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  1. Game 3, 2018: @ Cleveland Browns [TNF]

    I remember that game, but wasn't it in Miami that we squandered the lead?
  2. Game 3, 2018: @ Cleveland Browns [TNF]

    Well, that is one of the issues. What is the plan for the kid? Because by trading our draft-day depth to land him, and not really addressing the MAJOR needs of this franchise (a game-breaking RB, a true No. 1 WR, O-line upgrades and above all else a legitimate EDGE rusher), we are just throwing him to the lions here and hoping for the best. At this point, it will be a miracle if Darnold does NOT bust because the set up for failure is fairly obvious to the naked eye. I get it. The Jets believe in Sam Darnold. They feel he is the real deal. Does that mean he HAS to turn into Aaron Rodgers overnight? Because that seems to be our plan here.
  3. Game 3, 2018: @ Cleveland Browns [TNF]

    I am not worried about Darnold, per se. But what are we doing? What is the plan, exactly? If all he is going to do is hand the ball off to our RB committee or throw 5-yard passes to Enunwa, ANYBODY who plays QB in the NFL can do that. We are not allowing him to grow and develop HIS passing game. We are not allowing him to improvise. We anointed him the starter, and now we are using him like we would have used McCown or Bridgewater. What is the point of that. If THIS is the QB play we want, a veteran is better suited for it. Why isn't he using the two deep threats we have in Anderson and Pryor? He went to Herndon a lot against Miami, and yeah the rookie dropped some balls, so last night we basically ignored that element of the offense? This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. It is not enough to have a guy you THINK can be a franchise QB. You actually have to develop that and get that out of him. It does not simply happen. Right now, it looks like we gave up three second rounders for a game manager. Also, Bowles is obviously not a master motivator, nor is he a genius strategist. The ONLY thing I liked about him when he first got here was that the team seemed to play a disciplined brand of football (sans any shenanigans) that had been lacking under Rex Ryan. Well, where has that gone? Our players OVERREACT every time they make one damn play. We take stupid penalty after stupid penalty. There is zero leadership, zero accountability. This is a complete joke. We need to clean house (yes, AGAIN). New management team. New coaching staff. This perpetual and everlasting rebuild continues.
  4. Khalil Mack

    I am done with this regime. Everybody has to go. We have our franchise QB now, but without smart people running this team Darnold will never develop properly. We make panic moves when we don't have to, trade players for pennies on the dollar, meanwhile the player we absolutely need is out there and we sit on the sidelines and watch him go elsewhere. Bleep that. Let's go opponents. Let's go 0-3 and reboot this damn organization and bring in some people with a damn clue!
  5. Teddy Bridgewater

    Bridgewater is a SIGNIFICANT upgrade over McCown (and I actually like what McCown did for us last season). If it came to that, you cut McCown. It's that simple. You don't trade a STARTING NFL Qb for a 3-round draft upgrade. That's insanity.
  6. Teddy Bridgewater

    This was not a roster decision. Come on. Our roster is not so good that we could not fit another potential starting QB. That's insane.
  7. Teddy Bridgewater

    Right, and we got rid of the dead weight. And for once, I felt like we actually held an edge over just about every team in the NFL at the quarterback position. But we can't have nice things, I guess.
  8. Teddy Bridgewater

    Darnold + Bridgewater + McCown = 3 QBs, not 4. Unless my math is screwed up.
  9. Teddy Bridgewater

    I just don't understand why we HAD to do this right now. I get it, they really really really like Sam Darnold and believe in him. And some people outside of the organization are singing his praises as well. So, all signs point to Darnold being the real deal. To all of that, I say so what? We're the Jets. Nothing comes easily for this organization. Absolutely. When you think we are about to turn a corner, we usually fall flat on our collective faces. Why couldn't we start 2018 with Bridgewater backing up Darnold, with McCown around as the mentor/inactive third qb? What was wrong with that scenario? It's not like Bridgewater is under contract beyond this season. He was a goner for sure at some point between now and the off-season anyway. So why RIGHT NOW? Because even if we are 95% sure that Darnold is the man, that 5% matters more for us than other organizations. Because we have a history of not making the right choice, or of screwing things up with the right choice. Would the market have dried up completely between now and the trading deadline? It depends on the injury factor. But are we really thinking NO NFL team was going to become desperate after losing a QB in-season this year? That would be hard to believe. And even if that scenario played out, we probably still get a fourth round pick at least for Bridgewater. I would have kept the insurance policy. I would not have cashed in without a great return. We did not get a great return. And now Darnold HAS to perform right away. The pressure is on. We have done him no favors here. All we did was do right by Bridgewater, I guess. I mean, he goes from behind Darnold to behind Brees. We are a worse team today than we were yesterday. I do not believe keeping Bridgewater would have adversely affected Darnold at all. And if it would, then he is NOT the man for the job. Instead, all we have done is greater the odds that he will succomb to the pressure that comes with being a savior for one of the worst franchises in league history. We're still the same 'ol lame-*** Jets until proven otherwise. This is just further proof. end of rant.
  10. Predict the 53 man roster

    A failure to launch.
  11. New Uniforms Coming in 2019

    I'd gladly take my avatar again...although we might have to find another guy named McNeil to fill it.
  12. Teddy Bridgewater

    I don't see why we have to deal Bridgewater barring a great offer from somewhere. Keep the kid (Darnold) hungry and up on his toes throughout the first year. Make him actually EARN the starting nod. If McCown is the only competition for Darnold, it is too easy to anoint Darnold and just let him play. That is not a bad thing, but I much prefer keeping the competition alive throughout the season. Personally, I start Bridgewater Week 1 if he continues to show he is healthy and playing well. Darnold No. 2, McCown as a quasi-assistant coach and No. 3. Revisit the situation before the trade deadline or after a starting QB goes down somewhere else.
  13. Khalil Mack

    My only issue with Fowler is he currently plays left defensive end in a 4-3 defense behind Ngakoue. We would ask him to play on the opposite side in an upright position in a 3-4 defense. Hopefully, he does not need the entire season just to adjust to the new scheme, because it could be a wasted year just before he hits free agency. For that reason, I would not trade Bridgewater for him. Heck, barring a first rounder or as part of a package for Khalil Mack I would not want to trade Bridgewater at all. But there is another thread for that topic.
  14. 2018 Draft Day(s) Thread

    I'm OK with taking a Miami U TE in Round 4, especially when our other options are not great. We really do need an edge LB next, though.
  15. Jets trade up to 3

    I have a bad feeling we are going to muck this up, badly. If Mayfield goes to Cleveland and Darnold goes to the Giants, we are pretty much screwed. I also hate the idea of Barkley still being on the board at 3 and us passing on him for a QB. That could haunt this franchise (as if it's not haunted enough!) for several years. I know we need a QB but it's going to hurt seeing Barkley dominating. Isaiah Crowell and the QB will not make us forget about what might have been.