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  1. I would update more often if it were available on mobile.
  2. Propose a Trade/Trade Rumors Thread

    All these Machado photos with Yankees at the ASG making me wish he had a choice.
  3. All-Star Rosters Announced

    He gets nothing for defense because he's a DH. If he was in RF he'd have greater WAR due to that contribution. He's awful in LF, thats true but that's not his natural position. Also, Im not ignoring the stats, they're all fairly close.
  4. All-Star Rosters Announced

    WAR not a great comparison considering one player gets nothing for defense. In a game that's a spectacle give me the guy that has more HRs and that hits balls 500 FT.
  5. Propose a Trade/Trade Rumors Thread

    There doesnt seem to be a good enough SP upgrade so you take the upgrade that's available. Believe me, if DeGrom was realistic Id be all over that instead. No thanks to Happ, Hamels and all that medocrity.
  6. Propose a Trade/Trade Rumors Thread

    I agree normally but there's plenty of smoke to indicate a possible fire. They are now consistently being listed as a main destination. This isnt like all those years Yankee fans were fitting Felix for pinstripes despite him not being available.
  7. Propose a Trade/Trade Rumors Thread

    His numbers were solid last year. Wouldn't be the worst pickup.
  8. Propose a Trade/Trade Rumors Thread

    If NYY moves Andujar for a pitcher that's worth that type of player then turns around and move Sheffield for Machado I'd be on cloud nine. Flags fly forever.
  9. You regret that? You were stoked when I offered it up.
  10. You regret that? You were stoked when I offered it up.
  11. All-Star Rosters Announced

    If I take the chance to vote I got Giancarlo and Muncy.
  12. All-Star Rosters Announced

    Nothing against Trienen, just think that the difference between Trienen and Kela is smaller than Choo and Lowrie.
  13. All-Star Rosters Announced

    MLB picked Trienen and Choo as reps. I think Kela and Lowrie would make more sense because Lowrie deserves over Trienen. Also, should have been Beni over Springer. Coming from the leader of the anti-Beni club. Lol
  14. Damn, my direct competition gets the 2 guys I wanted. Lol

    He needs a month in the minors. IMO the Yankees have waited long enough.