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  1. https://www.canalstreetchronicles.com/2018/2/21/17036582/new-orleans-pelicans-saints-owner-tom-benson-hospitalized-with-flu-like-symptons
  2. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    The first guy to intervene can't decide if he's a samurai or sumo wrestler. Fat dudes with man buns, smdh.
  3. Police officer Thread

  4. Offseason Rumor Thread

    This post should probably just be it’s own thread
  5. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    No idea why my wife hasn’t left me. Questioning her judgment and decision making a lot right now
  6. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Not much of a story. I have the worst stomach bug I’ve ever had on top of a pretty nasty cough. A particularly vicious coughing fit set off a chain of events to which so had no counter move. Twice. Just gonna live in the tub until this is all over.
  7. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Nothing quite let’s you realize your full potential as an adult male like crapping yourself twice in the same week...
  8. Saints Owner Tom Benson Hospitalized, in ICU

    Ah. I thought you were just replying to cddolphin, not JLowe. Got it figured out now.
  9. Police officer Thread

    If you think you're sad, you should've seen how we all felt when we realized how we'd been letting these countless $175k yearly salaries slip through our lazy fingers.
  10. Panthers officially named Marty Hurney their GM.

    Great hire. Not for the Panthers so much though...
  11. Police officer Thread

    Have you considered private security?
  12. Saints Owner Tom Benson Hospitalized, in ICU

  13. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    I've never seen Dexter, but it's on my short list of shows to watch .
  14. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    I might've mentioned this but my wife and I started Peaky Blinders (3rd attempt) and this time it really took off. Not sure why we didn't like it the first couple times. Also started Supernatural too for something to rip through on my days off. It's pretty alright.
  15. FF Big Brother 7: Veto Comp is posted

    There wouldn't have been any sleeping going on had I chosen you... that's for sure.
  16. Calvin Johnson vs Antonio Brown vs Julio Jones

    Jones has no business in this discussion IMO... Johnson and Brown are really close, I'd take Megatron if I were building a team.
  17. Saints Owner Tom Benson Hospitalized, in ICU

    He's in BAAAD shape. Like you said, he falls asleep constantly. I swear half the time you see him in the booth he's asleep or looks like someone just woke him up. He has trouble remembering how old he is, what day of the week it is and even his wife's name. In 2014 he was asked who the president was and he guessed Reagan. When he was told he was wrong his next guess was Truman.
  18. Saints Owner Tom Benson Hospitalized, in ICU

    Pretty much this.
  19. Madden 19

    Are you trying to tell me they aren't supposed to just sprint to the sideline?
  20. FF Big Brother 7: Veto Comp is posted

    How dare you. I'll lovingly infect @Famous Jameis
  21. Saints Owner Tom Benson Hospitalized, in ICU

    Rita has said she’ll be a partial owner, but the details haven’t been released other than that. Based on the comments by Rita I’d be surprised if she’s done fighting. No idea what kind of leg she has to stand on legally, but I think this whole thing opens back up when Mr. Benson eventually passes away.
  22. Saints Owner Tom Benson Hospitalized, in ICU

    He’s the one... It’s really sad, but I’m certain that at least a couple people in his inner circle or family are licking their chops right now.
  23. Police officer Thread

    My friend wouldn't get out of his car because he felt it was unsafe (busy highway at night) and he didn't think the officer had a good reason to ask him to get out anyways. He was pulled over for going something like 11mph over the limit IIRC The cop kept asking (like the example you gave) him to get out and my friend just kept asking "Do I have to? Do I have to?" The officer never told him he had to, but implied it in about every way he could. Finally he got frustrated and just told my friend to leave lol. No ticket or anything. What reasons could an officer have to want you to get out of the vehicle? Which reasons are valid (meaning you MUST comply) and which ones are not?
  24. Madden 19

    One of my favorite things is when you're up 3 scores in the 4th, with the ball, and you simulate to the end of the game. Next thing you know it's in OT and you're mashing the "Quit Sim" button to save the game. Every.Damn.Time. Either that or Ingram will rush 25 times for 66 yards in a blowout loss.