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  1. Are you trying to just have the final word here? I'll let you have it if you want. I already PMed you what's wrong with your strategy so you don't think Im championing for more votes.
  2. This isn't just a this year thing. It was also last year.
  3. This is my last post: Brunskill is weaker, not terrible. I have never said he was elite. I've addressed every point you have made which is literally Brunskill and Massie the entire thread. I've already outlined how there are 8 hats in box against 2TE sets for that running game. You refuse to talk about 3 wide though. I've asked you multiple times and you say it's in the game plan but it isn't. You are leaving either a WR, RB or TE free on over 50% of your plays with having both rushers come off one side AND having 2 safeties on the field at the same time.
  4. Did more research supposedly the Lions one was not against Massie. This one was credited to him. It was in fact 2 seconds though if Trubisky would've kept back, instead of running for that hole he probably wouldn't have had that sack, but I relent on that one.
  5. "McMillan will start on Strong Side as an additional run stuffer at the LBing position (and TE2 coverage on passing down)" Next.
  6. Propose in owners meetings that an owner can't post in their game thread.
  7. Don't be pissy. I literally am pointing out the flaws in your plan just like I did last week when I wasn't playing you. Massie's allowed sack happened Week 1 not Week 2. Also, that sack wasn't right off the snap. He snapped the ball at 9:23, was sacked at 9:16 and that was after the swingman lost contain, forcing Trubisky up into the pocket, then he spun around and ran 5 yards back the field as the rest of the o-line lost containment. It is the Okwara sack if you want to look at the NFL highlights of the game.
  8. And I don't really see the point of the overload anyways, that makes you susceptible to the QB scramble off the blind side. Dak can run and you are letting the strong side block down field with no QB spy. You saw this week what his ****ty oline did. Terrence Steele and Brandon Knight were his OTs lol Here is an example of Dak running
  9. So who again is coming off the field in trips? I mean you have your two edge rushers coming on one side, two safeties back playing deep, at minimum two corners, three dline, which leaves two players left. Either you are running a 3-3-5 or a 3-4-4, which means the RB, TE or WR is uncovered every play on defense because you are blitzing Burns and Barrett. This is pretty much the easiest hit the open option ever.
  10. I think Dion stays #1 a couple weeks based on Freeman's conditioning
  11. "Likewise, our pass block win rate metric conveys the rate linemen can sustain their blocks for 2.5 seconds or longer." Massie was #1. Must have been a hella long time in the backfield before that sack came.
  12. You have very little knowledge of Massie these past two years. Time to Google research and you can do a segment on your research.
  13. I literally said the same thing. Counselor said Smith was strong side. I literally pointed out that you believe Smith is the weak side thus confirming your strategy. The problem is Massie which has been stellar in pass protection is on the right side which derails that initial thought process. You based your entire blitz package on a guy not even on the field.
  14. Then list Burns and Barrett's pressures and hurries. Their combined QB Hits in two games are also 0.
  15. He overloaded Smith which he perceives as a weakness, not a strength. He planned to attack the weakness and crash in that side of the line to not give Dak time. Not crash in a strong side of the line especially when neither of his starting rushers have a single sack in 2 games thus far.
  16. Secondly he plans on overloading Donovan Smith's side of the ball. Donovan Smith isn't even playing. Which means he is planning against Massie? Massie has literally turned around his career since is early days the past two seasons. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29939464/2020-nfl-pass-rushing-run-stopping-blocking-leaderboard-win-rate-rankings He is the #1 Pass Blocking win rate in the NFL.
  17. Ted, (and @Jlash) he is running a 2 TE and 3WR sets. In 2 TE you have A 4-3 defense with three safeties (2 of them being SS) on the field and only one of them being back. In 3WRs, the LBer comes off for the nickel which would be a 4-2-5 You can't stack a box in 3 wide without losing contain overtop or putting Ridley in single coverage all game, and I'm already bringing more people into the box on 2 TE.
  18. And everyone thought I reached for him
  19. He has started 17 games at Center in his career so I just leave him there. Doesn't have to match where he is currently. That said, I didn't start Smith this week, but I think he gets more flack than he deserves.
  20. Tweaked his knee. They held him out for precautionary because 49ers had a sizeable lead.
  21. Mostert - 92 yards on the ground 1 TD Robinson - 102 yards on the ground 1 TD Fournette - 103 yards on the ground 2 TDs Does anyone want to say I don't have a running game now?
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