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  1. Gameday Thread: Prepare for takeoff!

    Now I’m getting up for this game
  2. 2020 Draft thread

    LA radio chatting up the possibility of Chargers trading both Rivers and Okung to the Redskins for the number 1 pick. Slow sports day in LA
  3. just saw that game tickets are being sold on the after market for $6.00 That means the beer you buy at the stadium will cost more than the game ticket. I expect SnyderSkins stadium to look like this at worst or this at best
  4. Amazon Prime

    Jorgenson was his birthname. a lot like Sonny Jurgensen as both come from the same root origin Now to Names: 1. Killer Beez's 2. Piranaha's 3. Dorks
  5. Amazon Prime

    Prob like Danny- both have little dinghys

    In a positive mood today so hoping Snyder has throttled all big decisions as he works on selling the team to Bezos and firing Brice
  7. Do the Redskins Win Another Game?

    What I want by the end of the season: brice fired and a commitment to bring in an experienced professional successful GM.who gets a 6 year contract as the highest paid GM. please don’t trot Doug Williams out as this. Let him takeover “pants and picnics” Czaben that GM has total control of all football operations, hires the Head coach And the head coach hires his staff. Haskins proves he can play in an nfl offense and can score passing touchdowns, and shows he’s not a bust guice healthy and oriductive The new GM makes the following moves quickly resolves Trent Williams Situation moses demoted Traded/cut etc.. in alphabetical order Apke Bergstrom bostic Vernon davis keenum mccoy Mvp reed Richardson rodgers-cromartie alex Smith Chris Thompson clear the deadwood, overpaid/under performing and injury prone unreliable players I don’t care how many we win or lose the rest of the year as long as we get these things above.

    Why hasn’t Norman been released yet? Lots of similarities
  9. Who do you want as HC

    1A Choice 1B if we could get him - yes the Panthers hired a sports reporter as GM, the Raiders hired a TV sports commentator, so Danny can hire Rick (not the real Doc)Walker A.S. GM and BMitch as Head Coach. This would be guaranteed to sell all season tickets and suites in 48 hours and ensure Danny has gas money for his new little dinghy
  10. Do the Redskins Win Another Game?

    We win them all and go 7-0 because we have the Skintangibles
  11. Who Is Worth Keeping? - Defense Up

    Right on target. Agree with two exceptions- I’d keep Steve Sims and if reasonable Smallwood. Moses Or should we start calling Heyer, is at best a backup so our OL needs multiple new starters. He’s the worst run blocking RT tackle and a penalty machine
  12. Who do you want as HC

    @ARTMONK HOF I understand https://www.history.com/news/10-things-you-should-know-about-voltaire
  13. Who do you want as HC

    every seem to notice everything Snyder touches turns to crap: Joe Gibbs- retired in 1992 and was legitimately in the conversations for a top 5 coach NFL of all time. He gives in and comes to work with Snyder. Tarnishes his once stellar reputation and has his worse season Mike Shanahan- another coach same situation. not in the same category as the two above- Ok I'm going to go there- Steve Spurrier- This guy was a legendary successful College football coach. Comes to work for Snyder and "it all turns to custard" (Kingsman) why would anyone especially those who have been successful ever want that Snyder Stank on them
  14. #FireBruceAllen

    Smart Front Office Eagles waived S Andrew Sendejo. Sendejo has been running as the Eagles' No. 3 safety, but the team is playing the compensatory pick game, expecting this to net them an extra fourth-rounder. It's a cynical but understandable move. 32-year-old Sendejo will undoubtedly latch on elsewhere for the stretch run. https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player/9655/andrew-sendejo anybody Brice can waive?
  15. If I were advising Trent I would strongly encourage him to make an immediate public apology to the Medical staff. if I were advising the individuals that make up the medical staff I would strongly encourage them to file a case very soon as the Virginia statute of limitations for libel, slander and defamation 8.201-247 is one year. I hope Trent has saved some of that guarantee money, he might need it. ps.