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  1. Combination of stuff IMO. He's still a developmental prospect as parts of his game are lacking, NTs are not premium picks in 2021, played on some bad teams, is a different player with the weight down which came later in his career, and he rarely got third down snaps which affects his stats/perception/ability to work on his rush game. Draft is always crowded with mid-tier development talent, and he's had a hard time finding his spot to stand out.
  2. Ramsey is a weird one to me. I have to assume he made some big jumps with an NFL S&C program because he looks both bigger and faster than he did in college (and tested athletically) by a fair margin. I'm always impressed with how well he moves when I see him in preseason. I can't say I have a good sense of him as a player and whether he has a real chance at being a contributor, but I think it's fair to include him on the list of possible breakouts.
  3. I get the point you're making, and that's not a bad practice in general. But I wouldn't say the NFL landfill is littered with guys like Slaton, the point of my post above was that he scores athletically with the absolute very best big DL that have come out in the last 20 years. Having the best 10 yard split a 330+ DL has had since 2000 is not just a nice trivia fact, it's an indicator of truly rare movement ability. I mean Slaton had a better workout in every category than all the guys you listed at a higher weight than all of them. Now that being said, again, it's fair to be cautiou
  4. I just don't like Z playing inside in a traditional set-up. I'm not saying you're wrong, I just hope they don't go that way; Z's a monster inside in the right set-up, but he's still the team's best edge rusher unless Gary can take that crown this year and banging in there 24/7 grinds you down. If they play a five man front Smith/Z/Clark/Slaton/Gary then I'm fine with it; force the offense to give Z a 1v1 and that's a set-up I can get behind. But Z is more over-sized edge guy than he is undersized IDL, and I think it's not the best use of the talent at hand playing him as a true IDL.
  5. My guess would be a combo of playing too many snaps and not really having much talent around him in 2020. Their team leader in sacks had a grand total of 5, and no one else on the team even had 4, and they finished 74th in points against. Slaton was really working to pick up the slack, and big guys burn out a lot faster than most when you're the piece that makes it go. He's also still definitely a work in progress, and I don't want to downplay that because it is a big factor. I like that he uses his hands and he uses a few of the basics really well, but he really struggles with keepin
  6. I really think people are underrating Slaton a bit. That is an absurdly explosive big guy. Pro Days are what they are, but here's where his numbers would rank among all defensive lineman at the combine since 2000 who weighed at least 330: Vertical Jump - T-11th Broad Jump - T-2nd 40 yard dash - T-6th 3-Cone - 11th Shuttle - 14th Unfortunately PFR doesn't store 10 yard split info, but from the above list I looked up the 10 yard split times of the 15 fastest DL by 40 time, and Slaton would rank, any guesses? That's right, #1! He had a faster 10 yard split th
  7. I do think one of the biggest challenges for Joe Barry this year is going to be figuring out how to get all three of Smith, Smith and Gary on the field together with some regularity. All three of those guys are in the best 11 on defense, so every snap you have one of them off the field you're losing effectiveness. Yeah, obviously you need some level of rotation to keep those guys fresh, you want your edge guys playing with explosiveness, but it's not at all unreasonable to be aiming for 75% of snaps for all three. You'll make up some of that in the pressure package, but it feels a bit like
  8. I'm in the middle of things and what not, but you made me curious and I still have the link to Waldo's original formula breakdown post, so I ran him through quick. I'm on mobile, but the long and short of it is he comes up the same there as everywhere. His explosive number puts him at 1.059, which is in the special "nothing else matters" group that's a likely guaranteed hit. His twitch score of 1.06 puts him in the good group there, but his high cone puts him in the middle risk group purely on twitch.
  9. I feel for Jace, but I can't imagine he's long for this team unless he's really righted the whole ship in a big way. Hasn't shown basically anything since being drafted, in practice or otherwise, and frankly think he's TE5 on the roster right now behind Tonyan/Lewis/Deguara/Dafney. Team really needs at least two FB/H-back types given how MLF likes to run the offense and Sternberger is useless anywhere closer to the ball than the hashes. That being said this suspension might actually save him, since they don't need the roster spot until week 3; if any of the TEs suffer an IR-able injury befo
  10. Wish we had the numbers on Campbell. Not going to pretend I know much about his game, but on paper he's been healthy and relatively productive. Hard to say what he got on the open market though, and the cost determines my happiness a lot here. Big 2019, signs a 1 year prove it deal in 2020, and then he's back on the market having neither proved it or not, really. My personal guess is something like 2 years, $8 million, but it's equally likely to be another 1 year deal I think. Biggest question to me is with Martin. Campbell and Martin have pretty similar profiles in enough ways that
  11. Now there's an idea I can get behind! I also saw that reddit post, but I gave up trying to talk football on reddit years ago. Like everything else on reddit, it's entirely people who know nothing about football explaining all the things they don't understand to people who know even less. It's a wonderful site if you want to learn to hate your fellow man though!
  12. Worth noting that Shields switched to DB his senior season at Miami, as opposed to in rookie minicamp. But yeah, Ento was a college WR switched to DB who showed surprising man coverage skills and stuck around on the PS, similar to Shields (although obviously Shields was a few tiers better even from jump). I actually like Ento as a back of the roster ST guy; he was a plus ST guy in college and he's got a great combo of length and jumping ability (6'1", 40.5" vert, 32 & 1/8" arms). Also, the fact that anyone would put even the slightest, most miniscule bit of stock into the "a UDFA
  13. Ugh you're the worst. I was all ready to come in and write something smort and then you put this informative nonsense in here and say it better. The bold especially is a great one paragraph breakdown of all the relevant parts of the discussion. But because I have a pathological compulsion to never stop talking, let me add on some thoughts. An easy way to get a sense of some of this is to look at the rough route tree you're asking your boundary guys to cover in each shell: Cover-1: the whole route tree. You've got your single high safety to help out with anything deep and in-br
  14. Josiah Deguara - man was built from scratch to play in this offense, and is by far the best movement blocker on roster right now. Should get the reps and has the ability to do damage on the kind of TE/FB leak/go/wheel route nonsense this MLF offense is so good about opening up. Kamal Martin - love the way he plays, even if he needed a lot of work when last seen. Too aggressive and brings too much energy to not see the field more this year with Kirksey gone. Have a lot of concerns about him but if they limit his responsibilities in coverage and keep him blitzing more he could hit in a
  15. I still haven't really looked into all the picks yet, but who knows at this point when or if that'll even happen. So this is just the most half-assed assessment of the draft possible, but I figure that's our mantra. Overall Grade - Keep in mind this is just a grading of the overall haul of players as I expect them to perform in Green Bay. I don't care about grading the draft moves and picks themselves. The biggest issue I have is not being super excited about either Stokes or Myers. I like them both; they seem like good fits in the locker room and they both have skill
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