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  1. PFHOF 2018 Modern-Era Finalist Announced

    Moss, Lewis, Lynch(Made it to final 10 last year) ,Dawkins(Same), Final pick is either Law or Boselli based on last years voting results but I could see Owens getting a final push as well.
  2. Denzell Good goes to IR, Sean Spence signed

    This is getting ugly for the o-line already.
  3. Texans LB Brian Cushing Suspended 10 games

    Not surprised at all. People who use roids rarely stop using, even when they are caught.
  4. At this point we have to bring someone else in I assume. Luck is already injured so I think it would be an extremely bad idea to trust more of his health to Bond. Even if it is for only one or two games. Even bringing Harrison back seems like a decent idea at this point.
  5. Colts release "unofficial" depth chart

    Thanks @stallyns The running back position is not a position I am necessarily worried about this year. Especially with all of our injury problems. I like Turbin but I am hoping Mack can come in and take that backup role.
  6. Colts release "unofficial" depth chart

    That's some interesting stuff. I was really expecting a little more out of Pence but it looks like Morrison will beat him out for the top spot. Still a pretty weak linebacker crew.