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  1. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I think 1 of the 2 first round picks will likely be an OL. Certainly not latert han round 2 IMO. I see the Packers taking 1 of the Iowa TE's at 12 and an OL at 30 unless the top guys have been picked over.
  2. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    I think the Packers look for a #2 WR in free agency. I don't think Allison is a #2 yet so obviously a Golden Tate or Chris Hogan or even Breshard Perriman might be worth a 2 year deal. I do expect TE may be their high Round 1 pick with WR or, more likley, OL their Round 1 second pick.
  3. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    So why would hyou think a low percent African American population in Green Bay is why Mark Ingram didn't sign with the Packers. A lot of African American ex-Packers still live in Green bay so i don't get your point.
  4. A quality NFL starter which is more than Green Bay has had at RG for awhile - right?
  5. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    16 mil per year for a premier LB with great stats coming in is really not overpaying. Evaluatikn isn't just sack totals look at ttotal numbers. Yes teh Packers are very agressive isn't that what we wanted. Big money for players just now getting into their prime is a calculated risk for sure, all free agent signings are. Nick Perry was getting 11 mil and was always hurt and barely practiced. You make the call on what is smart.
  6. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Earl Thomas check Mathews or Brown why? Packers have a number of WR's as good as these guys. No money for the TE's you listed and the Packers can't afford what any of them cost if Graham is retained. Cook would be nice but unlikely. I think an OG will get signed for sure. Big need and a number of tghe FA's are affordable. Don't like any of the Edge players you klist. Suggs is like 100. I love love love Ford for a #2 if that can happen. Patterson would be intriguing because he is versatile with more potential but the rest listed are eh's.
  7. VK's Mock

    3 safeties and very little help at WR makes the Packers closer to the bottom than the top of their Division. I liked some of it.
  8. Polar Vortex Mock Draft

    WR corps weak and the Cole Madison pipe dream was entertaining. Not bad overall though.
  9. Packerraymond 2019 Mock Offseason V2

    You nave no #2 or really even an established #3 receier so welcome to 7-9 season again. Jones as an ILB with little other help is a disaster. OL not improved. WR not improved. TE likely not imrproved or improved much. Edge could be a big improvement but TBD. Drafting 2 CB's again is just plain dumb.
  10. Your offseason has its ups an downs IMO. Who is Fadol Brown? Sorry but Tramon is still a nice piece to have. Gardner-johnson in round 1 is a massive reach. Maybe round 2 is where he belongs. I laughed at Adam Humphries for over 7 million a year but I guess i could be wrong. AJ Brown available in round 2 is a dream IMO. You leave the OL in rough shape and safety would look much better if Tramon was still around.
  11. Leisher's 2019 you make the pick mock.

    #12 = White ILB (my preference is best Edge) #30 = Smith TE (no brainer if he is stil there) #44 = Brown WR (he won't be there so Adderly S) #75 = Jackson Edge (if White is taken at #12) #114 = Benz.... (got to get OL now) #118 = Saunders DL - need depth good spot for a DL) #151 = Edwards T (steal if Edwards is still available) #187 = CB, S or RB here #196 = BPA (how about a QB?) #228 = BPA (I might look for a late WR here)
  12. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Breeland is maybe a 3 million per player so don't make him out to be something he isn't.
  13. Packerraymond 2019 Mock Offseason V2

    I think Tonyan has a good chance next year and where is Lowry and even Looney. Dont't assume rookies will help in year 1, it rarely happens.
  14. Packers do not have the money to sign Bell and Barr and I agree nobody will trade for Perry with his injury history.