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  1. Things other than Redskins

    I’ll be courtside in Cleveland tonight to watch my Celtics seal the deal making this LeBrons last home game in Cleveland.
  2. Should we sign LG Ritchie Incognito?

    Sorry Bro I posted this as a new topic then saw you were ahead of me! From what I’m hearing, we are primed for a Super Bowl run in 18 with our QB, Wr’s with best team speed, RB and dramatically improved defense. Signing a left guard is needed because we don’t want that as the reason (excuse) we don’t make the playoffs!
  3. released from Bills and not retiring.. might be the stop gap at LG we need in our Super Bowl run in 18 with our new MVP QB?
  4. Our Offense got a lot faster this off season.

    It’s offseason fantasy land time. We are super bowl bound for sure!! MVP QB, blazing fast receivers, best TE in league the best offensive genius head coach and three to five all pros on defense. Reality will hurt in a few months
  5. Our Offense got a lot faster this off season.

    This is the fastest we have been in a long time and maybe forever. Also the most talented offense and Smith will probably be first team all pro bowl because he’s so much better than cousins ( who was just a stat padding player) and Gruden will show why he was universally viewed as the top offensive genius and now he has the tools he wanted to make it a reality and lead the league in total offense. I
  6. Redskins Ceiling and Floor for 2018

    Our ceiling is 19-0. Why? we have the best quarterback in the nfl on play action passes and a huge upgrade over our previously over rated qb we have the best TE in football who has a legitimate chance to be a hall of fame. It’s the perfect match for Smith. gruden was the best offensive coordinator in the nfl for several seasons in Cinn and now that he has better personnel to work with he’s going to be very innovative and prepared with both an excellent running and passing game that is balanced and the redskins will lead the league on total offense our defense is so much improved as we have two to three all pro’s in our front seven and 3 others with great chances to make the pro bowl. and montae Nicholson will be recognized as a top 5 safety with 8 ints we have a game breaking awesome punt returner in crowder. He struggled a bit last year but that was his learning year and he used last year as a wake up call and will lead the league in return yardage with 3 return TD’s our team has so much depth thanks to Allen that injuries really don’t matter that much as long as our top 5 all pros don’t miss too many games.
  7. Off-Topic: The Washington Capitals Thread

    This team looks utterly defeated and .
  8. “the same people that scoff at Alex's team wins... would probably talk glowingly of some team stat of some other player that they do like.” yeah , what’s your point? The rah rah hey were going to win SB with Smith are better fans? “Even if a fan speaks glowingly of a team stat for any of his players... is it really that necessary to criticize and defend against a player on your team?”
  9. One conclusion from this discussion is that we have a segment of Redskins fans on this Forum who use critical thinking and analysis instead of simply being a totally supportive they are just as hopeful and want the Redskins to be successful on the field as some others. Then there is a segment who support every move the team makes And that’s ok too
  10. 2017 was an anomaly for Alex Smith. In 2016, Smith attempted “8.16 percent of Smith’s throws traveled more than 20 yards in the air, the third-lowest figure in the league, according to Cian Fahey’s Pre-Snap Reads Quarterback Catalogue. (Only Bradford and Jared Goff went deep less often.) He attempted 489 passes in 2016, so that means he made 40 deep throws over the entire season.” https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2017/9/14/16305088/alex-smith-sam-bradford-week-1-deep-ball-tendencies This pattern is very consistent with his previous 12 years. In 2017 this changed a bit, but not much over the course of the season and he did attempt more long throws but well below the league median. so which Smith will we see, the one he was up until 2017- Checkdown Charlie, or the one he was in 2017? I believe it has been effectively argued by several including @Woz that 2017 was a career year for Smith. Lots of variables go into the number of attempts downfield, the offensive system, wide receivers, running game and of course offensive blocking. Andy Reid is an offensive genius. When he gives up on Smith like he did and let’s not forget another quarterback we brought in whose passes as the Redskins QB popularized the term- Wormburners, it gives me a lot to be concerned with. Its really silly to argue what he’s (Smith) is going to do in 18 because way too many new variables, but as a betting man and if I had to wager- It would be that he returns to his career mean.
  11. All-Inclusive OTA's Thread

    Let’s hope he’s not this years Colt Brennan or Lache Seastrunk
  12. All-Inclusive OTA's Thread

    You know what, you’re right. .questiin asked, question answered, now go to work this team and wizards have for years talked about how good they are, give themselves nicknames like when our bottom 5 defense stated the season calling themselves National Defense. Several games into the season they folded faster than Zanzibar did to the British.
  13. So,,, It Begins .. AGAIN. We Are Cursed .

    Let me take a bit of a contrarian position. Everyone who is objective or has an IQ above Forrest Gump know Lauvao sucks. It’s not reasonably debatebly. If Ty starts at Guard I think we are much better and the guy should have started three years ago. Why didn’t he? Dumbo Gruden. I don’t have a problem signing the guy Lauvao for chump change after no one else wanted him because Arie K is even stinkier garbage. Both Arie and Lauvao should be cut well before our final roster. If they aren’t, Blame the retard coach