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  1. Midseason Evaluations and Notes

    Nobody is paying Collins any big contract lol. He’s a RFA if you can read... I bet we tender him as a 3rd round value tag. No chance I’m signing Collins to a long term deal. Our offensive line hasn’t helped any RB in this committee. It’s not like Collins is the only one struggling to find running lanes. Now with both tackles out, I expect more Allen Sunday. Even though Collins has shown great run after the catch moves. Mosley being re-signed is up in the air. Was he not injured a few weeks ago and thought to be out for the season? I didn’t know 8 weeks was a full season. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt that he turns it around. Sunday will be a true testament. Signing a WR - you’re right, I can give you 2-3 names but why? We tend to find key signings from teams that make cap casualty cuts. So who knows what big names will become a free agent. Tate would be nice, but we need a big body on the outside if we do let Crabtree walk. Although I could probably retract him on my list of cuts. He just offers a large salary in savings. @diamondbull424
  2. Baltimore Ravens 2018-19 Season Roster Tracker

    That blows.. But the Giants are worse on the O-Line than we are.
  3. Midseason Evaluations and Notes

    I use Spotrac for reference on contracts, but these contracts are the notable ones we could save some money and walk away from Flacco - 10 Mill .... Will Lamar be ready next year? Jimmy Smith - 9 Mill.... I think this is an easy one. Roll with Humphrey Averett and Young. Possibly draft another in the 3rd/4th Marshal Yanda 7 Mill... Don't see this being true or want it. Just added him due to the money potentially saved. Michael Crabtree 5 Mill... He hasn't shown it this year. Some big spots he has come alive, but disappears in others. Eric Weddle 6 Mill... Eric could make this decision easy and retire. He is getting up there and slowing losing a step. Although he is a great vet to have out there. Brandon Carr 5 Mill.. Depends on how much they like our depth if we cut Jimmy. Total Savings: 42 million roughly. Bringing us over 70 Million available. After the cuts our future needs for that money RFA - Pierce and Collins John Brown extension Mosely re-sign Suggs re-sign Sign a backup QB - Unless we keep RG3 for Jacksons backup. Sign a WR again Offensive line interior starter or depth. Id like Yanda kept and we continue to build. I thought siragusa was going to offer us young talent, but that was a quick loss. Alex Lewis doesn't impress due to his lack of strength. Hurst... Yeah I like his versatility but 4-5 mill for a back up pissed me off on that deal. Corner Depth - Like I said above, we could really look to keep Carr. Draft young mid round talent, because we don't spend money on the corner market very often FS - Loss of Weddle. Can we replace with a free agent or try to draft talent to push Elliott.
  4. I got Fitzmagic for them Buc fans!! Best qb in their franchise
  5. QBs are expensive in this league. Now with that trade being out there, the market is shot for the rest of this pre-season Mookie wanted my 1st, 2nd and Cam Jordan for Kirk. Couldn't swallow the farm system, to finally land a qb.
  6. Last night was such a trap game it wasn't even funny. Lions couldn't beat a high school team and they take it to Brady The lack of James White last night is what hurt them in my eyes. No clue why they keep forcing Michel, especially in passing down situations
  7. Summer time my man! My busiest months for sales is from March/April through early November. You'll see me back and active through the winters mostly. So since my only quality QB is Fitzy, is anyone trading any QBs? Not at Rammy's kind of price (3 first, first unborn & your kidney) Unless Mariota bounces back and gets healthy, I'm in a crap spot yet again. Trubisky has an arm, but the guy just cant read the field very well.
  8. but for real... who wants this stud Fitzmagic
  9. danggg... shots fired. You're one of the few I tried trading with last season. My teams been booty with no qb & the Mariota/Trubisky risk is paying off well Only positive is Josh Gordon going to the Patriots, but I wont hold my breath just yet
  10. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    YES only keep 1. I’m leaning gordon because I feel his ceiling is the highest of all 3
  11. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Keeper question.. we get to keep after the 3rd and on... ppr. 6 pt tds my options: Derrick Henry 9th Tyreek Hill 5th Josh Gordon 10th Alex Collins 10th free agents not drafted are eligible to be kept as a 10th
  12. Anything special for Perriman? Saw he had a few catches, but just got home to watch Jackson
  13. Kam Chancellor announced his retirement

    This a complete blow to the safety talent in the league! We were spoiled for years even after the Ed Reed and Troy P era. . Nobody knew who was going to fill those shoes and I loved what Kam brought to the game every weekend. Sucks to see him go, but you can't help but to respect the man for walking away with his body and health in mind.
  14. @TheKillerNacho Please place Mariota & Gordon to PS. Start Sanu #2 and Will Fuller #3 Mckinnon to KR/PR Drop Eli Apple Sign Ryan Fitzpatrick & Start @ QB
  15. @Tk3 Good game my man! Held Barkley in check for the most part, but my offense sputtered until that late run. Expected a little more from Mariota even with a last season not being his best. Something to evaluate I suppose, but I was happy seeing Charles still has some left in the tank. Lets see how long that holds up!