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  1. Since it’s the greatest athlete, I gotta go Michael Phelps. Individual sport, competing at the highest level in the Olympics, that man has: 28 medals (an astounding 23 of them gold) along with multiple works records... yeah that’s dominance at an unprecedented level.
  2. Of course, that’s fairly obvious. I’m only guessing that after the trade, they decided to extend him before the the CBA increased.
  3. Only thing I can think of (and I’m reaching) is that they’re looking at the CBA for next year and the year after. Supposedly because of the television contract, new player contracts are supposedly to skyrocket exponentially. figure a small pay raise now is worth the gamble. If he succeeds and then they have to extend him, they’re looking at a much larger contract. Guessing same rationale for Miller. Again, I’m reaching for an explanation...
  4. Expecting little on-field output, but huge dividends with the rest of the young DBs.
  5. There’s the old vet to teach the system to the young guys. Interesting, I knew we would go Hayward or Sherman. I wonder how much he cheaper he was 🤔.
  6. A big game between 17 and 27 though... As most have said already, like the player, hate the value.
  7. Sure does. Hate to admit it, but these Pro Days are jacking up all the measurables by overinflating them
  8. Honestly forgot about Irving. He’d be good for the role too... Maybe we’ll see less of Thomas than I was thinking. Still think he forms some part of the rotation though. Yes, I’m stubborn.
  9. Agreed. Man, Dylan was once upon a time talked about as a 1st rounder. I feel bad for him...
  10. Agreed he was used wrong, but I don’t see anyone else on the roster at this point that would rotate schematically in that position. Thing about Bradley is that man rotates the D-line continuously throughout the game. It’s why I’m guessing his totally content with fielding a large squad of good not great players (obviously he didn’t really have choice with the weak draft and FA). Philosophy is that his guys are going to be continually fresh and hungry as the o-line wears down over the course of the game. I standby the idea that Thomas is going to see a lot of 5T this ye
  11. I’m guessing Solomon Thomas is going to be heavily relied upon to rotate in Ferrell’s 5T position in addition to 3T. My guess is that Thomas IS the Ferrell contingency plan.
  12. Not trying to be a jerk, but google Koonce and Mel Kiper it’s all over the place
  13. Apparently was projected by Kiper in a recent mock at 41 to Detroit.
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