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  1. Redskins Working Out Kickers

    Losing Hopkins is huge. He’s our second most valuable offensive player behind MVP. If he’s not there I may take a long shot flyer on Houston shutting us out.
  2. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    What an AWESOME Car
  3. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    This is a tough one for us. Houston is very well coaches. You know my opinion on Dumbo- ✅ Houston Their Offense is very balanced rushing around 45%. Mobile quarterback, very good WR’s. Fortunately they don’t have a good TE that we make look like a Hall of Famer. I think we do ok with their offense and a slight ✅ Redskins Houston Defense vs our offense- Big ✅ Houston special teams- with Hopkins ✅ Redskins but if we go with a replacement kicker we could go scoreless ✅ Houston home field ✅ Houston this one could be very ugly 40% chance we lose by two touchdowns or more in a blowout 50% we lose by less that two touchdowns 9%we win a close game. 1% we win in blowout the line is redskins +3. Don’t want to bet against this year’s Redskins, but crazy low line especially if you can buy down the 1/2 point hoping for a win, but expecting 6-4
  4. Tannehil as a qb to challenge smith next year

    Good try, but Smith is our QB for at least through 20.
  5. Is the defense for real?

    I agree. He seemed afraid. But sometimes big cushion is ok
  6. Sorry to see him injured. On the positive he’s not close to being a starter so maybe a year getting stronger will help. His body looks like the pilsbury Dough Boy or Gruden before he stopped sporting the double d’s
  7. Week 10: Tampa Bay Buccaneers GDT

    Ups and downs I saw Ups takeaways, special teams won game very predictable game as TB has one of the few worse Head coaches than we have- no discipline, no adjustments, no passion. OLB’s - Anderson is doing better and developing. Some guys have “it” for creating turnovers. His college stats showed “it” just as R Kerrigans did. And that fumble was all about hustle. - Eazy Kinzy- the most speed on the outside I’ve seen in a decade or more. Faster and younger than Galette. DL- top 3 are really playing well. When they sub out there’s a big dropoff 53- guess getting called out last week worked because he was much better 72- best guard not named Scherff we’ve had in 7 years and he was bagging groceries in October Special Teams- awesome. Way controlled the game with field position and Hopkins is a pro bowl kicker so long as he’s not kicking from that gravel pit “field” at Fed Ex Harris- our best and most consistent receiver - doctson- trending up -MVP is awesome. - Moses best game in years with multiple pancakes Smith- he’s doing what he’s always done- doesn’t lose games, doesn’t win games, manages games. I had a thought- his best career years were with KC. Alex is Alex. He’s the constant variable . Rather than beating him up for being who he is maybe it’s more accurate to look at the coaches who got him to be so much better. His best years ( by far) in KC, then SF, and then DC. Reid, Harbaugh then Dumbo. Maybe that’s where the criticism should be directed because Reid developed a system to get the best of Alex and Dumbo just forces his system on every player? Downs why can’t dumbo get the plays in on time. Calling multiple timeouts is bad Reed- 50-50 as a TE sucks especially when you don’t block 41- I know he’s a rook and primarily a ST player but he acted like he thought the receiver had a disease he was so far away.
  8. We Should Extend Scherff and The Greek Now!

    Greek? That’s going cost us extra
  9. Norman: Feels like our true fans are on the road

    Dumb move. Shut up and play #stfu i know it was emotion, but telling people who pay your salary how to behave is not very bright
  10. How Gruden earned this teams respect

    We should go to a Wing T or full house offense. This offense reminds me of Junction Boys at A&M
  11. Is the defense for real?

    Danny Johnson? Guy gave so much cushion most times he wasn’t even on screen shot are we elite? No, but getting better stopping the run. Our weaknesses are numerous - ILB on pass coverage, little pressure from OLB, the best corner is injured.
  12. Our biggest need in 2019-Offensive Tackle

    Don’t do anything to mess with Team now as we have a weird chemistry. He needs to be traded in offseason. Sell high- his value is on a steep downward slope use that money to sign the Greek and keep building offense? Who cares with this team. Get a run blocking guy who can get in the way for 2 seconds before Smith Checkdowns
  13. How Gruden earned this teams respect

    Well let’s not go overboard here. Gruden isn’t the worst coach, but that’s about as far as I’m willing to go now.
  14. Week 10: Tampa Bay Buccaneers GDT

    Congrats to the Redskins and our long suffering fans! 6-3 and two games ahead in first place. Never thought we’d be in this position before the season, so I’m happy for the ride. Yeah it was ugly, but an ugly win. our recipe has to be don’t make mistakes, win the turnover battle and run the ball. We are like the fat old poor guy pulling the super model Tampa reminded me so much of what the Redskins used to look like- excitement, out gain the other team, then do stupid turnovers and lose. The Redskins are the poor mans Ravens team with Trent Dilfer at qb i had a great double! The win and the under 20 payday. Bet some thought of some other double? Well fear not, ive been taking full advantage of those as well havebt thought much about next game- just enjoying the win like it’s found money