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  1. I have never been impressed with Hill as a passer past about 10 yards, but lots of our game plan is short passing like you said. His deep balls werent good except one downhill throw to Thomas. I was impressed though like you said with his poise in the pocket, I thought he’d be a lot more gunshy and would’ve run 20+ times over the game
  2. Brees will play if we need him if he dies he dies
  3. He’s no Steve Young (nobody thought he was) but you can see why Payton has said Hill could be a starter in this league. His first career start was pretty impressive other than the fumble and a couple bad sacks, but those are the type of mistakes you expect a guy to make in his first start in all honesty.
  4. Pls play the move against LBC was legendary. We need you.
  5. For malfy, I’m in also v drunk and you caught me in a moment of weakness
  6. It’s amazing how many people follow the nasty instructions on the nasty big brand stuffing mixes and then say they don’t like stuffing. Like, no ****? You put low quality stale bread in a bowl with some canned chicken broth and warmed it up and it wasn’t good? Weird!
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