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  1. I had scum reads on both md4l and dingo early in the game when I was paying attention we meet again, old friends
  2. Why am I town lock? Just curious
  3. doesn't matter, they'd be redirecting him regardless. i think it's unlikely counselor survives the night, fmpov. we'll be OK... regardless
  4. If I gave you a definitive answer, would you really believe me? I wouldn't. I don't want to make any more promises and not keep them.. I'll tag people ahead of time when I run a series of games, usually at least a couple hours early... I hope to start games tomorrow night, but it might be Monday night, maybe Tuesday, maybe Wednesday. I am hoping to average about 1 game per day. People can PM me to change their sliders whenever they want.
  5. orca was quick to jump in and defend daboyles ruling... just so everyone remembers.
  6. "Why would you lynch the known scum when we have a 1 in 4 shot at lynching the killer?"
  7. so? he's clearly scum with bcb, they coordinated a move, then defended it.
  8. International Flag Football League Schedule Week Home Score Away Score Location 1 The Extraterrestrials The Nukes Houston 1 The Aurora Maritimus The Yuckaneers Manitoba 1 The Frozen Glacier The Crabs Antarctica 1 The Buttmunchers The Redskins Baltimore 1 The Hitmen The Mambo Bruges 1 The Blood Thirsty Savages The Kerala Tuskers Washington DC 2 The Yuckaneers The Extraterrestrials Antarctica 2 The Nukes The Crabs Manitoba 2 The Aurora Maritimus The Redskins Houston 2 The Frozen Glacier The Mambo Baltimore 2 The Buttmunchers The Kerala Tuskers Bruges 2 The Hitmen The Blood Thirsty Savages Washington DC 3 The Extraterrestrials The Crabs Baltimore 3 The Yuckaneers The Redskins Bruges 3 The Nukes The Mambo Antarctica 3 The Aurora Maritimus The Kerala Tuskers Houston 3 The Frozen Glacier The Blood Thirsty Savages Manitoba 3 The Buttmunchers The Hitmen Washington DC 4 The Redskins The Extraterrestrials Manitoba 4 The Crabs The Mambo Houston 4 The Yuckaneers The Kerala Tuskers Baltimore 4 The Nukes The Blood Thirsty Savages Bruges 4 The Aurora Maritimus The Hitmen Antarctica 4 The Frozen Glacier The Buttmunchers Washington DC 5 The Extraterrestrials The Mambo Washington DC 5 The Redskins The Kerala Tuskers Antarctica 5 The Crabs The Blood Thirsty Savages Houston 5 The Yuckaneers The Hitmen Manitoba 5 The Nukes The Buttmunchers Baltimore 5 The Aurora Maritimus The Frozen Glacier Bruges 6 The Kerala Tuskers The Extraterrestrials Manitoba 6 The Mambo The Blood Thirsty Savages Antarctica 6 The Redskins The Hitmen Houston 6 The Crabs The Buttmunchers Bruges 6 The Yuckaneers The Frozen Glacier Washington DC 6 The Nukes The Aurora Maritimus Baltimore 7 The Extraterrestrials The Blood Thirsty Savages Baltimore 7 The Kerala Tuskers The Hitmen Houston 7 The Mambo The Buttmunchers Manitoba 7 The Redskins The Frozen Glacier Antarctica 7 The Crabs The Aurora Maritimus Washington DC 7 The Yuckaneers The Nukes Bruges 8 The Hitmen The Extraterrestrials Bruges 8 The Blood Thirsty Savages The Buttmunchers Houston 8 The Kerala Tuskers The Frozen Glacier Manitoba 8 The Mambo The Aurora Maritimus Baltimore 8 The Redskins The Nukes Washington DC 8 The Crabs The Yuckaneers Antarctica 9 The Extraterrestrials The Buttmunchers Antarctica 9 The Hitmen The Frozen Glacier Baltimore 9 The Blood Thirsty Savages The Aurora Maritimus Manitoba 9 The Kerala Tuskers The Nukes Washington DC 9 The Mambo The Yuckaneers Houston 9 The Redskins The Crabs Bruges 10 The Frozen Glacier The Extraterrestrials Houston 10 The Buttmunchers The Aurora Maritimus Antarctica 10 The Hitmen The Nukes Manitoba 10 The Blood Thirsty Savages The Yuckaneers Baltimore 10 The Kerala Tuskers The Crabs Bruges 10 The Mambo The Redskins Washington DC 11 The Extraterrestrials The Aurora Maritimus Bruges 11 The Frozen Glacier The Nukes Houston 11 The Buttmunchers The Yuckaneers Manitoba 11 The Hitmen The Crabs Baltimore 11 The Blood Thirsty Savages The Redskins Antarctica 11 The Kerala Tuskers The Mambo Washington DC
  9. well, i'm glad I didn't put any real effort into this lol.... back to my vacation
  10. that's literally not how night/days work... if the timestamps are what matters he can't call night before we reach the timestamp lol