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  1. NFC North 2018 Thread

    In terms of Bears/Packers fan relations, I think I’d at least be more tolent of Packers fans if they took the approach of “the Packers won because the Packers outplayed the Bears/Lions/Vikings” rather than “we won because this just how it’s supposed to be.” I’m sure Packers fans who remember the 70s and 80s are appreciative of the success, but the younger fans whose only concept of rock bottom is going 7-9 or 8-8 and just barely missing the playoffs are a putrid bunch to have to deal with.
  2. NFC North 2018 Thread

    The Patriots have morphed over the years. Their first Super Bowl run, they were a scrappy, lucky team. Then they were a team with a very talented defense and a balanced offense. As that defense fizzled out, they turned into an offensive powerhouse. Their current incarnation is where they’re a complete anomaly, because they’ve been able to sustain success—and arguably have been their most successful—while being pretty talent-deficient. Outside of Brady and Gronk, they really don’t have stars. They can totally miss on first round picks and then win a Super Bowl with 10 or 11 guys on the field being mid-rounders and UDFAs. They’re just such a well-oiled machine at this point, which I think is the result of Belichick’s wealth of experience. I see a lot of similarities between the present-day Patriots and Packers, but the biggest difference is that the Packers can’t overcome adversity like the Patriots can. Missing on high draft picks badly hurts them. They can’t thrive with a roster stocked full of role players. They don’t have the caliber of coaching experience to overcome inexperienced players making mistakes in a playoff game. Like you said, the lack of Super Bowl appearances, let alone Super Bowl wins, is really a big knock on the Packers. One of the biggest travesties of the decade in all sports may be that Rodgers has had the prime of his career needlessly squandered by carrying the entire weight of the team on his shoulders rather than being surrounded with blue chip offensive talent.
  3. NFC North 2018 Thread

    If that team lands a third consecutive QB who’s just one big trump card when Rodgers leaves, I’ll be crushed. The fact that the Packers and Patriots have been so dominant and have had like 20 playoff appearances in 25 years in the salary cap era is so completely improbable.
  4. Bears Sign TE Zach Miller to 1 year deal

    What constitutes “if he can play?” Can they bring him out to stand in the backfield for a kneel down play and double his salary?
  5. NFC North 2018 Thread

    That's true. I am always pretty amused when the Packers go 15-1 every season and then find a hilarious way to lose in the playoffs.
  6. NFC North 2018 Thread

    For the record, I badly want to see the Packers become the derelicts of the NFL. I’m talking Cleveland Browns 1999-2017 level stuff. Lions/Vikes, we cool.
  7. Bears Offseason Tracker

    Trestman always looked like a dude Chris Hansen would be questioning at a breakfast bar of a sting house in Palm Beach County, Florida.
  8. Watson and Kamara

    Something that Hoge/Jahns brought up in regards to this year’s draft: there’s such a massive obsession with draft capital nowadays. Fans see giving up picks as this giant unforgivable football sin and would rather see their team amass 10 picks simply to get more dart throws as opposed to than having 5 picks at higher spots and theoretically landing better-rated players. Quantity is valued exponentially more than quality. In 2017, a large part of the uproar surrounding the Trubisky trade was over the draft capital Pace surrendered. But then we never heard a single word about how he recouped a 2017 4th rounder and gained a 2018 4th rounder by trading out of #36 In all, Pace gave up a 3rd round pick and swapped a future 3rd for a future 4th as insurance to get his guy.
  9. Watson and Kamara

    Even John Lynch was convinced that the trade had to be for Solomon Thomas during the negotiation process because of Glennon. It’s baffling how Glennon was looked at as a joke and clearly his contract structure was team-friendly but nobody could look past the max value.
  10. Prop bets: What do you think?

    Does Cody Parkey miss his first FGA? I say yes.
  11. Watson and Kamara

    Here’s the thing: the week of the draft, we heard rumors that Cleveland really liked Trubisky and that they also were interested in moving up from #12. We also know San Fran liked Reuben Foster enough to consider him at #2 and that they were willing to get out of #2. On top of that, we know that Pace was pretty much locked into taking Trubisky. With all of that in mind, I don’t understand why so many people feel it’s so far-fetched that Cleveland would have moved up from #12 to #2 to take Trubisky if Pace didn’t move up. Pace has said this exact same thing himself, yet “Lynch fleeced Pace” is what everybody holds onto so hard.
  12. Watson and Kamara

    The week of the draft, I really thought Pace was gunning for Watson. Regardless of which QB it ended up being, the fact that the media so badly misconstrued the structure of Glennon’s contract and the surprise that followed when the Bears drafted a QB means the media was either a) stupid or b) liars. There’s just no third possibility. They either truly didn’t understand that Glennon received a glorified one-year deal, or they totally understood but figured they could get clicks by acting surprised.
  13. Watson and Kamara

    Even though he was mocked to the Bears in just about every mock draft in January and February.
  14. Watson and Kamara

    Forgot to add: don’t forget about genius GM John Lynch, who reeeeaaallllyyyy wanted to use that #2 pick on Reuben Foster and then secured his Gold Jacket by trading up to take him at #31 instead. Of course Foster was still sitting there by sheer happenstance and not because every other NFL team figured he was boat racing Joe Mixon to see who would get charged with domestic battery first. MAN HE PLAYED PACE SO HARD!
  15. Prop bets: What do you think?

    You win automatically for using his proper name.