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  1. Who are you and what have you done with sanchez?
  2. Also, a reminder... DONT EDIT POSTS. were back to the dictatormod mafia /s
  3. I dislike that counselor reaction more than I disliked missions comment. And that was a hunnit read.
  4. Hey guys, we got two of ‘em. This is 100% an early game post that mission points at a teammate. Guarantee it.
  5. I figured rackcs would be lynched and town would win
  6. rackcs killed @DingoLadd, the Townie. @Pickle Rick pulled out a gun, put the barrel in his mouth and pulled the trigger. Jester brain covered the walls. @Counselor, the last Townie, ran away as fast as he could! @rackcs wins! Mafia wins! @squire12
  7. @SwAg has been lynched. He was a Townie. No talking!
  8. Votes - Please check accuracy. 3 swag - rackcs, counselor, [dingo] 1 pickle - pickle 1 rackcs - swag
  9. Votes - Please check accuracy. 2 pickle - swag, dingo 2 swag - rackcs, counselor Haven't Voted: Pickle Rick @Pickle Rick