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  1. https://katu.com/news/local/local-group-throws-rocks-at-smoke-to-make-it-leave
  2. This blackberry bourbon is vile. Mixed with coke it’s great Ill get this bottle down no prob, diabeetus will be the price
  3. Nature fs whatever it wants. It certainly could choose to f itself, but it can also f literally whoever it wants so fing itself is probably not it’s first choice. did you see that they left a baby elephant to starve to death? That’s totally different, you can’t fix that. i once saw a video of a deer giving birth and a panther running in and grabbing the newborn as it fell out. Mom just ran away. Brutal stuff, I can’t imagine just watching that as a camera man
  4. Kamara still needs to absolutely trash that dude for a tuddy as payback for that KO shot
  5. Thanks man, I’ll appreciate that. This is always the worst time of year for me. This year was going reaaaaaaal smooth until this morning then I got HECKA payback for all that smoothness I was talking about before. Now I’m wondering why we haven’t moved to the east coast and then moved again to somewhere in South America
  6. I’d trade this entire bottle of this Blackberry bull**** for a single shot of Wild Turkey
  7. I was already at level 11 frustration about the whole situation. When I came back and found out that's what they grabbed me when I said "a good whiskey, don't care on brand" i about snapped. now sitting on the porch, watching this big fat tree burn down to nothing, they're looking outside at me like I'm a crazy person that just stumbled onto the property. ya'll just wait till I get good and tree'd up! I'll drink that whole GD bottle in one sitting. i need an attitude adjustment. if this tree and this fruit whiskey can't do it, we're in trouble.
  8. I love alcohol. Alcohol loves me. Always treats me right tbh except blackberry whiskey. that treats nobody right.
  9. GOD DAMN IT they bought me blackberry flavored whiskey. that's the last straw. i'm going to ruin thanksgiving.
  10. But I think this year, there’s no beef on the menu at all. That’s usually my deal and I’ve had access to my smoker this year taken away and refuse to do one in the oven. So the whole family will suffer through turkey breast rather than a 2” slab of prime rib on each of their plates. im gonna bask in this
  11. I brine and smoke a small turkey (NOT THIS YEAR), but prime rib is the main usually. We make a thanksgiving turkey so we can have the leftovers, not to enjoy on thanksgiving lol
  12. True. But there’s no better feeling than someone you don’t know being mad at you and knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that they’re the ones in the wrong. I really have some fun with it lol “so since you didn’t order enough fresh turkey, I’ll just get a frozen. What’s the best way to defrost it?” ”leave it in the fridge about a week.” ”thanksgiving is tomorrow” ”ah, well then maybe try it next year?”