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  1. 49ers Survivor Pool

    Oh how close Congrats!!!
  2. 12 passes complete to 9 different receivers. Keep them guessing Shanny!
  3. Lovin' this pressure. Keep up the heat!
  4. Horrible defensive effort by Cinci. We'll take it.
  5. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Horrible game BUT feeling a little bit better about our run game as that TB front 4 is legit!
  6. 49ers Survivor Pool

    Vegas be damned, I'll take Jacksonville.
  7. 49ers Survivor Pool

    Think I'll wait till RudyZ makes his selection...
  8. If it's short term, maybe pick up Alfred Morris as a rental?
  9. Not to be a negative Nelly but anyone else really concerned about the runs right up the gut against this wide 9 D? Probably going to see a healthy dose of this in the future. Hoping part of it is because of Kwon's ejection...
  10. Gonna beat last years turnover totals today!
  11. 49ers Survivor Pool

    New Orleans for me.
  12. Minor Niner News Thread