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  1. Sewell. It wasn't because Chase fell, I'll tell you that.
  2. Mayne... I'd much rather that money go into Linsley's pocket. I won't say it's a bad move, but I will say I wouldn't have done it.
  3. Someone remind me why we need a S so bad that we run a 3rd on the position with everything else we need? RB is a little pricey in the 2nd since you already have Quadzilla on this roster, and you brought back Williams. I Don't think we spend anywhere near that money in FA, so I'd assume a 2 gap DT somewhere in the back end at the very least. Keke is a good enough pass rush option to rotate in.
  4. And the secondary? We thinking single high, 2 shell, press, off, etc?
  5. So what defensive scheme should we be looking to implement?
  6. Hell, this entire draft is chock full of tall CB. I'm cool bringing King back, but I'm not cracking my checkbook for him.
  7. Davante makes that hip catch, it's a different game. Savage actually catches that ball, different game. Incompetence is there, but we haven't the luck to compensate
  8. This was always a bad matchup for us. Bad luck all around.
  9. Defense is off the field. Good. Because they scored. Bad.
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