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  1. So because he tried to stay up instead of going down at first point of contact means he flopped? That take is probably more ridiculous than the no goal.
  2. How is this simulation lol. He got pushed from behind and kicked twice
  3. Probably the worst call I have ever seen in soccer. https://streamja.com/6pQA
  4. I'm fine with it. Creates entertaining groups like Group F.
  5. Not here to overreact but we winning champions league next year
  6. Agreed, don't think they will finish out of the top 8/10 but I can see them struggling early while trying to find the right lineup. Also with Europe, they could get messed up with a heavy match load.
  7. Agreed but ManU have at least Pogba, AWB, and McGuire who could start or challenge for a spot in 2 of those teams. Arsenal have their front 3 and a ton of good young players. Arsenal and ManU are decently far behind the other 3 but chelsea is just as far away from ManU and and Arsenal. Edit: Only reason Dave could start for Tottenham is they are essentially trotting out a youth player in that position I wouldn't be surprised to see Chelsea outside of the top 10 by christmas.
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/SwissRamble/status/1161168659861127169?s=09 Good thread. Shows how inept Ivan and Wenger were with the transfer window.
  9. Chelsea didnt have any world class players play on Sunday. They have 1 on their roster (kante). Seriously I dont think outside of Kante and maybe Dave for Tottenham I dont think any of their starters could start for MC, liverpool or tottenham. They're garbage this year and need to rebuild
  10. The biggest shame was the score ending 3-1 because the defense played great. And I disagree with you that it was a pretty poor game from Grealish (outside of 1 run that could've ended in a goal). Constantly making poor passes not linking defense to attack and he basically threw away the game getting dispossessed at the top of the box. Agree about goals, that was my big concern. What I read about Wesley (the striker who constantly fell to the ground) was that he was strong in possession (didn't see that in the first game) but didn't score many goals. Trezeguet looked nice yesterday
  11. Why they giving us this minnow club to start the premier league
  12. So yesterday var delayed the game and today they had a pixel of someone's foot offsides. I have said it for years var. is. ****. Let's all go back to yelling at the refs
  13. United did improve but their team is still much worse than Tottenham. Maybe next year they can challenge y'all but I just don't see it happening this year. Chelsea is in a rebuild type mode so I really think the top 4 is set with Citeh, Liverpool, Tottenham, then Arsenal.
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