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  1. Wk 3 postgame: GB 17 • WAS 31

    Never thought I would ever say this but fire McCarthy today and put the DC in as the interim. McCarthy has lost this team and its past time to move on.
  2. this season has been a history of poor coaching, overpaid so called superstars, lack of effort, and poor QB and WR play. Bring back Dom Capers because this guy sucks!
  3. Nop Rams game not a shoot out but a shooting
  4. Do I see hope in this Packers tream yes. Do I see the same defensive problems this year as last year yes. Lining up Devon House outside instead of Josh Jackson or Jaire Alexander was one of the causes for the outcome. Not rotating Reggie Gilbert into the mix enough has been another massive mistake considering Clay Mathews, so far, is in a word = terrible. Coaching so far gets a C at best.
  5. Stock Up, Stock Down Weeks 1&2

    DL is stout and solid - its OLB thast has been poor to date. Teh young CB's can paly so let them play. Why House was in there to get beat is ridiculous.
  6. If Mathews has the same game tomorrow as he did last weekend then it will not be close. Notr sure I've ever seen a worse performance from a starting OLB. Reggie Gilbert needs to start...period.
  7. Week One - Bears vs Packers.

    (from a Packers fan) The Bears looked like a very good football team. A legend beat you this time. It happens but don't lose faith - this will be a team to be reckoned with this year.
  8. He almost made 1 play all game and got a critical penalty. Give me the new Reggie as the starter.
  9. Packers Roster Cuts

    Vince Biegel cut and Demitri Goodson - Biegel a surprise to me.
  10. Packers Roster Cuts

    I agree, what has Jones done to make anyone excited. He stinmks so far but he is vry young so we will see.
  11. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    I think you probably have 50 right - add 1 more RB, 1 less WR, and either Rollins doesn't make the team or they get rid of 1 of the mediocre QB's. Maybe 1 LB short.
  12. Oren Burks?

    As you can read, I agree very little with your assessment. You are way too over critical IMO.
  13. Looking at the traning camp film these new rookie WR's look like men among boys size wise. I hope that is a good sign moving forward.
  14. Wide Receiver Outlook

    The Packers have Adams, Cobb and Graham as proven veterans, so if one of those 3 go down a huge burden gets put on the young WR's. I like what they have done but don't ever assume they won't need a couple of these young WR's to step up this year.