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  1. I’m on board. Always thought of him as an entitled prick, but that really doesn’t affect his coaching ability. Honestly don’t know much about Ziegler though. Can anyone shed any light?
  2. I obviously don’t know the full details of these specific events, but going on the premise that a legal BAC is <0.08, blood alcoholic content level decreases by 0.015 percent every hour. It’s quite possible (and happens very frequently) that a driver refuses a roadside breathalyzer/sobriety test (which is legal in many, many states, though understand that refusal has big repercussions too I.e. revocation of driving license for 6 months unless cleared if charges), at this point a BAC level is drawn by medical personnel at either the precinct or hospital which takes time, reducing the BAC
  3. Draft Kings has a Mahomes and Burrow combined for 600yds at +150. I'm smashing that bet... Also taking Chase, Higgins and Boyd each to have +50 yds at +330 with a much smaller bet
  4. Drake London reminds me of Eric Decker in playstyle
  5. Okay, feel good story is over. We looked bad out there. penalties and red zone woes feel like discipline issues and that falls on coaches. I agree with the others that we need a management overhaul. Carr should stay as I don’t see anyway we improve the QB position (I’m expecting Rogers to stay in GB or head off to Denver).
  6. I may be in the extreme minority, but I would be fine with Rich B getting another year. He’s held the team together and took us to the playoffs despite the ridiculous off field stuff that 90% of teams would have disintegrated under. So he’s not an X’s and O’s Guy… fine, bring in an OC to call plays and keep Bradley. If that means we have to keep Mayock, for another year, then so be it. Let them all work it out another year and see what we have post Gruden.
  7. In general, I’m absolutely fine trading a 2nd or 3rd for a young star, even if it’s a possible one year rental (this is assuming the player stays in the league, which has to be extensively researched in Ridley’s case). you have leverage to resign him with the tag and still get back a 3rd rounder if they end up walking for another team.
  8. Would love to keep Bradley, but hiring Carroll would just be gross… im convinced that Russell single handily kept Carroll employed over the years.
  9. Already have Waller, but noticed that Logan Thomas and Dawson Knox had been dropped to waivers. Should I pick them up and trade Waller to upgrade a different position? not even sure what I could get in return….
  10. I’m actually optimistic regarding our roster construction moving forward and would be disappointed on tearing it down now. on the offense we have arguably every starting skill position set: QB, RB core, multiple TEs, 3WRs. on the line we have a LT (Miller) potentially 2 Guards (Simpson, Good/Leatherwood) and maybe a RT (Good/Leatherwood) So… on offense I’ll say we need a Center, RT (for simplicity’s sake) and depth. on defense, most of our guys are average players at almost every position that we can upgrade as opportunities arise. we have our ends, safeties, a fairly youn
  11. 0.5 PPR Alex Collins or Kadarius Toney. worried about Jalen Ramsey on Toney…
  12. Week 3 previous pick: Denver Broncos new pick: Carolina Panthers
  13. Just read an article proposing we reach out and offer a trade of Ferrell for Jaylon Smith. thoughts? Personally I’d be all about it. https://www.google.com/amp/s/heavy.com/sports/las-vegas-raiders/clelin-ferrell-jaylon-smith-cowboys-trade/amp/
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