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  1. I support putting it after 3rd game
  2. I remember you and I switched divisions
  3. Anyone know his IRL name and location?
  4. We are trying to stay away from dead money. Not make it a feature. I vote yes.
  5. I honestly thought this was how it was done anyways
  6. I'm being a cheapskate. Yes.
  7. Wilson keeps saying Metcalf is going to he a HOF. Isabella is running circles around people. That is the only rookie news Ive seen
  8. If he doesn't have a current contract we are restricted by contract committee from actually creating a contract. Sometimes that happens during the season following FA so you can't use the past years 3UP because no contract was created, but sometimes they are pushed further out to the following season so you miss out on the previous years 3Ups. This comes into play when players are already on 1 year BDL deals (not the ones that automatically turn into the extension) So you can't 3Up the guy during that offseason, can't 3up during sesson if this rule goes into play to reflect all the years of the current contract and then when the following season comes about there is one less year of salary to average out.
  9. If it is prior to contract you are stuck. If he does get one midseason you lose a year of the contract to base it off.
  10. Cheaper in most cases as it considers current year as part of contract rather than more expensive remaining years.