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  1. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Sign me up for this. Unfortunately, I'm thinking the Jags would want #4 straight up for him. I'd be ecstatic to get Ramsey and a 2nd for our #4.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    Whats everyones thoughts on Mississippi State's Jeffery Simmons as a prospect and the off-field issue. The incident was truly disgusting. However, is he redeemable as it was back in High School and 3ish years ago? I ask because I wanted to see more of Sweat, but Simmons jumped out in a BIG way every time I watched. Without the DV issue, he'd be a top prospect and isn't that far off from Williams from a talent perspective. I wouldn't blink if someone actually ranked Simmons over Oliver or Williams at this point (though I wouldn't for the record). Man is he freaking talented... Reminds me of a young Fletcher Cox (ironically also from Mississippi State). Regularly destroys some of the best offensive lines
  3. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    I think Jacksonville would be the ideal trade candidate. Below link has a pretty good hypothetical write up. In summary the article basically states: 1. Jags were looking for a QB prior to the deadline 2. Jags love Haskins and will look to move ahead of Giants (likely), Bucs/Raiders ( both unlikely, but possible). 3. Gives multiple scenarios of trade ups, with Raiders they give 50/50 chance of likely hood. 4. Would net us their 1st (pick 7) and their 2 3rds (69 and whatever Rams end up with) https://www.lockedonjaguars.com/jaguars/jaguars-will-need-to-trade-up-in-the-nfl-draft-for-a-qb-but-with-who/ I like this idea ALOT since the worst case scenario of Bosa, Williams and Allen (whom I have come around a lot on) being all gone is a definite possibility. I still like Oliver a lot, but the more I read about the non-football stuff, the more I'm put off by him. This would move us into the 7th pick, ahead of Detroit who are possibly looking at DEs. Gives us our choice of the upside of Gary or the production of Ferrill. I would take one of these DE at this point, as I feel there's a HUGE drop-off from these two to the tier of Polite/Sweat/Burns etc. and would be a mistake to wait and take one of those guys whom I question can hold-up full time at 4-3 end.
  4. State of our team

    Agreed, I think this whole rebuild is going to be built in mind for the 2020 LV season unfortunately
  5. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    I'm officially on the Oliver wagon. Originally I was fairly cold on him as I was all about Bosa and Williams, but after locking pick 4 up I started paying more attention to him. I am fully convinced he could play at at exceedingly high level at DE day one. I have no doubt that after Bosa, Oliver is the #2 DE and by a large margin. I was watching him in movement drills and he freakin moves like a 280 DB. At#4 I want Oliver. I also want Dexter Lawrence with our 2nd 1st round pick. I think his suspension drops him right into our lap and is really a non-issue to me. NT might not be the biggest need, but we need impact players and he is a MONSTER. He's not just a space eater, but actually has pass rush ability. Think Chris Jones type. Oliver, Lawrence, Hurst and Hall/Key would be a damn fine D line. Key had issues due to overuse, so let him be a pass rush specialist. However, If I was in the FO, I'd go hard after whichever impact DE hits FA even if it means overpaying. Think of a base: Oliver, Hurst, Lawrence, Clark (just throwing out a name) Short yardage: Oliver, Lawrence, Jelly, Hall Pass D: Key, Oliver, Hurst, Clark Round out our early draft with: LB Devin Bush and safety Taylor Rapp
  6. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    So just did a Fanspeak draft and had to share. This might be my all-time favorite mock simulator, SUPER unrealistic but still awesome... 1st: DL: Ed Oliver (Bosa, Williams and Simmons went 1,2,3) 1st: DE: Josh Allen (I know, I know, will never be here when draft season rolls around but I can say the same of every player from this point on on this list) 1st: CB: Byron Murphy 2nd: S: Taylor Rapp 3rd: WR:Marquise Brown 4th: WR: Riley Ridley 5th: LB: Devin Bush Only did 5 rounds, but there were several more linebackers that would have fallen in the 6th if it continued: Coney, Fisher, Hodge and Burr-Kiven... Honestly, I'd take each of my drafted players at least a slot up (Bush I'd take in the 2nd round and a lot of those 6 round linebackers in the 3/4th round). -Brown and Ridley combo got me thinking. The duo could possibly be had in the 2nd/3rd round, maybe not what Carr is looking for but would emulate the Rams style of play. Would be a MASSIVE improvement at WR for us.
  7. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Watched some more of Taylor Rapp, man I like this kid. Solid all around and can play either FS or SS. I'd love to take him with one of our later 1st round picks or 2nd rounder. Would greatly help solidify our back end. Not sure why he's not at least in discussion as the top safety. Also, picking 4th or later kinda puts us in a tough bind. I project Bosa, Williams and Allen gone... Leaves Greedy, Ferrill and Oliver. I think I'm leaning towards Oliver (assuming we are unable to trade out). I know having Hurst, Oliver and Hall is overkill at the 3T, but we really need difference makers. I'm betting that one of the 3 would make a fine base end. In fact, Oliver would be a terrific one...
  8. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Whats everyones thoughts on D.K. Metcalf? Certainly looks the part of a #1 WR at 6'4, 220+ with impressive athleticism. 2016 Foot injury and 2018 Neck injury were serious enough to end both seasons. Does his potential outweigh the risk? Does a talent depleted team take a shot or become less risk adverse?
  9. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    New England
  10. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    I try to trade down to around 10ish and take the 2nd, value be damned. Still will have really good players that'll help build the core of our team. Honestly, before the last couple of weeks I thought this was a really great draft to have a bunch of capital in. I'm thinking different now... After Bosa, I don't like anyone at two all that much... Williams is my top choice, but thats by default. I like him better than Oliver as he's built more to last and will likely be able to play our NT position (even if undersized). He reminds me of a rich mans Kawaan Short (which is a great thing). Good burst, good anchor, excellent hand hand useage/pass rush moves. I'm concerned about Oliver and Hurst manning the middle. A power run game would wear those two out quickly. Hate the idea of our top 2 players having to rotate in and out. I think Jonah Williams is the 2nd best player in the draft. I'd be fine (more bordering on unhappy) with him and have the best duo of Miller, Parker and Williams duke it out. Honestly hope this doesn't come to pass and the our coaching staff truly believe that Miller and Parker will grow and solidify the OT positions for next year. If we don't believe in at least Parker at RT (and I personally don't), I think Dalton Risner offers much, much better value as a late first rounder. Miller at LT, Risner at RT and Parker at swing would be alright with me. I like Greedy, but something about having two corners on either side of our defense be a liability in tackling is a big problem to me... I actually really like Byron Murphy and would cost a lot less value wise. Though you could say he's undersized, he doesn't shy from contact at all and would greatly help us with the Keenan Allen and Tyreek Hill types we face throughout the year. I think as likely the 3rd ranked CB, he should be on our radar big time. Josh Allen is a stud, but I wouldn't be thrilled at 3 (10ish sure). My problem isn't so much talent, but scheme. In Gunther's 4-3, he'd likely play SAM as he's way undersized to play full time 4-3 end. Hybrid 4-3 he'd be fine as a SAM or in a 3-4 of course, but our system now doesn't blitz very often enough to value him as a top 3 pick. Shame really. Other random thoughts, Kinda hate the 1 round projected WRs in this draft. I like Nkeal Harry, but as a mid to late 1st and that's it. I also like Marquise Brown, but not sure how Carr would do with this type of receiver... I'm starting to think he's kinda limited in that he needs a big body athlete to feel comfortable. Which brings me to Noah Fant. I'd be good with Fant as our 3rd pick. I think Cook and Fant combo could be a matchup nightmare for coordinators. Granted our jumbo package wouldn't have blocking TEs, but think of them as large receivers... DE is kinda lame duck this year. Not sure about all the earlier hype. Bosa obviously is the Alpha and I like Ferrell, just not at 3. 10ish sure. After those two, not really thrilled as there are too many DT/DE hybrids which I've grown to dislike considerably. Obviously DT is littered with quality draftees. Full Disclosure, I was a proponent of Vea last year (I don't consider injury a fair indication of bustable status). I don't think Dexter Lawrence is getting anywhere the pub he deserves. Guy is a MAN child and would single handedly change a defensive front, think Wilfork with a pass rush. Only problem is that we have a serviceable (not great) NT in Ellis (Hankins signed one year). I'd be perfectly fine with cutting Ellis, letting Hankins walk and drafting Lawrence. Use the 5millionish savings on someone else. However, I won't argue with the thought that we have bigger holes to fill. I just think Lawrence is a game changing type of player. I think this is a great draft to draft off-ball linebackers. Devin White is the Rolls Royce, but I think there's great value throughout, even moreso than him. Mack Wilson, TJ Edwards, Germain Pratt, Te'von Coney are just a few names that I think could seriously help our team.
  11. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    Hunt news changes things a little... 0.5 PPR choose 2 Ware vs Raiders Mixon vs Broncos Ekeler vs Steelers
  12. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    out of curiosity, if we end up picking at 2 and don't get Bosa what happens with our pick? Do we take the best available player and nab another 3T? somebody else? attempt to trade down (likely at lesser value)?
  13. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    I was thinking about this, I wonder if drafting another stud TE would help out the offensive line. Start running more 2 TE sets, steal a page right out of the Patriot, Eagles and Colts playbook. God knows we need playmakers period. I haven't paid much attention to the TE position. Obviously I know about Fant, but who are some other TEs out there? If we keep Cook, I think we need more of an in-line dual threat type, or is their precedence of a team utilizing two in-line type TEs (can't think of one)? Fant is a super stud, but seems too similar to Cook/Graham sort to me.
  14. Who should be shipped out next?

    I keep saying that the problem is the O-line coach, but watching Jackson, he has been really, really bad. Sucks to admit, because we have holes literally EVERYWHERE, but I think he needs to go too. Good thing is this seems like a really great year for interior O-line men. That full Wisconsin O-line alone could compete with most of the top NFL offensive lines.
  15. Who should be shipped out next?

    Can we please get rid of Townsend too? I know punter seems like moot point, but I have never seen a worse kicker. My 9 y/o daughter has a better boot. Dear Gruden, take your lickings for wasting a 5th rounder and pick up someone off the street.