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  1. I think he was more annoyed with the fumble than actually hurt.
  2. Center licks his fingers before the snap. Tomorrow tests positive for COVID...
  3. Ok, barmore slow down now. Kind of hoping cowboys can trade back take an extra second and pickup barmore late in the first.
  4. Man, it’ll be too good if Philly somehow doesn’t get a chance or just skips Smith in the draft. And even better if they somehow don’t take any of the stud Wrs in this draft.
  5. He’s put in work vs a very good Ohio state line. he’s been bit up and down, and he’s bit raw. but his knee was banged up earlier in the season. So that likely slowed him down. physically he’s a beast though ( and just unloaded on fields). Surtain is textbook though. I don’t think he’ll ever be a big ballhawk game changer kind of guy. But he’s gonna be very very solid and won’t make many mistakes. Think he’d make for a good duo with diggs ( who i see as more of a gambler). if we can’t get surtain And can maybe trade back a few spots to pickup another second and ge
  6. He was banged up early in the season. And has dismantled this Ohio state oline. I could deff see a team taking him in the first. He’s bit raw from technique standpoint, but his physical tools when healthy are enough to make him a force.
  7. Worked earlier. So watching the game now( not sure why..). Just finishing first quarter and so far seems like team is just shooting them selves in the foot a lot. Aside from that offense line looks like garbage, and interior dline still offers little consistent resistance. And lbs are either out of place or just missing tackles. secondary help is a big need, but if we give Dak big money we need to bring in some more depth to this Oline to keep him upright and allow time for him to use all his weapons.
  8. After that hit earlier guys still probably seeing stars.
  9. Phillips prob got away with pi, but when the wr initiates like clay pool did there I say you let them play. plus let’s be real steelers have had some very favorable calls all season .
  10. I think everyone knew what route juju was running there. This offense is just average at best and that’s when they are catching the ball. defense mAkes plays, but they also have holes. they really don’t want anything to do with the colts right now.
  11. All for looking to go over the top, but is brown the best option for that? You have Gallup, Cooper, and lamb and you go deep to brown?
  12. I really wonder why teams would do anything but run vs this team. Don’t get me wrong pass defense isn’t great either, but team can occasionally get pressure on Qb or break up a play, or maybe Qb misses. When running the ball 95% of the time you’ll gain 4+ yards.
  13. That was a ton of pressure in daltons face, but you’d think a vet would be able to read that pre snap and see wide open wr in the middle of the field..
  14. This run defense is sad. and pollard is about to take Zeke’s job..
  15. How are the Steelers the only people in the world that haven’t figured out diggs is getting the ball?
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