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  1. do we pay Kenny Clark?

    I thought Kenny Clark played a great game on Sunday - outstanding. This is the first time in weeks that Kenny did much of anything that I could tell. If he does not want Aaron Donald level money then sure sign him long term. If he wants that kind of money wish him well and move on.
  2. 2019 WR Corps

    Gordon will always be one Friday night away from a permanent ban in the NFL. Why even deal with it.
  3. do we pay Kenny Clark?

    I think Kenny Clark has been invisible for a number of games this year. Is he playing too many snaps don't know but his production is maybe average.
  4. The "Kick the Tires" Thread (Other Teams Cuts)

    Stop with the Hopkins to the Packers., Texans won't trade him good grief.
  5. and.....Hillary is a guaranteed win in 2016 LOL. Never be too cocky especially early in the season. The Bears will be fine and the Packers are better then this dummy post.
  6. Packers & Bears Postgame

    Prime Clay was years ago so what is the point now? The Packers now have an OLB combination they have not had in years. Be grateful
  7. Don't get too excited yet about the Packers. At the end of last year they were closer to last place then first place. The QB (Rodgers) just had his 2nd bad year. Let's wait and see how they do these first few games. Anyone right now saying 10-6 or even 12-4 are nuts. I just hope these guys are really good and we will see on Thursday.
  8. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    Packers desperately need a true veteran backup QB and that is not Kizer. I think Dexter Williams will be the 3rd RB. I'm impressed. I see EQ to IR and likely Shepherd makes the team. He made some great catches. I think 3 TE and a fullback - likely Tonyan or Lewis gone. I see Looney gone and a pickup from another team. Bolton looks like he will not be ready for awhile so he will go in return IR. A real possibility for a trade to get an ILB. Note sure when Burks returns. Josh Jones makes the roster unless he is traded for an ILB.
  9. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    The idea the Packers won't keep 3 QB's is laughable with Aaron Rodgers injury history. Don't know who Darin Hall is but I suspect Dexter Williams or someone not on the roster right now will be the 3rd RB. My money is someone not on the roster right now. Don't see 4 TE's on the fianl roster - not with keeping the FB. Why should Madison make the roster over McCray - not a chance DL other than Clark not all that impressive - whee is Mike Daniels when you need him Pack will keep 4 ILB's and that puts Gilbert out Josh Jones is only out if he gets traded so he might get traded for an ILB perhaps? My opinion and I'm sure i'm wrong!
  10. Oren Burks

    Burks is what we call "potential" which means not very good yet. He is nothing to write home about at this point so we are forced to look seriously at an UDFA or a 7th round pick to start. Not good and not even a little good. Just another hole on this Packers team.
  11. Isn't the point "here we go again" when it comes to preseason and Rodgers never being in game condition by the time the season starts. Right now Aaron Rodgers is a liability to the Green Bay Packers - he kills their salary cap, he never gets ready for the regular season so he ends up getting injured or his timing is way off early, he has criticized his new coach - mostly indirectly - but its still criticism. Back hurts = my ***.
  12. Oren Burks

    Just move Rashan Gary inside and move on. He would do fine.
  13. 2019 WR Corps

    Kumerow gets open a lot and can get open against NFL starters so not sure what planet you are on. I see Kumerow as the #4 WR right now and a lock to make the team. Put a fork in Moore I'm afraid.
  14. Why I bet GB for the SB (Offense edition)

    I am as of right now assuming the Packers will play better this year because they have a better head coach and made significant moves to improve the defense. That said, I am assuming the talent was there for the most part last year to at least get a few more wins but that the coaching was just that bad. LaFleur is not on the hot seat his year but Pettine and even Aaron Rodgers sure are. I think Green Bay is the surprise team in the NFL this year. especially with that improved defense.
  15. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    Dix is "still" not very good so who cares? Damarius Randall gone - who cares not a great football player. Simple - Damarius Randall could not cut it ion Green bay so best of luck to him in Cleveland. Is Kizer a legit backup QB = we should know for sure this year but assuming he is not is dumb, at least right now.