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  1. Cook had the lowest ypc on the Vikings among running backs In his last 4 regular season games last year his longest run was 9 yards. Counting the playoffs he had 8 games under 71 yards rushing. That's half his games Counting the playoffs he only had 6 games over 3.8 ypc. First 8 games: 823 rushing yards on 5.28 ypc Last 8 games: 424 Yards on 3.24 ypc So really he wants to be paid elite money for a great 8 game stretch he had in year 3.....
  2. I know other people have brought this up, but what’s up with us playing Seattle every year in Seattle? They ever going to come visit our new stadium?
  3. Why not just have every team make the playoffs? Play year round too. Get that money owners. Get that money
  4. Does that mean you sit Tua for the whole year though? Or cut Fitzpatrick when Tua is ready to play? You cant just simply bench Fitz and turn to Tua. QB's are incapable of performing or stay healthy when Fitz is backing them up. Its a curse
  5. MIAMI BEACH, Fla. -- After briefly contemplating retirement, quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has decided to return for his 16th NFL season. He also said Friday morning in between multiple media appearances at radio row that he intends to return to the Miami Dolphins, with whom he is under contract for the 2020 season. Does this effect the Dolphins interest in Tua? With Fitzpatrick on the roster it is only a matter of time until the other QB gets benched for poor play or injury. Do you really want to put a rookie through that? Especially one with an already lengthy injury history like Tua
  6. Hey Browns Fans, Do any of you guys know how many of Baker's ints have bounced off his WR this year? I'm curious. Seems like its got to be more than half
  7. Of all people, he hit Mason Rudolph in the head.... the guy just coming back from a huge concussion. I think that will factor in to the suspension and make it even longer than it otherwise would have been
  8. This would be a huge win. With Mahomes out, a win here gives us a real shot at 7-2
  9. What’s up with Diggs? There was a trade request rumor about a week ago that Diggs and his agent quickly shut down. He has deleted most of his Instagram pics and now moderates the comments on there Posting cryptic tweets and stories on social media Hasn’t spoken with the media in a week. Apparently left soldier field yesterday in full pads
  10. Would be amazing. DPOY on a team with a terrible defense. Has that ever happened before?
  11. Mods, can you please reprimand the trolls that are not adding anything to this discussion?
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