic solution. I think there were a lot of things that worked in the offense, and I still have plenty of hope that they'll find a set-up that plays well with everyone's strengths and weaknesses. Just not sure that was it. That being said, I'm not the soberest I've ever been so I'm pretty excited to see if this comment makes any sense in the morning.
  8. Fackrell has really been surprisingly good in coverage the last year or so. He really does have a hell of a physical toolbox; if he had Clay's mind in his body he'd be a Hall of Famer. As is he's still a very nice chess piece to have for one more season, although if he finds his niche as a joker LBer they can play anywhere I'm not even going to say that he definitely won't be back. Guy like that is great to have, especially if his pass rush isn't something you need. As a multiple guy he's actually a plus rusher, you just don't want him being "The Guy".
  9. Packers & Bears Postgame

    Montravius had himself a day. Still working through the all 22, but he's shown up a lot in the first half. Honestly looks like a completely different player. Anchored against a soft double and bottled up a run, bull rushed his guy into the QB against the pass, and was making hustle plays all night. I'm not saying it was an elite or dominant performance, but for his first game as a core role player/rotational starter I couldn't be happier. He looks like a guy with a legit future now, which is a long way from where he started last season.
  10. I'm glad someone posted this play because I was gonna do it but I'm too lazy. Had to roll it back a few times watching this play because Savage just comes in out of absolutely nowhere on the TV copy. Savage can absolutely fly in the open field.
  11. Packers & Bears Postgame

    I mean it's both. A fairly significant layer of rust should have been expected for both offenses, but especially Green Bay; they also didn't play in the preseason and it's a brand new offense. There was plays where the Bears just straight up blew them up, but there were also plays where it was clear the offense just wasn't on the same page. The run game was never going to be strong against that front seven, that's just talent winning out, but the passing game had opportunities and they often didn't convert on them. That's fine, it's week 1, this stuff happens. Personally, pretty stoked to watch the All-22 and see what was going on in the secondary for both teams.
  12. Revisiting the Khalil Mack Trade

    I just can't agree with the bold. For one, they had 19 pressures, which isn't all on just bad QBing. They consistently dominated the Bears OL play after play. Any QB is going to have trouble when the pocket is shrinking in a hurry every play. Two, it's weird to me how many people are selling the Green Bay defense as having been lucky to go against Trubisky, but ignoring the fact that Aaron looked just as rusty most of the night. The Bears D is absolutely stacked with talent, but Rodgers left a lot of plays on the field. Struggled early with accuracy, struggled late with decision making. Even the TD drive was a bad throw to MVS, two short throws, and then a prayer to Graham. Yes, the Bears probably have the league's best front seven, but Aaron also held the ball against a six man rush, routinely pulled it down instead of throwing it hot, and generally played right into their biggest strengths. Basically I'm just saying all the same caveats that apply to the Packers dominating a rusty Bears offense go the other way. This isn't a game that should really be used as a perfect barometer for either team. That being said, the Bears 100% made the right call trading for Mack, there's no need to be talking that down. It seems to have worked out in the end for everyone involved.
  13. Packers & Bears Postgame

    Blows away seems a touch strong, but yeah it's easy to forget now that Clay probably should have won DPOY in 2010 instead of barely missing it. For his first four years, he was absolutely an elite player. If you haven't gone back in awhile and watched it's easy to forget but he used to blow up plays on the regular.
  14. Packers-Bears Week 1 Game Day Thread

    It really depends on which version of HaHa shows up. He didn't use to just sit back and gamble for INTs, he has the capability to play very well in the box if he puts his mind to it. He finished 2015 4th among safeties in solo tackles, and put up 192 combined tackles in his first two years in the league. Look at his scouting reports coming out: Effective run supporter -- drops downhill with conviction and does not shy from contact. Takes direct angles to the ball. Runs the alley and wipes out ball carriers. Secure tackler. Can break down and tackle in space. Has special-teams experience. Well-coached in a pro-style defense. (NFL.com) This is just one of many, but long story short there weren't concerns about his ability playing physically against the run either coming out or early in his career. He only fell off once he started chasing stats looking for that big contract. If he comes to play like the guy he was early in his career, willing to do whatever the team needed, he'll be a big piece for them. If that guy is gone for good, he won't be long for the league.
  15. Packers-Bears Week 1 Game Day Thread

    Maybe it's just on me and where I've been reading about football lately then, I dunno. Just seems like this should be really the biggest story surrounding the Bears this off-season, instead of a note way down the list. The kicker battle gets brought up all the time, but that's minor compared to the coordinator change. I understand why that's getting all the press, it's fairly hilarious, but just think a lot of Bears fans may be in for a rude awakening tonight. Fangio is one of the three best DCs in football IMO and the drop to Pagano is more like a cliff.