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  1. The injury prone players need to go!

    Maybe. My favorite for all time Redskins LT are lachey- too bad we didn’t get him right out of Ohio State. When God created a LT he made Jimmy Lachey then The Mountain Jacoby. Samuel’s third then Trent
  2. The injury prone players need to go!

    I love these debates! Riggo was the best Redskins RB ever. And the guy I loved the most watching followed closely by Larry Brown. Brown was a 200 pound guy who ran like a tank behind a subpar line and I used to think this was was nuts- like a sledge hammer repeatedly running into a brick wall of defenders but who never ever ever quit. Too bad there isn’t much video out there of him. He’s the kind of guy with a handicap who overcame it never used an excuse and surpassed all his talent with extraordinary effort portis- a system running back who nap said best was forced into a wrong offense now please don’t try to argue any QBwas better than Sammy or Sonny.
  3. The injury prone players need to go!

    Lol scrub? No. I think he’s a uniquely gifted athlete who was blessed with talent that could have made him the greatest LT of all time- but who is lazy and over rated. the guy is a excellent pass blocker but doesn’t run block consistently. He’s taken unique elite gifts and turned into a pretty ordinary player and We are paying him for being elite. There are 8-10 guys making less than him who I’d rather play LT and who can be counted on to train and not be a fatass in the off-season smoking all that weed and getting the munchies then trying to lose the weight every offseason and then gets injured Trent can’t carry Samuels Jock and he’s no where close to being as good as Lachey and Samuel’s who both were all time greats
  4. The injury prone players need to go!

    Second best OL coach to Bugel we’ve ever had. So yeah let’s blame and fire him- the redskins way under lil Danny
  5. This thread Gregg coming as DC is similar to a guy being so desperate that he trys to get get back with his girlfriend after she gangbanged all his rugby team buddies. No one except those not here going to be happy with this reunion.
  6. The injury prone players need to go!

    @lavar703 or probably you’re just saying in last 20 years? Riggo, Byner, Larry Brown and others outclass big mouth Portis and we’re winners. Only the Redskins would also take a sure fire hof running back, Bobby Mitchell and play him at receiver. Mcpeak still is the worst head coach ever but dumbo gruden giving him a run for his moneg Portis as a redskin was nothing special and the second worst refskins trade of all time. Signed Bobby Griffin the third
  7. The injury prone players need to go!

    Lavar, my brother. I love you but please the bolder words never ever belong together
  8. The injury prone players need to go!

    Yes! He is the most over rated and over paid player on our team by far. There are 8-10 LT better and that get paid millions less. Trent has been all reputation for years. Very athletically skillled, but a at best average run blocker and always hurt.
  9. If, Then, Why Statements...

    If the Redskins do __________________________ , then I will ______________________________________ ? If the Redskins could go back in time and fire Dumbo Gruden and pronote McVay then I’d be watching football next week and getting ready to throw all my forum brothers a Super Bowl party to remember If the Redskins owner commits Seppuku then I will start to have hope the Redskins will ever be a serious contender again Seppuku or maybe even this would do
  10. Just read the Browns stupidly let Gregg Williams go. Danny- even a broken clock is right twice a day. will you make a correct decision today? Sign Williams and make him our head coach now. Thank you, Doc Draper
  11. Redskins Cap Situation

  12. WSH Coaching Changes: Gray out? Kotwica Out.

    Gruden and Manusky both learning from Politician Brice Allen- throw somebody under the bus for your failure. I liked Gray and heard really good things- but why were we always playing so soft in coverage? Look back at manusky when he was with the Colts- same thing. So they sacrafice the low man on the redskins Totem Pole to buy themselves another year
  13. Well I say lets go Balls to the Wall and be number 1. Open up the discussions on the following: 1. Redskins name is racist 2. Let us post the hottest pics related to all of our favorite sport (yes some of us have different favorite sports) 3. Sign Bob Griffin to a free agent contract We will be number 1 in a matter of weeks.
  14. Yes it is the another failed Redskins season and the writers (not you Turtle) have to come up with content. This is so obvious that Captain Obvious had to weigh in
  15. Jay Gruden Likely to Return (Confirmed)

    @ripsean21 of course you’re right. This franchise is in a hopeless state mired in at best the lower end of mediocrity -is the equivalent to: the only kind a girl youre going to get is going to be fat ugly with warts, the bad ones too. Brice played this perfectly. Fire the guy who’s in charge of all the operations and ticket sales where revenues are generated The owner can’t fire you after that or the head coach because that’s massive change. This next year little Danny’s got a focus on trying not to lose $30-60 million from people not coming to see a dreadful Redskins game experience. He will revert to his Neon Deion days to sell a few tickets. Firing Bruce and Jay on top of that would’ve cost them another 20 million. Make no mistake we can all question Danny’s capabilities as a NFL football franchise owner but we should never question his ability to look after nickels dimes and quarters as he’s the little guy you see getting out of a limo knelling down to take change from the beggar on the ground Plus no competent general manager or coach would come to this franchise without a significant ownership position within the organization. So I guess the best way to say it is we’re screwed so what I’m choosing to do is really become much more active in my second favorite team which is our Las Vegas raiders. They have the coach I wanted before we hired simple jack and I really like their new GM. Plus it’s Vegas baby, shiny, bright, new with just enough funk and dirt to make it even more attractive to an old bastard like me. The choice is simple- go after the (Redskins) ugly fat girl what warts who has continually disappointed or go for that shiny new beautiful dancer in the Desert. Doc Out