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  1. I'm going to take it a step further, Nate. I think Clemson should just give up football.
  2. This seems likely.
  3. No redshirts this year as a year of eligibility is not used up this year.
  4. And before we went after Mertz, we also thought Grant Gunnell was going to be a Buckeye.
  5. Do you submit these proposals? If so, to who?
  6. So will you hope for a tie? Just be happy they are playing and not care who wins? I don't think I have ever wanted both teams in a game I am watching. So, I am genuinely curious.
  7. In 2 years, OSU and ND play. It might even be a night game. Who you rooting for?
  8. As an OSU fan, I do NOT want to see THE game on Thanksgiving.
  9. So the police report was finally released. Garrett was trying to protect a female from a domestic violence dispute and the man pulled a gun out and shot him in the head (going through both cheeks which is a miracle). Pete Werner was in the apartment when police arrived and gave a statement. No idea if he was there when it all happened.
  10. Nope, you were right. He THEN was taken to the hospital. I just misinterpreted your post.
  11. Thanks! I've actually been around, just haven't posted much.
  12. 2022 4* OLB Dasan McCullough committed today.
  13. 2022 OLB CJ Hicks (Kettering Alter) has been given a 5th star by Rivals and is their 4th ranked player overall.
  14. This is actually something that OSU and Michigan fans are 100% in agreement with.
  15. You touched on this at the beginning of your post. Did Tressel show the capability of beating Michigan on the biggest stage when he was hired out of Youngstown State? How about Ryan Day? He was never a head coach before last season. Did he show the capability of doing what he did last year? My point is, there are guys out there who can succeed at Michigan. I don't know who they are, but they are out there.
  16. We have our own Aussie punter to compare him to. He's currently punting for the Philadelphia Eagles. He was pretty good, too.
  17. Because he decommitted from Florida twice.
  18. There are 100 allowed numbers (0-99). Each number is allowed to be used a maximum on two players equaling 200 options. Why would roster limits need to be limited?
  19. It won't be Anderson. It will be Treyveon Henderson or Donovan Edwards.
  20. I've been listening as well. I am about a month behind currently and the Warriner comments are definitely eye opening. Makes me regret my thoughts on Tim Beck. How can you not know HOW to call plays if you are a coordinator?
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