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  1. To be fair.....sometimes they can be not so great at it too. Let's not give them TOO much credit.
  2. Eww...I DO NOT like that trade for NE.
  3. How many beers did they trade for him???
  4. Yeah I think this guy doesn't understand memorabilia with real value. If it's not an emotional value it might as well be memorable or rare.
  5. If they put that on any memorabilia I'm buying a bunch of stuff. I'm not even a fan of that team but this is a once in a lifetime thing here.
  6. This is the 2nd agreement signed, after the AZ/Oxford agreement signed earlier this year. I expect J&J to follow shortly to complete the big 3 in terms of the vaccines determined to have the best chance of success.
  7. Yeah I had to read back to see the actual timeframe of them being gone. I know a lot of plasma producing antibodies will mutate back to regular plasma cells after the antigen is removed from the system but that would have been an insane response time.
  8. It's more like a memory. They will store the knowledge of what the viral antigen is and as soon as it is reencountered in your body by the B cells, the correct immune response and antibody production will start again. Basically the memory B cells differentiate into plasma cells to attack the invading antigens. The memory B cells can survive for decades. It's basically the whole idea behind vaccines and the why putting a denatured strain into your body allows your body to kill invading viral strands in the future.
  9. Lol I don't even know what is going on then. But yeah *****************
  10. If this is a critique about the standards of the FDA vs the EMA I think you'll find the EMA actually get's highly criticized for releasing drugs and medical device approvals too quickly, to the detriment of patient safety. Now don't get me wrong, the FDA sits on the other side of that coin and have neen notoriously slow to release things and that has caused issues with patient health and need. But to state the EMA has better standards than the FDA is simply just an idea that the US is a joke right now, so they must be the worst at everything.
  11. I talked about it in an earlier post when they first started talking about millions of doses being released to the public by October. It's simply a matter of scheduling and timing. No one is at fault really. The manufacturing side of the process just takes a long time. Assume the first couple of batches are engineering runs to test the process itself, you are talking about a month to a month and a half of process. That process has to be validated(including all equipment) That process will then have to be released by the FDA and that will take a little bit of time as well.(but this will be the portion that will be fast-tracked) Then each run after that will take about two months from vial thaw to purification. This is only the first 2/3rds of the process as you have the fill finish or bottling/syringe phase as well. This process will also have to take place at an FDA approved facility and will have to have it's own sterile process approved. I think it's feasible to say they could have a lot of product on the market in early December but like I said, that's if everything goes perfectly.
  12. So I presumably know that they are not very far along in the FDA portion on the manufacturing side and they haven't started the manufacturing process or even the approval process at this time. Timelines will be quicker than normal since AZ/Oxford is part of the governments handpicked, best chances for the vaccine and received a large part of the grant money(Along with J&J). ALs, don't forget that AZ is not an American company. They are a Swedish/British company. SO while getting the FDA approval is important, I don't think that is their only focus, and they won't have the same push with other agencies. (alhough to the US's credit, the FDA is more strict than most agencies) It's just bothersome because I get the hopeof it getting released in mass quantities in that time, all these articles will do is push for more people to talk about response failures when it doesn't come out until 2021. We have too many actual response failures to talk about without adding false ones.
  13. I hate when they use words like this. The vaccine will not be ready for most public use until 2021 at the earliest, maybe late 2020 if things go perfectly. The vaccine will not be through FDA approval until after September and that doesn't factor in the EMA,ASEC, HC or the rest of the world's regulatory bodies. Not only will they need to get FDA approval for the drug itself, but the manufactring process will need to be approved as well. They have completed initial trials, but have yet to go into any sort of major production and that will take them past September just to get enough for a decent batch of drugs. They need to stop saying things like widely available.
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