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  1. My guy, the 2010 defense wasn't dominant because it was tough. It was dominant because the second worst member of the starting nickle secondary was a Pro-Bowl corner, and the best was maybe the best all around DB to ever play the game, and he wasn't even the member of the defense to finish second in DPOY voting that year. The Bears were a terrible offense in 2010. They finished 21st in the NFL. The Eagles were an elite offense until Vick got injured and the wheels came off. They scored 14 and 13 points respectively in weeks 16 and 17 before scoring 16 against the Packers at Lambeau. A
  2. It's more than the yips. The yips is a lack of belief in your own ability to perform a task, but what I suspect Rodgers has is an excess of belief in his own talent. He wants to be the one in control of the game and the success of each play, because he has the most faith in himself. The issue is that he plays QB; it's a position that is a contradiction because it's the most important job on the field, but it has to pass the ball off every play. It's not like basketball, where you can call your own number on the game winner, the ball has to go to someone else to make the play. That's where
  3. I don't think any of us can truly answer that, but from the outside looking in it looks to me like he's simply trying too hard not to make mistakes. Aaron is a perfectionist, and one of the ways that that manifests is that he falls into traps of always looking to make the perfect play. People read "he ignored the open receiver" and assume it means "he's staring down Adams/Nelson/Cobb/etc" but that's not always the case. Does it happen at times? Sure, but just as often he goes through his reads, he just doesn't throw the ball. You see him double-clutch, or begin a throwing motion that gets
  4. Probably because Nijman is a great athlete who can move with absolutely no anchor, and that DL would have eaten him alive? They aren't a high end speed rush group, it's a bunch of length/strength freaks who can still move. I mean if you put Yosh out there there's no world where the 49ers don't just line Bosa up over him every play and have him run a straight line right at Rodgers. Turner doesn't have the best anchor in the world either but he's better than Yosh and he's got enough experience to know how to play around that.
  5. I watched that first sack of his like six times. Can't do it any better than that really, pretty much the perfect rush for his body. Threatens speed enough to get the tackle shifting his weight back and outside, plant your hand on his inside shoulder and just long arm him right to the QB. Just a straight up disrespect rush right through him.
  6. This is as baffling a statement as I've ever seen. If you watched last night's game and didn't see a holy cow moment from either guy, that's on you my friend. Absolute insanity. I honestly just can't even accept this as a real statement. No holy cow moment from Clark? From Kenny ****ing Clark? The man has embarrassed more centers than I can count on all my digits.
  7. What the actual hell is he talking about? Clark is an absolute tone setter and the dude routinely ragdolls the OL. Dude is basically the platonic ideal of what he thinks we don't have. And Gary is no slouch either, dude expects to win every snap and just embarrassed that 49ers OL for 60 minutes. He plays angry from snap one.
  8. I've been trying to go through the coaches film of the season to get a sense of exactly what it is about the defense that's been better this year and what Barry is doing that has flipped the script. I have accomplished like, half of three different games because my life has been basically a screeching alarm bell for most of the season, but I have to say I think if Barry is really doing anything it's getting his guys keyed up to play. Nothing in their playcalls is particularly clever or designed; it's mostly just a lot of Cover-2/Cover-3 with the occasional pressure look. He does a good job
  9. Think the Keke move has been in the works for longer than in probably seems, there's been clues that things haven't been what you'd hope there for a bit now. Being blunt, the body seemed to be backsliding from his rookie year; realistically he needed to add some weight to be an every down guy, but it wasn't good weight. His play has been growing more spotty, and way too many of his snaps he was aggressively ineffectual. It's a real similar story to Montravius Adams; the talent is there but each rep is a complete adventure. Will he take his OL back into the QB or get embarrassed when he tri
  10. I like having a vet next to Myers, but you think Turner is good enough at G to make it worth it? He's such a good athlete and he plays with intensity, but I've never felt he could really move bodies and he can play too far over his feet which worries me trying to reach the second level at speed. Feel like you'd see a higher degree of whiff blocks downfield from him, but honestly that may just be a false mental image of him on my part. I can't say I've watched enough of him to really be confident in any opinion of his game.
  11. The biggest issue at the moment is definitely the speed of the game. He's not processing what he's seeing in any meaningful way, which isn't surprising for a guy with so few reps under his belt. A lot of his accuracy issues still seem to stem from an inability to be sure of where he wants to place the ball; even when he throws with anticipation it's often rushed or he's under pressure. There's no good way to grade him on such a small sample set. He has the moments where you see how the talent could come together, and moments where you see real structural flaws that concern you long term.
  12. Yeah, at first I wasn't sold on how much he had left, but as he was settling in he was what you're looking for from a vet pick-up pass rush specialist. PhD in pass rush planning, and even without the athleticism he knew how to win outside, inside, off the counter, etc. The kind of guy who wouldn't have posted huge numbers but you could put him in there with the game on the line and feel good about what he had to offer. Cobb but for the defense, basically.
  13. Scary thing is Gary really does still have a lot to refine. He still doesn't really have pass rush moves per se, more just a lot of anger and active hands; that and he's absurdly twitchy for such a big strong guy. He's just a bundle of excited violence out there and that's just tough to block even if his pass rush plan is still written in crayon. He has sanded off the worst of the edges on his rushes too, I don't want to overstate my case: he doesn't overrun the pocket anymore and if his first move doesn't work he's much better at transitioning to his second option. It's just his second op
  14. It's not the numbers, it's the context of the comment and the implications that felt like that to me. Everything in this sentence is from the negative position. "Don't disagree, but" always feels like someone who does disagree but doesn't want to stand on it so they're hedging. The metric used is sacks, which we know is not a good metric of play, because it's highly variable. It'd be like me saying "Jalen Ramsey's playing pretty well, but he's 17th in the league in INTs. He's somewhere in the top ten for CB1." Like the words there are either facts or positive statements, but that
  15. He's not an elite rusher at the moment but sacks are not the metric I'd use to make that argument, surprised to see you use it TBH. The rush rotation at the moment is entirely him and Preston outside, they don't even bother trying to rotate guys like Garvin or Tipa in other than for the breather series. Interior rush is solid but not exactly high end, so he's not getting many opportunities for clean up sacks. And a lot of mobile QBs on the schedule this year, they've played Mahomes, Wilson, Murray, Fields x2, Huntley, and I'll throw Heinicke in too as the man can scramble. He's 6 total pr
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