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  1. Any recent updates on Juwan James? I know he was a late season return long shot. If we got him back before end of season & playoffs would be a depth boost we need
  2. Easy to say stop Taylor. I believe it will be the dump offs. Wentz under pressure isn’t good and looks to the backs. If Hines sits, that’s a win for us. Otherwise both backs do have speed to beat us on the dump offs. Haven’t loved Queen on the RBs Wonder if we allow Humphrey shadow Pittman. Big body with speed and a player I loved for us to draft. Good test for Humph.
  3. Moral of the story is please remove Adam Gase from the sim. Darnold is a stud without the NY shadows
  4. All key points and guys I was noticing all night. Sammy could’ve had better, but Lamar wasn’t accurate Brandon Williams was out there a ton. Had some good pushes, but they got us on counters with the rushing in the second half. Ellis seems to be a very solid rotational NT. We have had panic before and blow the tops off week 2. I believe a lot of the defense is playing without Peters, how do we manage. Averett looks to be what Wink says about him. Young was very much second guessing a lot last night. Granted he’s been out almost two years. Jimmy comes back and should shore up th
  5. Hey boys chins up and let’s grind it out baby! Game day less than 48 hours away! Our biggest loss in my eyes will be Peters playmaking skills. Young, Jimmy, Averett and Westry have huge shoes to fill. Combined I think we will still have a good #2 outside compared to most teams Lets do this and revive Bells career along the way
  6. Planting of the flag you say.. 1. Tom Brady healthy off-season and full OTA with his team that brings back all 11 starters. 2. Damien Harris… yes the Patriots can have a Ravens style backfield by committee, but Harris is the best of the group. Mac Jones opens the door for more red zone opportunities. 3. Calvin Ridley… 2nd round ADP. Two PPR leagues I’ve landed Ridley at 2.3 and 2.10. He’s going to continue where he left off last year and I really believe he could be the #1 fantasy WR due to the games they will be trailing all year. 4. Woods - Stafford
  7. Lost McCrary & Warrior today to waivers thus far. Was hoping to see one or both back
  8. This is a big set back. I believe we will be okay in the rush department. Yet, I see us adding a body to our roster. Gurley came for a visit and I’m not opposed honestly at this point. Read an article naming off Duke Johnson & Bell. Please no Bell.
  9. I forget Iman landed on the IR again. Suppose when we put it on paper for our depth, we can’t be upset to gain a future 4th or 5th depending on the return for a pick we might’ve lost via PS theft. Humphrey - Peters - Smith - Young Averett - Westry - Stephens - Wade - **Iman Forget Stephens some days and carrying a higher draft capital
  10. Why not Averett or Iman & keep Wade if he has the potential we expected?! Jimmy gone soon & Young unlikely to see another contact
  11. Also if we get another draft pick for a kicker 🤣😅! Minnesota still looking hahaha?!
  12. Westry better live up to the preseason hype or this move could haunt us. Wade has played really well. As reported on Twitter, no chance he made it to PS. Ravens don’t have room to keep 8 CBs either
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