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  1. How bad are the Miami Dolphins?

    Like a college all star team? how much time do they get to practice together?
  2. My wife’s grandmother is Vietnamese, she’ll do this when having conversations with English speakers, she’ll slip into Vietnamese for a word or two, then come back around to (broken) English, then Vietnamese again if she can’t think of the word, then back to “English” or so she claims. She pretends to not know the difference and just treats people who don’t understand her like simpletons. It’s been her funny little routine since the 70s
  3. Can confirm Source: friend is coastguard. is yuppie. has said the exact same thing.
  4. Should be about par for the course for his career then. Always not quite the best.
  5. Hard to answer without knowing where Brees recovery is at. If they think he can come back after the bye and not be hurting still not greatly risking re-injury then I want them to remain competitive and fight for the playoff berth. If in a few weeks they see that Brees just isn’t going to recover fast enough, what happens next will depend on how Teddy looks. If they go on a losing streak with Teddy and Brees isn’t looking ready to go I bet Sean hands the reins over to Taysom and has a “**** it let’s play some backyard bull****” offense he’s been building for a year now. If Teddy plays well they’re going to have a tough decision to make after this year. Especially if Brees is healthy. I’d be fine just knowing that was the end. We’d have a down year or two with Taysom running a HS style offense with great weapons around home. We have a deep roster, we should have the ability to acquire draft capital over the next few years like we’ve seen some teams do with talented players that simply aren’t in their future. I think when the time comes Payton will pull the trigger on a big move that lands him his guy. I’m pretty cut throat, so other fans (especially the rabid ones) will probably disagree. I say you always do what’s best for the team. If his hand is weak and he just doesn’t have it, his contract voids in March anyways.
  6. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    He’s not usually this big of a ****, no.
  7. Notable Stats and Observations

    Technically, everyone on the forum does.
  8. Sweet, there’s two more. Sometime tomorrow I’ll update what I have done with this since the last update. We can start talking draft and get this up and going for next year
  9. Why Did You Purchase Your Home?

    Template: Cost of House: 258k Location: Quiet cul-de-sac in residential area. near grocery/gas, short drive to mall/theater/shopping. elementary school in the neighborhood. Bedrooms: 3 bedroom, 1 den Baths: 2.5 Year Bought: Dec 2016 Average Cost of House in Area: $271k @ time of purchase Ideal/Highest Price You'd Be Willing to Pay for House in Area: 275k @ time of purchase What Made You Choose Your Home: Nice location, fenced back yard for our dog, garage, front yard maintenance cared for by HOA
  10. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    I'm laughing way too hard at this.
  11. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    Filet o' fish sandwich from McDonalds would be my choice as well. They steam the buns on those ones.
  12. Who writes for NFL.com? The three stooges?

    Nate Burleson and Bucky Brooks need to be paired up, since Daniel Jeremiah is likely moving on to bigger and better things. They should snag Nate from GMF. They'd be a good set of hosts, maybe bring back Michael Robinson (Seattle Fullback) from the now defunct R & B Podcast too if they don't have other guests. I'd tune into that.
  13. That is potentially the worst outcome.
  14. Who writes for NFL.com? The three stooges?

    Yeah, well I'm a millennial and you're not. Whatever is happening to me right now is the most __________ thing that's ever happened to me. I wouldn't expect you to understand emotions like that, gramps. So in closing, GMF is the WORST FOOTBALL SHOW EVER. (I do like them all individually and wished they weren't "The Today Show" of football, cause that's just not a show that grabs me.)