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  1. Side note: I'm glad I no longer have Jared Goff
  2. Complete truth.. I enjoy you in the league, but we've had so many people say they quit and then completely dip that our first reaction is just to find the next person. If you want to stay we would love to have you stay. If you want to dip you're more than welcome to dip. We are all adults here and we have to make those decisions on our own accord.
  3. I mean... I have the QB, WRs and RBs and still have managed to lose the last couple games to teams without *shrugs*
  4. Can anyone message me an analysis of my D and my weaknesses? I'm too close to the defense and can't do it with fidelity.
  5. The only thing I have to say about my WR production is 2 of them had Geno Smith throwing a ball to them compared to Dak...
  6. Wait a second... The determining factor was sparse used #4 WR?
  7. I read the game plans. I just usually on lunch break and don't comment
  8. Truth: I copied and pasted their defensive game plan from when they played Rome because I thought it was good. I then went in and edited parts of the game plan to fit personnel and other formations.
  9. Not everyone can win a Superbowl with Trent Dilfer
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