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  1. I didn't think it would hurt feelings to be ok with moving on from Ramsey. I just wanted to be part of the discussion and look at it other from a different angle. Maybe I just value front 7 guys more than DB's as far as financial investments.
  2. General News Thread

    I could see us going after a one year vet. Unfortunately, that would probably put us in a similar position the Broncos have found themselves in... Only without the Super Bowl. We would probably end up missing out on drafting a long term quarterback in that situation too. Can't tank next season either way. That would be tough to swallow.
  3. I'll take a first round pick for him any day. Especially if it means drafting his cheaper replacement and allowing some flexibility with the other first to go get a quarterback. He's going to be an expensive distraction and hinder our ability to retain or sign more impactful players. I believe he'll be traded on draft day and that the trade will be part of what brings in Blake's replacement. At the end of the day, this lost season and his pissy attitude is why were even having this conversation.
  4. Yeah, this doesn't look like a great quarterback class. It's a real shame. But although I don't expect to upgrade Ramsey as a player, I do believe he can be more valuable as a bargaining chip rather than a player on the team.
  5. I always want to win, but this season feels just like the Gus years now. I expect to do just enough to keep the game out of reach and look ill-prepared throughout with the 'try not to lose by too much' mentality. I'm hoping some of the struggling young players look good.
  6. I think if he's part of a deal that helps us land a franchise quarterback, I'd prefer to ship him off. I could see a situation where he's part of a trade to move up or maybe just to trade him for an additional first round pick. I'd love to trade him for a pick that possibly means bringing in Greedy Williams and a first round quarterback. I just think the amount of money he'll demand and the distraction he can be just isn't worth it.
  7. 2019 Free Agents - The Quarterbacks

    That's a list full of half-season stopgap players and knuckleheads. I think we should sign one of the vets, but we better go get a quarterback in the first round. My pick would be Flacco, though I could see him preferring more of a guaranteed starting situation.
  8. General News Thread

    I like that they were looking around. But who? Carr is a young talent. Eli would come at a price that would mortgage the future for the sake of a washed up quarterback. Not sure who else we'd be shopping for.
  9. The ⛵️BOAT? Thread

  10. Dante Fowler Jr. traded to the Rams

    Oh absolutely. He could and should be so much more than the player he is. I just see him as not being tough to replace. There's really no difference to the defence whether he's in there or not. But the talent... Such a waste.
  11. 2019 Draft - The Quarterbacks

    I'm not super excited about any quarterback in this draft, at least not at the moment. Looks like a rough year to need one. Drew Lock is my favorite outside of the dude from Oregon. He can sling it and won't be rushed along since we should have a pretty solid team next year and are probably going to be rolling out Bortles to start the year. I could see him fending off the rookie, whoever it is, for a while.
  12. Should Dave Caldwell be fired?

    I think he should've been shown the door with Gus. Though I'm not upset he's still around. Seems he doesn't make a ton of decisions since Tom cane back. I don't think we'd miss him much if he were to leave.
  13. Dante Fowler Jr. traded to the Rams

    I'm not sure I consider him substantial. But the return for an underachiever is pretty solid. Golden Tate got something similar. He's a far superior player.
  14. The ⛵️BOAT? Thread

    I don't know if this is the place for it or not, but what would Derek Carr be worth? The 2019 draft doesn't look great for franchise quarterbacks and it looks like there's a pretty poor chance Bortles turns it around.