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  1. Yeah there was no sarcasm in my post whatsoever. I’m royally pissed.
  2. .......... no I’m talking about my child bride
  3. that's what I figured. I'll just play dumb. Maybe the just got diseased? How should I know? a little dumb goes a long ways. but his blackberries are pushing my fence and he refuses to trim them.
  4. and don't get me started on that damn fence. am I allowed to spray and kill neighbors blackberry bushes if they don't upkeep their property and it's spilling onto mine? Every summer I'm out here trimming, when killing them all would solve the problem. I asked them and they said they would take care of it, but that was months ago. Thinking about just spraying crossbow and playing dumb when everything dies.
  5. Bud Light LIME! And I mix it with mikes hard.
  6. A selection of canned beers from local breweries. A little IPA heavy but there was a bit of everything. I've had too many of them now to remember them all, but from what I remember off the top of my head. Mountain Mama Citrus Pale Ale - Everybody's Brewing Local Logger Lager- Everybody' Brewing Brewberry Wheat - Backwoods Brewing Logyard IPA - Backwoods Brewing Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale - Elysian Brewing Yellow Wolf IPA - Alameda Brewing They're all good IDK what TF he's talking about He walked to the grocery store and grabbed himself Widmer Bros Hef and Blue Moon. That's on him. It was NOT justified how dare you. Now I'm mad at you too. You're my internet FIL until proven otherwise. I'm drunk enough to fight you dad. Shoulda told him cause his daughter really likes the outdoors and needs something to hold on to.
  7. Need to amend this, he actually said my steak and chimichurri was one of the best he’s had, certainly the best he’s had homemade then he immediately crapped on my taste in beer and asked why the fence in the back yard is leaning inwards Can’t win them all I suppose
  8. Jrry vike daddy Irish Green CaribouLou @Shady Slim
  9. This is all true and it’s been 20 minutes I’m not even kidding...
  10. Just checked, Apple don’t have backyard baseball which is a shame cause that game would crush on an iPad. all those Putt Putt and Freddie fish games from the same studio as Backyard Baseball though... tempting haha I played those all as a kid
  11. I have the disc lying around somewhere but nothing to run it. some HE games got ports to iOS. I’ve never looked for backyard bseball lol
  12. I don’t think that’s how the news works, but I honestly don’t know.
  13. Father in law is staying for the next 4 days. What a treat.
  14. The Book Thread

    Is that the one by Anne Rule? I just got the I-5 killer and lust killer from her. Can already tell Lust Killer is gonna be heaaaavy.