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  1. So think of it like this: Not all pass rushing snaps are made equal. Rushing as part of a four man pressure package on 3rd and 15 is a lot more likely to produce a positive rush than rushing as part of a base 3-4 against 12 personnel running play action. So it's not just how many bites at the apple a pass rusher gets, but specifically the kind of bites he's getting. You can eat an apple a lot faster with five big bites than you can twenty tiny nibbles, essentially. So working with this, the more players you have that you feel comfortable dropping into coverage, the more different
  2. Right but it's not just the drop back rate that's important here, it's the when and why. Preston being the primary drop backer means that he's getting less of the premium rushes in the pressure package. The Smith/Smith/Clark/Fackrell front had the advantage of having two guys who could drop, whereas with Smith/Smith/Gary/Clark if anyone's dropping it's guaranteed to be Preston. I'm not saying that Preston didn't fall off, I don't have enough time watching film this year to know for sure one way or the other. But every time I made it a point to watch Preston through a game I thought h
  3. Think this is less to do with Z and Preston themslves specifically though. Pettine played them pretty differently this year compared to 2019. 2019 Fackrell was the primary drop backer, with Preston dropping if Fackrell was on the bench and he didn't want to just rush his front four. They played Z across the line more, letting him stand-up and rush the center more. Plus, as Martinez noted on his way out, they basically just let the Smiths pick their spot and the rest of the defense tried to make them right. That's going to result in pretty good pressure numbers. That being said, the n
  4. I gotta say, watching the All-22 through the first two drives, this wasn't what I was expecting to see. Pettine really did come to play in this one. A nicely disguised Cover-3 from our normal C2 look, six man blitz with Clark and Z stunting (that resulted in a TD, but you know), Savage playing man in the slot. Also I didn't realize how much PI the Bucs receivers were committing on the regular. Good lord. Godwin and Evans clearly came in with a specific gameplan; just throw them out of the way if they try to press. Calling that hold on King at the end of the game is even worse seeing how
  5. The Packers had the ball 3 times trailing by one score in the 4th quarter. They ran the ball once on those three drives, for 9 yards. Sure the game script plays into it, but this was a lot more about not wanting to run the ball than not being able to.
  6. They didn't even have a bad running game. I don't understand this takeaway I've been seeing from people; they only ran the ball 16 times all game, for 4.2 YPC. The run game was productive, they just didn't use it. Rodgers pulled the ball because the Bucs stacked the box? Fine, but as you said then he better convert on those. This was on Rodgers, because he put it on himself.
  7. They had him playing 10 yards off the ball because that's how they play their corners. They always play their weak side CB way off the ball; teams took advantage of it on King's side because testing Jaire with short throws works out 0% of the time. I'll say this; I have no interest in bringing King back if Pettine is retained. King's a player with some legitimate strengths, but Pettine doesn't play to them. I don't know why they don't have him pressed up and bailing to a deep zone as often as possible. He and Savage should be swapping depth all the damn time; Savage can play any level
  8. Based on nothing at all I want them to crowd the absolute hell out of the middle of that line. LBs in the A gaps, let Z stand-up over the center, have Gary/Z crash in from the 7, etc. Make that back-up guard really work to communicate with the center/Brady, try to steal as much free middle pressure as possible. He's still going to complete 70% because he's Brady, but with enough time and pressure you maybe can turn him on his interior if they don't hold up like he needs.
  9. Here's what's eating at me: I think it's actually working and I hate it. As dumb as it seems to me, and as much pressure as it puts on the Packers offense, I can't deny that every 3 yard arrow route isn't a 45 yard post route. I know, intellectually, that the Packers have the personnel to run seemingly more effective defenses. I wrote several paragraphs of rambling insanity exactly to that effect in the very recent past. But... The Packers have given up 20+ points twice since that Colts game; once deep into capital G garbage time against the Bears, and once against the Lions @ the Lio
  10. Is this the same damn thing as the Bears game, where Pettine just leaves his weak side CB 8 yards off the ball to ensure the offense always has an easy completion to turn to? Because that made me want to have a breakdown already, I can't take a second game of that. I'll just skip the film watch.
  11. Lord, preach. Playing DL when you don't know if they're running or passing is already the worst, but if they have a good PA game and the OL sells it, ughhhhhhhhhh. If you're not familiar with playing DL, playing the run is essentially having a huge man attempt to crush you to death with his bare hands; that initial collision doesn't look like much on TV but I assure you the DL and OL meeting on a run play feels like being in a car wreck. So you gotta come out with aggression (and ideally your hands) to try to meet them half way. Last thing you want is being passive on a run play because th
  12. Hence why a lot of OL will tell you help can actually be worse than no help at all. From RBs getting in the OL's way or even straight knocking them off their block, to a play like this where the LT has no idea what depth his QB is at and subsequently has no idea where Gary is going next but doesn't even have hands on him to try to hold because he has to wait for the TE to finish "helping". On a play like this, you can't actually chip a wide 9 so you instead just end up with two blockers for the edge to beat, but like one at a time like kung fu henchmen. Is that worth the extra time you don'
  13. Weeks 1-9: 175 of 249 (70.2% completion), 1875 yards (234.38 ypg, 7.54 YPA), 13 TDs, 3 INTs, 104.4 passer rating Weeks 10-19: 192 of 314 (61% completion), 1812 yards (201.33 ypg, 5.78 YPA), 11 TDs, 8 INTs, 78.1 passer rating Well, I gotta give you this one, you're dead on there. Frankly I did not expect the difference to be that stark - they played better passing offenses overall in the first half of the season, but not to that degree.
  14. For funsies, here's a different way to express my issue with Pettine's scheme this year - the five defenses below are GB 2012, GB 2014, GB 2015, and GB 2020; can you guess which is which? Tm G Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD TD% Int PD Int% Y/A AY/A Y/C Y/G
  15. Before the Rams final two drives, Goff was 15-17 for 142 yards and a TD, good for 8.35 YPA. The Packers sacked Goff 4 times, the most he was sacked in a game this season, but when they didn't get home they almost always gave up the completion. I don't hate Pettine by any stretch but I don't see much evidence that this isn't just talent showing through a scheme that doesn't add much. This secondary and this pass rush together should not be a pretty solid pass defense. You're not going to get a rush group as good as Clark/Gary/Smith/Smith often, and almost never at the same time as you've go
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