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  1. Good luck brothers. I hope for a win but at my age I’m going to use these 4 hours to get my day drink on and watch the bikini competition at the hotel pool. There’s only one winner and all those losers need to be consoled ( at least several always have daddy issues )
  2. Redskins sign Aaron Colvin

    Yeah that’s how we do it.
  3. Sigs

    This is the photo of my adopted high integrity future hall of fame Player signing his contract that he wrote at the time: “it’s official I’ll be in the burgundy and gold 5 more years” that’s he’s now decided he won’t honor.
  4. Dream Seats going for 50% of face value on ticket sites for the Friggin Cowboys game? Never never never thought this was possible for an early season home game against the Cowboys Being a Snyderskin fan is tough
  5. The Snyderskins beating the Cowboys wont be as big of an upset as UMBC beating UVA in the NCAA's, The announcers producers should still practice and pull up tape of the famous According to Doc's patented football betting algorithm, this line is way too low. It should be Skins +12. The only variable that gives me pause is that very strange things happen in games with the Cowboys where the underdog pulls out the win.
  6. Where o Where is my adopted Snyderskin? $ 1,300,000.00 and counting. That’s a lot of Whoppers
  7. Guice Suffers Another Knee Injury

    Terrible he was injured. I hope he takes the time to fully recover. MVP should have started anyway. This injury also reinforces why I want Haskins in bubble wrap until Urban Meyer is hired next year as I don't want him injured either so he gets a full offseason to work with the new coaching staff
  8. And where are the girls? You don’t want me to use those my age. Somebody gonna break a hip
  9. I wish all those players were on our team. I expect a total
  10. I don’t expect we will see the Cowboys defense on the field that much as their offense will be made to look like everyone is a pro bowl player and we may have double digit 3 and outs, thanks Greg Manusky and his assistant who was one of the few worse defensive coordinators in the nfl. Incompetent people hire other incompetent people Doc’s rules of life # 32
  11. Week 1 @ Philadelphia: The Good, Bad and Ugly

    Having lived through the Boogie Nights era I always remember that saying with a smile 😊 good times
  12. Don’t worry after the game they will all be hall of fame candidates as will your tight ends. That’s our Snyder/Allen/Gruden way
  13. That’s terrible, seriously why put yourself through that misery in your home team stadium My adopted SnyderSkin Trent Williams is about to drop 1.3m not to play against the cowboys.