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  1. I'd be down to vote mission or sanchez as a policy lynch. Those seem to be all the rage.
  2. GOAT Dips: Round 1 Voting

    I mean.... I'll give you a pass. ET might need you to just tough it out.
  3. GOAT Dips: Round 1 Voting

    Anyone seen those blue cheese slices? Just started seeing them in stores regularly. Makes blue cheese stuffed burgers super easy. Highly recommend.
  4. GOAT Dips: Round 1 Voting

    @Malfatron would you let @ET80 know about these heretics?
  5. GOAT Dips: Round 1 Voting

    We all know this isn't true.
  6. GOAT Dips: Round 1 Voting

    Queso (#1) vs Beer Cheese (#12) - sad to see beer cheese go so soon, but this is no contest. Guacamole (#2) vs Salsa (#11) - Salsa is super meh. Spinach Artichoke (#3) vs French Onion (#10) - easy. Buffalo Chicken (#4) vs Crab (#9) - crab dip won't get it's due respect in this tourney. Cause people are idiots. Hummus (#5) vs Tzatziki (#8) - by a country mile Ranch (#6) vs Blue Cheese (#7) - again, easy.
  7. Josh Allen UCL injury

    Terrible news for the Bills. Peterson just won't work.... Doesn't necessarily look better long term either. Not sure what the outlook is recovery wise here
  8. Who Wins the NFC North?

    Daaaaaaaa Bears. Crazy, but I'm feelin them this year.
  9. GOAT Dips: Round 1 Voting

    Beer cheese should be consumed as a soup, not a dip. Tilt your head back and guzzle. Unless this is a contest about best dips for women, then I get it.
  10. Does "football weather" exist for you?

    Football weather is the best weather
  11. Our trip to Tampa

    Who should I be looking most forward to watching? What are some matchups we're just hoping for the best?
  12. Our trip to Tampa

    Ready for you to destroy the Bucs. I'll be watching this on gamepass so nobody tell me how bad y'all get em
  13. Greatest Ive seen by far
  14. Jason Witten just called him CJ "Breathard"
  15. Weird throwaway snap.
  16. Rodgers looks like a prime CJ Beathard right now
  17. Or take the sack, then punt? Big difference, Packers already had the momentum
  18. Lmao what are you thinking?!?!?!
  19. Told ya they shouldve gone for it on 4th and 1 Same worst case scenario without the time crunch
  20. Well that was MVS's chance and he blew it. Redemption could be in the air? Need a National Treasure type showing soon
  21. I think the WR could've done a better job of selling a DPI. Nick cage level acting.
  22. You guys wanna start an NFL team with me? We'll show 'em.
  23. If the receiver did come back through the DB to fight for the ball, the DB probably gets called regardless of whether or not it was catchable. Then leverage and momentum worked against him and the DB just rode him out of contention
  24. Cowards. Let em score and then CJ drives to win it. Similar to letting Hill score quickly last night. Someone tell me I'm wrong
  25. Fake punt. Play to win.