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  1. Glad you guys are coming around. I thought some of you actually believed that BDPs daughter did a full readup AND came into the chatty for more dirt lmao
  2. Saints sign Return Specialist Marcus Sherels

    Lol he could lose a few steps and be an improvement for us still
  3. Saints sign Return Specialist Marcus Sherels

    Just saw on twitter, the Saints two longest punt returns last year were 17 and 16 yards Sherels had six returns of over 20 in that time
  4. Saints sign Return Specialist Marcus Sherels

    He old, but it’s much better than putting Kamara back there IMO
  5. Still not as good as The Dark Knight. And when Heath Lesger overdosed, Chris Nolan didn’t try to blame his daughter
  6. My only interactions with you have been this game and maybe the last 2 you are in. I can assure you I had no issue with you until this stunt and the story you crafted to explain it lmao but please, continue to believe that I’m out to get you lol Not an overreaction. I’ve seen enough of him to make an informed decision lol I’m starting to think he just likes stirring stuff up lol
  7. I’m out. If we reset the game, pls replace me if BDP is involved. Later fools
  8. It was your daughter? Ha.
  9. I have a hard time believing a family member 1) decided to snoop through his FF account 2) knew enough about this specific game to make that PM 3) knew enough about mafia to even figure this stuff out. This is BDP’s what, third game? But somehow his random family member can figure out his teammates and who homer is?
  10. You realize this would mean that the “family memeber” that sent the PM has been staying read up in thread better than some of the player have.... and also is privy to chatty details... right? a family member hacked his FF account to interfere with a mafia game thats a new one
  11. This wasn’t aimed at you or meant to take a shot at you in any way. Just asking for clarification on what happened. No criticisms here but I will say you need to reset the game or host a different one at this point.
  12. Well ****. I liked it better when my hair-brained theory wasn’t really possible