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  1. Browns Interested In Peyton Manning?

    Well if this gets him to stop doing those awful commercials with Mr. Accidental Racist
  2. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    Is it crazy to bench Jordan Howard versus the Eagles this week? Kamara has one HB spot and Gronk has my TE spot. So Howard could either be my second HB or a flex. But I got Perine vs the Giants and Abdullah vs Minnesota, and then I got Evan Engram vs the Skins. Half ppr
  3. Bills Bench Tyrod Taylor

    Tyrod to the Jags just makes too much sense to me. They have the cap room, and just need a conservative player with that ground game and defense. They're not going to be in position to take a top QB this year. And by that I mean guys picked in the top 5.
  4. Lions waive OT Greg Robinson

    I always see people say "let's sign this guy, can't be worse than so and so." It can always be worse.
  5. Trade Help Thread

    No keepers, just pick swaps
  6. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    For me, half ppr. Will Fuller at the Rams Kelvin Benjamin vs the Saints
  7. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    Abdullah, Jackson, Allen in that order
  8. Who to Start/Sit Thread

  9. Aaron Hernandez' Brain Had Severe CTE

    I understand, but they tried this with the revolution helmet which ended up not doing anything. Granted these helmets will be more top of the line compared to that, but the problem is when you're going fast and all of a sudden you stop from hitting or being hit. The brain keeps going until it crashes into the skull. You would have to pad your brain from the inside somehow, like a woodpecker.
  10. Aaron Hernandez' Brain Had Severe CTE

    I think eventually we are going to come to a point where football is realized to be inherently dangerous, and no amount of rule changes or technology can truly solve that. So what I predict happening is kids through high school playing flag football, college athletes either getting money or health care, and the NFL being forced to give lifelong treatment to all players. This will really hurt the bottom line of the NFL and the NCAA, and will severely reduce the talent pool. But the only way to save the game is to only let consenting adults play and for them to be rewarded enough for doing so. Some of these issues might be worth it for the stars, though what happened to guys like Mike Webster and Junior Sea, nothing is worth that. But say adults, you know the risks and the rewards, here you go. Kids, you don't quite grasp that yet and there's significantly more risk and less reward, so you play flag.
  11. Aaron Hernandez' Brain Had Severe CTE

    A concussion-proof helmet is a pipe dream unfortunately. Even significantly reducing head injuries is unlikely. You can't stop the brain from moving inside the skull with a helmet.
  12. Trade Help Thread

    Trading away
  13. Trade Help Thread

    I'm in a league that can trade draft spots, deadline is tonight. Would you trade Zeke for a pick? I'm currently 4-5 at 6th place and only 4 make the playoffs. I have plenty of depth at all positions, so I can afford to waste a bench spot if I do make the playoffs. And what kind of value would you expect for for guy limited to one game? Picks have to be even too. So if he gives me one, I give him one. I get two, give two. Etc. Like earlier this year I traded marshawn and a 10th for a 4th.
  14. Chances Colts take QB in the first round

    Brisset hasn't been a total dumpster fire. I would keep him, Luck, and sign a cheap veteran backup and draft talent on the offensive line to improve their chances with whoever at QB. If Brisset develops more and Luck is never good again, they're still ok. If Luck heals and Brisset develops still, they can trade one. And if neither works out, they still built an offense for a 2019 pick because they will be picking early if this happens
  15. Ben McAdoo to be fired, Spags to take over as interim?

    My guess would be no. No need to throw people under the bus when winning, and I'm guessing the fines and changing their off days and the random suspensions are a desperate attempt to establish order.