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  1. Adopt A Titan - Sign Ups - 15/25 Spots Filled

    Yaaasssss. Sign me up please!
  2. Ranking The Roster - #4

    I'm going Walker here.
  3. The Offseason Thread

    The Jags are much more of a 4-3 than 3-4. Not sure why it's been stated as the other way around on here.
  4. The Offseason Thread

    Is that list of pass rushers supposed to be impressive? Lol I would hope Fowler is better than them as they all suck.
  5. Ranking The Roster - #2

    I went with Byard but considered Casey.
  6. 1st Round Draft Talk

    I can't either lol plus a possible good 3rd safety and back up QB. Magical
  7. 2018 UDFA Thread

    I think that speaks more to OUR roster rather than the UDFA's. Robinson had done such an amazing job bringing in actual talent throughout the roster.
  8. 2018 UDFA Thread

    Love getting Wadley, Webb, and DeLuca
  9. NFL Draft Day 3 discussion

  10. NFL Draft Day 3 discussion

    With our 5th rounder I want either: Deon Cain Maurice Hurst DeShon Elliot Edit: Hurst gone to Raiders
  11. NFL Draft Day 3 discussion

    Get a safety, WR, and just BPA. I love our draft even if it was already over.
  12. 2nd and 3rd Round Draft Talk

    Gave up 2nd and 3rd but so worth it. I am so happy right now lol
  13. 2nd and 3rd Round Draft Talk

    Landry omg lol wow
  14. 2nd and 3rd Round Draft Talk

  15. 2nd and 3rd Round Draft Talk

    I could see OLB, WR, S in 2nd round. Still hoping for OLB then maybe WR in 3rd. Deon Cain maybe.