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  1. You sound like one of them door to door religious nuts right now (no offense if any of you weirdos are reading this, you do you) but no, not you. maybe someone else... because of the reason above.
  2. you best not be talking to me like that
  3. Random Game Talk

    This is random and I could probably look it up. but is it true that the profit margin on consoles is relatively slim, and they’re mostly just “giving” you the console to get a regular costumer for their games and subscriptions? how much are companies really making on their consoles?
  4. When I had a 3-shot pardon I acted like I had unlimited pordons if I had one pardon I probably would’ve acted like I had one but if touch is true scum and not an other, more than 1 patron is insanely OP
  5. Make Another Movie - Draft Thread

    That’s a great casting
  6. @Malfatron I’m about to watch Mandy... Will I be disappointed?
  7. i already have I never even started... felt good to be on this side for once.
  8. I have not and will not go back to look for it so pay attention to me?
  9. I’m not sure if the code is necessary here
  10. Make Another Movie - Draft Thread

    Yeah, it’s a free for all now lol
  11. Are you talking about a white text code?