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  1. QB Rankings

    Lol at blaming his "supporting cast" this year for his turnovers. Every single pick except the last one was his fault in that 2019 interception video...
  2. Late Round Talent

    Andrew Beck. The type of solid all around tight end that won't wow you but then 7 years down the road you look up and he's still in the league.
  3. Late Round Talent

    I'll ride with you on the Eric Dungey train until the end. He's a gamer and would be very versatile for whoever gets him.
  4. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    I love Dungey. He'll get looks and should get a gig as a backup. He could even come in for the gadget plays like Taysom Hill.
  5. Trevor Lawrence

    2021 #1 pick no question.
  6. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    Manny Wilkins is not an NFL qb. Only a r-jr but yea...
  7. Yea, I saw the Baylor game. The Jalen Hurd wideout experiment might cost him some money if he can't figure out how to catch the ball. The announcers were saying how he wanted to save his body for the next level by converting to wide receiver. Well, he shouldn't count his chickens before they hatch, because that wasn't a next level receiver on the field that day.
  8. Bills to start Josh Allen; Peterman era over

    No line and nobody to throw to. This isn't looking good. Allen actually played ok in limited action against the Ravens. Tubby Kelvin dropped an easy td pass.
  9. Who Impressed You This Week (Week 1 9/1/2018)

    It's time for Dabo to just give Trevor Lawrence the job.
  10. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    This class is straight cheeks.
  11. Match The 2019 Quarterback Class To NFL Teams

    I really don't like this class much at all.
  12. He'll be starting the season most likely. I guess we'll see what he can do soon enough.
  13. Derrius Guice Tears ACL

    I bet Kelley is secretly happy, that just assured him of a job for one more year.
  14. Browns WR Antonio Callway Cited for Marijuana

    I would've never touched this kid with a ten-foot pole. But that's the Browns for you.