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  1. I got a question. Would you all rather us squeak by and make the playoffs then get destroyed or lose out and miss playoffs if it meant getting new coaches and a new offense? Don't think Robinson would even fire Mularkey if that happened though : (
  2. There is a chance we miss the playoffs completely now lol We need to win against the 49ers because I do not see us beating the Rams or Jags.
  3. Mariota has been playing like vomit and this offense has been poop. Vomit + Poop = Mularkey & Robiskie.. and/or vice versa
  4. Welp that was pathetic. Need a completely new offense. It hasn't worked all year. Gross
  5. Our offense is just so so sad
  6. Titans Pick'Em Competition - Week 14

    Titans 24 Cardinals 17
  7. Guess we will see who really is better week 17
  8. What a crazy game. I love Henry. Got the win and that's all that matters.
  9. Savage looks like Brady against us
  10. Ugh i already hate this game
  11. Titans Pick'Em Competition - Week 13

    Titans 27 Texans 16
  12. Amen, been saying that all season just about