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  1. Winston is the only viable option for us at QB, if we want a starting caliber QB whose commonly used name starts with “W” we aren’t really in the mix for Wilson or Watson IMO, and we’ll be lucky to be in the mix for Winston tbh. I think Taysom is our QB next year unless we find someone foolish enough to take him off our hands
  2. I had some ideas to get threadplay up that I would have implemented if I was town... I almost did it anyways as scum, just for fun.
  3. We should all get little commemorative buttons for being part of the best mafia performance of all time
  4. If I get my buttery hands on that there gun, I may just take you up on that.
  5. His career has been an absolute trainwreck. I don't know anything about his personal life, but from what I've gathered it seems like he needs a good life advice coach.
  6. *dips popcorn in the ice cream* ITS PRETTY GOOD Y’ALL
  7. Oh oh oh!!! im sheriff popcorn and @SwAg can be my kernel! get it?!
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