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  1. Linsley and Jones would both be a 4th round comp pick likely. Both are All Pro's and both are under 30.
  2. Here is your big problem with this draft = you wait until pick 178 too draft the biggest position of need. Pick 178 should be the 2nd CB drafted not the first.
  3. Where would the Packers be next year without Dillon in the wings so by what logic was he a bad pick. Deguara got hurt so even evaluating him right now is dumb. Love got drafted because Rodgers is already unaffordable and will be more so in 2 years. Are you noting the cap problems already?
  4. Packers defense was what 9th. Not top 5 but not awful. Packers missed path to the Super Bowl was 2 plays. Obviously an upgrade from King is a must so that means a free agent CB likely and the offense needs another weapon, especially with Jones gone and the OL weakened at least early in the year. Not impossible so we will see.
  5. I agree 4th or 5th round for that RB. First 3 or 4 rounds are important for other positions like CB, OT, WR, LB.
  6. 1. Currently the Packers are still 22 to 24 million over the cap not just over 100 million. 2. I don't see how the Packers can avoid cutting Preston Smith based on the real current cap numbers. I expect a cut or trade of Preston. 3. Extensions can save cap this next year but I don't see as much kicking the can down the road as you do. In fact. I see cap issues forcing Rodgers out in 2 or 3 years. 4. How do you sign Jamaal Williams at 1 mil per year. You wrote cap cost 2 million so that is not correct. I don't know what as Williams contract might look like but I could see the P
  7. I am sure the Packers are not so desperate for DL that they use both R2 and R3 on the DL. OT is a need and hoping Sermon is still there at 133 is unrealistic. 4 DB's is also not realistic. Packers will have 10 draft picks not 11.
  8. so you have the salary cap all wrong and the compensatory picks all wrong and the salaries all wrong. Other than that great job!
  9. Here is where you are wrong. JJ gives a lot of his money to his charities so no he will not play for league minimum because he does need the money, if for nothing else, his charity work.
  10. I don't see JJ going anywhere for less than 10 mil per year on a 3 year deal
  11. You seem to be leaving Josh Jackson as the guy to replace King and that worries me. I don't see any way the Packers don't draft a CB at 29 or 62.
  12. Not to insult you but your free agent signings contracts are laughable. Not sure even then how the Packers afford to sign them and please let Frank Gore retire in peace. You do realize that even with Bak restructuring to save over 8 million next year still leaves the Packers 24 million over the cap.
  13. Packers are about 32 million over he cap so yes restructure, cut, extend are all in play. The team must avoid becoming the Saints who are 100 million over the cap.
  14. Barry intends to run the Fangio defense. Should be aggressive and interesting.
  15. He was Asst Head Coach on the Rams right?
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