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  1. Titans Release Sylvester Williams

    I want Suh so bad lol
  2. The Offseason Thread

    I see our biggest needs now as 1. ILB 2. OLB 3. OLINE 4. QB2 5. DLINE 6. Safety depth 7. WR/RB depth If we can get Gabbert or Matt Moore and Suh we can get everything else in draft. ILB and OLB in first 2 rounds. Oline in 3rd. Then rest of draft get depth at S, RB, WR. Happiness
  3. The Offseason Thread

    Well crap Hope we can get Suh
  4. The Offseason Thread

    So we got plenty of room still lol
  5. The Offseason Thread

    Chiefs signed Chad Henne
  6. The Offseason Thread

    Suh would be awesome
  7. The Offseason Thread

    I want more excitement. Moreee. MOORREEEE!
  8. The Offseason Thread

    DL David King resigned. Was a restricted FA.
  9. The Offseason Thread

    Ideally i would want to draft an ILB at 25. I hope Roquan Smith falls so bad
  10. The Offseason Thread

    Id be happy to finish off FA with: Preston Brown - ILB DaQuan Jones - DE Josh Kline - G Jerry Attaochu - OLB Either AJ McCarron, Blaine Gabbert, or Matt Moore - QB2 I'd consider Jordan Matthews or Terrelle Pryor at WR Spain stay on with RFA tender
  11. The Offseason Thread

    Still need ILB, OLB, QB2, WR, oline, dline. Draft can cover some of that.
  12. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    Guy strikes again lol
  13. Titans sign RB Dion Lewis

    I like it. Needed a back just like him. I would still draft a RB late
  14. The Offseason Thread

    I liked today. ILB is our biggest need now IMO
  15. The Offseason Thread

    That's a lot