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  1. 1 year. It might technically have more years but they would all be voidable.
  2. I would caution against looking too much at wins and his leadership abilities. Lots of successful college QBs were great leaders and won a ton of games and simply didn’t pan out. A competitor that wins and knows how to lead his teammates is very important, but it doesn’t always translate against NFL defenses.
  3. And watching Book bouncing on his tip-toes to see over his line looks more like Brees than any other QB we’ve had on the roster 😂 Brees on his tip-toes to see over his line: “Wow, look at Brees adapt. He doesn’t have the size most QBs do so he gets up on his toes to see the field.” Book on his tip-toes to see over his line: “Wow bad footwork, look at him on his toes.”
  4. Oh I’m not doubting Book more than I’d doubt any other QB that wasn’t worth an early pick, they’re all gonna have issues and it’s a crap shoot. I actually really like his skill set in this offense. I just don’t necessarily think his selection indicates any type of bigger picture in terms of what Payton wants at the position. If a big monolithic QB with a cannon arm and good head on his shoulders that Payton liked fell, I would expect him to select that QB as well. Then I wonder if the storyline would be that Jameis has an inside track to be starter, because of the developmental QB we sna
  5. Payton was asked specifically about a Taysom and Book comparison. Coach doesn’t see it. Like you pointed out. “I can't say that. It's in fairness to Ian (Book) it's hard to say that, you know, because to appreciate Taysom is really to be here and he's a 238-pound player that does things that are unique. So I think that would be a hard jump or leap, if you will. In fact, I know it would be. So that wasn't the vision when we selected the player. We saw someone who was accurate, who threw the ball on time, who led his team to a lot of wins. He's been successful. We saw someone who was very c
  6. It does seem like a lot of work.
  7. Why do you believe the 133rd pick would be trash if Winston is the starter? Taysom was a good enough backup even though he was nothing like Brees.
  8. That fans don’t keep tabs on other teams blocking TEs?
  9. Probably got up there and realized his heart wasn’t in it like he thought. IIRC he’s had a couple concussions and ankle and shoulder issues, he’s probably getting tired of the grind.
  10. Damn they just brought him in too. I was looking forward to rooting for him with his old TE coach.
  11. Some of you may be aware I'm doing a GM mock over the next 3 seasons. I'm going to do my best to see how I fair putting a team together post Brees. Here's a link if you wanted to check out the full detailed mock. I try to make it realistic and have rules about how I can sign players or make trades to keep things fair. So far I personally believe I've put a more competitive team than the 2021 Saints, but I'm leveraged into 2022 quite a bit more than they are as well because I kept the ****-ball rolling where the IRL Saints seemed to rip the bandaid off this year. For those you you less int
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