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  1. FFMLFB Draft

    Sax- Colin McHugh @umphrey
  2. FFMLFB Draft

    DJ LeMehieu @davisblack
  3. FFMLFB Draft

    Billy Hamilton - Sax
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    Hyun Jin Ryu @davisblack
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    Sax- Carlos Martinez @umphrey
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    Shane Beiber @davisblack
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    Sax - Kikuchi @umphrey
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    Cesar Hernandez @davisblack
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    Sax - Max Kepler @umphrey
  10. The NEW FF Elite Fantasy League

    Any chance I could get 10-12 people interested in an auction draft for a redraft league? Think it would be fun to do an auction. Maybe we just jump in a mock room for fun? Do I sound nerdy enough yet?
  11. FFMLFB Draft

    Jay Happ @davisblack
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    Sax- Maikel Franco @umphrey
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    Andrew McCutchen @davisblack
  14. FFMLFB Draft

    Sax- Lourdes Gurriell
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    Alright, my clocks up. Jose LeClerc, RP @davisblack