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  1. Can someone PM me when it's my turn? Thanks!
  2. I thought he was on the second year of four years. My bad. Fixed
  3. 3UP1 WR Adam Thielen IRL: 4 years, 64.20k (16,050 per) BDL: 4 years, $48,152 ($12,038/year)
  4. Baker is on the block for potential Up and Over. Hit me up.
  5. I'm always near cap ceiling every year...
  6. I guess I don't know who you picked as my three 3UPs.
  7. Absolutely. Coming off a compound fracture of his ankle when he is a mobile QB and this would literally make him 2 mil cheaper than Mahomes. If this was Mahomes that is a no brainer. This is Dak.
  8. ERFA Tenders: James Robinson JaMycal Hasty Devin Asiasi Brunskill Herbig Anae Costin RFA - Jewell - 4th round Ito Smith - 7th round I'll do my 3-Ups tonight.
  9. lol I'll wait for Free Agency.
  10. C Bang is a good co-op game. Coup and Selfish are good FFA games.
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