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  1. All I was looking for was some hope...and now we have hope!
  2. Bobby's right. All we want right now is HOPE. Anything to show that we are on the right track. So far, nothing from this season is any different than the 50 or so previous campaigns. And as far as how good Zach Wilson CAN BE...I don't know how much that matters, or even what that means really. Right now he looks like a QB who cannot play at this level. Right now, he looks like we would be better off with Cam Newton. Right now, he looks like a bust. Right now, it looks like it was a massive error by management not to have a veteran signal caller challenging him for the job, o
  3. What are we doing? This defense deserves better than an offense that produces nothing because the quarterback is not ready for the National Football League, the receivers have more drops than catches, the tight ends have no talent and the offensive line (which was supposed to be fixed) is anything but fixed. Where are they going with this offense? Is this going to suddenly get good with this group, because this is the group we have invested in. Do we even know if our quarterback can play in this league? He seems afraid of his own shadow. Maybe we got Mamula'd at the combine wit
  4. So, obviously the preseason did not translate into the regular season...for Wilson, for the team as a whole, and for the organizational confidence. This is going to take a lot of time. I am extremely impatient because all of my life has been the same 'ol situation with this franchise. But it is what it is. We are probably going to be as bad as last year, and maybe even worse. The one thing I will say after two games is that Saleh comes as advertised. We have lost a ridiculous amount of talent on defense and yet we are vastly improved defensively. Our defense gives our offense a cha
  5. History suggests that our old quarterback is going to punk us today, because that is just the Jets way. However, this group feels different. Maybe I will come back down to reality in a few weeks, and maybe it will be more same 'ol same 'ol, but I believe in Saleh. I am blown away by Wilson. I think we can steal this game.
  6. Our coaching strength is defense, so we should go offense with our first three picks imo...the QB, the OL and then the RB or a second OL would be my preference. Then look at the defense, with the hope/expectation that Saleh can turn later picks into solid starters.
  7. There were several opportunities to trade down...heck, there may still be...and still get the quarterback. Without the added pressure of picking Darnold's successor even earlier than he was picked. I really hate the idea that Wilson is so much better than the other three guys that we are locked in on him. We should not be. Any of the five guys would be fine for us. But we are treating Wilson as if he is Lawrence, and he is not. He is nowhere near ready for that kind of scrutiny and pressure. There should have only been one slam dunk in this draft, and we have created a second one without
  8. I agree that the O-line is top priority now, but it is not ideal to be developing an offensive line at the same time you are developing a quarterback (and they are all playing as starters immediately). This is my main issue with the current roster. We absolutely needed to get a veteran offensive lineman or two who would have been more developed now, in order to help the kid out right away. OR, we could have done the opposite and developed an O-line with a veteran placeholder at quarterback. We did neither. We have decided to go all youth all the time. In theory, it makes sense. But
  9. If he gets some free agents after the June 1 releases, then his grade can improve for sure. I already mentioned that. But this is a bottom-line business. Bottom line: we stink. We don't have enough good players, and when we will have enough good players, the other teams in the division may still have better players. Plus, you did not talk about the QB position. We have one guy who has yet to be drafted and is a major question mark as a Week 1 starter. In fact, we will probably have the worst starting quarterback in the league in 2021. And if he goes down? Is everybody prepared for the Mi
  10. So far, I would say Douglas gets a D for his off-season. Now, obviously he can hit a grand slam at the draft and move the needle, but to me he has left us with far too many holes to fill with the draft alone. Plus, going all in on a raw QB with no plan whatsoever behind him is totally asinine. I mean, we needed help at QB when we had Darnold and Flacco, so we have actually gone backwards when it comes to the quarterback room. Plus, we still don't have a starting RB, our offensive line is terrible and lots of uncertainty on defense. I get it, we are rebuilding. But I don't think we absolut
  11. Seems like a very worthwhile gamble (Levin). Nice. Not so nice is the idea of bringing in Brian Hoyer for a visit. He brings absolutely nothing because he cannot compete with the No. 2 pick and in my view that is not good enough. We need a No. 2 QB who is more like a 1A, who can actually play.
  12. I like Bernard. Would love to sign him (or anybody these days).
  13. I take no offense. Rather, it is a badge of honor!
  14. Yeah, that is what I got out of what you were saying, I am sorry if I made it seem like I was targeting you. I was not.
  15. I see that the Zach Wilson overhype train has already left the station and is racing down the tracks. Sigh.
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