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  1. Night 0: @Dome and @Malfatron were walking down the street discussing the recent rise in violence in their neighborhood. “I heard The Godfather shot an old lady when she missed a single ‘insurance’ payment!” “I heard one of his Goons cut a man’s tongue out for talking to The Cop. He only called the police because someone stole his daughter’s bike!” “Somebody’s gonna do something about it one of these nights, just you watch! My cousin is The Jailkeeper at the jail downtown, maybe he’ll be the first one to snap! I think he's got a taser!” “It’ll be the beginning of the end for the Mafia… we’ll run them S-O-Bs right outta Town!” “What was that?” A hulking figure with a hammer stepped out from an alleyway. “You wanna run me out of town?” Dome shrieked as the Goon brought the hammer smashing down on his head. Dome is dead, he was a Townie! Malf was able to escape! All the Townsfolk ran out of their homes and a formed a mob, they were looking for revenge. A few members of the Mafia were among them and were trying to keep a low profile. They all looked at each other. Ten of them stood in the street. "Who did this?? Who killed poor, sweet, handsome, well hung, innocent Domey?" They all looked at each other as @Malfatron began tying a noose. "We'll figure it out." Day 1 has begun. Night 1, Night 2, Night 3, Night 4 Links - Roles: The Godfather - When The Cop investigates you, he'll be told you're Town Aligned. You may carry out the Mafia's nightly factional Hit. -------------------- Goon - You may carry out the Mafia's nightly factional Hit. -------------------- The Cop - Each night you may investigate one player, you'll find out if they're Town Aligned or Mafia Aligned. -------------------- The Jailkeeper - Each night you may throw one player in a jail cell. Any moves they try to make and any moves made on them will fail. -------------------- The Backup - If The Cop or The Jailkeeper dies D1 or N1, you'll take over their role. -------------------- 5 Vanilla Townies You have no ability. Read what other players have to say and use your vote to eliminate Mafia Aligned players. Win Condition: You win the game when all threats to Town have been eliminated. Rookie Tip: Remember as a Vanilla Townie that part of your job is keeping your Power Roles (Cop, Jailkeeper, Backup) concealed and safe. Outing yourself as a Townie might make Mafia ignore you at night when selecting their hit, as you're a small threat to them. But it could also paint a target on your Cop or Jail Keepers back insead!
  2. What are the best polite insults?

    That’s a good one too!
  3. You love it when I call you daddy though.
  4. What are the best polite insults?

    But he persevered and believed it anyways. Thats positive.
  5. Or maybe it was a whole .1% clearer we needed. That would’ve been unreasonable tho
  6. You sound mad. What purpose would he have for faking this at this time?
  7. I had vengeful mafia in my last game tbh
  8. Who said anything about a hard read? You did give logic to your vote, that's more than a lot of others can say especially on D1. So you had to have seen something. I've already quoted your evidence against whicker after your vote for him a couple of times, and you've pretty much ignored it every time. But if you don't know what I'm talking about, lmk. So you had a read, but it was a fake read? Because it's in the thread so either you made up a read and happened to be right and totally whiffed on your read, or your read on him was legit and you backed off for some reason halfway through the lynch. And your fake read just happened to be on a guy who claimed other. But you knew he wasn't specifically mafia, then he claimed other and then you said mafia would have a reason to claim other, but this wasn't one of those reasons and he isn't mafia. And he still isn't mafia. And your read of him as a non-town was pretend in the first place, so that's out the window. First, tell me any inaccuracies you see, then respond to the stuff that you think is fair. You're a slippery fish today.
  9. It is. Player Voting to Lynch Mega Ron The Orca TheKillerNacho The Orca TedLavie The Orca MWil23 FourThreeMafia The Orca TedLavie FourThreeMafia TheKillerNacho
  10. But you gave a reason when you first voted for him. Was your read on him specifically as an other or was it just non-town at that time? And why back off that when his votes got high if you actually had a read on him? You already said that mafia would claim other under the right circumstances, so why not here? Why are you so sure this isn't one of those circumstances? Why are you just everything him at face value? You're active and have been awful flip-floppy so far in D1... a day you traditionally are quiet (and often use that defense when people ask why you're so quiet).
  11. Player Voting to Lynch Mega Ron The Orca TheKillerNacho The Orca TedLavie The Orca MWil23 FourThreeMafia The Orca TedLavie FourThreeMafia
  12. So do you think he’s either an other, or the mafia?
  13. Interesting take for someone who apparently thinks whicker is civ...
  14. Whicker already claimed an other once while he was a civ and it came back to bite him. He wouldn’t make that mistake again.
  15. Why would he have to honor it if we didn’t reach the lynch number? I’ve never seen that.
  16. For a jester... there shouldn’t be. There’s really no reason to claim jester, especially if your lynch isn’t certain.
  17. I don’t think whicker claims jester if he thought there was a chance he didn’t have 7 votes..... i think it was a sneaky “oh I’m lynched, bummer. I’m the jester! Hahahahaha!” wait, what’s this “OMG I’m not actually lynched” now lemme guess, he’s gonna try to avoid his lynch.
  18. I could be, yes. What exactly do you want me to clarify? I feel like we’re on to something with whicker and it bottomed out.
  19. Todd Gurley

  20. Thoughts on Cousins

    1: Of course he can. 2: 50/50. I can see it going either way. 3: It could've been a lot worse. (Not saying his first year has looked like this was a good move, but that there's plenty of hope that things can turn around still. Brock was always a lost cause) 4: You could do a lot worse. I don't think he can carry a team, but I think he can put other guys into position to make plays and lead an offense efficiently if some other pieces are in place for him (good o-line play and play calling being the most important outside influences)