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  1. I wouldn’t have taken Carr at #2.. although I’d consider him in the 2nd guaranteed. I like Trubisky, but not for the sim just yet. Give him another season yet
  2. Yikes.... as if that defense needed more pass rush
  3. Negative.. expensive for 1 tag id give a 7th. If anyone wants to toss one my way. Standing offer available for whoever accepts
  4. Who’s got a tag they want to trade my way?
  5. Accepted as well lets do both of my games at neutral sites @TheKillerNacho
  6. Who wants to set some pre-season games up! Throwing Trubisky out there for both matches to see what I have in him
  7. I’m back!!! @TheKillerNacho keepers so far: david Johnson 3 hopkins 3 Yanda 2 cameron jordan - 2 Chris Jones - 2 Melvin Ingram - 3 Xavier Rhodes - 3 Mitch trubisky - 1 19/20 1 tag for sale
  8. Tells me Jenkins is worth a 1st, but doesn’t keep him 🤣
  9. Poor Ruskie! Losing his mainstay from past defensive linemen... Kyle Williams to retire Sunday. He was a true blue collar beast on a rough bills team for years
  10. Last year was average with a few glimpses of his talent. This year he has become a lockdown corner, but how many times have we seen talent breakout to follow it up with a dud. Especially at cb look at my man Rhodes. He’s had a rough season with injuries and has been beat more than ever this season. Although he’s posted multiple shutdown seasons. He should still be top 5-top 10 in overall ratings for the sim. Id guess Humphrey will be top 25 rated easily, but definitely one more season like this and his ratings sky rocket
  11. How you keeping all those guys lol? I count 27 tags. Let my man tucker go too ya thief! Wasting his talent over there
  12. Jackson played amazing with pocket awareness! A couple times I cringed as he dropped back and saw Bosa or Ingram coming off the edge with ease. Flacco would’ve had 6 sacks taken last night I’d love to see some improvement in the redzone. Granted we want to jam it in with the running game, but last night was a clear example that Jackson needs to work on the passing inside the 20 all in all, an amazing raven style football game! Hats off to both sides of the ball. What’s allowing us to excel is the fact the defense continues to get rest. Let’s keep this going vs Cleveland and fingers crossed saints handle business today