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  1. Sorry for the quote box, used BDs as a template due to mobile device spacing issues. Obviously that's a lot of pitching so if anyone is dissatisfied with their pirching keepers let me know. Id love to get an OF in the top 10-15 range of OFers.
  2. HH concedes 4 down and is fighting 8 down. Lol
  3. Conceding the race a little early. You're only down 4.
  4. FFMLFB League

    This is the only league I got/have less than the 1 seed.
  5. FFMLFB League

    Thought about blowing this team up a bunch this year and got 2nd seed. Weird. Lol
  6. FF MLB Veterans League

    Going to be another tough cut for me. I got 13 keepers. Can we trade picks? I'd trade one of the 3 for picks.
  7. So 12 keepers right now are Arenado, Baez, Cain, Sevy, Snell, Rodon, Marquez, Jansen, Grienke, Realmuto, Wheeler with the last spot having consideration for Ward, Trienen, Godley and Doolittle. With there only being 3 sure offensive keepers and Cain whos borderline for me Id like to trade pitching for another sure position player. Preferably OF. Sevy not on the table otherwise lets talk.

    Id be happy if we made the final series mathematically mean something. That would be fun. Gm 162 for the division would be best baseball in years.

    Welcome to 2018, where everything's racist and intent doesnt matter.
  10. I like the deal for you. Sale is awesome and you upgraded a keeper.
  11. I do my rosters in the morning and it said Cruz was day to day and EE was still DLd. Ugh.
  12. 2018 Predictions

    When you're doing a solid job on standings but maybe have one right in awards😂
  13. Traded Tanaka for Minter. I value Tanaka higher than Minter but this got the deal done easiest. I have a lot of good SP (German Marquez is a big pickup with how he's pitching) and Im throwing **** against the wall at RP with Jansen and Doolittle out so this helps keep pace with HHs Iglesias acquisition.

    Nvm, guess the pitch with Syndergaard wins worst ever.