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  1. Mike Pettine Defense

    If the Packers can stop the other teams pass offenses then watch out - with a healthy Rodgers wow!
  2. Mike Pettine Defense

    The plus for Kevin King coming in to ther NFL was his excellent hitting and tackling ability. Big CB who can press and hit.
  3. Supplemental Draft

    Packers don't need another CB - Edge sure but don't waste a draft pick
  4. I picked Blake because he is now the true defense team leader. Clay has lost some zip and Perry cannot stay healthy so its Blake Martinez that has to lead. I think he will.
  5. I would say last year was a weak group of WR's. this year the options look much better on paper with the rookie talent coming in and practice squad WR's with 1 year of experience. OL in 2018 looks similar to 2017 with RG being a question but also with some fill in players from last year who did well. This group is not in terrible shape as you will see. RB's look to be be better. Edge no worse than last year and with Biegel getting a full off season and Fackrell getting into his 3rd year that group should be the same or better DL definitely better DB definitely better Kicking - likely better with a top punter now on the team. QB - much better backup QB options now. Coaching - most of us got what we wanted with a proven DC and I for one am really looking forward to what Pettine and i am also excited to see joe Philbin back where he belongs.
  6. So, tell me who had the best and worst drafts?

    Roquan is the real deal but the rest of the Bears draft - eh!
  7. What is your biggest surprise of round #1?

    Ward being picked over Chubb.
  8. Is Bulaga worth the money?

    If Bulaga is healthy he is worth the money but how often has that been true. Does he really think he wil get clsoe to 8 million when the Packers cut him. I don't see it maybe 5 or 6 million but thats top dollar.
  9. Loved TJ Watt coming out but was happy with the need pick in King. Watt was a starter for the Steelers and he would not have been for the Packers, so the point is if he was on the Packers no way he makes the all rookie team. Seems the Packers 1st round pick this year looks very talented, but, unless they find a way to pressure the QB we will nto see much of a hnge in defense performance. Perhaps Petine has a scheme that fits the Packers better than the Capers scheme. Pray for that,.
  10. Day 2 targets

    I think especially after Bulaga said no to a pay cut the 2nd round will likely be an OL. I also see a trade up back to the 3rd round at some point. Round 5 Jack Cichey anyone?
  11. Anybody for Cobb out Dez In?

    I am not interested in a malcontent like Dez Bryant. Add to that he is about 3 years older than Cobb so no ty.
  12. Question is then who do you cut to provide cap room. I am fine with the Packers signing Wilkerson but it likley means 1 of the following gets cut - Mathews, Cobb, Bulaga ? What about Morgan Burnett - will the Packers sign him or other free agents. I predict a fairly significant overhaul by a new GM trying to make his mark. This offseason will be exciting.
  13. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.0

    Aaron Rodgers has more than earned a consultation on who his QB might be. Just another minor miss by the Packers brass.
  14. 2018 GB Packer free agents

    Take a RB in rounds 3-5. I can't think of a bigger wasted draft pick this year. This team needs to retool and get deeper on the OL and they need starters and rotational players on defefense. Williams, Jones and Montgomery is the best group of RB 's going into the season than the Packers have had in a very long time. WR in rounds 3-5 for a possibility but I jsut don't se both Jorday and Randall gone next year. A Taylor Gabriel type may be a nice fit and, of course, Ty Montgomery can play multiple positions.
  15. Leisher's 2018 Mock draft # ?

    Shore up the front 7 on defense and the OL first. You make way too many moves so I can't take your offseason seriously. However, I do think either Cobb or Nelson will be gone, not both. I do think Clay will be on the team. I do think a WR wil be drafted fairly high. I do think a veteran QB will be signed to back up Rodgers. I do not think a RB will be drafted that high. I see 3 front 7 on defense and 2 OL drafted.