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  1. Line of scrimmage game is definitely been dominated so far on both sides. Some positive signs on the d-line but overall, meh. Not concerned at all yet though. Been over 20 years since I overacted after the first preseason game (not saying your overreacting btw).
  2. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    So as shady as it may seem, he could appeal and "take it to court", then withdraw it at a time of his choosing like Elliott did. If there is a way to time the suspension to the teams advantage, then why not utilize the loophole. Unless risking the wrath of Goodell makes it not worth it...
  3. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    Not sure how this works but can he contest it initially then take the suspension at a later date? And if so, can he take the suspension when he inevitably (yea it's just one year but...) gets dinged up? Or are there provisions in place to prevent this kind of shenanigan.
  4. New Forum - New Random

    Agree with the responses above that an inspection is not asking for anything more than any other tenant would not hesitate to comply with (unless there are underlying issues they are trying to hide). And YOU should not be the one feeling like your in a bind, it is your tenants. I know you now live abroad but I'm assuming you are aware of the housing shortage here in California right now. Especially if your home is in the Bay Area. I have several long term employees at my hospital with great credit reports that lost their homes in the North Bay fire that had a hell of a time finding a place to rent. And when they did, it was for $4,000 a month (In Novato, not Belvedere!) for a 3 bedroom modest home. Hell, even a 2 bedroom apartment goes for $2500+. You are not being unreasonable in your request and hold all the leverage my friend...
  5. Started the live draft then pain in the arse guests show up on DRAFT NIGHT??? Was looking for pure value in the draft bearing in mind kinda current needs (which will be irrelevant in three years ha ha). Did pick up Crosby for the spirit of the game since Brown is gone. DRAFT D: KEEP ALL 49ER TRADES INCLUDING TRENT BROWN #9) Derwin James S #44) Josh Jackson CB #70) Michael Gallup WR #95) Harrison Phillips DL #128) Genard Avery LB #142) Tyrell Crosby OT/G #184) Deon Cain WR #223) Jordan Mailata OT/FB/? #240) Ryan Izzo TE
  6. Draft day 3 - discussion thread

    Loving our projected pick of A.J. Brown, WR of Ole Miss for 2019. Let the games begin...
  7. Draft day 3 - discussion thread

    Emmanuel Moseley, CB, Tennessee Corey Griffin, DB, Georgia Tech Ross Dwelley, TE, San Diego Jeffery Wilson, RB, North Texas Jamar McGloster, OT, Syracuse
  8. Draft day 3 - discussion thread

    Oldies small school sleeper still sitting... Ja'Von Rolland-Jones
  9. Draft day 3 - discussion thread

    Baalke sneak in the building? Another IR guy?
  10. Dammit! Pain in the arse visitors showed up and I missed the pick. I'll catch up later. Keeping Brown as well.
  11. Draft day 2 - Official discussion thread

    So Taylor getting traded by 5:30 PM???
  12. 2018 NFL Draft - Now Underway!

    Gotta think Turay, Carter, Sweat then Key (with Landry being long gone unless the medical is worse than thought)? But given the gap, hoping Sutton or Kirk somehow drops at WR. Would be ok with the value with Braden Smith or Corbett at OG but how underwhelming a draft it would be without some firework. Whoa, anyone else get a bit drunk after our first pick?
  13. 2018 NFL Draft - Now Underway!

    Landry going to Seattle at #27 just to pour salt on the wound...