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  1. Packers Draft Position Thread AKA Tankathon 2018

    Nice nice very nice.
  2. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Yeah I hate this.
  3. Good one guys. Bone headed decisions by MM throughout the game, plus TyMont's idiotic attempt to return a kick and a great effort from Pettine and the defense. Whooo boy.
  4. This game has been full of incredibly stupid mistakes.
  5. Yep. Down 2 with 2 minutes and the ball is better than most people could've hoped for heading into the game.
  6. And that's why I hate the timeout.
  7. Hate that use of a timeout, but hopefully it'll pay off.
  8. Gurley is gashing us right now.
  9. Nope, offense really let us down this game. Really concerning especially coming out of a bye.
  10. If we lose this game this is all on the offense. Defense is literally playing the best it has all year.
  11. Would bet that MM calls a knee.
  12. Safety basically changed the entire momentum and course of the game. What a ****ing awful call.
  13. Great playcalling by MM. Single-back run from the 1 yardline against a stacked box. Couldn't have drawn it up any better.
  14. Watching Mike's offense vs. McVay's offense is gonna be tough. They're night and day.
  15. Stock Up, Stock Down Weeks 3-6

    Stock down: Mike McCarthy Dude gives me 0% confidence if we don't have a top 3 quarterback of all time behind center.
  16. Week 5 GDT - Green Bay (2-1-1) @ Detroit (1-3)

    Is Crosby just off today, or is something wrong with the snaps?