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  1. The XFL will need its own section if it comes back.

    Forty man rosters? Is that because the games will be shorter, to fit the two hour mark? Or will there be less players on the field I wonder. Maybe 9-on-9, get rid of the guards on offense and whoever on defense. Having the blockers and rushers in 2 point stances with a gap between the offense and defense of a yard would add a different element that would actually be safer. I definitely think they need at least 16 teams to be successful. And ideally, especially if they go with fewer teams, the names should be representative of bigger regions than just cities. Though NY-NJ is pretty ridiculous. But things like New England are good. If you put a team in San Antonio, don't call them the San Antonio _____s. Call them the Texas ______s. You attract all of Texas on TV while getting the most bang for your buck by being in a town with no pro football while not alienating Houston, Dallas, Austin, etc.
  2. The XFL will need its own section if it comes back.

    Aw snap I hope they bring back the Maniaxx
  3. It's not as good for the Foles bank account, but it's better for the Foles story if he just retired after winning the Super Bowl.
  4. exactly what I was going to say. I don't watch the NBA or NHL partially because the regular season is so meaningless. Expand the playoffs and every year we will have 7-9 or 6-10 teams making it. And in a league with a one and done playoff format, that's bull****. The only way that would be acceptable to me is if they shortened the regular season to like 10 games and then made the playoffs best of 3. But that would drastically cut revenues for teams and it would ruin fantasy football, a big reason people still watch football.
  5. The XFL will need its own section if it comes back.

    This sounds fun and workable in theory, just like the first time around. I don't think people remember how bad the product was the first time around. People got excited for the first game, and most lost interest during that first game. After you saw the coin flip replacement and the lack of fair catches, it was really just low quality football with teams no one had any reason to root for.
  6. Eagles fear QB Carson Wentz suffered torn ACL

    If true, need to sign Kaepernick, Tebow, and Manziel immediately
  7. KC puts Dee Ford on IR

    Darn I liked Hamilton from pre-season on our practice squad, but I see him as a 43 guy. Idk why the Chiefs are taking him.
  8. I would let Bradford walk and try to sign Teddy to a cheap one year deal. If he denies, oh well move on and draft a mid round QB then just try to continue building a team around Keenum.
  9. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    No one answered so bumping
  10. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    Ok I need help picking my WR3 and my QB for the week. Half ppr. Bonus info in parenthesis Corey Coleman at Chargers (Casey Hayward missed practice all week for brother's death, Josh Gordon is back and starting) Devante Parker vs Broncos (supposed to rain, Cutler is back, supposedly Parker has been dealing with nagging injury) Marquise Goodwin vs Bears (Jimmy garapolo getting first start, bears only allow 215 passing yards a game on average) Matthew Stafford vs Ravens (tough passing defense and Stafford is injured, but my most talented QB) Jameis Winston at Packers (back from shoulder injury) Tyrod Taylor vs Patriots (last year in 2 games, he put up just over 200 yards including rushing, one TD each game and no interceptions)
  11. Browns Interested In Peyton Manning?

    Well if this gets him to stop doing those awful commercials with Mr. Accidental Racist
  12. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    Is it crazy to bench Jordan Howard versus the Eagles this week? Kamara has one HB spot and Gronk has my TE spot. So Howard could either be my second HB or a flex. But I got Perine vs the Giants and Abdullah vs Minnesota, and then I got Evan Engram vs the Skins. Half ppr
  13. Bills Bench Tyrod Taylor

    Tyrod to the Jags just makes too much sense to me. They have the cap room, and just need a conservative player with that ground game and defense. They're not going to be in position to take a top QB this year. And by that I mean guys picked in the top 5.
  14. Lions waive OT Greg Robinson

    I always see people say "let's sign this guy, can't be worse than so and so." It can always be worse.
  15. Trade Help Thread

    No keepers, just pick swaps