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  1. @TheKillerNacho Tyron Smith was also kept. He was just left off the 1st page Thank you
  2. I forgot how good Madu looked for the mid to late season. Brandon comes out on pass rush, so Watt, Campbell and Madu would be a nice front on 3rd downs
  3. We have 30 million coming off the books this time next year 2021: Campbell 15 mill cap hit. Brandon Williams 14 mill cap hit. Both. UFA next year 11 million of dead cap also coming back next year that is wasted on Earl Thomas (10 mill) and Ingram (1.2)
  4. I’ve been back and forth on hearing Ravens are interested In Watt. He’s a household name. Easy to get excited. Injuries have hampered him over a few seasons. Though, we have seen how many vets come to us and find that next gear while playing with us??? Campbell missed a few games last year and it hurt during those games statistically. For me... It comes down to paying Judon or Watt.. Do we want to be tied to Judon for 4-5 years or Watt for 1-2. My plan: 1. Sign Watt/Bowser over Judon/Yannick 2. Trade Brown with at least a 1st + in the deal... unless we can secure a pas
  5. ***Trash Panda’s 2nd + 5th is what I messaged you back? If that is the offer we accept
  6. Keepers Cook 3 Taylor 1 (R) Hopkins 3 Tyron Smith 3 Cameron Jordan 3 Christopher Jones 2 Marlon Humphrey 3 Marquise Brown 1 PS Justin Tucker 1 20 total Trade Block Jimmy G Kenny Golladay Rodney Hudson Center Vita Vea Denzel Ward Devin McCourty Kareem Jackson
  7. I’ll have to back out. Been down and out with the Vid this past week. I’m going to be real behind with work guys. I’d hate to back out, but would rather give you a chance at an active owner.
  8. Loaded question in such a small ask! Good though! Hope the same for you
  9. @ny92mike It has been a while, but I will give it a run if you need GMs 1. Ravens 2. Giants 3. Tampa
  10. Exactly why we still need to try and draft depth. Averett’s game is still growing. I think he can be a solid contributor. Doubt he ever reaches Marlon level, but solid slot fill in outside man CB looks up his alley. Tavon is the WC of the bunch. I’d prefer us to draft as if he isn’t even on the team, then when he is healthy its just an added bonus.
  11. Smith on the field is worth every cent of that 5 Million. Veteran leadership and great presence for guys like Marlon who are coming into their own. Also might be insurance on our decision looming around the slot spot for Tavon Young. I don’t believe we can cut him and gain much cap per his contract, but could be incorrect. I have no issues with this deal, even if we get 10-12 complete games next year. Just hope we also draft a guy or two mid rounds for depth and not be forced to watch what we have this second half of the year.
  12. Kong’s Trade Block QB: Jimmy Garoppolo (SF)RB: Dalvin Cook (MIN) or Jonathan Taylor (IND) (One or the other)***WR: DeAndre Hopkins (HOU), Kenny Golladay (DET), Sammy Watkins (KC) ***Hopkins: Come with an offer and include a player in the deal if you are even serious. Please don’t message me asking what my price is. Send your best offer. OT: Tyron Smith (DAL), Anthony Castonzo (IND)OG: Brandon Brooks (PHI), Jedrick Wills (CLE)Center: Rodney Hudson (LV)DE: Carlos Dunlap (CIN)OLB: Myles Jack (JAX), Zach Brown (FA)MLB: Jordan Hicks (ARI)CB: Denzel Ward (CLE)SS: Kareem Jackson
  13. Oh the fun season is coming!! Open for trades! Going to post who’s available later. Might trade Cook or JT (1tag) if I don’t keep the 1-2 punch. Should see a nice boost in the sim.
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