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  1. Looked like Colbert was trying to take out his own teammate. What the hell?
  2. This might be that game that gives us false hope for the rest of the season until we remember it's Arizona ha ha... But I'll take it!
  3. Week 4 GDT: Time to Get Supercharged

    Side note, anybody else get pushed off to a commercial a couple of seconds before the Atlanta Cincy ending? Talk about crappy timing...
  4. Week 4 GDT: Time to Get Supercharged

    Last thing I expected to happen with our depleted secondary but what a hell of a start!
  5. Definitely some awful calls and at critical moments in the game but not 14 of them. This team is still young and very undisciplined.
  6. What a surprise. Dammit!
  7. Around the NFL

    Why the hell am I rooting for the Browns and Mayfield so much as I shouldn't give a crap about them at all. Kindred soul with candyman93 from our darkest day's maybe...
  8. Pretty sure we'll see a steady dose of man from any opponent until Jimmy proves he can beat that...
  9. Game ball... Matt Breida?
  10. Lucky # bastards...
  11. Block to the back against 53
  12. This is why stats sometimes mean nothing. Lee leading the defense with 9 tackles and a sack.
  13. They tried. Get in the red zone then get back outside of the 20 and play on. Didn't work either...