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  1. We also just hired Rex Hogan so Champ is not coming
  2. Not defending Mac. He sucked. I just don’t think it’s a huge loss. Besides, he should’ve just signed Paradis anyway.
  3. Wouldn’t call it an epic blunder. Froholdt is limited as an NFL prospect. Samia was much more a potential get.
  4. Per reports, we’re hiring Champ Kelly as asst GM
  5. Apparently Fitterer impressed per reports
  6. Artie Burns might be cut before camp per reports. If so, we should pick him up.
  7. Darron Lee wasn’t a good and solid pick.
  8. We’re still arguing Mac, hahaha. Let’s hope that the next GM is elite so that we stop arguing.
  9. Eagles yes. Seahawks haven’t made a good personnel move in a few years and they rarely draft well.
  10. We claimed James Burgess from Miami. He played in Cleveland the past two years. Was actually pretty solid is 2017 and started 9 games. I’d say he’s got a shot at cracking the 53 if he stays healthy.
  11. Kelly and Fitterer are cleared to interview with Fitterer interviewing later this week. Per Breer, some believe that the job is already Douglas’ and he might have some staff in mind including Jeremiah. Apparently Champ may come as part of his staff as well. He also has some Philly execs that he could pull over given that he pulled them over from Baltimore as well.
  12. Eh, it's hard to say honestly. Realistically, are we spending 25-30 mil/year on 3 d-linemen for the next few years?
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