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  1. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    beans and rice used to be a staple for me, if you're into that there are tons of good recipes. I like red beans or pinto/black depending on what else I was adding to the rice when it was done. if you're doing a shoulder for pulled pork, throw in a couple smoked ham hocks in with it for some smoke flavor rather than using liquid smoke. I like it a lot better.
  2. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    Crock pot ribs are easy when I'm too lazy to fire up the smoker or out of pellets buy ribs, cut them up into single, 2x, 3x riblets, simmer in crock pot in broth/beer for 2 hours, remove, pat dry and rub with whatever, bake covered at 150 for 2 hours then broil on bbq sauce to finish
  3. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    sliced chicken breasts stuffed with horseradish, sharp cheddar and onions, wrapped in bacon and smoked. that was last night, it was a lot of prep so tonight I'm gonna get a sandwich from the deli yes to both of these.
  4. OJ Howard Austin Hooper Vance McDonald Want to move one of them, maybe two. Hit me up.
  5. You understand that those two statements you made are very different, right? Like almost opposites. one you say he’s guaranteeing I’m scum when he was hedging, then you’re saying he’s hedging when he’s hedging Good lord
  6. He took a step back a long time ago. Multiple times. Interesting you just noticed
  7. Pickle crying about MD4Ls guaranteeing me as scum even though MD4Ls said he’ll live with the consequences of me flipping town multiple times very curious considering I haven’t even flipped yet
  8. I warned you guys mafia would try to set up multiple lynches and to get your **** in order well before night time. lucky we didn’t just have a tri-lynch you dinguses
  9. If I happen to get lynched, remember the push on me which was literally “he might be mafia”
  10. Problem is, those are three good town players too. You get one of those three out early as scum you’re looking pretty good as well.
  11. People wondering if there could be a recruiter should look closely at their win condition... assuming they have the same one I do.