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  1. It’s happening all around the league. I think you’re right, but I’m not sure it’s really anybody’s fault. NFLPA Contract, COVID, no preseason. It’s like me going out there to get hit. Lol
  2. Looks like they’ve confirmed the “2-6” week prognosis for Lock
  3. Brutal. Absolute killer. Will be nice to be able to seethe kids play (if they stay healthy), but man, it’s going to get ugly....
  4. Jets are across the country on a short week. They’re terrible, but - with Driskel, no Sutton, no Miller, No Bouye, no Lindsay, no Jones. Hell, the way things are going, I’m pretty sure we’re destined to lose Bolles, Gordon, and Jackson to injury next week lol. Just brutal. But nonetheless, while the Jets game is certainly winnable, Thursday night games are traditionally brutal for the road team .
  5. Agim’s coming out party! He’s going to be a STUD! Maybe not week 1. But I love the way he plays.
  6. And by the way, I do agree with you - clearly there are many times when he just needS to slide or step up, and instead he’s bailing. What I would refer to as “not manipulating the pocket well”. The impact is mitigated somewhat by his strength in throwing on the move - but yes, definitely something he needs to improve on if he is to improve his accuracy and consistency.
  7. But those are 2 very different things. The QB’s with “no feel for pressure” don’t see/feel it coming, hold on to the ball to long or fail to move, and get sacked. What you are saying now is, “sure, he feels the pressure and is athletic enough to avoid it, but he doesn’t ‘precisely’ move to the best position to make a play.”. why is that important? From my experience, you simply can’t teach the former. If a QB doesn’t have an instinctive feel for pressure coming in to the league ( that sense, almost like eyes in the back of their head), they’ll never get it. But they can (and Drew will) learn what to do WHEN he feels the pressure. That is teachable.
  8. I agree. This team is demonstrably worse than they were when he came on board. Uncompetitive, show no heart, unprepared. I any competent coach would have had them 2-0 at this point. Lock, by his 5th game, should have been performing like a seasoned vet if we just had a decent head coach. Despite the fact that we all preached patience with a young team that had no real off-season, it’s just unacceptable that they aren’t in mid-season form after 2 games against 2 of the top teams in the AFC. Being in NY, I get to see Adam Gase. Now There’s a quality head coach. Maybe we can get him to replace the incompetent hack that a Fangio has proven to be. performing like
  9. QB Draw, an option play. On 3rd (and 2), they had Gordon in the backfield but didn’t even bother to play action to hold the rush. 2 week in a row where the had critical 2 yards to gain with 4 down territory and the play calling was, lacking....
  10. Saying Lock has no feel for pressure is one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard. One of his greatest strengths.
  11. First game in years I won’t be able to watch. ☹️ I don’t see the Broncos hanging with the Steelers in this one, but I’d just like to see continued improvement be the young offense. I still thisnks folks are being too harsh on Locke. We knew this was going to be rough early, due to the youth, new coach, no off season, no pre-season. Kid just played his 6th NFL game.... he has a great arm, good mobility, and great pocket awareness. He still has to work on his footwork at times, which will help with the deep ball accuracy, and his pre-snap reads and moving to 2nd / 3rd options. That will come. No picks ( although 1 or 2 could have been😬). He was missing his security blanket. Jeudy dropped 2 and Butt 1 that would have been big catches. Kid will be ok, but it’s going to take time (like maybe until next year time). But hoping to see some progress this week. Maybe 1 or 2 good deep throws. A little bearer consistency. I expect Pitt will aim to take the run away and force Locke to throw, so let’s see what these kids can do!
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