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  1. @Lions017 and @BillsGuy82 you in for 2021?
  2. Now everyone’s gotta drop those players.
  3. crab1106


    Almost made it! Oh well, good matchup!
  4. crab1106


    Welp, you are my only loss this season. Let’s do this.
  5. Selling off older guys if anyone is interested
  6. I was first for a bit now I’m 6th! Ugh
  7. First priority bud. We actually have at least 13 active teams tho so it may not happen this season.
  8. I’m also going to try to screen shot Lions and BG posts into discord so we get it both places. I have zero interest in losing @Lions017 as he’s a great owner.
  9. It’s not about problems, just enhancement. It creates our own community and allows for notifications. I don’t always make it to FF these days so it’s nice to be able to see thing more readily.
  10. There is minimal conversation on here anyway so if anyone would rather not join that’s completely fine. Not everyone “announces” trades and any important changes I will be sure get to everyone.
  11. Trying to make our discord active. This will help with trade talks and general league talk. Link is below. Please sign up, it will be a positive for the league. https://discord.gg/az4dQD @BillsGuy82 @Lions017 @Sllim Pickens @FGK @klyon7634 @davisblack @Herbie_Hancock @nagahide13 @SwiftPride I already added @kwolf68 @tom cody @biggio7 and @Mr. bDoDDleS and @Dingo18287 are already there.
  12. Yes they are. The thing that could make us suggest to them to leave is if they don’t respond to conversations/trade talks. I can’t think of anyone in this league that wouldn’t engage, they are just rebuilding. Some of course will always be rebuilding haha
  13. Traded for Hader, wanted that elite RP. Felt it was my biggest hole, especially with Kahnle down.
  14. Ok rosters are now 30 players and waivers process at 12 daily. Those 4 spots can only be used to replace PPDs and rosters must be cut when the team in question is back active. I will be sure to review the nuance of these fluid schedule changes before I drop a player for someone. For instance, the Yankees play the Phillies on Tuesday. If a team that is over roster has no PPDs on Monday but they have NYY players and we still don’t know if the Phillies games will be played, I will wait that out.
  15. The button I pushed seems to allow you to keep the roster illegal but not pickup. The button that would allow pickups is premium so I need to find a new way. My next route is to expand rosters by 3 but the 3 extra spots are only active by rule if you have a PPD. I was also shut out of picking someone up last night despite the change.
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