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  1. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    Yea - the one thing the Scangerello (SP?) hire screams to me is "WE'RE DRAFTING A QB". They are bringing him in because they hope he can be a good OC, yes, but first and foremost, because they KNOW he can ID QB talent and coach them up. At this point, if we don't end up with 1 of Haskins, Locke, or Jones, I''ll be amazed
  2. DEN hires CHI DC Vic Fangio as HC

    That’s the Spirit! Finally a little optimism! Glass is definitely, positively, unquestionably at least half full!😜
  3. DEN hires CHI DC Vic Fangio as HC

    The Colts were a total dumpster fire 2 years ago. That top 5 OL? 2 of them are ROOKIES!. Their All Pro LB is a ROOKIE. Im not going to go player for player here. That’s not really the point. And the Colts weren’t the only example. The point is that talent around the league is generally mediocre, and that that talent is greatly magnified ( for better or worse) by the coaching and, on offense, the QB play. And we always over-react to records. In any case, not really worth arguing, as it’s a matter of degrees. I’m highly confident we will be a better team next year. And I’m also highly confident we won’t be competing for Super Bowls until we get a top-notch QB in here.
  4. DEN hires CHI DC Vic Fangio as HC

    Except for the QB (which was part of my point), I don’t think it is apples to oranges. I think they’re extremely comparable. What was their record last year? How was their line last year? And if I’m not mistaken, that generational LB is a rookie. And that “proven good head coach” was actually their 2nd choice, rookie, unproven HC last year. So..... maybe more like McIntosh and Gala Apples.
  5. Grade the Fangio Hire

    No matter what the scenario - they all point back to a major screw-up on Elways part. There’s rumors we’re going after SF’s QB coach. Anybody know anything about him?
  6. DEN hires CHI DC Vic Fangio as HC

    It’s probably just me, and I know most of you won’t agree, but gotta say this at least once: I don’t think this team is as talent poor as everyone else does. Are we Super Bowl caliber? No. But we’re not nearly as far away as people make it out. Fact is, the VAST Majority of Teams in the NFL have meh talent. Who would have predicted the Colts to be 1 of the hottest teams in the league during the off-Season (or during the first 6 weeks of the season?). Where is the overwhelming talent on the Ravens?. Heck, outside of Brady and Gronk, I’d say we have better talent than the Pats. We had a LOT of injuries this year. We have a huge hole at the most important position on the field at QB (where Elway thought - rightly or wrongly - he would get at least above average play), and a coaching staff that easily cost us a few games. Besides, NFL rosters turn over every 4- 5 years - how far away can we be?😃
  7. Grade the Fangio Hire

    Wow. What a complete FusterCluck. While I was uncomfortable with the whole “co-coach” situation, and REALLY didn’t like the whole “let’s get the band back together” approach that Kubiak was taking with his retreads, this reflects really, really poorly on Elway. As someone else mentioned earlier, how this discussion didn’t happen earier is beyond me. Kubiak: “will I have the freedom to select my own staff?” Elway: “yes” or “no”. The fact that this all comes up AFTER you close on Fangio, under the assumption/belief that he’s really only going to coach 1 side of the ball due to the whole “co-coach” thing - and now, poof. You need a “Sr” OC, when they are getting picked over, or you need Fangio to now do something you didn’t count on when you hired him. i hope it all works out. I hate getting too down on my team or presuming I always know better than these guys - who are the experts. But man, this is a major F Up by Elway.
  8. DEN hires CHI DC Vic Fangio as HC

    I've stated before I share these concerns. I think they are valid, and I think there are real risks to this set-up. However, I would also point out a couple of mitigating factors: 1) these are two very strong, experienced, capable and professional individuals. It would be very different with a 30+ year old first time head coach, or some wunderkid OC who didn't know better than to go around Vic. 2) Kubiak has no designs on a HC gig, etc. All of that potential Power Play, jokying, for postion, ego, turf stuff largely disappears because of that. 3) Fangio clearly bought off on this up front, 4) The devil is in the details, and we have no insights into that at the moment. I do think this is very likely a low risk way to steady the ship and get us back to competitive with the current QB and talent level as quickly as possible. And I am genuinely excited to see what Fangio can do with this Defense and a couple of choice new FA and Draft picks. But - certainly doesn't have the most upside long term, and I don't expect any of us (except maybe AKRNA:)) are going to be too excited about the offense over the next 2 years. But given the Keenum Albatross around our necks, that's probably inevitable anyway.
  9. Rank Your Choices for Head Coach

    We all knew there were no thrilling choices out there. Still don’t personally have a reason to prefer between Fangio or Munchak (or Pagano). Didn’t want to set the franchise back with a “young unproven potential wunderkid”, or another Bellicheat failure. And if it is Fangio, I’m optimistic about the chances for our D - and hey - that was enough to win SB 50. So -could be worse, and should be good enough to bridge us to the next guy. Now - in terms of what’s really important to turn this franchise around - a true franchise QB - time to start trading to get picks for 2021😜
  10. Rank Your Choices for Head Coach

    Agree, and disagree. Agree with the basic premise that we need to get a decent QB in the house, and a young offensive mind to coach him up and giving us at least a competent offense. But, if it’s the wrong QB this year, and an incompetent “hot coordinator” coach, then Elway has likely cost himself a job AND we all lose ANOTHER 3 years before we start the cycle all over again. I dont think hunk is a matter of IF you bring in the QB, but when and how. At the end of the day, it’s about creating the best odds for success. At QB, the odds of Success will go up dramatically in 2020. Much better and deeper pool of candidates. So, put yourself in position to take a top QB in 2020. Do whatever you need to do to stock up on draft picks next year. Trade Von. Trade Harris. Trade your top pick this year. Heck, trade the whole team (just hyperbole - let’s not LLC freak out). But don’t reach this year. Nobody here would have said a Jones was a first rounder 6 weeks ago. He hasn’t suddenly become a first rounder - you’ve just stayed at the bar too long and are getting desperate.... P.S. that is probably in the wrong thread - my apologies....
  11. Rank Your Choices for Head Coach

    Well, he (Fangio) Is unencumbered now with Philly’s Win. None of the 5 stand out enough for me to care which of them we pick, to be honest. Not like we’re passing on any “gotta have”prospects. Since I’m not interviewing them, and their track records are all “meh”, I’ll trust Elway ( not because he’s earned it, but simply because it would be presumptuous for me to do otherwise based on a lack of any public info suggesting any of these 5 would be better than any of the others. Elway has made 2 good coaching decisions, and one mistake. Let’s hope VJ was the anomaly
  12. With the 10th pick the Denver Broncos select?

    Von for Stanford?
  13. Rank Your Choices for Head Coach

    I think this is very, very accurate.
  14. With the 10th pick the Denver Broncos select?

    Agree - which is why I thought it strange that kansas bob suggested we go find a QB in Free Agency.
  15. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    Just to be clear, When I say Elway thought Keenum was "the guy", I'm not suggesting that Elway thought he had the Broncos Franchise QB going forward, simply that he thought he had an acceptable caretaker to get them through the next couple of years, such that he wouldn't be "desperate" to reach for a QB. Thus, last year, he would (I believe) have gladly taken Baker or Darnold, if they fell into his lap, but decided not to take Rosen or Allen, because he thought they were a reach at 1.5. But I think that dynamic may have changed. After watching Keenum's poor-mediocre play, and the impact on the fan base, I'm afraid he my now feel more tempted to reach.