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  1. We got nothing for Jenkins. He was signed by the Eagles not traded away.
  2. TAST on Bourbon Street - That Aint Saints Talk

    My wife loved Wii sports cause of the way the motion controls worked. Is the switch like that at all?
  3. 10 predictions heading into pre-season:

    lol I get the shakes whenever the games about to start. That's normal right?
  4. You can feel indifferent, I'm OK with indifference.
  5. I need a place to hate the Bucs. Have I found my home?
  6. Adopt a Saint 2017 - General talk thread

    Congrats on getting your guy @navysaintsfan
  7. The Poker Thread

    We used to have poker nights back in HS. We brought about $20 in ones and a couple rolls of quarters and played all night. Usually the winner went home with like a hundred bucks, I was no good I was lucky to go home with half of what I went with. Disposable incomes in HS so there was never any hard feelings.
  8. Watching the Eagles and Bills game now. Mychael Kendricks, a guy many Saints fans have been mock-trading to us for the last 3 seasons just had his 2nd interception of the preseason and blew up a screen for a huge loss. He's all over the field. Jenkins is an all-pro safety/NB and his leadership ability is through the roof. Pretty frustrating.
  9. NFL Suspends Zeke Elliot 6 games

    Let's stick to football. We're really trying hard to keep the thread open but you guys are making it difficult.
  10. Poll o' the day - Best Fighter Edition

    Also, this too This poll is for real fighters. Gracie is a girls name.
  11. TAST on Bourbon Street - That Aint Saints Talk

    I'll be watching the Tampa Bay game tonight in here if anyone wants to cry into their drinks with me.
  12. Adopt a Saint 2017 - General talk thread

    Let's GOOOOOO! I'll just be picking up guys after the draft, to make the draft shorter. I don't really care who I get if I'm being honest.