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  1. Detention was over, and they had never been more free. Felonies were committed, assaults of all varieties as well as blatant verbal abuse took center stage. But in the end, they formed bonds. They found love. The Breakfast Club would never be again, but the memories will last forever. WRONG! Assistant Principal Vernon has called you all back in to Saturday detention for all the damage you did to the library! He’s also brought in a Resource Officer and The Janitor to catch any misdeeds and keep an eye on you hooligans! You and all the other Random Students need to get them all fired before he brings you in on Saturday, then you’ll never have to see each other again! Each day, the Principal or his cronies may send one of you to detention early. At night you’ll have a chance to take your revenge or find your way out of this pickle without fear of going to detention for extra-curriculars. Presenting! The Breakfast! Club! Five! Brian Johnson, the Brain! This dude is innocent AF, but damn he's a likable. Very troubled though, let's hope he doesn't do anything irrational. Andrew Clark, the Athlete! This super champ can put a lockdown on anybody, real quick. Don't mess with him. Allison Reynolds, the Basket Case! Put the insane girl in charge of a highly delicate and covert operation! What could go wrong? She's only crazy when she wants to be though. Claire Standish, the Princess! Shifty and clever, this girl is tough to get a read on. Once you get to know her you'll love her. and John Bender, the Criminal. This rough around the edges tough guy is always getting into shenanigans, but that doesn't mean this stoner doesn't have a heart of gold. Give him a chance. ---------- The Students shuffled into 1st Period. A hairy kid nobody seemed to notice stared at them from the end of the hallway. The Tattletale picked a spot at the front of the classroom. 1st Period has begun. Remember kids, Vernon and his pals can send you to detention anytime during the day! Be careful what you say when you're in class!
  2. Same. I have a friend who has worked at walmart for over a decade. He's a manager there (not store manager, but department). Ended up transferring to an Idaho store and they matched his wage from the first store even though the cost of living is WAAAAY cheaper in Idaho. Now he's really doing really well.
  3. Player Voting to Lynch Page # Total Votes # Squire Pickle Rick 80 Pickle Rick 6 VikeManDan Pickle Rick 81 The Orca Pickle Rick 81 KOTN-93 Pickle Rick 87 Tk3 Pickle Rick 82 Pickle Rick Ragnarok 85 Ragnarok 1 Mega Ron Pickle Rick 87 Ragnarok gopherwrestler MookieMonstah Utley
  4. The Basket Case has been sent to detention! @AFlaccoSeagulls has been eliminated from the game.
  5. The group surrounded Larry Lester. His fingers still had tape residue on them, he was the killer. @Nazgul is eliminated from the game.
  6. @Nazgul will be the lynch. You have 15 minutes to finalize night moves.
  7. A Random Student has been sent to detention! @MookieMonstah has been eliminated from the game.
  8. Player Voting to Lynch Page # Total Votes # Pickle Rick MookieMonstah 75 MookieMonstah 5 Squire MookieMonstah 76 AFlaccoSeagulls Nazgul 76 Nazgul 3 Nazgul 0 VikeManDan MookieMonstah 69 The Orca MookieMonstah 72 Ragnarok 0 KOTN-93 Tk3 72 Tk3 2 Tk3 MookieMonstah 74 Mega Ron Nazgul 76 gopherwrestler Tk3 69 MookieMonstah 0 Utley Nazgul 75
  9. I have Mookie - 3 naz - 2 Tk3 - 2 i have about an hour commute. May be incommunicado until then.
  10. Go eat some chicken noodle soup. Quit breathing on us.
  11. @Raves has been replaced by @squire12 new BC reflects those changes
  12. Tk3 - 3 - pickle, kotn, gopher Raves - 2 - raves, tk3 mookie - 2 - vmd, orca nazgul - 1 - mega ron
  13. I have an official VC but am having trouble copy/pasting from my phone for some reason. I haven’t forgotten you. totals: tk3 - 3 raves -3 mookie - 1 naz - 1
  14. Player Voting to Lynch Page # Total Votes # Pickle Rick Tk3 67 Tk3 2 Raves Raves 67 Raves 2 AFlaccoSeagulls Nazgul VikeManDan The Orca Tk3 67 Ragnarok KOTN-93 Tk3 Raves 67 Mega Ron Nazgul 69 Nazgul 1 gopherwrestler MookieMonstah Utley
  15. Brees gifts 200 balls

    1) It was sign two for me. Sign one was after that preseason game where he was nearly crying talking about the memories he's trying to make this year. Probably didn't catch it unless you are a Saints fan. That was.... weird. 2) That's fair.
  16. Brees gifts 200 balls

    That was my hot take to start the season when they traded for Teddy. But he's flatout said he's gonna keep playing.
  17. Player Voting to Lynch Page # Total Votes # Pickle Rick Tk3 67 Tk3 2 Raves Raves 67 Raves 2 AFlaccoSeagulls 0 Nazgul 0 VikeManDan 0 The Orca Tk3 67 0 Ragnarok 0 KOTN-93 0 Tk3 Raves 67 0 Mega Ron 0 gopherwrestler 0 MookieMonstah 0 Utley 0
  18. I’m the 2018 Jaguars. Vastly underperforming, but at least I don’t look good doing it.
  19. Then sell the pizza buffet voucher for $0.45 per day. Profit.
  20. @Tyty that’s not a real verb. Doesn’t count.
  21. I can eat buffet food, but I’ll pass on the pizza ive has too much terrible pizza NOT from a buffet to even tempt fate at one of them.
  22. Yeah I was going to ask what a “fill” of buffet pizza was. Like a strong whiff as you walk by should be plenty.
  23. TNF: LA Chargers(10-3) @ KC Chiefs(11-2)

    Now THAT would be impressive