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  1. 3 mislynches over about a just a dozen pages of discussion, after lynching scum N1 and having great voting based reads to go on based on that. Y’all punted on 1st and 20 after a 76 yard TD got called back on holding
  2. 23 pages of pure unadulterated scum hunting, good showing by town it just wasn’t remotely good enough.
  3. The group surrounded Josh. He was 🍦 Town! The Mob πŸ”ͺ Wins! @Malfatron @Pickle Rick @Whicker
  4. He was released by the Saints who were already hurting at CB due to injuries. Can’t speak to how he’ll be used/motivated in Las Vegas but in New Orleans he was see as expendable despite our CB corps needing their own medical tent the size of a circus tent.
  5. Orca was surrounded! The group strung him up. He was a 🍦Townie. Day 4 ends Wednesday 9pm EST.
  6. If you don’t like Fields you don’t draft him so I agree there. I wasn’t a huge Teddy fan when he was with the Saints and I like Payton’s creativity with a mobile QB, but I definitely would’ve hypothetically taken Darnold+keeping a 1st over Fields for the Saints if they had been a stronger player in the market this year. In a more generic scenario, I wonder how much more job security you get if your rookie QB sucks compared to when your veteran QB sucks. I think coaches would prefer to get the benefit of the doubt β€œWell, he is a rookie” in the media, that comes with the rookie
  7. The group surrounded @MWil23. He was 🍦Vanilla! Ratio is 🍦4:2 πŸ”ͺ Day 3 ends on Tuesday at 10pm EST
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