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  1. On point as always nacho! Thank you
  2. Angels P Tyler Skaggs has Died

    Crazy the amount of speculations that are made without any info. Maybe this maybe that. Always with the negative side of speculations. Crazy
  3. My bad. The draft thread had him still listed Byron Leftwich OC @TheKillerNacho
  4. Kong’s Cut Sullivan Center sign Paradis Center - starting Cut Ajayi Sign Drake... drake to #2 rb didn't think Mookie was cutting either guy or I would’ve taken them already in return lol @TheKillerNacho
  5. @TheKillerNacho that is correct. sign Greg Roman OC
  6. I’m not looking for your Schefter approval on whether I won or not. Definitely needed to make a splash to rebuild. Sitting with 3 firsts rounders I’ll be looking to replenish my keepers in this upcoming draft.
  7. Kong’s will sign Eli Manning QB Jay ajayi HB Eli starts QB... Trubisky PS Cohen #1 HB... Ajayi #2 Whiteside #3 WR... Golladay #2 wr @TheKillerNacho when the trades accepted
  8. Essentially a 1st + 3rd for DJ in your eyes 2nd for ES I traded a 5th for DJ a season ago. So I’ve recouped and then some.
  9. I had a good run last season with a balanced team. Needed to make a move and I’m another full season from Trubisky to really push our division. Gives me some draft ammo to rebuild without moving Rhodes, Cam Jordan, Chris Jones or Hopkins
  10. Trade Kong’s trade: David Johnson, Emmanuel Sanders + 3 tags for Woolly Mammoths trade: S19 1st, S19 1st CHI, S20 1st CHI and S20 2nd @MookieMonstah
  11. I believe this has to do who Adams is lining up against. I’ve seen Hopkins go 3 for 40 and Sanders get 10-11 catches. Next game Hopkins goes 8-100+. I've always focused on what CB my guys line up against. You could always swap Adams to a #2 wr and watch him go up against defenses #2 cb
  12. Kong’s will be open to making moves.. defense is sputtering and don’t have the balance we did last season to keep up within this division. Off Limits Hopkins, Trubisky, Cam Jordan, Chris Jones and David Johnson Everyone else is worth listening too Emmanuel Sanders [6 GS]: 27 receptions for 331 yards (12.26 YPR, 25 LNG), 2 touchdowns, 2 drops. Denzel Perryman [6 GS]: 34 tackles (2 stuffs), 3 coverages, 3 sacks, 1 forced fumble. Xavier Rhodes [6 GS]: 26 tackles (1 stuff), 25 coverages, 1 sack, 2 interceptions, 1 forced fumble.Jason McCourty [6 GS]: 28 tackles, 19 coverages, 2 interceptions.Safeties:Micah Hyde [6 GS]: 27 tackles, 11 coverages, 1 interception, 1 recovery.John Johnson [6 GS]: 29 tackles, 9 coverages. Tarik Cohen [6 GS]: 49 returns for 793 yards (16.18 YPR, 83 LNG), 0 touchdowns.
  13. What you want for Hughes big guy