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  1. Watson and Kamara

    Fact is, 8 teams needed an immediate or successor QB and didn’t take Watson. Kamara was the 4th RB off of the board and went at #67, so every team hypothetically passed on him twice. So there’s that. On top of that, both fell into good situations, which plays a bigger part in the success of a draft pick than anybody wants to admit. Watson landed in a place where he seemed to fit the culture and had a coaching staff that played to his strengths. Kamara landed as the #2 back in a pass-heavy scheme that typically has utilized the RB as a runner-receiver/playmaker. So there’s also that. All of this revisionist history is just a bunch of BS that hack journalists spout off to get clicks. It’s the same as saying things like, “Man, people sure were stupid for not investing in Google years ago!” Hindsight is 20/20.
  2. Watson and Kamara

    By Loggains/Fox logic, that means he’ll have to come off of the field when teams double him to stop this.
  3. Watson and Kamara

    Cohen catches a bomb from Trubisky on a post route in week 7. Never saw anything like that play again.
  4. NFC North 2018 Thread

    By the end of his tenure, yes. At the front end, he was the right coach with the right personnel at the right time. Lovie’s scheme coupled with the skill set that Urlacher brought from college was such a catalyst for success. I heard Warren Sapp say Tony Dungy did the Bucs a major disservice but not asking more out of the offense. I feel like that describes Lovie also. The year they went to the Super Bowl, the Bears has the 15th-ranked offense. The rest of the time, they were in the mid to low 20s. His inability to put a merely average offense on the field next to a championship defense absolutely cost the team a ring.
  5. NFC North 2018 Thread

    So is this going to be the most modern offense the Bears have run since the 1940s? Outside of one year with Gase, their offensive scheme has been ten years behind in the modern era. Ditka and his OCs really just ran Landry's old Cowboys offense. Ron Turner, twice. John Shoup. Kromer/Trestman trying to do things they did in Oakland. Mike Martz re-hashing the Rams offense ten years later. Then you've got short-term guys like Matt Cavanaugh, Mike Tice, and Dowell Loggains, who were all in over their heads. The exciting part is that really, win or lose, Nagy should be doing things that are in style now, not yesterday.
  6. Who had best draft?

    A whole bunch of money for a piece of paper and a license plate frame. It’s just like college.
  7. Who had best draft?

    I like how the only benefits of being a Packers "owner" are: 1. Perpetuating a lie. 2. Access to a special online store that peddles additional merchandise that perpetuates a lie.
  8. Who had best draft?

    I don’t agree with the “the refs cheat to help the Packers” sentiment that a lot of people have, but I do feel that if there’s a call with some gray area they’re given the benefit of the doubt on like 90% of the time. Also, note that I don’t hate the Packers. They’re a first-class organization with a great history. I hate Packers fans, the super-entitled ****-eating grinners who look down their nose at everybody else because they feel the Packers are just supposed to always be good, because of divine intervention or some elitist quotes that Lombardi rattled off while he was busy alienating his family. They’re essentially Patriots fans who are marginally less loud, have fewer of their namesake trophies to show for 19 playoff appearances since 1992, and are dumb enough to pay like $250 for a glorified fan club that sends them a piece of paper claiming they own the team. These people are the worst. I can’t wait until that team fades back into the mediocrity that last experienced in 70s and 80s so that I can happily return the favor and rub salt in their wounds at every possible turn.
  9. 4 Years of Ryan Pace: Roster Overhaul

    While that’s mostly true, that statement is also based on the idea that all base 3-4 are created equal, which is extremely false. Most people are super hung up on that idea that 3-4 is a carbon copy of what we’ve seen from the Steelers a few years back, with a 340-350 pound nose and two 325 pound ends. Mention 3-4, and that what everybody enivisions. “The Bears MUST draft Danny Shelton at 350 pounds because 3-4.” Thats vastly different from what somebody like Wade Phillips runs. JJ Watt played 5-tech or a shade off and his job was very much to rush the passer. Same with Joey Bosa. I’d argue that in Fangio’s scheme, sure, the job of Hicks and Goldman is to occupy gaps vs. the run, but those guys are in place because they also can get upfield on passing downs. Bullard’s special trait coming out of Florida was speed off the snap. Nichols had some pass rush production at Delaware. Whereas there used to be something called “pass rush specialists,” nowadays players who can’t rush the passer are largely run game specialists. If a guy can’t get some pass rush production, there’s really no reason to have him on the field outside of obvious running situations.
  10. 4 Years of Ryan Pace: Roster Overhaul

    I still want to know what Emery's vision for Evan Rodriguez was. I get that the guy had a great combine, but I can see at least a shred of sense in every other Phil Emery pick except for that one.
  11. Who had best draft?

    Lacy was a hit if you count him hitting that drive-thru for a McPick 2 three times per day.
  12. Who had best draft?

    Every Packers draft: Round 1 - DB Round 2 - DB Round 3 - DL Round 4 - DL Round 5 - DB Round 6 - RB Round 7 - WR Its hilarious seeing them work so hard to not surround Rodgers with talent.
  13. Who had best draft?

    Worst draft: Packers.
  14. Bears Trade Back Into 2nd for Anthony Miller

  15. Who had best draft?

    Best draft: Bears Worst draft: Packers