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  1. Things other than Redskins

    Congratulations Brother!!! Now get him a user name and get him posting Hey if my math is correct this means there was some October action other than the Redskins!! Remember during the season :
  2. Stupid in Question ?

    those loan terms are ridiculous even for an unsecured high risk arrangement. My ole pappy used to say: never co-sign a loan
  3. Predict QB Haskins

    I’ve been reading the hoopla surrounding Haskins, some really outlandish, and ask you to think ahead to the year 2029. What are Haskins accomplishments more like? Keep in mind in 1983 all team fans thought their QB draftee was going to be great. My thinking is Haskins ceiling is a Ken Obrien type career but I there is a high probability he’s Tony Eason. Tap the brakes, let the guy learn and adjust as he’s very inexperienced.
  4. Alex Smith thinks about returning to football? I think of banging the Feres Twins ( google them) neither will probably happen, but let’s hope they do Happy 4th Bro’s
  5. OTAs

    “Practices there are a little bit rougher than here. We do a lot of banging around there, so it definitely prepared me physically and mentally for this grind that I’m doing now.” https://ftw.usatoday.com/2017/08/washington-redskins-rookie-linebacker-ryan-anderson-training-camp-alabama-football-nick-saban with his limits athletically- he needs more intense preparation and training he won’t get in Camp Gruden. He’s a depth guy and special teamer which = bust for where he was drafted
  6. OTAs

    Whatever floats your boat
  7. Starting LG Position

    Did they edit Callahan’s responses and remove: he’s lazy, is slow,poor technique and he sucks?
  8. In the box safety. Good player who is limited with suboptimal speed and poor cover ability . That he is our 5th best player is all anyone needs to know about this team. We are going to make every tight end a hall of famer. So I wonder who is rated higher in our top 5, Moreland or HOF Talent Ereck Flowers ?
  9. My personal take on the 2019 Redskins schedule

    As @aceinthehouse wrote “Probably one of the most brutal opening set of games I can remember in some time.” Only our coach or a moron ( I wonder if they are related?) would think about and talk about having a rookie quarterback with one season in college start on opening day. Our ceiling ( if everything breaks right for us) is what is usually is 8-8, but I see us next April talking about picking around 8-12 for our next great hall of fame sure fire first round pick that will ensure us winning the 2021 Super Bowl and Danny selling tickets to the Marks ( a little Carny lingo) in the DMV we have been and will unfortunately continue to be the Abe Pollin Type team stuck near the bottom, but not terrible enough to get the superstar talent.
  10. OTAs

    Definitely Doable in the Johnny Fever days, but kind of old now
  11. What to do about the S&C team? Fire them?

    Trent was by far the most athletically gifted LT we have had, but he’s never maximized his gifts. Is it laziness, or what, but he’s consistently overweight ( munchies can do this), and injury prone although you have to give him credit he plays through pain, but maybe if he prepared like a pro he wouldn’t get so injured. All in all the fourth best LT we’ve had in modern era behind Jacobs, Lachey and Samuels. It still shocks me that Lachey doesn’t get the recognition he deserves, probably because he played for the chargers for a while. I don’t think we would get more than a second round pick for him at this point. I think he will be at Lt when the season starts and who knows maybe taking time off will help him stay healthier if he’s working out. If history is a basis for projecting, he will come in 30 pounds overweight like normal and by games 2 or 3 will be listed on the injury report throughout the year
  12. OTAs

    OTA’s- Leadership By Example http://m.tmz.com/#!photos/2019/05/14/dan-snyders-yacht/ Quote- I still can’t believe these morons still by tickets to this crap team- but hey I got a yacht http://m.tmz.com/#!gallery/2019/05/14/dan-snyders-yacht/images/2019/05/13/bgus-1587754-009-jpg/ http://m.tmz.com/#!gallery/2019/05/14/dan-snyders-yacht/images/2019/05/13/bgus-1587754-006-jpg/ http://m.tmz.com/#!gallery/2019/05/14/dan-snyders-yacht/images/2019/05/13/bgus-1587754-013-jpg/ http://m.tmz.com/#!gallery/2019/05/14/dan-snyders-yacht/images/2019/05/13/bgus-1587754-016-jpg/
  13. Great suggestion- just added it
  14. I’m Devastated that the Redskins Comedy won’t be on Hard Knocks . I was looking forward to seeing how truly incompetent the staff and organization really is. It would have been an interesting dark comedy.