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  1. 2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Ravens will be open for business shortly. Read up on a lot last night, but more to go this evening. I will take inquiries on players, but likely need time before jumping on offers. I know a few names on the block to start Tony Jefferson SS Brandon Carr CB
  2. Yeah if he’s interested in a Co-GM wouldn’t mind that either. Would allow me to learn your league and how everything operates smoother
  3. If a spot opens up, put me down as an option. Would prefer Baltimore, but it looks to be filled currently
  4. Ravens Roster Offseason Plans

    So after looking at some salary Info.. I’m going back on my thoughts of keeping TJ.. Yanda retires: 7 mill savings Cut Jefferson: 7 mill savings Decline Carr: 6 mill savings Currently I see us sitting around 34 million in cap.. an extra 20 gives us the ammo to really explore some options. No I don’t expect ya on big names as we landed Earl last year. But plenty of money to find our kind of players & possibly 1 nice splash veteran. AJ Green is likely a 1-2 year deal. Could see the ravens willing to 3 years
  5. Ravens Roster Offseason Plans

    So why cut Tony? TJ is a box safety. In our nickel we can have him play in the box. We actually missed TJ out there vs the run. He isn’t afraid to hit a rb and has always been solid verse the run. We could still roll Clark and Elliott out there
  6. Ravens Roster Offseason Plans

    Quite honestly this is the first thoughts I had once the game ended. Where did we falter? What holes were exploited? **only listing the holes at each position* Offensively WR: Need a #1.. brown showed up in the playoffs but it’s been since week 1 that we really saw his talent. Is it time to explore veterans? We’ve done wonders with Boldin & Steve Smith. Inside O-Line: I believe we begin to plan on not having Yanda. Sadly. We need to upgrade Guard & Center. Mekari was a pleasant surprise and could take a big leap with an off-season. LG needs to be addressed Defensively: DT: Let Pierce walk... Williams took a step back last season, but came back around this year. I know he’s older, but Pierce just looked really large and out of shape this season. Need to add middle round talent to add depth Pass Rush: Let Judon walk... shocked I’m typing this but he went mia late in the season and playoffs. Doesn’t beat good talent at tackle position. Ferg + Bowser fight for the jobs and add pass rush. 1 vet and 1 highly drafted rookie. Linebacker: Losing Mosley did hurt. We never replaced him and got lucky with rotating no names all season at the position. Corner: BRING JIMMY BACK! Yes i love my man! But he played amazing this year. Young's health is a risk and Carr is beyond his years of corner. Maybe release him to bring Jimmy back.
  7. I almost felt like that trade wasn’t fair. There was 0 back n forth for trade talks usually you’re coming with something than turns into who you want “plus more”. i like deal for both. I wasn’t keeping Yanda and DeCastro. DeCastro is younger and the better bet long term but it didn’t cost me much to replace David Johnson
  8. @bucsfan333 send me that boy Humphrey
  9. Give me the next 30 for 30 featured QB! Where is Winston at lol
  10. Last season lol. All corners go up and down. He will still put up 4 picks in the sim min.
  11. He’s trash... looked better as of late, but I don’t see it for the sim
  12. Going going gone... cheap prices. All pro guards, two solid corners (especially McCourty off his 2019 campaign)