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  1. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    So, whether they convert or not changes whether we should criticize the call or not?? So we should all just react in hindsight?
  2. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    Sorry, but you are pointing out the blatantly obvious to a straw man argument. Sure, they’d rather have the lead. That’s not the point. The point is whether you should have gone for the 2 in the first place, with the poor odds of conversion and Denver’s abysmal offensive performance within the 10 yard line. Again, room for disagreement - but anything but “blatantly obvious”. To paint it that way against your own straw man argument is, frankly, disrespectful. I know you know better than that.
  3. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    2 point call wasn’t the problem, because we made it. But I agree with everything else. Despise the prevent, deep coverage, 3-4 man rush. Hate it hate it hate it. And the phantom RTP penalty on Chubb probably costs us the game. But man I gotta say - props to the Chicago D. They’re the real deal.
  4. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    I gotta agree - and I was screaming it at the time - the smart play is to go for 1, at home, at altitude. Yes, you had the lead with 30 seconds left. That’s not the point. Point is you DIDN’T have the lead with “31 seconds left” . ( I realize clock wasn’t running, but point is, they were behind before they converted the 2 point attempt). So Fangio was, in fact, putting the game in the hands of the Offense. And an Offense that had run how many plays inside the 10 yard line - 10? More? and had 1 touchdown and 1 pick to show for it?. Sure. ballsy play, shows confidence in your team , blah blah. Everybody likes it in hindsight because it worked. But is was the low probability call and an “against the book” call. Fair enough to say you like it and supported it. To each their own. But to call those defending the high probability play “absurd” is, well, absurd😜 Separately, the roughing the passer call on Chubb probably cost us the game. Bears had the terrible call on them early in the game as well, but timing on this one was a killer. Don’t know how you’re supposed to hit the QB anymore - those were both textbook perfect hits. Might as well just play flag with the QB’s at this point. tough tough loss. But they got outplayed, and outcoached, again. Progress from Monday. Some positive signs from some of our young players, but overall, just Butt ugly. Hopefully, they continue to progress - especially the coaches. Only thing worth hoping for for the year at this point. BTW, if anybody would have told us our defense would have zero sacks and zero takeaways after 2 games, we’d all have said they’d be 0-2. So yea, the offense has been pathetic, but the D was always going to have to carry the team early, and they aren’t. speaking of which, since we don’t seem to want to make rushing the passer a priority, any chance of trading Von for Trent Williams? I’d make that trade in a heartbeat.
  5. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    It’s was 4th down. You get the call right. It worked.
  6. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    I HATE throwing the ball short of the End-zone in those situations. You’re on the 2. Throw it into the end zone.
  7. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    One more shot by the offense. I’m confident Elway will, er Manning will - oh wait. Never mind. They got no chance.
  8. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    First down Lindsay up the gut. 2nd down pass to Sanders in motion for 2 yards. 3rd Dow pass in the flat to sanders, to the 1 yard line, covered like a blanket by Fuller, Flacco throws is high and picked.
  9. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    Lousy play call. Woulda been short. Bad pass by Flacco. Ugh. Just horrible, horrible horrible red zone offense all day. Isn’t this what you got a Fant for?
  10. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

  11. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    Penalties just killing us.
  12. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    Bears D looking gassed
  13. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    Good call, and nice play call
  14. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    Gotta go for it on 4th and 2 at 45, don’t you?
  15. Week 2 GDT: CHI (0-1) @ DEN (0-1)

    Sutton caught a pass! Yay