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  1. FA Targets 2018

    We got ONE career year and one terrible year from Fitzpatrick. I don't think what he did with us is any factor at all. That was pre-Morton, so it matters little. What matters is what our new OC did with the journeyman QB who played almost at a Pro Bowl level in Morton's first year calling plays. IMO, that is huge.
  2. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    Well, where you and I differ is on just how much faith you have in Kirk Cousins. I see a very talented, yet very average QB who makes critical mistakes at key moments. If we were to sign Cousins, I would be just as worried as I would be if we drafted Baker Mayfield at six overall. Perhaps not as worried as if we traded up for Sam Darnold (which I think would be the worst move we could make).
  3. 2018 NFL Draft Thread: Jets clinch 6th overall pick

    What if the BPA IS a quarterback? Wouldn't that be the most efficient move? And chances are, at No. 6 there will be at least one QB who would be considered the BPA. There is no Wentz sitting there at No. 1 overall this year, though. IF anyone is going to turn into Carson Wentz from this year's crop, it will be Mayfield, Jackson or maybe Allen. So it's more of a Deshaun Watson situation than a Wentz situation. Goff was a disaster in Year 1, turned a major corner this year. Let's see what happens next. I'm not sold. Morton developed (I mean, REALLY developed) McCown's game this past season. If he can do that, he can probably develop a younger, better player. Kerley was a questionable move, for sure. But for the last time, not playing Petty/Hackenberg actually helped this offense develop over the course of the season. Morton would not have been able to do what he did with a clueless rookie QB. We made the right call, we played our best QB.
  4. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    Well, I will pay close attention to the combine, but there are no more games to be played. Neither is going to play in any of the postseason all-star games, right? We don't know that. Maybe Cousins likes John Dorsey. Maybe he likes Hue Jackson. Maybe he sees a better fit there, for whatever reason. Maybe he does not WANT the New York spotlight. All I am suggesting is that there is not a lot of difference between the Jets and Browns, in terms of appeal for free agents. The gap is not nearly as wide as you make it sound. Denver and Cleveland, yeah there is a major gap. But NYJ and Cle? OK, so let's play it out. Four QB's go in the top five, ok? That would mean that all of Cleveland, NYG, Indy and Denver take a QB, or Cleveland takes two! OR, some other team makes a lopsided (not for them) trade to move ahead of us. Then, let's go further. Where did Cousins sign? Obviously not with any of the teams that grabbed a QB before us. Where was Alex Smith traded to? Where did the 3 Minnesota QB's land? The main point here is that there is quite possibly more QB's available this year than there are starting jobs available. So, we're in good shape. The second point I would like to make is that I feel a LOT more comfortable drafting a potential franchise QB at No. 6 overall, and pay him according to his draft position, than I would be drafting a potential QB first overall, with everything that comes with being a QB drafted first overall. The bust potential would be HUGE. Think of it like this: Both Leonard Williams and Jamal Adams fell to us, and both have been good and will be good for us for a long time, but I think both would be viewed a lot differently had they been our first pick, first overall, in either draft. With our history, drafting a QB first overall could have been disastrous. I am more comfortable under the radar right now, at least until we turn the corner and become good again.
  5. FA Targets 2018

    I like him, too. And I always like to take players (and staff) away from NE but I am a bit worried about his workload this season. The Pats tend to use players they do not plan on bringing back a LOT, and then let them walk. He is not a big guy and was always considered a third-down back, but Belichick ran him into the ground this season (and they are still playing). If you're concerned about the wear and tear of some of the college RB's, then we should also be wary of guys like Lewis...especially when it comes to the Patriots and their history of getting rid of players at the right time.
  6. Offseason news/rumours

    I would be fine with any of Graham, Eifert or Seferian-Jenkins as our free-agent TE signing. One of those guys, plus Leggett, Tomlinson and Sterling should be fine at the position, with Thomas at FB.
  7. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    What does it matter whether we pick sixth or first? If there are franchise QB's in the draft, there are. If there are not, there are not. Drafting a guy first overall, and then crossing our fingers and hoping that he turns out to be as good as he is expected to be is not exactly a recipe for success. Draft position does not determine whether or not a QB is actually a franchise quarterback. The player himself, the team he goes to and their situation, plus coaching, will determine that. Plus the luck factor. By most accounts, this year's QB crop is deep but with more questions than answers in terms of finding the next Watson or Wentz. That all said, I'd rather pick sixth. I don't believe any of the guys who will go 1-2 will be worth the hype that will instantly be cast upon them. I firmly believe Jackson and Mayfield are the top two QB's available this year. They won't get picked there because of the stigmas that NFL organizations place on the quarterback position (i.e. size, mobility, race et al). But for me, I think we are positioned perfectly this year to land our next QB for a decade+.
  8. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    You're right. So make the case for signing with us then? I mean, we shouldn't be homers about this. The market is demanding, the roster is young and largely unproven, as are both the GM and head coach, the Giants dominate the headlines, etc. There is a 0% chance Kirk Cousins would choose to play for the Jets unless he becomes instantly the highest-paid player in the NFL.
  9. 2018 NFL Draft Thread: Jets clinch 6th overall pick

    You know what? I could get behind drafting Jackson or Mayfield with the sixth pick, and then bringing in both Tyrod Taylor and Josh McCown to round out the QB picture. If Petty or Hackenberg want to remain with the team, they have to beat out a veteran. Or you could cut Petty, too. The depth would be great and we wouldn't be spending a lot at the position (for now). I like this idea way more than giving stupid money to Kirk Cousins in the hope that he can save us. I like options.
  10. Offseason news/rumours

    We can't build up the O-line AND get the young RB and get the young QB. We have to make choices. The O line, while not great, could have four returning starters (which would not be a bad thing, imo). If we can solidify the center position, I think we'll be alright. Not a great O line, but decent. As long as they can run-block, I'll take my chances with the pass-blocking--especially if we have a mobile QB. Even McCown survived for most of the season with this O line this past season, and he was an injury waiting to happen everywhere else he played in his career. So, there is hope. This O line + a new veteran center might not be good enough for a stationary, pocket-passer type, but with a young, mobile QB I think we should be OK. The real key will be to add the QB and RB this off-season.
  11. 2018 NFL Draft Thread: Jets clinch 6th overall pick

    I think it's really dumb to be taking the attitude that we should have lost a few more games for a shot at two QB's who might not be better (and might be a lot worse) than the guys available to us at six. We actually have something to build on after this 5-11 season, regardless of all the naysayers and all the Josh McCown bashing. We have a up-and-coming OC, a deep threat WR, two franchise-caliber safeties to build a secondary with, an elite DE, solid LB's, a decent running game (with the potential to become great), a solid (if unspectacular O-line) and playmaker at TE. Most importantly, we seem to be buying into the T-E-A-M concept more than before. So yeah, I don't care about Sam Darnold being unavailable to us. We are in better shape than Cleveland, that much I know. Maybe even better than the mighty mighty Giants.
  12. Offseason news/rumours

    Re: Demarcus Lawrence, he seems to be a dominant 4-3 left end but can he dominate as a 3-4 end? I think that question is important when shelling out big money in free agency. Scheme counts. Lawrence-McLendon-Williams works for me, but maybe we don't have to spend quite that much to upgrade the front line? I mean, if Richardson wants to come back, maybe he would be a nice fit (with Leonard moving from RE to LE)? Even if we were to land a Lawrence or Richardson to replace Wilkerson, we would STILL need an edge rusher and new starting OLB, so we might as well look for someone who can do both (sack the QB and start at OLB).
  13. Offseason news/rumours

    Yeah I really miss being the laughingstock of the NFL. We actually have the look and feel of a real NFL team now, for the first time in years. Not a sideshow. Not a circus. A football team. Anyway, I'd be OK with Bell but maybe he was only a Jets fan because of Rex? I'd rather have Bell than Cousins, tbh.
  14. ~*~*~ BlaZeN37’s 2018 Jets Mock Free Agency ~*~.

    I think it would be incredibly dumb to give Cousins all that cash, but even worse would be to do so and also cut Jermaine Kearse. The latter move makes zero sense to me. Kearse is productive, comes from a winning program, and is still young enough to contribute moving forward. What exactly merits getting cut?
  15. Predict the Pick: 6, Jets

    I went with Lamar Jackson but I'd be happy with Baker Mayfield sixth overall, too. I think the first four picks might go the same way as this mock draft, but I suspect Denver will take a QB (either Mayfield or Allen, if I were to guess).