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  1. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    Drafting the franchise left tackle before the franchise QB seems like putting the cart before the horse, to me. Look at Joe Thomas. It's great to have a Joe Thomas, but it means nothing if he has to go through 57 QB's in 10 years. If we are drafting 8-14 next year, I hope we draft the best QB still on the board. And if we don't like any of those guys, draft a franchise RB. Or a franchise WR. The defense should be reasonably settled and established, so next draft will be all about the skill positions and the offense overall.
  2. Jets 2017 Training Camp Thread

    You can all relax. We did not play McCown for more than one series. And it went for a touchdown. The first-team offense looked pretty good, actually. McGuire's first-step quickness is interesting. Qvale is a disaster as a starting RT, though. Hopefully, we make a switch there before Week 1. I think our best WR combination is Anderson and Peake as starters, then Stewart and Marshall. Wilson and Harper are interesting options, too. The defense looked great. I have no issue bringing in Aguayo to compete with Catanzaro and Martin. Why not?
  3. Preseason Game 1: Titans vs Jets

    Re-establishing the defense is Priority 1 for me this season, and so far so good. I like what I saw. Let's hope they continue in this direction. Granted, Mariota looked rusty and they don't have much behind him, but still. Baby steps.
  4. QB Expectations

    I don't agree with most here that starting McCown is a waste of time. It is not. We are developing a number of players, not just the QB position. We want to fully develop the right side of the O-line. We want to develop two young TE's in Seferian-Jenkins and Leggett. We want to continue to develop the young receiving core in Anderson, Peake, Stewart et al. And we also want to continue to develop the young studs on defense, namely Williams, Lee, Jenkins and the two rookie safeties. That is best accomplished with a QB who is not a deer-in-the-headlights situation. McCown isn't much, but he has the right attitude (which Fitz did not have), seems to have a positive effect on the younger players and has decent talent (when healthy). He has never been able to stay healthy, so Hackenberg should see the field anyway. I just don't see him as a future starting QB, so for me the waste of time is just as much in the belief that Hackenberg is a franchise QB as it is playing a 38-year-old vet in a rebuilding year. For the QB position, it is less a rebuilding year as it is a place-holding year. There are several QB's better than Hackenberg in next year's draft. Also, I honestly don't think we are going to be as bad as people suggest. And we will benefit in the long run from every victory this season, because aside from QB and possibly RB (though McGuire may surprise), we will be winning games with youth virtually everywhere. Our roster will gain invaluable experience this season, and set up a nice scenario next off-season when the focus will be on finding our future QB. Hopefully by then, most positions will be established (save for maybe center and running back). So, that is how I see it. I am fully behind starting McCown for as long as he's healthy. Hackenberg can begin his role as an NFL backup QB. There is no shame in that. But that is his potential, IMO.
  5. Soccer 17/18

    Another Man United fan here. I want to believe in Mourinho, I really do. But for some reason, I hesitate to fully support him. I am cautiously optimistic about the season, but I do agree that we need one more big-name winger to fully compete for the treble. I'm going to miss Wayne Rooney, though. I became a ManU fan while watching him and David Beckham play. I hope Rooney does well with Everton. I will always root for him.