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  1. 2018 Draft Day(s) Thread

    I'm OK with taking a Miami U TE in Round 4, especially when our other options are not great. We really do need an edge LB next, though.
  2. Jets trade up to 3

    I have a bad feeling we are going to muck this up, badly. If Mayfield goes to Cleveland and Darnold goes to the Giants, we are pretty much screwed. I also hate the idea of Barkley still being on the board at 3 and us passing on him for a QB. That could haunt this franchise (as if it's not haunted enough!) for several years. I know we need a QB but it's going to hurt seeing Barkley dominating. Isaiah Crowell and the QB will not make us forget about what might have been.
  3. I'd like to get back into the second round, so whatever deal makes that possible would be fine by me (assuming we are talking about the six names above).
  4. 2018 Schedule Released

    Not sure the start of the year is as easy as we are suggesting. Two short work weeks back to back with a Mon-Sun-Thu start. Not a fan of that and not sure why the NFL would even force any team to do that. I do like the fact we have a bye week before we play the Pats.
  5. With the 3rd pick the N.Y. Jets select....

    Baker Mayfield, Saquon Barkley, Lamar Jackson. The last one with a trade down. I am glad the reports suggest it will be Mayfield. I think it is the only way to justify moving up. I do not trust Darnold or Rosen at all. Sounds like Allen is going to Cleveland. I will be cautiously optimistic if we get Mayfield. Still think we could have landed him at No. 6, though.
  6. Jets trade up to 3

    Winning teams can afford to trade high draft picks to fill needs. Bad teams cannot. The reason why we don't have talent isn't because we don't have a flashy, splashy quarterback. The reason why we don't have talent is because we can't draft it. The Colts have a flashy, splashy quarterback who is probably better than anybody we draft this year, and nobody wants to play there either. Just win baby.
  7. Jets trade up to 3

    We could have stayed at six, not passed on a QB, and selected a guy just as good and perhaps way better than the guy going at 3. That is my problem. For me the timing wasn't there this year to move up. Sitting at six was a great position, and I will continue to say that. OK, so maybe they did not like 1 of the QB's among the top 4. Heck, maybe they don't like 2 of them. No matter, because Buffalo and Arizona would have jumped us to get those guys. OR, if they trade up to get the guy we liked, a franchise RB or LG would have fallen in our laps. AND, we would have been able to find talent THROUGH THE DRAFT in Round 2, instead of wishing and hoping and praying that NEXT year free agents will like us better than they did this year.
  8. Jets trade up to 3

    If you guys can guarantee me the next Carson Wentz, I am on board. I do not believe any of the guys available this year are as good as Wentz, and will never be as good as Wentz. Which is why I don't believe any of this year's QB's was worth trading up for. ESPECIALLY when there are so many available, and none stand out above the others.
  9. Jets trade up to 3

    We are a defeated franchise.
  10. Jets trade up to 3

    I am just going to agree to disagree that this was the right move for this franchise at this time, I've said my peace.
  11. Jets trade up to 3

    How many young, franchise QB's play for defensive head coaches? Curious.
  12. Jets trade up to 3

    Who is saying that?
  13. Jets trade up to 3

    You guys aren't saying anything we don't already know. Do I want a journeyman QB for the rest of my football-watching days? Of course not. But if you guys aren't scared to death now that we are going to hitch our wagon to the WRONG guy, then you really, truly aren't Jets fans.
  14. Jets trade up to 3

    That is not how we're built, though. We're not an offensive team. Comparing us to the Rams and Eagles is folly. We are a defense-first team who constantly preaches ground game and ball control. In fact, I think part of the reason why Morton is gone is because he wanted to pass more than Bowles likes. The comparison that fits the most is Jacksonville. You're telling me we could not find the second coming of Blake Bortles with the sixth pick? Or a second rounder? This team is not a franchise QB away. This team needs more talent at a number of positions. Trading three valuable assets for a move up of three spots is folly.
  15. Jets trade up to 3

    I wanted the team to stay put. We had a BPA lined up at 6th overall (4 QB's plus Nelson and Barkley), plus two seconds and a third and a fourth and a fifth. THAT was the way to truly build a winner. Now, we're back to the same position we were in when we threw all that money at Cousins. "Please QB, please save us!" The difference is now we don't even know if the kid can play in the NFL. We just traded away 3 high draft choices because of somebody's pro-day performance. Unreal.