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  1. Savage got beat deep late is that prevent = no. Alexander got beat deep while playing press coverage (got figure) so was that prevent = no. The Packers should have played better prevent defense and yes that definitely needs to be cleaned up by Pettine. Sloppy in the 4th quarter but the D played pretty darn good for 3 quarters.
  2. Follow the money when it comes to maybe why they are preparing to move on from Rodgers. Now if he keeps playing like this the trade won't be Rodgers it will be Love.
  3. 4.36 40 is faster than Davante Adams, Antonio Brown, and Michael Thomas - next question?
  4. How in the hell does Josh Jackson feel like Robert Ferguson whatever that means. Jackson got hurt last year and then his Dad died so safe to say 2019 was a nightmare for Josh Jackson, He was a great college player for Iowa and I expect he will have a good pro career. He seems to have made a statement in camp so far so way to go Josh.
  5. I think Pettine has done well with the talent he has been given. Sure the DL had some disappointments last year. like Adams and Lancaster and the apparent slow development of Kingsley. What I came away with is the Smith's are very good as iare Clark and Alexander and Amos and King and Savage. Martinez was a good ILB but made way too many tackles after 50 yards. Burks is terrible and Summers never had much of an opportunity. I think and hope ILB will be a big improvement in 2020 and that Gary would have a better year. I still have hope an interior DL will come available and help on the inside. 13-3 does not equal DC sucks - not even close. Getting too the NFC Championship game does not mean the DC sucks - again not even close.
  6. The Packers have had an offer out to Snacks Harrisson for some time now. He just needs to decide if he still wants to play and for who.
  7. Really? What about Funchess is exciting? He was never going to be a #2 WR and was likely headed for #4. Hope he doesn't regret it.
  8. Keep in mind not once case of young school age kids (5th grade and below) have passed on the virus to anyone so a lot of hype, a lot of care tactics to keep kids out of school, al;l for political reasons. Don't buy it!
  9. Hope the number does not go up and I hope the Packers can do a better job than baseball seems to be doing. Kids transmitting the virus to parents do not much of a concern since there are zero cases of young school age kids transmitting the virus to their parents. I wish them all luck.
  10. I see Rodgers with the Packers for 2 years and realistically 3 years as long as they are a top tier team. Love is young and he will get his chance but no sooner than 2022.
  11. Phase III trials are going on in Europe now with the Oxford backed vaccine. US govt has contracted for 100 million doses to be produced starting in December. Lets hope that's the timeline and maybe we can get fans in the stands by playoffs.
  12. Its not the same as last year they get St Brown back and they got Reggie Begelton who must be thrilled about now.
  13. The Packers would not have gone 14-4 without Aaron Jones, can't say the same about Kevin King. I put Jones no less than 3rd.
  14. You do get nobody in training camp has COVID-19 right ? The virus is also not the killer it was early on. Players should be just fine, at least until the social justice BS has people turning off the games.
  15. Look slick you do get there are no wrong answers right.
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