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  1. My official 2018 draft

    So just did our annual money league draft the other day (super early due to work commitments this year) and looking for grade/thoughts/input. Reduced from 12team to 10team this year. Had pick 5. 0.5PPR Superflex (so basically a 2 QB league). Start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 TE, 1 QRWT Flex, 1 RWT Flex, 1K, 1DEF. 3pt bonus for 300yds passing and 3pts for 100yd rush/reception. Also bonuses for long field goals (4 for 40yds, 5 for 50yds). QB: K. Cousins (7), P. Mahomes (8), J Winston (10) RB: J. Howard (3), J Mixon (4), M Ingram (5), C Thompson (13), M Breida (16) WR: A Brown (1), OBJ (2), J Gordon (6), E Sanders (12), N Agholor (15) TE: K Rudolph (9) K: G Zeurlein (11) DEF: LA Rams (14) Obvious strength is my WRs. Actually considered going RB,RB,RB this year and taking S Barkley at 5. Chickened out and took AB, which chain reactioned me into started off WR,WR. RBs went SUPER early as did A Rod (remember basically 2 QB). Shocked that OBJ fell to my pick in the 2nd (pick 16). Was really worried that I'd be going no RB this year, but Howard and Mixon fell to me as my 3rd and 4th round picks. Ingram was kind of a panic pick at 5 (hindsight I might have gotten him a round later) then Gordon was their at 6... Don't feel great about potentially not having a high end FLEX for like 6 weeks if Gordon isn't right, though as the draft fell I felt better about Sangers/Agholor/Thompson filling during those weeks. I really like my QB combos. Cousins should be a stud. Mahomes I targeted, I know he's going to have a high INT rate, but yardage bonuses along with his running ability made him high on my list. Winston scares people because of the suspension, but I wanted a good backup incase Mahomes busts. I get 3 week tryout essentially. Luke-warm on Rudolph, but people passed on him for later TE that I was targeting and he ended up a must draft/value pick for me. I know I grabbed a K super early and against conventional wisdom, but the distance bonuses mean that K actually have big points in this league. I lost a couple of games last year due to Kickers having monster games against me, so figured this year will be the year I take the advantage. I'm banking on some Ram regression, meaning even more opportunities for Legatron. 10 Team league, my strategy was to take any advantage I can and this was one of them. I knew their were going to still be good depth players after taking my top K (Sandes, Agholor and Thompson prove this). Thoughts? Grade?
  2. Jordan Howard for Brandin Cooks

    I'd much rather have Howard than Cooks. If he goes for it, then do it.
  3. Footballsfuture Fantasy Big Board #6

    Barkley in both formats for me.
  4. Footballsfuture Fantasy Big Board #5

    Went Zeke PPR and Barkley in standard
  5. Defense/Kicker

    I think you're going to be just fine with the Saints. Good defense last year and added a couple of additional pieces. Besides, at the very least, you get a top end two week streamer as they play the Bucs and Browns
  6. Defense/Kicker

    I agree with both and am targeting both. Saints have a great week 1 and 2 matchup (Bucs, Browns). Love Gould, I expect 49ers to move the ball very well but have difficulty punching it into the end zone. Honestly, inside the 20 who is going to reliably score for them?
  7. Footballsfuture Fantasy Big Board #2

    #2 PPR: Gurley #2 Standard: Bell #3 PPR: DJ #3 Standard: Zeke
  8. McKinnon vs Howard vs Mixon

    Tough one for me. I think I'd have to say Howard, Mixon, then McKinnon. All have significant red flags. I'm taking Howard as he's the only one that has a proven track record of being a FF stud. I think Mixon has better opportunity (better chance of being a workhorse) where as McKinnon has a better situation. To me opportunity takes the edge.
  9. Saquon Barkley

    I concur completely, 1500 and 9 is far from a slam dunk. I honestly vacillate back and forth between him and AB. I'm thinking/hoping usage like Fournette last year (hopefully with a full 16 games) with increased passing attempts as his baseline. I honestly think that's reasonable. He had 1300ish yard with 10 TDs and 36 receptions over 13 games. Extrapolate that over 16 games and thats... well something better than 1300ish, 10 and 36 lol. I'm hopeful that with OBJ, Shepard and Evans that he sees a lot of 7 man fronts and has some nice rushing lanes (unfortunately he has a hellish schedule).
  10. Rate my Mock Draft Thread

    Pick 5. I'll be honest, I don't love the Evans pick either. Problem is that I didn't love anyone there in the 3rd. Gronk and Kelce each got snagged before my pick (which honestly has been unusual). Baldwin and Hill were there, I'm not terribly high on Hill though. In hindsight, Baldwin likely was the better pick.
  11. Rate my Mock Draft Thread

    10 Team 0.5PPR start 1 QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 Flex, 1 TE QB: Big Ben (11), P. Rivers (12) RB: S. Barkley (1), D. Freeman (2), D. Guice (5), M. Ingram (6) T. Montgomery (15) WR: M. Evans (3), J. Gordon (4), G. Tate (7), C Davis (9), R. Cobb (14) TE: K Rudolph (8) Def: LA Chargers (10) K: R. Gould (16) I'm actually really happy with this. I picked a defense about 3 rounds earlier than I would have liked, but a bunch of teams auto drafted and I really like 5 defense this year (Chargers are my 5th). I would have taken Big Ben and Rivers each a round earlier in a different scenario and looked at a defense in round 12 (if my 5 are available) or in round 14 and taken Ravens to stream against Buffalo week 1. Also would've been quite content taking Guice, Ingram and Tate each a round earlier (two for Tate) than I did according to my own rankings. Taking Big Ben along with another QB is a big part of my strategy this year. Love playing him at his home games and playing another solid QB during his away games.
  12. Rank these WRs

    I find myself going RB,RB, TE in a lot of my mock drafts. In this situation, I would ideally like to go WR,WR in rounds 4-5. I find myself inevitably staring at the same WRs repeatedly and struggle between them. Please rank these WRs, or give guys that you think will outperform, underperform. Any explanation would be appreciated as well. FYI, I play in a 0.5 PPR and start 2 WR and 1 flex. I struggle immensely with this list, today as of this minute I think my rankings are: Alshon Jeffery: #1 on a productive offense. Allen Robinson: #1 on an ascending offense Josh Gordon: I still can't get the thoughts of 2013 out of my head... I think he's the guy I'd be most pissed about blowing up on someone else team. If I take a WR in rounds 1-3 I think he moves to the top of the list as my WR#2. Larry Fitz: boring and old, but still a baller. Extremely high floor, but new QBs and new offenses always scare me. Amari Cooper: huge bust last year, but I'm buying that Gruden is going to make him the focal of the offense. As a 4th/5th rounder, I think the risk is now weighed in and the upside makes him a great value (or I have rose colored glasses because I'm a Raider fan). Juju: I don't like taking the #2 or #3 target on a team if I can help it. But Steelers are a different animal... TY HIlton: It's all about his QB here and I'm not sure I'm a buyer of a guy that hasn't thrown a football in over a year. D. Thomas: Descending talent with new QB and new offense. Also, not 100% he's the number 1 guy in town. Hmm... maybe I'm valuing him more than I should. G. Tate: High floor, medium ceiling guy. Constantly undervalued M. Jones: G. Tate 's complete opposite... also undervalued, maybe moreso
  13. Rate my Mock Draft Thread

    Sorry JC, not a huge fan of this one. having Lynch and D Lewis (non-ppr) as your RB 2/3 hurts big time. Like Fournette, but I see a guy going to get run into the ground without the o-line to compensate (unlike Dallas). Also question his ability to hold up the entire year. By himself I don't have an issue, but when Lynch, Lewis and Miller will will the void if he's hurt, then it's not great for me as a collective whole. Really like your WR in Hopkins, Baldwin and Juju though. I'm big on Baldwin this year as I see Wilson hucking the ball to him on a regular basis playing from behind... I'm not a fan of Luck this year, but good with Stafford at QB. Ertz is a good get in the 4th I'm assuming. C grade as I'm not a fan at all of the RB grouping in it's entirety.
  14. Rate my Mock Draft Thread

    Love your RBs and Wrs (I'm higher on Mixon and Cooper than most). I like how your bench has a bunch of potential big breakout players too (Michels, Mack, Foreman, Davis) .Not a fan of Engram this year at all though. I think too many mouths and firmly believe that we are going to see a HUGE amount of Barkley. Wouldn't be surprised if Engram is the 4th option there behind OBJ, Shepard and Barkley in the passing game. Slight knock on your TE and give it an B+ to A-.
  15. Rate my Mock Draft Thread

    DJ, Cook and Gronk is a nice 3 to start (similar to what I'm planning on doing this year). Taking Thielen/Juju and DT as your next 3 makes for a solid core of WRs. I'm lower on Thielen this year than most (I'm worried about Cousins deciding he prefers Diggs and vice versa ), but taking him in the 4th is a win. Not a big fan of the other 3, but as your wr 4/5/6 is no big deal. Lynch as your number 3 might be abit concerning as he'll be likely filling Cooks or DJs spot on byes. Would prefer him as a RB 4. I'm avoiding Luck, but I like pairing the high upside with high floor QBs. I'd give it a solid B to B+ grade as I like you starting RBs, TE and WRs.