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  1. I’m gunna say it

    Do we still have Danny Johnson? He can return punts and be depth?
  2. I’ll say that by the end of the year they’ll all be saying they wished they were somewhere else
  3. Jimmy F Moreland Looking To Prove Critics Wrong

    This guy better be good because I’m sensing a Colt Brennan cult phenomenon developing
  4. you could have done this last year or early this year and signed a cheaper vet, but we didn’t.
  5. Overrated OL/ OL Discussion

    My feeling toward flowers
  6. 11-5 here we come baby!

  7. That’s a good current comp, but I’ll go back in time to show you two more
  8. Patrick Ryan Kerrigan

    Great points all around. I tend to agree with themes that he’s not a totally dominant game changing but he’s a very special player with similar traits and performance of another an iron man up the road a bit who had a similar style, unbelievable steak of playing and a lifetime batting average 276 who was a unanimous HOF player
  9. Ranking the (B)East - OC

    Kelce is head and shoulders above the rest
  10. It’s early. Sweat was my hope and prediction at 15, but he’s still a risk. Let’s see if he wants to be great and maximizes his God given athletic talents. If he works as hard as say Kerrigan, he has a chance to be an all time great. He will be fun to watch and finally potentially gives our defense someone the opposing offense has to gameplay for.
  11. Sammy Baugh

    There were few people as dominant as Baugh in their sport or career. He shares space with people like Jesse Owens, Jim Thorpe, Jim Brown, Babe’s Zaharias and Ruth, Wilt Chamberlain and Joe Lewis. If we ever build a new stadium why not name it Sammy Baugh Stadium ( Danny you can survive without selling naming rights to some company like Eastern Motors Stadium)
  12. Jimmy F Moreland Looking To Prove Critics Wrong

    I’m rooting for him as he’s an underdog, under sized and coming from the Harvard of Rocktown. But to the question- “Question: You returned five career interceptions for touchdowns. How would were you so successful taking them back for a score?” i hope the answer isn’t- big fish in little pond cant wait to see him on Hard Knocks
  13. Patrick Ryan Kerrigan

    I don’t believe there is a more accomplished and least talked about redskins player in the history of our franchise. His accomplishments kind of sneak up on you as a dingo does stalking a koala. Lol seriously though let me hit you with some reality - all time leader for consecutive starts by an nfl outside linebacker - will probably break the all time redskins sack record of Dexter later this year that appropriately happens to be 91 for you numerology followers - 25 forced fumbles - has never once been involved in a scandal during his career and seems like the kind of guy you’d want your daughter to marry. While he’s not finished yet and I hope he’s got another 3-4 years in him, we’ve been extremely fortunate to have a player of his character, toughness, professionalism and success on our team. He’s approaching Hall of Fame territory but like Jacoby probably won’t make it because he’s not a self promoting big mouth that’s always in the news. And unlike Jacoby, he’s had the bad luck to play Redskins . DS- ( the Daniel Snyder era )He’s just the kind of player the Redskins PR machine should work to highlight nationally to give him a better chance.
  14. A Giant in B & G .