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  1. 2020 Green Bay Packers Defensive Line

    I mean that does make sense to me too, except I don't see Pettine gets there. I mean we saw Goodson on the field; certainly not a plus player, but he wasn't any worse than Lancaster on balance. They both play the run inside the tackles, and not much else. At least with Goodson on the field, you can rush your best four; I'd rather have Goodson in coverage and Preston on the rush than Lancaster rushing and Preston covering. And their refusal to play Burks is even more concerning; even if he was an absolute dumpster fire in practice, you really can't just run him out there for a few games to see what happens? Just so we can get a UDFA run plug on the field? Honestly, if they don't give Gary reps in the nickle, that's sorta concerning. There's no space on the field for your 12th overall DE/OLB hybrid who's best attribute in college was wiping out the run game to his side?
  2. 2020 Green Bay Packers Defensive Line

    I almost felt bad only leaving a flippant response to such a thorough comment, but what else can you say? There's simply no reason to play the 3-3, not with any level of consistency. You should be dropping Preston a couple of times a game max, and NEVER so you can have Lancaster rushing. I confess I don't really understand the defense Pettine went with this year. Hopefully next year he comes to his senses; the comments about Gary being more involved in the run game tells me (I hope) that they plan on running a more athletic nickle front even against the run.
  3. 2020 Green Bay Packers Defensive Line

    God they really played that much of Lancaster in the nickle? I feel vaguely ill right now. He's got his role but that's a real issue if he was playing that many snaps when a pass is being threatened. Of course, it sure doesn't help that despite all my stanning for Adams back in TC he was an absolute trash fire on the field. Then every fifth rep he'd inexplicibly look like a starting DT, then right back to falling over the damn place like he had an inner ear disorder. You sure couldn't play him at the 3 and Clark at nose, so it sort of had to be Lancaster at nose Clark at the 3. If you wanted to play that 3-3. If. Sure as hell seems like it makes more sense play 2-4, run Z/Lowry/Clark/Preston and hope to god one of Summers/Burks/Greene can just not be a complete disaster in the middle. Play with Sullivan and/or Amos in the box, depending on the down and distance; let Savage run around behind your cover guys. I realize I'm literally just going back around again on what we've already said, but it's Wednesday and I'm avoiding the kids for a few minutes while my brain transitions out of work mode.
  4. 2020 Green Bay Packers Defensive Line

    Did they run that much 3-3 toward the end of the year? Felt like they ran base, a 2-4-5 with a DB at LB, and some pressure packages and that was most of it. I'm sort of skimming through the end of the year All-22's now just to see, but I'm not seeing much of it. I trust your sense on this more though as I definitely haven't looked into Pettine's defense this year like you did. In either case, tt's hard to put a front together when you have one ILB and one DT you actually want on the field, and the rest of both groups you're hiding. This team really needs the depth at one or both of those positions to really outperform expectations, or they're going to be fighting all year to hide the middle of the defense. Yeah that's fair, I agree with the tiers and your placement. I didn't mean to insinuate they're all the same level of player; Lowry is a borderline starter+ depending on match-up, while Adams is a hilarious liability. Just that the depth as a group is weak but surviveable if you're the Chiefs, but concerning if you expect the offense to play similarly to last year. And I wouldn't say I expect anything out of Keke necessarily; the comment about penciling him in as a role player was more about where I expect him to be on the depth chart. He played well enough in preseason and TC that sight unseen, he should be around that level this year if he takes an average year 2 jump. He may totally fail to provide anything, but I'm just talking about my hopes at this stage. I like his hands and his feet and his ability to use them in sync, and his frame already looks like an NFL DT. No idea if he'll maximize his talent at all, he's definitely a lottery ticket, just a somewhat likelier one than, say, Ento at DB. I'd be fine with them leaning on the secondary in general. At some point you gotta let your little birds fly, and I think you're less likely to lose trusting them than Lowry/Lancaster. Quick tangent - personally, I do kinda want to see them just do something wild, like on the off-chance a fringe EDGE guy hits fully play a 5-1-5 nickle but going Ramsey/Gary/Clark/Z/Preston, walk Amos into the box and just run stunts all day and hope Kirksey/Amos can clean it up. OK probably not really, but I do feel that if they play more 3-3 this year it's going to be really baffling unless Gary is the 3 and we just accept the run game losses. Anyway, there's a lot of athletic talent inside and out, I agree it's probably time to crowd the box a bit more and let your freaks run around behind them. Tough to block the studs up front in a heavy box, and this secondary goes 4.38, 4.36, 4.39 (I'm enough of a homer to slide a pro day time in for my boy Smash, sue me), and 4.41 for the starting four; if Hollman can continue his growth and somehow be good enough to come in and move Alexander inside in the nickle, then you can add 4.38 to that. Like, you can't really be worried about this group getting burned deep as a rule, and Alexander/King both have legit man cover skills. Yes, if you put them on islands more or ask Savage to Centerfield in man, you'll probably give up a few more big plays for a bit as things get settled, but again that's the right place to put the weight. Don't ask your weak DL group to carry the weight your big boy DB group should be carrying.
  5. 2020 Green Bay Packers Defensive Line

    Bless you. I did not have the energy level to type a response to that.
  6. UDFA showcase showdown 2020 (MNF)

    If we're going to do this, let's do this. If we want to play the yearly cap hit game, then Rodgers needs to providde $36 million in value in 2021 and $40 million in 2022. So sure, we'll say he's making $21 million this year, as long as you're OK expecting him to play above the level of an elite QB by about 15% in 2021. If he doesn't come close to setting the single season passer rating in either of those years, he'll be drastically overpaid as a metric. Good luck to him I guess? Brees passed for less than 3k yards because he was injured. He averaged 270 YPG, 20 more than Aaron. He crapped the bed in the playoffs? The game went to OT and he had a 90.4 passer rating; it may not be an elite performance but that's a terrible take. Metcalf wasn't in Seattle in 2018. They drafted him this year. Brady is 42 years old. He also had a worse OL, worse RBs, and worse TEs than the Packers. So, sure; he faded last year as a QB 6 years Aaron's senior with an offense that was significantly worse at every position. That doesn't exactly change my opinion of Aaron.
  7. 2020 Green Bay Packers Defensive Line

    Here's the thing, and not to harp on a dead drum I believe the idiom is, but how I feel about this group is affected a lot by how Rodgers performs. This is a play from ahead group all the way. If you told me we'd have 2010-2014 Rodgers I'd be fine with this group, especially with how thiccc the OLB group is pretty much to a man. Clark is a stud against both the run and the pass, and I can live with some combination of Lowry/Adams/Keke at the 3T in the early downs until we're up big because Rodgers is carving them up. Pressure package should be nuts with Gary/Z/Clark/Preston, and given what we've seen from Keke in year one I think penciling him in for a role as a rotational pass rusher is reasonable. But right now, we have 2015-2019 Rodgers. This is not a team that you feel good about winning inside on early downs on the regular, and the longer they have the play the run the worse it gets because they have Clark + zero guys you feel good about anchoring against a double more than once or twice a game. Plus Lancaster who can anchor against the double but can't do literally anything else. The team needs Rodgers to return to form because this group could absolutely sink the team again this year if Rodgers continues to force the team to play into their weakness. I do think he'll get better though. Second year in an offense alone counts for something, and I think there's an intriguing group of weapons this year. I'll trade Graham for Funchess in the receiving game, + ESB getting back and MVS hopefully out of whatever dog house he's in. Given that somewhat optimistic prediction, I think this group can get it done, but it'll be hard to watch. The only real hope for improvement is Keke, but I don't know that I have a real good sense of him. He looked like a man among boys at times in the preseason, but I have zero idea what his quality of competition on those snaps was. He certainly looks the part both in frame and movement skills, but I've learned enough hard lessons just assuming a young DL will have a second year jump. If he does the unlikely and takes a real year 2 jump, this group could actually be a positive with an improved Rodgers; Clark + a legit 3T with Z/Preston outside is going to win with regularity regardless of the opposition. They still lack depth in a big way but just need to be able to let Z/Gary cover for that inside. Lancaster is perfectly fine spelling Clark on 25-30% of snaps, if lackluster, and Lowry as a rotational depth guy is actually a plus. If, if, if though. Feels a lot more likely this whole thing is going to be a razor's edge come playoff time once again.
  8. 2020 Packers Defensive Backs

    Appreciate you finding that stuff, it's pretty typical preseason fluff hype but I do think just based off last year you gotta be excited to give him a longer look in camp year 2.
  9. 2.62 - AJ Dillon [RB; Boston College]

    I kinda hope they have DIllon cut weight honestly. Like, I get that he's a stud athlete even at that weight, but the weight doesn't really help the things he does best anyway. At 245 I just think all it does is give him more power to try to deal with all the defenders he could have just outrun at 230. He's not a physical runner who wants to go over you; he can and will when you run him up the middle every play, but he's at his best when he's running away from contact rather than at it. I see it sort of like Bell; he was fine at that weight, but his game really took a leap when he didn't have to move all that extra weight around. He dropped from 244 to 225 from 2013 and 2014 and the results speak from themselves.
  10. 2020 Packers Defensive Backs

    Still think Josh Jackson has a chance, which I did not expect to be saying at this point. I had completely written him off until the end of last year, when he started to show up on ST. Played physical against the double teams as a gunner, and was on a number of occasions was able to fight straight through it. Also was solid on the outside in kickoff coverage, made a few tackles and generally did a good job taking on his blocker and working through them, rather than around them. He's got a long way to go to have a real chance as a NFL starter at CB, but it starts with making the team and he'll do that by excelling at ST. You want to see your struggling guys put the effort in where they get snaps, and that's exactly what he's doing. No way to know how it'll turn out, but it seems his head is in the right place and he sure looks like an NFL player on the eye test. Just needs to figure out how to play man without being on the back foot literally every step of every snap. Also pretty high on Kadar Hollman and to a lesser extent Kabian Ento. Both showed pretty well in preseason last year from memory, and both have the physical tools. Hollman can run (4.38 40), has NFL size (6', 196), and has crazy upper body strength (18 reps on the bench) and very good agility (6.81 3-cone). Hollman was pretty sticky in man and effective in press, and snagged an INT playing the route perfectly. Ento is a fun little lottery ticket: 6'1.5", 190, 32" arms and superb explosion numbers (41.5" vert, 133" broad). I can live with a 4.54 40 with that length and strength (11 reps on the bench), and he looked surprisingly good in man for a guy who had never played CB in college. Excellent at finding the ball and attacking it with those long arms too. All around, I think there's some interesting pieces in the back half of this group. I still like Greene, though the hype was always way overboard for what he actually was, and honestly Redmond's pretty much an ideal fourth safety. Can get you out of a game at any DB position, even if he's not particularly great at any of them, and plays his *** off down to down. Loves to hit and compete. Good ST and glue guy, kinda a destitute man's combination of Jarrett Bush and Micah Hyde. Still has those high end physical tools too, so if the light ever really comes on there you could have a legit stud.
  11. 2020 Packers Defensive Backs

    I would absolutely take Stafford, Wentz and Cousins over Jimmy G at this moment, and Rivers was a shell of himself this year. Prescott is harder to judge, I put him somewhere between Jimmy G and that first group probably, given his career at large.
  12. Packers 2020 WR Corps

  13. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    You seem to be missing a zero or six there.
  14. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    Yeah, that play is just bad luck and worse reffing. It happens. Nothing there should be used against MVS for certain, and that grab at 12:50 was a great play in a big moment right before it.