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  1. EPL Pick'em 2017/18

    Saturday 21 October 2017 Chelsea 12:30 Watford Huddersfield 15:00 Man Utd Man City15:00 Burnley Newcastle 15:00 Crystal Palace Stoke 15:00 Bournemouth Swansea 15:00 Leicester - GOTW Southampton 17:30 West Brom Sunday 22 October 2017 Everton 13:30 Arsenal Spurs 16:00 Liverpool - BONUS 3-2 I missed the Friday game...sorry about that.
  2. Week 7: Jets at Dolphins

    I felt going into this season that the only difference between Miami and us was Ryan Tannehill. Without him, we actually have the better QB play right now. Incredible but true. We have to get back to establishing the run to win on the road against a divisional opponent. This is their revenge game, for sure, and Jay Ajayi ran wild against us last season in Miami. If we can bounce back from that lame call against ASJ and win a real gut-check game like this, then I think it will make believers out of a lot of us. We are 1-2 inside the division right now. It'd be nice to even our record because we only have 2 more games inside the division after Sunday. J-E-T-S.
  3. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    The more the merrier, that's for sure.
  4. Week 6: Jets vs Pats

    Isn't Williams playing hurt? Are we ready to declare that he won't be great under those circumstances? Let's be patient here.
  5. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    The likelihood of 1) is so remote, it's not even worth thinking about really. I mean, as mentioned above, the offensive coaching is not bad now and is actually turning McCown into something decent. But we saw nothing in training camp that suggests either guy will become The Guy. Cousins is headed to San Fran, I think. That seems inevitable (unless Tom Brady heads there instead). I'd gladly take either Alex Smith or Drew Brees. For me this is the best scenario we can hope for. Garoppolo won't be traded to the Jets, it's just not happening. The rest of those guys are very meh.
  6. FA QB's for 2018

    Just get someone like McCown for the right price again. The key will be drafting our future. There will be QB's available in the bargain bin. We need to upgrade yes, but we should not sign someone who has to play ahead of the kid we draft (i.e. the Glennon situation in Chicago). That's the last thing I want.
  7. Week 6: Jets vs Pats

    I couldn't agree more. I wanted so badly to beat the Pats yesterday but I think we proved we could hang with most teams. We are ahead of schedule.
  8. The Jamal Adams Appreciation Thread

    The safeties are changing the overall outlook of the entire defense, which is what I suspect management had in mind when they spent our first two picks on the both of them. So far, so good.
  9. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    None of these QB's are standing out above the crowd...yet. So at this point there is no need to plan any strategies to move up in the draft. Let's let the chips fall where they may. Maybe by the end of next month we'll know more about who we should target. But maybe not. Right now, we have as good of a chance to pick our next QB regardless of where we end up in the standings as we do if we were to trade up. I view that as a good thing.
  10. Mike Maccagnan Thread

    I think Garoppolo will be starting for the Pats next season. Brady? I don't know and I don't care.
  11. EPL Pick'em 2017/18

  12. EPL Pick'em 2017/18

    No worries, I appreciate your efforts.
  13. Mike Maccagnan Thread

    Look, I get it. We have taken full advantage of bad quarterback play from the opposition. Which is ironic, because people want Petty or Hackenberg to play and provide the same lame-*** QB play that we've been up against recently. Derek Carr carved us up in Week 2, so chances are Brady will do the same on Sunday. But even with Bortles the Jags have destroyed teams like Baltimore and Pittsburgh this season. Miami somehow has two wins and Cleveland is Cleveland. All I am saying is we are actually building something this year, even with a 38-year-old journeyman QB. With better QB play, we beat the Bills in Week 1. That's a positive. We were killed in Week 2, but the offense did some nice things against a bad Raiders defense. That's a positive. The last three weeks we found ways to win games that in the past we'd surely lose. Positives. If the Pats win 44-6 on Sunday, then everybody gets what they have wanted I suppose. A reality check. But as long as this team shows heart and determination and youthful exuberance, how can we NOT root for it to continue? If you still want us to lose just because of McCown, then I have to question your fandom.
  14. EPL Pick'em 2017/18

    Are we still doing this? Lots of good matches this weekend.
  15. Mike Maccagnan Thread

    So we're supposed to be pissed off that we are currently 3-2 with McCown, instead of 0-5 with Hackenberg? Come on guys. If Christian Hackenberg was ANYTHING he'd be playing right now. He was, is and will forever be a horrendous draft pick. Would you prefer that Macc compound his mistake by actually playing Hackenberg??? I'm sorry but I will take 3-2 with McCown and a bunch of other building blocks who WILL be a part of this team moving forward. Everybody's focus is on the QB position, and justifiably so, but if you look beyond McCown you will notice that we are winning games and being competitive with the rest of the NFL with a bunch of rookies, second-year talent and young veterans who might all be back next season. What is wrong with that, exactly?