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  1. If Damien Lewis could upgrade his pass protection skills this season. He could really be a monster in the sim. Just so poor in pass protection with 16 sacks
  2. Well gents! That is all she wrote for the season! Congrats to the playoff teams. I knew ending the season on the road would be a tall task. Very poor road team this season. Though it was surprising on how we lost that game. A rare red zone Cook fumble that turned into a touchdown against us on the next drive back. Rough, but the offense faltered the past two weeks. I’ll be aggressive in moving into #1 for Lawrence if it can happen. If not, we have options with a solid core of keepers moving into next season
  3. If a team with a QB locked up lands pick #1. Hit me up. Might be time to unload Hopkins in a deal for a QB for a change in this league
  4. We’re all excited for the shiny objects, but I won’t lie. I’m surprised we didn’t dip at any ILB. I can’t wait to see Malik Harrison and what he does. All eyes on Queen being our 1st last year, but we brought back LJ Fort and really are thin besides those 3. FO definitely has expectations to get Harrison out there For this year. I really only see Oweh, Bateman & Cleveland making impacts. Second year rooks who excite me.. Can we say all first 5 picks?! Already mentioned Harrison... but Dobbins 🤤 ... Madubuike, Duvernay & Queen.
  5. Can’t say I disagree. Truly it was an odd season for rookies with no OTA’s. Which is what excites me about last years & this years class the most. Feel we might see tremendous improvement and guys hitting the ground running with more rookie camp/ota (unless I’m mistaken and this is again not happening aka the vid)
  6. A real swing for the fence kind of move Sign Randall Cobb (Ps & New Returner) Release Golden Tate Seeing that we began on average our own 12-15 yard line verse Ruskie today. Brown doesn’t have that return skills @TheKillerNacho
  7. Christopher Jones [1 GS]: 6 tackles, 1 coverage, 2 sacks.Brandon J. Williams [1 GS]: 4 tackles (1 stuff). not a huge issue @TheKillerNacho but these two guys stats seemed to get wiped out in your connection page
  8. Hmm.. well fought. MVP mahomes showed up for one drive for ya. Who would’ve thought Rivers out performing Mahomes would result in that
  9. I read yesterday that there is a lot of talk about wanting to sign both still. I wonder with this contract, if we can fit both players under the salary cap
  10. Could use your assistance in week 15! No Eagle shenanigans allowed here good sir
  11. Oh joy! Nail biter to end the season gents! Going to be a fun two weeks!
  12. Hmmm intriguing selection. A tad bit crowded at the position now
  13. Who are we liking upcoming? I wouldn’t be upset at Jamar Johnson or Forsythe. Also do like Tongya for future NT.
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