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  1. I expect some very interesting play designs this Sunday that will make it a fun game to watch, but unless we can improve our turnover situation, I think the Cardinals win this by two scores. We are at a -5 turnover differential. The Cardinals are at a +5. So, like, the fourth worst against the third best, basically. It's no wonder why the Cardinals are doing so well. Since I live in Phoenix, I figure I'd throw this in here. It should be in the low 80s on Sunday. Last year at this time, it was still over 100ºF.
  2. Trying hard not to be a negative Nancy right now, but it's been a disappointing season so far. Sure, we got two wins on the road to start off, but those teams have a combined record of 1-7. And, we dang near let Detroit come back at the end. One could argue we could be 4-0 right now if we protect the football. It's also just as likely we're 0-4 if a couple other things went the other direction. I mean, I get it. If we had a healthy Mostert and Wilson, our offense looks a lot different. If Verret doesn't go down, our secondary looks better. If....you get the idea. These injuries ar
  3. Not really the kind of music I jam out to in my car or anything, but that's a pretty good lineup. Should be a good show.
  4. Not really the kind of music I jam out to in my car or anything, but that's a pretty good lineup. Should be a good show.
  5. My feed died at like the 2:30 mark. Did we run a sneak on that 3rd and 1?
  6. I'm pretty sure you could pick some random guy off the street and Shanny will find a way to get 80+ yards out of him. Mostert seems to just be a perfect fit and flourishes. As for Mitchell, I don't think he's as quick as Mostert, but he's just as good at spotting the lanes. Seemed to be good at breaking tackles, too. Too early to say if he's the real deal, but he did impress in game 1.
  7. I was also on a KC feed during the game. They didn't even do the whole "starting on offense/defense/whatever" for any of the Niners players. I think they mentioned Jimmy's name at the very beginning and then never once mentioned any Niner player the rest of the game. It was really weird. I get that it's a local feed and it's pre-season, but that's not sports announcing to me.
  8. Just read about that. I don't know how to link tweets, but I see that Adam Schefter reported that there was a call about a vehicle registered to him that was involved in a single car incident that hit a concrete barrier.
  9. From what I'm reading, it could have simply meant that there was an argument, she locked him out, and he went in through a window. Or, it could have been much worse than that. Without more details, it's all speculation. To keep this all in context with football talk, I think the details/severity matter because of how harsh the NFL will come down on him. If he just hopped in through a window during an argument, it may only be a few games suspension. If it was much worse, he may never play in the NFL again.
  10. Ugh. Good season. See y'all again when football starts.
  11. Gobert still flashing back to the piggy back ride. Brush it off, man.
  12. Just saw a Facebook post from ESPN saying both Don and Mike are available for tonight's game. I don't know how to post pictures here after being a member for like a decade. lol
  13. All true, but where was everyone else this series? During the regular season, someone else always stepped up. Sometimes, it wasn't enough, sure, but I just don't see any of that this series. Niang shouldn't be given a single minute more, but then who else gonna play? Ilyasova? I mean, he looked "okay" during the regular season when both Conley and Mitchell were out and the other team emptied their bench. Go small and play Matt Thomas? Eh... We were promised a sniper. Think I've seen him drop like 3 or 4 threes during garbage time the whole season. We're just not that deep. And, 2 of
  14. I told myself I wouldn't worry unless we lost a home game. Welp, here we are. Beginning to think the Jazz are just a really good regular season team. Someone, usually multiple guys, always stepped up when others were struggling. And, Bogey did pretty much last night offensively, but Mitchell was in a lot of pain. So, they kind of just balanced out. Like others have mentioned, our defensive scheme is to funnel everyone through Gobert. And, for a lot of teams out there, that would have worked, but the Clippers are so deep with shooters. It seems like no one is missing any shots after
  15. Don’t know what’s up with Niang. He has been awful in the post season. Was a pretty solid player during the regular season.
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