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  1. Leary. Or am I misunderstanding your question
  2. That we can agree on!👍
  3. I agree. We’re really kinda desperate for a WR, given the uncertainty around Sanders
  4. I would absolutely agree with you if this had been a first. Not sure I agree with a second. I think it will depend more on the specific circumstances. You just get more rope with a second.
  5. I’m not an expert, but they will play him at OG for now, with the potential to move him out to RT after James leaves (or as a backup RT, OR CENTER).
  6. Lock is >>>> Osweiller. Not even close.
  7. Or if we had taken Grier or Finlay in the second?
  8. Yup. My unbiased opinion😜 would say A for Need, A for value (B for the value on the trade back from 10😉). Problem is, we still need WR, ILB, CB, DL, and Edge. Just too many holes on this team to full in one draft....
  9. GREAT value. If the Pats had taken him at 42, we’d be celebrating their brilliance. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see us get a late 2nd/Early 3rd for Harris before the nights out
  10. You’ve gotta buy tickets to win the QB LOTTERY. I’m fine with how the handled this. He’s a good fit for our offense. Flacco clone (/with more athleticism). Will be plug and play in terms of scheme. I’m fine with this.
  11. I’m fine with this. First round talent. They needed a back-up. Great value. Pressure is off to start. Gave Flacco his weapons.
  12. And now with the 42nd pick, the pick is..... Drew Lock!
  13. What does that mean? Who is there we need to trade up for? Locke?
  14. We just traded in to 42!