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  1. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    I mean someone had to get screwed for a kid to be on the way
  2. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Not just you lol I lost a few of my offensive personnel for the week.
  3. GG Man. Had to throw one last wrench at you. haha
  4. Read back how many plans Fitz has been in the slot for me this year. Sounds like a lack of research on your part.
  5. Except you literally said that the defense would be exactly the same as 3 wides (earlier) Fitz still isn't in the slot, Kazee still is looking for inside releases from Fitz even if outside as you did not state where Kazee was specifically lined up with Fitz anyways. You specifically said Joyner would be covering Fitz (without the designation that only if Fitz was in slot). Fitz has played inside and outside his entire career.
  6. That wasn't flexible. You have specific assignments with Joyner specifically covering Fitz and Kazee specifically covering Fitz on inside release. No where did you say it was only when Fitz was in the slot. Nor did I say where anyone was playing in 3 and 4 wides whether Metcalf went inside or outside. You slipped up.
  7. Fitz plays outside and inside. It changes from play to play depending on formation. I rarely ever put Fitz in the slot in my gameplans preferring Metcalf there due to his size and speed. If I had Metcalf in that position how does that change your defense? You specifically have Slay outside covering him and Slay doesn't play nickel. But you have no written designation to ignore assignments if it doesnt meet your set criteria just like you don't say Joyner will switch assignments on plays Fitz isn't in the slot. You put your eggs all in one basket on this one and you guessed wrong is all.
  8. Yet you also said Joyner would be on Fitz (specifically) so you have two designations contradicting themselves with him playing outside. And Kazee only comes into play on passes to the inside in coverage (inside release) which would mean single coverage on outside. You also said he was playing the run which literally could come from either RB or the QB in this scenario. Three people to account for in the running game on any given play.
  9. Save the fact I said Fitz would split reps with Sanu. So half the game when Fitz is in he would pull the double coverage leaving Mostert to free roam? That said wouldn't this be considered hindsight gameplanning?
  10. I think the thing you arent taking into account is how he would defend the 2RB backfield. His closest strategy alignment is the 3 wide where he has 1 guy reading the run. (since he thought I was so hamstrung that I was forced to go 3 and 4 wide this game and disnt take into account a split RB) I plan to run with Jameis 8-10 times as listed, I plan to spread the running game as well to two RBs on the field at once. One guy to spy 3 runners is asking a bit much.
  11. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Still have the playoffs to win this year