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  1. Mascot Mafia Sign Up and Thread

    No. Never again. You might forget. I will not.
  2. Mascot Mafia Sign Up and Thread

    Nah, never. i had you pegged, just couldn’t out you without outing myself like mathman did. i should’ve, maybe would’ve give my boy @Tyty a chance to win which is as good as a win for me anyways.
  3. Mascot Mafia Sign Up and Thread

    My head was never in this game, it’s why I wanted to be a replacement and not play lol. I knew something was up with you since D1, i had guesses that we had 4 cult leaders like day 1 in my chatz, but the way you played pretty much confirmed it for me. I missed on a Teddy conversion n2 and I was almost positive you had gone 2/2 on your first 2 nights, that’s why I went after you so hard. I knew you getting the lead wouldn’t work out well for me with my head not in it. Thought my best best would’ve been to out mathman and hope the other scum just laid low and didn’t do to me what I did to malf. Didn’t work lol. I had untouch pegged after he came at me attacking you. I what I didn’t realize about untouch is that everything I was saying to NS922 In chat was just getting passed on to him. might not have been anything major other than having 100% scum confirmed on me and basically hearing any theories I had for what was going on in the game
  4. Mascot Mafia Sign Up and Thread

    I’ve got plenty of time time to host something long term like B.B., but just have no idea how the game works or anything at all lol
  5. Mascot Mafia Sign Up and Thread

    I do have a more story based/write-up heavy mafia game ready to go if nobody else has one in a few days. I just hosted though, so I’ll give everyone time to jump in and host their own first if they want.
  6. Mascot Mafia Sign Up and Thread

    Big brother I’m guessing. I have never played or even know how it goes, so I can’t host.
  7. Mascot Mafia Sign Up and Thread

    Lol yeah this is what got me. NS922 was in my catzy, then he got converted into untouches mafia but stayed in my catzy. Not a mechanic I had even considered. thanks for hosting bcb.
  8. Cardinals placing Adrian Peterson on injured reserve

    Come back and retire a Saint!
  9. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Yeah probably varies from region to region Also our store is a bit of a tourist trap so a little pricier than most
  10. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    It means they’re not gonna take the time to trim anything up for you... sometimes this is good cause you’ll get the tenders with the breast as well, sometimes they’ll take the tenders and leave the flap of meat and fat that was hanging on the ribs and then it’s not so good. Sometimes they’ll take the fat and leave you the tender and that’s usually the priciest chicken you’ll see at most stores. If you read the fine print it’ll usually tell you what you’re getting Some places that trim them up call them “Breast fillets” and they’re usually quite a bit more. Sometimes breast fillets means something totally different, like thinly sliced breast. But calling a trimmed breast a “breast fillet” is pretty common. This is what we call a breast fillet. They’re usually anywhere from $2.99 without tenders to $4.99 with them attached. This is what we call “Split Breast with rib meat. Usually $1.79 to $2.99 depending on the company. They never have tenders. Happy to inform.
  11. 2018 Salary Cap outlook

    The problem is, Brees contract has something like $12m guaranteed extended into 2019 and 2020 on some sort of bonus, and that will be accelerated into the 2018 when his contract is voided, unless he resigns before that. So without Brees, our cap space is closer to $21-$22m after we pay him those bonuses. I think resigning him is about 95% likely at this point but I think it happens after his contract voids. So you can already figure that $12m into his 2018 Salary.
  12. 🏈 Saints @ Falcons GDT

    I think him playing alright against Julio while huffing and puffing on the oxygen tank pretty much from the middle of the 2nd quarter on pretty much tells you everything you need to know about him from a talent standpoint. He'll be back to 100% for the Falcons rematch, if this one is a blowout I hope they use Lattimore sparingly.
  13. 🏈 Saints @ Falcons GDT

    He had a few costly penalties while covering Julio as well. That's gotta play into any assessment.
  14. Week 15 GDT - Jets (5-8) @ Saints (9-4)

    @Aout @BossierWhoDat@Breesus @Breesus mode @Canadian Saint@ckoz24 @DjRay1985 @gen. manager@H.K.44_Sacks @jcvoodoo @Jlowe22@JMG5 @Mid Iowa @navysaintsfan @NS922 @Orleanz @Raves @sammymvpknight @Spartica4Real @SSK @SWATcha @tyler735 @whodatworm23