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  1. Wow. That’s a ransom. Can you imagine what it’ll take to get Watson? So I guess we can all put that one to rest.
  2. Odds are good Wilson is gone at 2, almost certainly by 4. Y’ll willing to give up what it’ll take to get to 3?
  3. Didn’t suggest first plus Lock. Just 1.9, for a QB that went - what 1.5/1.6 the year before? That should now be fully healthy, that has 4 years of rookie cost control left? If they are not sold on Lock (I would give him 1 more year, but...), and they lose out on Stanford, is it that much worse than throwing this years first and next years first and whatever to trade up for Wilson or Fields? as I said, I’d go 1 more year with Lock. And I’d have noth8ng against a reasonable Stafford trade. But if Paton doesn’t believe in Lock, and misses out on Stafford, what is plan C?
  4. Tua not better than Lock? I’ve been a bit of a lock defender, but that’s awfully tough to compute. Stats certainly don’t show that. All the excuses that people give Lock (no off-season, etc ) apply to Tua . He was coming back from serious injury and this was expected to be a red-shirt year. Pretty sure there are about 32 GM’s that would put Tua ahead of Lock. Amazing to me how fast everyone has turned on a player who was supposed to be sitting through a red-shirt year after injury.
  5. So - what are folks thoughts on Tua for the Broncos? With Miami the (co) favorite to land Watson, Tua becomes available. I’ve seen him thrown into the trade for Watson, but that doesn’t make much sense to me. If Houston is trading with Miami it’s to get pick 2, so that they can grab Wilson or Fields. Tua is then just a throw-in. What if we joined Miami in a 3 team trade. We get Tua and send our 1.9 to Miami. Miami sends 1.2, 1.9, and 1.18 to Houston for Watson. Seems pretty fair all the way around.....
  6. Agreed that’s the best hope. But it’s always a crap-shoot to find a decent trade partner offer. But assuming Lance/Chase/Smith are on the board, I do expect to have some serious interest from other teams looking to move up.
  7. I have this sinking felling that Denver will be faced with a dilemma come draft day. Let’s say they lose to the Raiders and end up with the 8th pick. I could easily see the following (in no specific order) ahead of us: Lawrence, Fields, Sewell, Wilson, Parsons, Surtain. So who the heck do you take at 8? Assuming you can’t trade down... BPA is almost certainly Lance or one of the top WR’s, or even Pitts. Seems too high for Farley; Paye and Rousseau don’t feel like top 10 edges. Where do you go? Feels like no mans land for us.
  8. Count me impressed with Justin Fields tonight vs Clemson.
  9. I’d love to see me some Muti this game! And I’d love to see them target Jeudy 15 times and give him a chance at redemption. I think our D gets demolished this week. Harris out, IMO they’d be insane to play Chubb. That’s your entire starting front 5 out. Couple that with our current CB situation, against the Raiders O - ouch. If Fangio keeps them under 28 points, he truly is a miracle worker on D. And let’s face it, the chance of this Broncos offense throwing up more than 28 points, even against this horrible Raiders D, is nil. Not sure what a win vs loss will end up costing us in pi
  10. Absolute lack of growth? We’re not watching the same guy. I get how people could be concerned about Lock, but to claim there has been an absolute lack of growth is just flat out wrong. Not improving as fast as we would all like? Sure. Ok. But the trend over the course of the year in unequivocally upward. Seeing defenses better. Manipulating defenses with his eyes, pre-snap adjustments, bailing with eyes down? I’m of the general belief that players make much more progress between seasons than they do in-season. With no real off-season, no pre-season games, a new OC, a bunch of rooki
  11. I have been hesitant to post this year, as the only games I’ve actually seen are Tenn and KC. While I’ve listened to all the games and enjoy going through Lomax’s analysis, I hate to comment when I can’t watch. Having said that, I hope that we see enough from Lock these last 3 games that we give him 1 more year to prove himself. I have no idea if he’s the guy or not. I do think he’s shown enough to show that he has a CHANCE to be the guy. He has his moments. He has the arm. He has the athleticism. He appears to have the leadership. He did make real progress from preseason to when h
  12. [snark] But surely it doesn’t matter since Hamler was wide open? [end_snark]
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