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  1. If it helps, bring in as many SF guys as possible. The important thing is to start being a competitive team again and win more games. If bringing in a veteran from SF stifles the development of a guy we already had at that position, so be it. We're a 2-14 team. We can't assume the young guys we have will all pan out beautifully. Competition is good. It breeds winning. If Richard Sherman is better than Bless Austin, bring him in.
  2. I just don't think Darnold is a leader, and you need a leader at that all-important position. His demeanor is that of a backup QB. We need someone who can come in here and command respect...much in the same manner Saleh has that respect on the sidelines.
  3. The fact we are talking about possible Robert Saleh-type defenders has me smiling. I have to think going from a Gregg Williams defense to a Robert Saleh defense is going to be worth at least 2-3 more victories next season...just that element alone. Kerry Hyder Jr. and Richard Sherman seem like obvious targets to reunite with Saleh, but what about Dee Ford? He has barely played for the Niners the last two seasons due to injury. Would he be a candidate for release? Is he the edge rusher we need? He was used more situationally than as a full-fledged starter in San Fran when healthy, so I am
  4. Super happy with this hiring. Look at the intensity in Saleh's face. The energy he brings should help bring some new life into the entire franchise. Bowles had no energy. Gase looks like an alien (and coaches like one, too). Rex Ryan had energy but he was almost clown-like. Saleh is probably my favorite coach since Herm. Hopefully he pans out. If he does not, it won't be for a lack of work ethic I am sure. Now let's fix the quarterback situation and win the draft!
  5. I guess I should have been more specific about what I mean by veteran starting QB. For me, it would be a proven guy. Kinda like what Joe Flacco is but not him. Someone who can take the starting job for now but not necessarily keep it when our future QB is ready to take over. I like Alex Smith. I like Drew Brees. I am not a fan of Philip Rivers but he would be on the list. I like Cam Newton. I don't know what Saleh's relationship is with Jimmy Garoppolo but I would be willing to bring him in on a short term deal. I don't think Winston works for this offense. Mariota would be a maybe, but I'm th
  6. I don't like the idea of keeping Darnold and bringing in more question marks like Winston and/or Mariota to compete with him. Too much uncertainty, not enough of a plan imo. Too much in the air. Draft a developmental QB (at 23, or early 2nd round), sign a legitimate starting QB and have the veteran start the season as the guy. Then reassess as the season progresses, and as the young QB progresses. Perhaps there is an injury somewhere along the line. Perhaps our doctors puncture our veteran QB's lung, boom instant opportunity. We just have to stop making the same mistake with the QB
  7. I would be perfectly happy if we land Saleh. Wanted him or Bieniemy all along this process. Let's get 'er done.
  8. If Douglas thinks Darnold is the future of this franchise, he is not nearly as smart as we believe him to be. Do not place all your eggs in the Sam Darnold basket, please! If he is still here next season, do not exercise that fifth-year option, draft a QB with one of our first four picks (1st or 2nd round) and acquire a free agent better than Joe Flacco. Then, if Darnold shows he is better than the other options, we can start thinking about him as the QB of the future. But right now? Nyet.
  9. We could still draft Smith and Harris at 2 and 23 without Darnold. Sign a free agent, and then draft a QB with the second pick of Round 2. There may even be a scenario where we could draft Smith, Harris and Jones from 'Bama, trade Darnold for whatever we can get and sign a FA to play QB for a year or two.
  10. I am rooting for Saleh. I think the fact the Niners are eliminated helps finalize the deal. I like Bieniemy a lot too but with KC still playing (and probably will still be playing for several more weeks), maybe Saleh is the better option right now.
  11. The Eagles have been good under Pederson for longer than a year. And Wentz was trending towards superstardom before going down against the Rams the year they won it all. It is as if people here are more scared of the known than the unknown, which kinda boggles my mind to be honest.
  12. I am still not going to get my hopes up again. When I see Urban Meyer introduced as the Jags' head coach, and when I see Fields take down Saban's Tide, MAYBE I will start to consider this. However, we as a franchise are not lucky. We are not the type of franchise that decides to win games late in the season, and then have the player we were wanting to tank for fall into our laps anyway. That is just not a Jets thing. It's Bizzarro World Jets, not the real one.
  13. I don't know man. What happened in Philadelphia was they beat the damn Patriots for the Super Bowl. Yeah, it went sour after but how else can you land a SB-winning coach unless it goes sour??? Without that SB victory, chances are Douglas never gets a GM position. I am Italian, but no I am not Mike Francesa.
  14. When you don't have a blueprint, you need to find one from somewhere else. The Andy Reid tree is as good a place to start building an identity as anything. What exactly is "the Jets way"? Aside from losing and drama and eternal frustration?
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