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  1. 270 carries 1 fumble lost 5.3 career YPC 2 seasons 1429 yards on the ground Yeah he’s doo doo. 700 yards per season avg with a RBBC approach. Think we’re fine here lol
  2. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    About to be us this year. Yanda retiring out of the blue is going to impact the run game. Rebel and I wanted to land Cushenberry, then add Hunt this round to restock the IOL. Tough loss only a few picks before us
  3. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    We are.. Ravens has him eyed up. Good pick
  4. Raekwon Davis was the guy we should’ve looked harder at. The value alone was BPA Ravens Esq. Still adding a WR in a loaded class is never a bad thing. At this point all the prospects will have flaws and potential in different areas. Bowden has one thing that I saw on a few tapes was his aggressiveness. Not comparing to the Steve Smiths of the world, but If he continues to play with that mentality it could really work out for slot opportunities. Just don’t see him on the outside very much
  5. For a draft that lacks IOL, he was truly overlooked. Lol but like we messaged before, linemen aren’t sexy picks and these drafts are all about fan grades and splash picks
  6. Only guy left on my board was Raekwon Davis or AJ Dillon. Sad to see Hunt & Ashtyn Davis go right in front of us. Bowden has a good skill set that could fit in well. I do like the pick for the future. Brown, Boykin & Bowden. Triple B attack haha
  7. Appreciate that info! Definitely did some research to find all those rankings out there
  8. What am I missing on DPJ?? When did he move up to the 3rd for value?? I just had a 5th round grade on DPJ. Could be a slot wr, but we already have Snead & Brown for that role.
  9. AJ Dillon HB Ashtyn Davis S Robert Hart OG/OT a few to add to the list above Brooks JR in the 4th could be the safety play if we don’t like Davis in the 3rd.
  10. Running backs hitting stride with some late seconds. Akers to Pittsburg Edwards to Buffalo... bills with 2 rbs under 5’8” ... lmao small ball at its finest
  11. Thoughts on double dipping IOL? Hunt is a big power blocking guard. Gives us flexibility with our interior. He is someone with 3rd round grade, but I like his tenacity
  12. Good value! Not upset. We are now sitting pretty with multiple mid round selections that are high in each of those rounds
  13. The Slay situation was ugly for that FO. I agree that he was worth more, but every office knew they had bad blood. No team was coming in with a high offer. Don’t feel that’s the same situation. Ravens would keep Judon if a fair contract could be handled. They continue to speak on the desire of that outcome Judon has a top dollar tag, but if he’s traded IRL we have to understand it’s a sign & trade. The next team would only make such a move with a long term deal on the table. He won’t fetch 18 per year like Clowney. Reasonable 12-14 APY would be likely and also a tiered contract. Possible deal: 5 year deal: 75 mill Cap hits: 10 - 12 - 15 - 18 - 20 Cap room continues to increase with the new CBA and we both know by the 5th year a re-structure or release takes place where the next team gets out cheap if needed.