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  1. My boss is chill tho hes probably gonna be hungover too lmao
  2. Still drinkin cause I already started U know probably regret it tomorrow but it's supposed to be Saturday anyways thank god for spellcheck
  3. 8 am with h an hour commute
  4. Welp. Got called into work tomorrow. It's not my Friday and longer. and I'm already drunk. very cool.
  5. Which isn't particularly damning I don't think
  6. Jfin has been the first lynch in both games I played most recently. I think the last two games overall. unless he's posting something really damning I can't vote for him.
  7. Maybe you're alright after all
  8. Sounds about right from a Panthers fan
  9. Monday is my Friday so I'm also drinking. And will be for the next couple of days
  10. Aren't we all lawyers? This is the internet.
  11. From what I've seen. Yes lol. And sometimes N2 as well.
  12. What's the story (or lacktherof) on this? I have been largely inactive from TAST for quite a while.
  13. You're in law school now. College was the time to be curious. If you don't know by now you never will.
  14. Active suspicious. Save inactives for when nobody (or everybody) looks suspicious.
  15. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    I'm nursing a hangover from my teams win. Wife knows better than to leave her damn box wine lying around.
  16. Saints fielding calls for SS Vaccaro

    What would you feel is fair compensation for a guy that needs a new contract in a few months?
  17. 🏈 Week 3 GDT @ Panthers - Noon CST - Three And Out?

    If we go 6-10 with all our divisional games being wins, Payton gets fired and Brees resigns for 3/60 I'll start going to church again lmao
  18. A picture is worth a thousand words. If this isn't a VERY competitive game I think Loomis very quietly starts sending out feelers for Sean Payton. A Payton trade is unlikely but would be a HUGE step in the right direct. Last game without Snead. Any word out there on Strief or Armstead?
  19. 🏈 Week 3 GDT @ Panthers - Noon CST - Three And Out?

    This. I much prefer this than people blocking freeways, throwing bricks through windows or other forms of protest that has been normalized recently. Whether or not you agree with the message behind he protest, I think this is one of the best forms of protest. 100% peaceful, and your message came through loud and clear.
  20. Thoughts on Saints first win of season

    I want to see more Kamara and Ingram in the slot. I don't see why we can't see 25 carries a game between the 3 with another 10 or so targets in the passing game between Kamara and Ingram
  21. Sproles - Bummer

    He's their starter. Kinda the head of their RB committee. At 34 an ACL injury could be a career-ender for Sproles. Surprising he's been effective for so long, he's never been a guy that relies on his speed but it seems like his quickness is still there at 34. Shame, I'll always have a soft spot for ol Lightning Bug
  22. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    True. But writing off everyone with tats is a dangerous game as well. Stats say some of them HAVE to be baaaaad baaaaad folks. Others probably just liked the way they look and get them so long as they have a friend to hold their hand for the owie part
  23. Saints fielding calls for SS Vaccaro

    I think that all depends on what they would get in return. Vonn Bell is a very similar player, but with how well Vaccaro has been playing, t makes for a tough trade even if we think Bell can step into that same role for us. He probably has priced himself too high for the Saints to feel comfortable trading him. Nobody will want to give up an early pick cause they might be able to find a similar guy in the draft, Saints don't want a mid rounder cause they know he could turn into a pro bowler on another team and they'll be eating crow on a bad DB trade, again. Also, the trade talks could've been nothing more than Payton trying to light a fire under his butt. The only issue I've ever had with him is his hustle leaves a lot to be desired at times, he's had two pretty public benchings and some trade rumors floated around. He might be a guy you always have to keep pressing to get the most out of him
  24. Saints fielding calls for SS Vaccaro

    He played well today. Saints could be getting some calls this week, if they're still shopping him. They might not be after this performance.