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  1. That's one theory. Another is that Mitchell has had an ongoing illness(purportedly, the flu). Regardless, the "team chemistry" has been awful and other guys just aren't stepping up. Honestly, not sure what's going on. But, something is. That roster is talented. They should be doing much better.
  2. Glad to see the five game losing streak end, but the way they have been playing, even in the win, is disconcerting.
  3. Not enough beer to shield me from the disappointment. Absolutely crushed. It's way too hard to even get to the Superbowl. Getting there and losing is soul crushing. See you next season, fellas.
  4. And, that made me sick to my stomach.
  5. Welp, good season, guys.
  6. I may have lost my voice on that drive. Come on, offense. Let's put this away.
  7. inexcusable. Wiiiiide open.
  8. Home alone watching the game this year. I wanted to actually watch the game this time around instead of answering questions like, "How come that was only 1 point? They kicked it through those poles."
  9. Totally dug the Shakira part, but the J-Lo portion was underwhelming. Probably an unpopular opinion. lol
  10. Two thoughts: 1. This is the first halftime show I've ever watched. 2. This is also the first time I've seen what Shakira looks like. Me gusta.
  11. Jimmy has to be one of the worst QBs at selling the fake pass after the handoff. lol
  12. Dre just shotputted that guy into the sideline. lol