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  1. I'm an idiot

    I also benched Howard, for Cohen though. I benched Diggs for Golladay. I also started Kelvin Benjamin. I've never not made the playoffs and I might be the worst team in the league this year.
  2. Darren Sproles Tore ACL and Broke Arm

    Damn really? Been at work so haven't watched any football today unfortunately.
  3. Darren Sproles Tore ACL and Broke Arm

    I noticed every game a have won this season, we have lost a key player. Darby now Sproles. Keep it up and we'll stop losing players and only lose games.
  4. I'm an idiot

    Heard about Sam Bradford being out awhile. So I benched Diggs and decided to trade him while he has value for Devante Parker. Diggs without Bradford put up 33 points on my bench.
  5. Wiz is a much better center than guard
  6. It's not the same one they have worn all year. Thursday's was a different shade of blue and yellow. Their regular helmets are a different blue and white
  7. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    Half ppr, need 1 WR Jamison Crowder vs Oakland Kenny Golladay vs Atlanta Kenny Stills at Jets
  8. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    Gordon at HB. Not understanding how many WRs you need
  9. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    Leaning towards Buck
  10. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Ten man league that starts 3 WRs WRs on waivers are comparable to a 12 man. Half ppr. Someone gave up on Jamison Crowder. I used number 6 waiver on him and dropped Brandon Marshall. Did I dun goof?
  11. How come the Rams were allowed different colored helmets on Thursday?
  12. Texans release WR Jaelen Strong

    Was it Reggie Williams? That's the Jags WR I'm reminded of more
  13. DeMaurice Smith unanimously reelected as head of NFLPA.

    To be fair to him, last time around he had no time to prepare for the negotations. And if you hire someone else now, you get someone who won't have been preparing since the last CBA.
  14. I don't expect our pass blocking to really improve because of this, but our run blocking should. And if our run blocking improves then our passing game will be pressured less.
  15. Sproles can't carry a load. No one else can do anything with one. People would be complaining we are running the ball too much with crap players. It's a no win situation. Running the ball ineffectively doesnt make it easier for the passing game. It just wastes downs.