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  1. Can we form the 1st and 2nd all bust team from 2000-2019?

    Listen, sometimes you have to give up a lot for a BJ. Do BJ's always work out? No they do not, but sometimes you just have to take that risk. Oh and never, ever let someone jump in front of you for a BJ. Ever.
  2. The OP is talking about dynasties in their divisions...not dynasties overall. If you consider the patriots a dynasty in the NFL(they are) while still taking into account the fact that 3 superbowls in the last ten years and 6 in the last 20, plus all the regular season dominance, I think you could consider a few more teams dynasties in their divisions. Teams like the seahawks, colts and packers could be considered dynasties of their respective divisions in the last ten years.
  3. I actually kind of figured it was something like this. There are still a lot of medical uses for things that are banned for professional athletes.
  4. Patriots sign WR Dontrelle Inman

    More than 810 yards and 4 TDs? I seriously doubt he has a chance to do that.
  5. Flashback: Mel Kiper's comments about Brady in 2000

    I was just going to ask who that serial killer, they were interviewing at the end, was?
  6. Gronk Retires

    It's just a joke Killer.
  7. Gronk Retires

    So are serial killers.
  8. Colts sign LB/DE Justin Houston (2 year, $24M)

    Bell is not better than Mack by enough to make the money and possible headache worthwhile
  9. Colts sign LB/DE Justin Houston (2 year, $24M)

    The question is, who should they have signed? Maybe Landon if they wanted to really really overpay.
  10. Panthers sign Bruce Irvin DE

    It's a good thing he got another job then.
  11. Steelers agree to 2 year deal with Moncrief

    You're in luck! He will definitely "sometimes" catch it.
  12. Steelers agree to 2 year deal with Moncrief

    Gotcha. This take makes more sense.
  13. Steelers agree to 2 year deal with Moncrief

    You think this version of Ben is better than Luck?
  14. Browns will have the best offense in 2019!

    Who took of a picture of those three homeless fellows? Someone get them a sandwich or some change.
  15. John Simon re-signs with Pats

    The Colts switched defenses. Its the main reason him and Johnathan Hankins were cut even though they were both obviously good footballs players.