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  1. Darn, feel really bad for Madison. Hope he lands on his feet somewhere.
  2. The Bills had an immediate need at QB though, so I'm not sure these situations are very similar. We don't have a clear need at QB, so yes, I'd give the Bills an A. It was the right move to make unless you hated Josh Allen as a prospect.
  3. Is Josh Allen a franchise QB? I don't think so yet.
  4. This is a solid D for me. If Love hits it's an A+. But I don't see any rookies making an impact next year, and I would've liked a draft that prioritized surrounding Rodgers with guys that could help now.
  5. Yikes, looks like I dunno how to post twitter posts. "#Packers will agree to bring in cornerback Stanford Samuels as an undrafted free agent"
  6. Justin Dunk @JDunk12 Canadian DB Marc-Antoine Dequoy signs priority undrafted free agent contract with the #GreenBay #Packers https://3downnation.com #NFL #NFLDraft
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