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  1. According to Murphy, Rodgers is under contract for 2021 at 37 million, 2022 for 40 million, and 2023 for 28 million. This is the current business agreement between the front office of the Breen Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers. If Aaron Rodgers does not live up to his contract then fines kick in and if it goes long enough the contract moves year and would end in 2024 instead of 2023. There is no trade clause in Rodgers current contract so he does not have to approve of the team the Packers may trade him too.
  2. The Packers have no advantage to trade Rodgers now and give him what he wants. Maybe, if he chooses to sit out the year, they trade him at the trade deadline but I doubt that will happen. It might help if we knew what he was butt hurt about. He played like crap in the 4th quarter against the Bucs so is this all diverting his blame on the loss. Who knows.
  3. I have read so many posts claiming the Packers have not given Rodgers enough weapons. I laugh at that. How many years did he have Jordy and Randal. How many years did he have Jordy and Randal and Greg and JerMicheal and James. He has had good RB's and OL. He had Clay and Charles and AJ and Julius and BJ and other good to great defensive players. He had the highest scoring offense last year using a system made to order for Rodgers.
  4. Question is who does Rodgers like. He did not like Thompson or McCarthy. He does not like Murphy or Gute. He seems to like LaFluer but LaFluer kisses his *** to the point of being nauseating. He does not like is family and has gone thru relationships at a ridiculous clip. Rodgers is a tremendous football talent who just isn't a great guy when it comes to authority. Let his sit or make him play. No trade.
  5. Rodgers will be 38 this year and its likely he won't have 5 good years left. In fact his decline in 2019 likely led the Packers to go get Love when they had a chance and after they lost out on moving up to get Jefferson. 2020 definitely was Rodgers redemption year to prove he still was elite, and he did. Now the Packers cannot over react and over pay.
  6. Gute is not in charge on final roster makeup. He is in charge of getting players for coaches but final cvutdown is coaches first and GM second.
  7. Any contact by another team or to another team by an agent or player under contract is illegal tampering right? If the stories are true Rodgers and his agent are guilty so do the Packers let it go or rub their noses in it.
  8. I don't see much comparison between Amari Rodgers and Tyler Ervin other than both were or will be key on gadget plays. Ervin was a decent punt returner and maybe average RB. Amari Rodgers is also a punt returner but is a talented slot receiver plan to be a significant starter in time. I agree Amari will get worked into his role slowly but his talent will get him good playing time sooner than later. Great pick
  9. Rookies rarely start right away but the 3 starters I predicted have a good chance to be in the starting lineup as starters soon.
  10. I see 3 starters pretty quickly from this draft class - Stokes, Meyers, Rodgers. At least a couple of the other picks have a chance to be a starter. Big win if true.
  11. So you want the best OT left on the board at 29. Makes sense. Me I want the best playmaker on the board at 29. Draft OT and CB in rounds 2 and 3.
  12. Campbell certainly would not be BPA but we will see in a few days. I see the Packers trading down to get more young cheap talent to counter their salary cap proble3ms next year.
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