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  1. With our OL- I’d prefer we play our defense on offense too. I think our defense will be awesome- great talent, great coaching especially at the DC. Even with some holes, I think we are a top 20% defense- unfortunately we are a bottom 10% OL which means poor Haskins doesn’t really have a chance. On O- 2020 is a wasted year- but overall, it’s a year to change culture and build for the future
  2. Let’s trade Morgan Moses for him and put the Chicago pickup at right tackle and the let’s see who is better at LT- the Louisville or LSU kid
  3. Hey Brothers, hope you all had a great Independence Day celebrating all the great people past and present who have made the USA the beacon of freedom and opportunity. I’m a little older ( maybe a lot older lol) than most of you, so I have the benefit of a bit more historical perspective. The current issues with Covid will pass and all will be well. We will all be bitchin about the price gouging from Danny very soon- he has to pay for gas for his 100m+ super yacht! we need our sports- and football and for me the Redskins are very important. the other stuff- don’t let it get you down.
  4. Thanks Bro! Glad to be back in civilization! Let’s go Redskins or whatever the name will be!
  5. All these guys talking about how hard they are working and grinding Washington Grinders- we all need more grinding these days
  6. Sorry bout the personal stuff yeah that GT was awesome! He’s to Eleanor ( gone in 60 seconds) and the best part you could ride her hard and she never says you’re not validating her feelings lol
  7. Congratulations Kevin Harvick in the 4 Ford. Great to see sports again! Weird with an empty racetrack, but still great! And even better betting on this ( where I had three Gibbs cars would finish in top 10) for a nice payday. My buddy said even if we lost it’s better than going the dog park and betting which one would drop a turd first
  8. Our weakest position group by far. Journeymen, injures players returning, youngsters, = lots of question marks. It’s a bottom 5 OL at this point. Let’s see how it turns out. But if I’m the QB, I’m making sure my life insurance and disability insurance is paid up
  9. I’d like to see us resign Penn and roll him out starting while Charles learns and perhaps plays as the season goes on. I could see a starting OL of game 1 as Penn, Sweitzer, Rolliuer, Scherff and Lucas lucas is better and cheaper than Moses at RT and Moses can be dealt for a 21 pick ( anything we could get for him) by the end of the season I can see a lineup of Charles, Martin, ismael, Scherff and Lucas and this group being at least average overall and a much better run blocking team- something we haven’t had in many years on the line. I don’t get the love for Rou
  10. are there any guys 27 or younger that are any good? what about that ILB from Kansas City from Ohio State? Lee? Boykins from Seattle who can play CB, QB, WR etc.. seems like our kind of guy being able to play multiple positions
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