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  1. Man, always great to get a win! How's everyone fee... Outpost still setting dumpster fires, huh? One thing I love about this forum is it never changes.
  2. The "toughness" crowd will be happy for a few minutes anyway.
  3. They needed someone who could actually snap the ball, thus Patrick made the cut.
  4. Hard part'll be checking on who's still in playing shape etc.
  5. He doesn't have time to throw 30-40 times a game, the other team is busy running the ball.
  6. Been that way since back when I was an active poster. Not unconvinced he has nudes of Webby.
  7. Is that assuming there's a 2020 College season, and a 2021 draft?
  8. It's a Fullback. We drafted a Fullback in the 3rd. #LolGute and #FireGute are alive and THRIVING. 1st round Kicker next year.
  9. Zach Johnson OT NDSU to sign with GB Packers Via NFL Draft Diamonds (@DraftDiamonds) https://twitter.com/DraftDiamonds/status/1254184035536048131
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