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  1. Dome's Saloon Soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGpvDQ7dv00 Night Zero Write Up First Drinking Day Begins First Duel Begins Hockey and Matts bleed out Duel Two starts early Duel Two kills several Duel Three Begins Duel Three sees one man dead Duel Four ends in triple homicide. ------------------------------ "You there! Step right up!" Old Man Dome sat on a stool behind the bar, his Bartender polished a glass and stared straight ahead. "Welcome to Dome's Saloon and House of Maidens! You sure picked the right day to drop in, I'm taking signups for our first ever dueling competition. You and your companions should all sign up!" He motioned for the man at the door to come to the bar. "Dueling competition?" The man asked. "Sounds dangerous. Even for a Bandit such as myself." Old Man Dome's face ran pale, "B-b-b-bandit? Well, uh, sure, yeah. Uh that's fine. W-w-w-w-we l-l-love bandits! Why not?! You should know sir, that we use real bullets to solve even the most minor of squabbles here at Dome's Saloon, so yes, it's a little dangerous. But ain't that half the fun? Right? Ha?! Ha?!?" Old Man Dome laughed nervously. "Sure, I guess. Sign me up. Who all is in this competition anyways?" "Oh we got gunslingers and gamblers, dueling specialists and the working girls upstairs. Barflies and brawlers to farmers and ranchers! Most anybody with a horse to get here and the want to prove their quick draw skills are welcomed. They'll all be here soon, you'll see! It's gonna be a real humdinger!" "And I'm assuming I can use my own gun?" The Bandit tapped the grips of his all-black revolvers before motioning to a 'Rentals' sign hanging above a wall of worn, rusty weapons.*GULP* Old Man Dome trembled at the sight of the Bandit's Six Shooters. "Y-y-y-ep. Those over there are just for the beginners, of course." The Old Man reached under the bar, the Bandit saw him but didn't even flinch. "Here!" Dome grabbed a small piece of paper and shoved it towards the Bandit. "Free drink with each signup!" A barrel chested man with a deformed head entered. In his gun holsters were two short handled sledge hammers. "I. AM. WAR HAMMER!!!!!" (not a vote) the man screamed at the top of his lungs! "I'm gonna murder each and every last one of you!!!" "Well," Old Man Dome replied. "I love your enthusiasm, so keep that up. The volume could use some work. Also, we can't call it murder for liability reasons, so you're gonna need to rephrase that last bit before you can sign this here release form." War Hammer grabbed Old Man Dome by the throat and held a hammer to the side of his head. "And when I'm done with you I'm gonna go upstairs where I hear them ladies laughing and have my way with ea-" Old Man Dome, the flawless figure of unprecedented equality and unwavering morality that he is, wasn't about to let ol' War Hammer here talk about those gals like that. In one swift motion he unholstered his revolver and fired 3 rounds right into War Hammer, good thing he was only lynch proof!!! War Hammer screamed and smashed Old Man Dome across the head with a hammer. They both crumpled to the floor. With his dying words War Hammer muttered "Boys, kill 'em all. Kill every last one of 'em.... Do it by the rules though, the Dueling tournament thing. We may be bandits, but we ain't above rules." Old Man Dome was bleeding from his ear but no more unconscious than usual. He too muttered his last words, "You shoulda listened to me. I knew Iron Man was in the game!" The group looked at each other confused, the old man must've really taken some serious damage to the head Old Man Dome was Green/Town-Aligned War Hammer was the Bandit Leader. Town Aligned - Eliminate all threats to Town. Bandit Aligned - Own at least half of the games population to win. Other - Unknown. Player biographies may or may not influence the ability that player is given. It will not influence their alignment.
  2. @NS922 need more saints fans
  3. yeah and ET became Vig. Like a backup role the players didn't know they had. Some characters....like Vig (matts) and PGO (hockey) give their move to another town when lynched.
  4. The only kills mafia made were 1:1 with the deaths of their own (PGO orca hit by Vigilante and Vengeful Squire).
  5. Bandit Goon swag Bandit Goon orca Bandit Goon bcb Bandit Goon squire Survivor mwil 1-shot Vigilante matts 1-shot Vigilante malfatron 1-shot PGO hockey 1-shot PGO james 1-shot Duel the untouchable 1-shot Duel pickle rick Vengeful rackcs Vengeful forge Drunk et Vanilla counselor Vanilla thekillernacho Vanilla kotn Vanilla woz
  6. Not exactly. Because scum knows you're probably telling the truth since they know you're town. Town thinks you might be trying to avoid being lynched with a false claim and is forced to deal with that. Town has to push the issue. Scum doesn't, they can mislynch anyone. Scum wasn't even considering voting for you.
  7. that's all of a player write up you'll get from me. I'll go over moves and abilities after dinner if you guys haven't all figured it out by then. Thanks for playing!
  8. @SwAg edges out bcb for the MVP because his commitment to his character all game. Both played excellent. @KOTN-93 had you been scum this would've been a top-5 all-time performance. Unfortunately you were town and this lands you the LVP award. Hope all is well. @pwny gets most entertaining award. I thoroughly enjoyed his whole routine.
  9. VonDoom and Butch Alonzo drew first and shot down the Frito Bandito. His gun was still clutched in his hand. It twitched a little. His trigger finger moved. "EVERYBODY RUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!" The group scattered! They hid behind barrels and horses and all kinds of old timey western ****! They ran into buildings and outhouses, THEY HEADED FOR THE HILLS! But nothing happened. Minutes went by, then hours. "My legs hurt!" said a man crouching behind one of the workin' girls for cover. "Maybe he was a nilla?" asked another. "A wuh?" "He means maybe he can't shoot us after all tha!." After some hesitation the group headed back to the body. Forge was still breathing. Barely. In his last breaths, he spoke to them. "Meow. Mee-ow." "What in tar-*******-nation?!" Forge gasped. "It's catonese. I'm the ***** whisperer round these parts." "Well, what did you say?!?!?" "'Get 'im, boys." A herd of feral cats poured from the alley and tore Butch Alonzo to bits! There were dozens of them! He never stood a chance. @theuntouchable is dead! He's Town Aligned. @Forge is actually dead! He's Town Aligned VonDoom McDoom and Mr. McGillicuddy looked around nervously, but The Bounty Hunter and John Marston already had their guns drawn. VonDoom threw down a smoke bomb and vanished! He fled back to hell! Pierre McGillicuddy ran out the front door, never to be seen again. He changed his name to Priscilla McGillivray, grew out his hair and became a working girl down in New Orleeeens, or so I've been told. BANDITS WIN! @SwAg @bcb1213 @squire12 @The Orca
  10. What is this? What are you doing?
  11. With 6 players alive majority means 4 votes! 0 untouch 1 nacho - James 2 forge - nacho, untouch Votes due by Monday at 10pm EST.
  12. Neither does swag, apparently
  13. So far swag and untouch are piquing my interest the most
  14. To get over my fear of public speaking I’m going to imagine you all in your underwear for the whole game
  15. Saints sign WR Rishard Matthews

    I’d say there’s about a zero percent chance he messes with the Saints chemistry regardless, so I don’t see it as a huge issue.
  16. The plus side is I don’t have to go to court to prove they aren’t mine
  17. It probably will be. I expect having to throw it 3-4 times. And this is assuming I hit the window every time, I could hit your door or something. Maybe I sail it high through the kitchen window on a wild toss. So yeah, it’s gonna be hard. But I don’t mind putting in the work for you.
  18. “I liked your style, and literally gave you protection because you tried.” Oh man, annoying try-hard has become my meta. Matts predicted this but had no idea how much he’d hate it.