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  1. Alcohol Thread!

    Can you explain to a pleb if and why sphere ice is better? Or just your preference?
  2. What’s going on? wondering if he failed a PED or something. You’d think SOMEONE would be after him. We could probably low ball him at his point. He’ll be rotational and depth, maybe another special teams specialist. I’d love to have him back if there’s no real interest and nobody to drive his price up.
  3. Texans sign S Tyrann Mathieu

    Interested in seeing the money. I know Tyrann wasn’t available when the Saints signed (and probably overpaid) Kurt Coleman and Patrick Robinson was a nice consolation prize at $5m per year but Tyrann going back to Louisiana would’ve been awesome and made for a pretty rowdy dome. If we miss out on Suh (no news isn’t good news from the Saints FO) and didn’t even try to sign Tyrann or re-sign Vaccaro I’ll be a little disappointed. Side note... nobody has shown any real interest in Vaccaro which is odd. He’s shown a ton of flashes and I’m sure a lot of coaches think they could turn him around. He’s clearly a talented player, just tough to get consistency from.. Wonder if he failed another drug test and were yet to hear about it. I think that would be a 10 game ban for him IIRC
  4. Texans sign S Tyrann Mathieu

  5. Can I even win at this point based on what picks are left and whose ahead of me? Trying to decide if I should watch a game tonight lol
  6. Patriots sign Jeremy Hill

    From concentrate.... GOAThead dynasty juice sounds like a salty juice, and nobody wants that. I didn’t even know Hill was a FA. A few years ago he was a pretty hot commodity wasn’t he?
  7. And with all the teams shaking it up and grabbing QBs, there’s a chance one falls to us or falls enough we can make a trade to move up
  8. Free Agency: Rumors, Visits, Signings, etc

    Saw that. Dont even need to see the numbers to be happy with that one. any news on donkeykong?
  9. Saints bring back Okafor

    $5m per year is dirt cheap! Hopefully he can stay healthy
  10. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    “Sorry I can’t. Just gave my kid a few beers.” You can double down if you absolutely HAVE to have an excuse.
  11. Ndamukong Suh - Hmmmm

    I agree with this, but I think chances are slim. The rumor I saw was Suh is seeking a paycheck, where did you see he is more worried about scheme fit? But the more I think about it, if he is in fact worried about maximizing his money, even visiting NOLA is a waste of time. Surely he/his agent knows this.
  12. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I’ve already had a few beers is always a good one to get out of most anything
  13. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Yeah I definitely would’ve found a way to stay at home
  14. Saints bringing P-Rob home on 4 year deal.

    4 years for $20m is highway robbery. he needs a new agent. go loomis!