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  1. I wasn't able to watch today's game because of work, but what a great comeback from 17 points down to winning by 8....without Mitchell. Pacers held to 42 points in the second half. Rudy tallied 22 rebounds after starting off slow. Nice win.
  2. This has been a fun read considering I haven't watched a college game since Steve Young played for BYU. I haven't even heard these young guys' names until a few hours ago. So, I'll just say that I hope we hit on whoever we pick.
  3. I have mixed feelings about this. It makes me worried about our offensive line. Also, however, the price tag was pretty steep. Which could work in our favor. I'm just not sure how it all balances out at the end of the day.
  4. Best start in franchise history. Best record in the NBA. Beating decent teams by double digits. And, this thread is dead. Yep, that's the Utah market for you. 😂 Anyway, I haven't been able to watch every game, but have watched the last two. They're getting production from just about everyone, not just Mitchell. Clarkson has a legit shot at 6th man. Not counting my chickens before they're hatched, but this year looks promising so far.
  5. That sucks. I bet a lot of quarterbacks would love time and a half pay.
  6. Before the diabeetus diagnosis, I drank about a gallon of orange juice a week. Never was a fan of pulp, though. My muscles involuntarily react to solids hitting my tongue and other parts of my mouth while I'm drinking. I'd be fine with it otherwise.
  7. Not specifically about the game itself, but man, I miss the old days when the Cardinal's forum was more active. Their most recent post was from week 10. Had a lot of great people in there and enjoyed their perspective on the games when we played each other. Plus, I live within 5 minutes of freeway to the stadium here in Phoenix. Kind of wild, really. Phoenix is the 5th largest city in the US, but almost no forum participants, and their team is starting to ramp up with good quarterback play, finally. We have internet here, I swear! I have gigablast from Cox!
  8. His quote made me curious about something: He said Rice is either "3rd or 4th." If he puts Rice at 4th, who do you think he's putting in at 3rd? I may be extremely biased by saying Rice is my 1st, no questions asked, but like.... I'm having a really hard time putting 3 guys ahead of him, even if it's just for giggles. Megatron, maybe? Longevity isn't there, but he did have the dominance there for a while. Fitz? An argument could be made, I suppose.
  9. At least we have his Twitter rants to look forward to.
  10. Since I work in IT, my go-to analogy for this is like computer diagnostic software. If the diagnostic test says something failed, it's probably right. If it comes back good, it means absolutely nothing. PFF generally works like this, too. If they're rated very low, it's generally dead-on. If they rank high, you might still need to dive into more context to get a clearer picture.
  11. Didn’t realize until I hit the button. Edited immediately. Sorry!
  12. Without the turnovers, we’d be blowing them out. Wild.
  13. On a personal note, it will be kind of cool having some games here in Arizona. That stadium is like 5 minutes of freeway from me. It takes longer to get out of my neighborhood. lol Not that I'm going to the games, but still cool to have them here.
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