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  1. The Catch That Broke The Curse

    Seems like my assumption that if The Vikings were to advance to The Superbowl and faced a World Class Organization lead by the GOAT duo of winners in the history of the NFL that they would lose big has been proven almost 100 percent correct beyond a shadow of a doubt after the beat down that just transpired at the hands of a much inferior team and Organization compared to those Pats. Maybe you can take the chance to be the bigger man and apologize to me for that immature and arrogant response you posted and I won't even make you eat a steaming pile of crow either because clearly your irrational fandom severely clouded your judgement.
  2. The Catch That Broke The Curse

    Even if you do make it the Super Bowl which is pretty much a lock since you get to play scrub Foles, Brady and Belichick will beat you soundly...