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  1. I wanted about 15, but it’s too late... needed to get this thing going by Friday night, I’ll be gone for a few days after Tuesday
  2. This thing has been cancelled due to a lack of funding (read: interest). Thanks for signing up y’all... but I’m calling it.
  3. @11sanchez11, @AFlaccoSeagulls, @amac, @Beavis, @bigbadbuff, @biggio7, @Blahstoise, @BleedTheClock, @BrettFavre004, @BringinDaPain, @buddy_z34, @buno67, @carl_sjunior, @CAS22, @coltsmanic808, @Counselor, @DawgX, @devils1854, @daboyle250 @DingoLadd, @Dome, @FinneasGage, @FriendlyEnemy, @gopherwrestler, @Heimdallr, @HoboRocket, @Hockey5djh, @James, @JBURGE, @Jlash, @JMG, @JoshstraDaymus, @jrry32, @Ketchup, @KManX89, @KOTN-93, @LuckyNumber11, @Malfatron, @Matts4313, @MD4L, @Mega Ron, @mission27, @MookieMonstah, @MWil23, @N4L, @Nazgul, @rackcs, @RandyMossIsBoss, @Ragnarok, @RuskieTitan, @Shady Sli
  4. Signups @MWil23 @carl_sjunior @Pickle Rick @The Orca @gopherwrestler @JoshstraDaymus
  5. Cool Hand Luke Game Setup Two Factions Role Madness Hybrid Hammer Voting (48-hour deadline OR voting majority) Rules Do not edit any post that is more than 5 minutes old. Do not edit any post that contains a vote. Violation of this rule will result in the loss of your vote for the day. Multiple violations of this rule will result in your elimination from the game. Do not discuss this game outside of this thread unless permitted by your role. Violation of this rule will result in your elimination from
  6. https://www.startribune.com/vikings-cornerback-jeff-gladney-is-arrested-and-accused-of-assaulting-his-girlfriend/600042528/ The details are pretty horrifying, there's no need to discuss them here. If the allegations are true, he's going to be suspended. From what I saw he was expected to be a starter again this year, but I could be wrong. Vikings added Patrick Peterson, hopefully for them he's still got some juice and something to prove now.
  7. My brother met him after a concert on the streets of Portland and said the same thing. He was very cool and seemed genuine when he thanked people that came up and said they were fans.
  8. Debbie just hit the wall She never had it all
  9. DMX suffered a drug overdose Friday night and is currently in the hospital ... and the prognosis is not good. Sources close to the rapper tell TMZ, the OD occurred at his home at around 11 PM. Our sources say the overdose triggered a heart attack. DMX was rushed to a hospital in White Plains, New York and is in the critical care unit. We're told he has "some brain activity." Another source says he's in a "vegetative state" and doctors have cautioned he may not make it. Per TMZ, technical issues prevent posting the link.
  10. Saints fans have been (or had been) asking for this brand of offense for years, especially in the 7-9 years... interested to see how it works out.
  11. I don’t hate the prospect, but I don’t like him enough for the trade. If we only had Taysom I’d like it a lot more, but with Winston under contract I can’t get behind it. Side note: I’m actually excited to see Winston sling it a bit, knowing full well it’s gonna come with turnovers. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen that from this offense. Harris can take the top off the defense, one of Trequan Smiths best skills coming out was his ability to high-point contested balls downfield and he hasn’t been given much of a chance to showcase that. Michael Thomas takes unfounded hate
  12. This would be a better rule change than when they first allowed a forward pass. All-time classic.
  13. Hard pass. I’d rather see Captain Crablegs and the Stormin Mormon battle it in camp and see what the competition does for both of them.
  14. Like the value on Moses, but taking LBers back to back I’m not sure I like. I agree on Wade, he’ll do a lot of the same stuff CJGJ does, but probably won’t have the same impact.
  15. My .02 would say CB, WR or OL since it doesn’t look like an interior DL fits anything close to BPA
  16. Watson cut by Texans, signed by Jets, traded back to Texans for future picks
  17. I feel that. Saints fans got to watch Rita Benson-LaBlanc attempt to sue Gayle Benson for rights to the team that her grandpa allegedly promised her.
  18. If you found out that Ryan Ramczyk was arrested with a stolen gun in his possession, you wouldn’t have said “he just wants to bang” and please don’t act like you would have
  19. Well no, I wouldn’t. But if you’re trying to make a point, make the whole point. Thank you for calling yourself on that, that’s all I was after. That’s not how jumping to conclusions work. I’m not assuming anything, while you were assuming he was out “banging” which was the issue I took with what you said. A jury isn’t “jumping to the conclusion” of innocence when hearing a case before giving a verdict. They’re not jumping to anything, much like I don’t. I don’t disagree with this. If you had said all this first, rather than chalk it up to “banging” there wouldn’t
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