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  1. It was a terrible throw? Really? How quickly we forget the QB play we’ve seen the past few years, where “Terrible throw” would have meant either a) the QB never even saw the wide open receiver and went elsewhere with the ball, or b) if the had, it would have been under or over thrown by 5 + yards and impossible to catch. was it a perfect throw? No. But that is a long way from “Terrible” Was it a catch that a NFL receiver should make 99 times out of 100? Yes. As such, it was most definitely a “Terrible” catch.
  2. Glad to see you’re finally getting on board! 😜 in all seriousness though, without going overboard on how good the Broncos are or might be, the Jags are, without a doubt, a complete train wreck. ANY competent NFL team (and the Broncos, at this point, certainly appear to meet that threshold at a minimum) should handle them fairly easily. I expect it will be a pretty easy win ( despite some possible garbage time points by Lawrence, and the Broncos hype will continue to build. But as we’ve all known since the schedule came out, we won’t really start to have a sense of how good this team is
  3. That’s the point.. Jones is a starter, and he is every bit as bad as our 2nd string. But he gets all sorts of leeway from the media. Why? East Coast bias and the need to gin ratings. The Broncos have warts - but all but the top few teams in the league do. The only way this team wins only 6 games is if they have another massive wave of injuries. Bolles and Massie missing significant time would be a disaster ( might survive one or the other, but not both). But with this Defense, this schedule, and the sheer number of weapons on offense, the team finishes no worse than .500 (8.5 games
  4. Wow. I really do feel sorry for you. When you got presents for Christmas, did you complain about the wrapping lol? You did nothing but look at the “negative side” of the Broncos situation, and nothing but the “positive side” of everyone of our opponents. Steelers have a HOF QB? Sure. Who is completely broken down. Jets have a great QB? Sure, who will be playing in his 3 rd game, on the road. Giants are criminally under-rated? What a joke. I live here. Why is Drew Lock the worst QB in the League, while Daniel Jones is “up and coming”,when Jones was every bit as bad as Lock? Because
  5. So, after 150+ pages of “What to do at Quarterback”, a thread that seemed to become redundant at about page 10, and before we kick off the season with a thrashing of the Giants, I thought I’d start a quick thread to get everyone’s thoughts on your expectations for the team this year. What do you expect our record to be? Will we make the playoffs? If so, how far will we go? Will the coaches make it through the season? What will be the biggest surprises? The biggest disappointments? Step up and get it on record now! As for me… I was disappointed that Drew wasn’t named the starter,
  6. Like it. Bunch of meh at positions of need atm
  7. I will also emphasize, if the goal is to give Lock a chance to develop, this was the best pick you could make. If your goal was to make this O attractive to a potential FA/ Trade QB, this was the best pick you could make.
  8. We will be a playoff team this year, barring another run of catastrophic injuries. You can book it.
  9. Love the pick. Head says we should have waited for the board to come to us. Buy Heart is thrilled. We needed a #2 back. Everyone complaining about our offense - it just got better. Complete back, great fit for us, will play a lot this year, take over next year. Makes passing game better as a pass blocker, a receiver, and a PA threat. A QB’s best fiend. Single biggest thing we could have done to improve the offense, and this team, this year (once we passed on Fields). Love it. ...but don’t like the trade, and won’t argue that we probably wouldn’t have gotten better total draft value
  10. So I’ve been thinking about this a lot for the past 83 pages... think about that - 83 pages of “What to do at QB”. I guess in some ways that in itself says it all about our QB situation. Anyway, I’m a fan of Lock. I’m not debating any of the shortcomings, and I’m not going to try to convince anyone that he WILL be a top-tier QB. But I certainly believe he COULD be a good starting QB in the NFL with some more time and experience. Everyone knew he would be a project probably need a year or two, and right now he’s only had 18 games, no full off-season, new OC, Yada Yada Yada. So going
  11. My gut tells me that teams don’t see a huge drop-off from Sewell to Slater. So teams that want the OT are probably willing to wait. The real question for me is - which of Detroit, Carlona, and/or Denver do the teams behind them FEAR might/will take a QB, so that they want to trade ahead of them. Do they try to get ahead of Detroit? Of Carolina? Of Denver? And what does that mean for Denver?
  12. I think the writing might be on the wall IF the Broncos had the 4th pick..... at 9, they almost certainly need someone to make a trade...at a price Paton is comfortable with.
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