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  1. Only if they resign Bolles😜. But possible. And it would be great to have that kind of stability.
  2. So, on the surface, this seems like a strange move, and somewhat hard to justify. It’s even harder to reconcile with not drafting a OT. if you knew you weren’t going to exercise the option, don’t you need to protect yourself with an OT somewhere along the line? The “ let’s motivate him” argument makes little since to me: as other have said, $11M seems like plenty of motivation. This is complete speculation on my part, but I wonder if this isn’t as much about sending messages to the locker room as it is to Bolles. With the kind of behavior he is rumored to have demonstrated, and the rumored level of “frustration” with Bolles even amongst some of his teammates, I wonder if they decided that they just didn’t want to be seen “rewarding” that behavior. I think this is mor about behavior than performance, and more about messages than finances. But I may be totally off base. still - if this is what you were going to do, DRAFT AN OT!
  3. Everyone who complains about the Hamler pick should promise not to celebrate any points scored by the offense this year when he is on the field. Who the hell cares if he doesn’t have the greatest hands (which, as far as I can tell, is a lazy take. But let’s pretend it’s true). As a defense, do you just ignore him and let him get behind you every play because he might drop 1 out of every 10 TD’s you’ve just given him.?. What total BS. Hamler will dictate defenses EVEN IF HE NEVER GETS THROWN TO, AND ESPECIALLY IF HE JUST HAS AN OCCASIONAL DROP. He will open up the field for Sutton and Jeudy and Fant and they will feast. My prediction: Denver will average 25 points per game by the 2nd half of the season (it will take some time for them to grow into this offense with new OC and new players), and Bolles will still be averaging ~ .75 holds per game, AND NO ONE WILL CARE! Bolles is the fall guy for a horrid offense. Fix the offense, and nobody will care that he gets a holding call per game. And before you say “BUT, BUT, BUT...How can they score all those points if Bolles still gets .75 holds per game, ARE YOU F-N KIDDING ME? So they have one extra 3rd and 15 per game (or in 12 games to be accurate). Go 5 wide with Sutton, Jeudy, Hamler, Fant, and Albert O. You tell me which defense in the league matches up with that.? And instead of that, they want to replace Bolles with a Rookie? Or for that matter a free agent that only gets 8 holds a year? Right. 40 yards per year fewer penalties vs having the game changing nature of having 1 of the fastest players in the NFL out there virtually every play. Not even close to a hard choice.
  4. As someone who went through an Achilles rest, I can tell you 2 things: 1, you’re never going to re-injure it - it’s like rebar in there when they’re done with it, and 2, you’ll never get 100% of your explosion back, but almost certainly 90-95%, which, unless you are actually relying on your speed or jumping ability, is more than enough. Don’t know about the Lis Franc, but since he only has 2 Achilles and there are no more to tear, those don’t bother me lol
  5. For what it’s worth, Next Gen stats had the Broncos draft their highest rated.
  6. So did he get worse all of a sudden? Or did the Missouri quarterback suck? I have a problem with these guys who are in dependent positions (they can’t do anything unless they have a QB get them the all) being punished for suddenly having a down year. The talent didn’t suddenly disappear.
  7. So for what it’s worth: Jeudy: A++. Exactly what we needed, at great value. Hamler: B great compliment. Unique skill set. Likely not available at our spot at 3. People being too hard on this pick. Ojemudia: D. And that is probably a homer grade. Lots of better talent available. And if this was your guy, would have been there in 4th or 5th. Cushenberry: A+. 2ndround talent, instant starter at position of need. Agim: B. Better than Fotu, is going be a beast in 2-3 years as a disruptive NT. Needed a backup NT. Right about where he was expected to go. Albert O: B. Great athleticism, highly productive, familiar with Lock. And beyond Fant, all we have is JAGS. Strnad: no idea😜 Muti: A. Exactly what you take here. Huge upside. If he can stay healthy. Cleveland: no idea - but WTF on another WR. Tuszka: B. Again, perfect pick for this slot. Always a position of value, highly productive from small school, take the flyer. Given that the overall grade should be highly weighted towards the early rounds, looks like about a B+.
  8. Surprised to see the Albert O grades so low. Seems like a guy with both rare athletic traits and pretty impressive performance.
  9. How do you figure? Serious question, as other than Muti, I literally know nothing about these guys except what I’ve read in the last hour....
  10. So think about the turnover on offense. From 2 years ago, the only “starters” remaining are Bolles, Sutton and Lindsey, and Sutton and Lindsey were rookies. Incredible 2 year rebuild of the entire offense.
  11. And what we all wanted to get him was a LT LOL
  12. I guess 1 thing to think of is that if you are going to put together an offense where Fant, and his athleticism play an important role, you’re kinda screwed if he gets hurt if your backups are Butt and Fumagali. Your backup here mirrors the unique skill set of the starter, so easier to replace if Fant goes down with an injury?
  13. If we could just win games with measurable lol
  14. True, but how many of them can any of us name? Did anybody see any analysis where TE showed up on the “team needs” list? I sure didn’t. It’s a head scratcher that the FO doesn’t see the same need that we do at OT, cover LB and Nickel Safety.
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