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  1. Wrestlemafia, the sign up and game thread

    Mine came out different (better?) I watched Rags last night and thought the mafia or the vig would hit him ... no one hit him 2. 2 people visited Rags. They were Woz and Md4l. 3. I assumed that Woz protected Rags because he knew someone would visit Rags. I thought the shelter would kill anyone who visited Rags. Md4l is dead. 4. I thought that if Woz Mafia were, that would be a good move, because if he was wrong and nobody visited Rags, then they basically do it as if they meet the same person as the "Vig". 5. I tied to answer Woz, and his silence was a clear answer 6. I was wrong, but I'll make amends 7. My Orcas on the Blackshore are back !!!
  2. Wrestlemafia, the sign up and game thread

    If I felt like you were being genuine and not self serving, I’d say thanks. My reads are almost always bad, I end up just following the first lolcleared Player, or malf if he’s playing his civ game. The only read I’ve been really proud of was the horror movie mafia where I had untouch pegged on d2 and even then it took me all game to prove it. When else have I ever nailed scum or had a couple good reads ? The first few games, yeah maybe. When was the last time I was super active in a game? I don’t have the time (or maybe the desire, if I’m being more honest) to do all the quoting and digging and rereading I did when I first started playing... I just don’t really like these big games. I prefer smaller games, they’re easier for me to keep up and dig in. Sorry
  3. Wrestlemafia, the sign up and game thread

    Replying to someone’s post but ignoring everything they’ve said in it isn’t really what I’m looking for in a response lol technically you’re right though.
  4. Wrestlemafia, the sign up and game thread

    And what about that quote says I need to hear from Woz? You just throw crap against the wall and don’t respond to anything anyone says to you. I said we were rushing things. We slowed down, we talked and got some other peoples info and reactions. I accomplished what I wanted to. I thought things through and don’t think it matters which one of you we lynch tonight
  5. Wrestlemafia, the sign up and game thread

    Why did you think that? I always wanted to lynch him.
  6. Wrestlemafia, the sign up and game thread

    What are you even talking about? Changed my mind from what? To what?
  7. Wrestlemafia, the sign up and game thread

    Woz alright Rags... you’re up
  8. Wrestlemafia, the sign up and game thread

    My ONLY hesitation is that Bucs simply had a scumslip and forgot he had pushed Woz a few times before claiming he’s had no reads on him. Maybe it was a white knight attempt gone wrong and Woz IS civ? Though I’m not sure we can really explore that option without putting our investigator at risk. And trading a civ for scum is OK, so maybe it’s still the best option. @theuntouchable what do you think about going bucs first? I’m fine with either tonight are you going to comment on why you flip flopped on Woz? You pushed him all game, then claimed you had a civ read on him all game, and are now back to pushing him.
  9. Wrestlemafia, the sign up and game thread

    Like I don’t know how I can be more clear.
  10. Wrestlemafia, the sign up and game thread

    So the ONLY way your theory works is if whicker just by chance said “that’s a civ entrance” to teude entering the game as a joke, and teude was able to twist that to his advantage. I just think it’s FAR more likely that teude is telling the truth and whicker cleared him Is this your first game? Or did you play on the old site? Either way, I’m all but certain you’re wrong on teude.
  11. Wrestlemafia, the sign up and game thread

    There is a reason. I said there’s no need to rush a lynch at this point in the game. I saw it play out poorly for civs in both of my last games. You quoted me, so you knew the reasoning I still want to lynch Woz, and then you... or the other way around is fine. but doing it this quickly offers no advantage.
  12. Wrestlemafia, the sign up and game thread

    What? just knowing the type of player whicker is, and what I believed he would do if given a [spam] with another civ I’m all but certain teude is clear. I had a hunch as soon as teude claimed, and then whickers post basically confirmed it for me do you have something to change my mind? I 100% think Woz or Bucs has to go tonight... but you seem stuck on teude. What do you have?
  13. Wrestlemafia, the sign up and game thread

    I apologize, but you’ve lost me.