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  1. Blue had a lot of issues before getting to OSU. I am actually surprised he lasted this long. I wouldn't be surprised for him to go the Marcelys Jones route (OSU, UK, Juco, Urbana).
  2. To no surprise, Mike Weber is going pro after the bowl game.
  3. Miscellaneous News V 5.0

    Is that not the definition of bias? If you are not a fan of a certain team, living in that area will more than likely make you dislike that team. I lived in Indy for awhile (soon after they won the SB). I now dislike the Colts. I lived near Philly when they won the WS. I now dislike the Phillies. It has nothing to do with the teams, but all because of the fans. Every single fan? Absolutely not, but the select few that are just unbearable. If you are equating those select few (as compared to the amount of others) to the fans on here, I don't think you lived in Columbus long enough.
  4. Week 3 | Other Games Thread

    It's a QB from a different team that I just knew had a below average game and could look up quickly (I really should've found one of JT's bad games), but it really is irrelevant. I was just curious if you had another tier from "mess". You are correct in that Haskins and the OSU offense did not score. However, do the WR drops not play into that? One receiver had 4 drops himself in that span, and I believe a couple others had 1 each (I could be wrong on that part). Haskins was similar to a game manager in that part of the game, which we did need him to be that superstar with expectations. However, I do not think that is called a "mess". A mess would be if he were turning the ball over and not making accurate throws, neither of which happened.
  5. Week 3 | Other Games Thread

    I think there has to be a middle ground between "mess" and "expectations of a Heisman contender". Because I believe that stat line for a half is neither of those. If that is a mess for 1/2 of play, what do you call this stat line for an entire game? 20/30, 227 passing yards, O TD, 1 INT, 5 rushes, -21 yards?
  6. Are we sure they are disciplinary reasons? I only saw one report, and I don't fully trust bucknuts.
  7. Why? What can you possibly accomplish by posting this? The best way for him to stay out of here is not replying to him and moving on from the Zach Smith situation.
  8. PERFECTLY good reason to be missing!
  9. Two very good articles. One is about Harry Miller's mother's take on Urban Meyer. She is a domestic violence victim. https://lettermenrow.com/ohio-state-football-recruiting/urban-meyer-kristina-miller-ohio-state-buckeyes-domestic-abuse-survivor/ The other is an inside look at inside the meetings on Wednesday. https://abc6onyourside.com/news/local/ohio-state-trustee-sheds-light-on-marathon-meeting
  10. It's pretty clear that both Zach and Courtney are crazy, and it's sad that this has gone this public. Both need help, and in the end, the only ones really hurt by this whole thing are their children. (It's sad that I have to put this, but I obviously do not agree with domestic violence and think anybody who does it, should be punished). It's also very evident that McMurphy is out to get Meyer and/or OSU. If he really was just trying to help Courtney, he would reveal everything he has instead of keeping it back for a "gotcha" to OSU/Smith/Meyer/Snook. While I do think Snook is trying to look after OSU/Meyer, I don't think he is hiding anything, but I do wish he had a better method than facebook. Regardless, I have stopped reading anything about this outside of what headlines tell me because I am sick of it. I have lost some respect for Meyer as I thought he was smarter than all of this. However, from everything that's come out so far, I, just like everyone else here, would be surprised if Meyer is let go. Anybody who thinks they know what should happen, on either side, is crazy because clearly we do not know nearly everything, as facts seem to come out every day.
  11. The Official Recruiting Thread

    4* QB Dwan Mathis flips from Michigan State to Ohio State.
  12. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Why wouldn't it? He has been silently committed since the spring game, but wanted to make it public during his missions trip to Nicaragua. Since his trip got canceled, he went ahead and made his commitment public.
  13. I think Taylor starts at C with Myers behind either Davis or Knox at G. I would also add nickel back as a a starter, because they play starter minutes. Arnette will do that again with Riep backing him up in my mind. I also don't see Haubeil beating Neurnberger at PK, but I do on kickoffs. Everything else looks really good.
  14. The Official Recruiting Thread

    From my understanding, he was set to sign with Nebraska. When his school closed due to weather and he pushed his announcement back, he started talking to his parents more and decided on Ohio State. What I don't understand, with kids like these who really aren't sure about where to go, why sign on NSD? They have to know they don't have to, right? Take some more time to think it out.
  15. College Football Coaching Carousel

    Just because it was rumored, doesn't mean that it was a demotion. There is a reason that his title and responsibilities were never announced. You can't correct somebody for using the word "supposed" when you use the word "rumored" to refute it. Rumored is the very definition of supposed.