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  1. "claimed civ" It means nothing. You keep saying it like it means something. We're ALL claiming civ, whether outright or not, we all have to convince others we are civ long enough to win the game.. that's how you win as civ, that's how you win as scum, you "claim civ" and be convincing. So saying he's lynching a claimed civ literally means he's lynching someone playing the game, this applies to most every vote from every player throughout the game. I don't think it was a joke but a super flimsy excuse to push tk3 since your previous theories weren't going anywhere.
  2. So how does backing off you and PR, doing the opposite of his last few games, help MD4L avoid heat? Huh. I don't know this to be true about you in general, so I don't believe it for this specific gme.
  3. And to finish this thought, every time a civ votes, they're always lynching a "claimed civ" So it's not a read and you went from tunnelling to full on bending logic to fit your theory as a "joke" while still pushing him
  4. Again, you don't really "claim" civ. It's implied for everyone with very few exceptions, that's the game. It's a weird way to phrase it and that's what really caught my eye. FWIW... when mafia votes, even when bussing a teammate, they are always lynching a "claimed civ."
  5. quote a few posts that might help? Like you said you've probably been one of the most active. Your clues are usually pretty subtle aren't they? How often do people actually pick up on them when you're doing this "just follow my clues" bit you love so much lol?
  6. Most of us know we're real civ but some have to claim civ. You said you're a claimed civ.
  7. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    I'm warming up to make a run at this.
  8. That's not what you said though. 1) What exactly have you claimed and not immediately written off as wifom? I'm assuming scum is just as unsure on what you could be as we are. This makes no sense as a read 2) Outside a few weird instances when people claim friendly other, everyone is claiming civ. Whether overtly or not, that's the whole goal of the game. It's weird you viewed yourself as a "claimed" civ even though you haven't truly claimed anything. 3) "Classic scum technique" is something so corny that.... god forbid you scripted something in chatty because you got tired of people saying it doesn't happen lmao. It was just a very odd comment. Really though, what exactly do you mean? What makes your role or play so special that tk3 would want to push you, walk me through that. Maybe I can follow your comment.
  9. I've only played on the new forum. But I've never seen seen my role either... and I can see why.