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  1. So much for the traditional fleet of feet zone blocking scheme. We're going 1982 Joe Gibbs/Joe Bugel Hogs mode πŸ˜‰
  2. Of all the guys to have to Voodoo Wammy curse us and say it, I thought you'd be the last. We now know who to blame! πŸ˜‰
  3. If he's unhappy with his lack of "opportunity" in NE, he sure as hell will be unhappy sharing touches here in Shanny's offense.
  4. This is random but just a quick shout out for those posting on this forum during the doldrums and keeping things interesting. Thank You!!!
  5. Wished our bye week was a little later than week 6 to help us out for the stretch but oh well...
  6. Bring on Goff and Hurts to start the season against us
  7. Interesting looking at their position of need chart for us at 17 seconds. They have us QB #1, OG #2 and DE #3? Side note, vid from 49erTweets.
  8. A look inside Atlanta's war room. Doesn't sound like the rest of the league was in on the "Jones to SF" mantra. Also sounds like Pitts was always their guy.
  9. Just knowing we can make these prima donna press elites throw a tantrum is rewarding enough for me 😎 The Niner's front office did an incredible job in their "ruse". They sure as hell had many of us spinning in circles too. Hell. how often is Shefter wrong? Say touche' and move along press core...
  10. Rob Lowder βœ” @Rob_Lowder John Lynch said Jalen Hurd (torn ACL in August) has been rehabbing elsewhere and has been progressing well. Lynch also said he expects Hurd β€œto be ready,” presumably for the offseason program. #49ers
  11. Must have missed Hufanga's medical report. Thought he was hurt a lot?
  12. Sorry as I ask every flippin year but best UDFA tracker sight? Or will there be one in our Draft Forum?
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