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  1. I’m just adding context because he talked about Taylor individually for about 2-3 mins.
  2. If you have the 1010xl app the DiRocco interview/analysis is in the onDemand section of the app.
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/blog/jacksonville-jaguars/post/_/id/29140/jacksonville-jaguars-nfl-draft-picks-2021-analysis-for-every-selection%3fplatform=amp read the portion where it talks about little being drafted Mike DiRocco reiterated today on 1010 that its not an error upon ESPNs research Taylor gave up 18 sacks last season from ESPN research Hicken said it didn’t feel like 18.. DiRocco explained it as he has some decent games where he was solid but he had games that when he was bad he was bad. 🤷‍♂️
  4. By ESPN metrics he gave up 18 sacks last yr not 8.. 18 😭.. I tried to tell @.Buzz about Taylor. He’s solid 🤣
  5. A lot of these guys from smaller schools don’t have the access to a lot of the training, weight rooms, trainers, and nutritionists of D1 scholars.. he has good size he just needs to add mass. I’m sure Urban is going to be in his craw about getting in the weight room this is that.. hopefully by year 3 he is contributing pushing for a starting job. Going into his final yr hopefully by then Cully has developed a solid ball player and he’s a fringe starter depending on if we can keep him in replace of a pricer piece unless he just turns into a young Malik Jackson of his position and just plays his
  6. https://steelersdepot.com/2021/02/2021-nfl-draft-player-profiles-ohio-state-te-luke-farrell/
  7. And actually I’m not complaining about the pick I’m questioning the value of the pick. I understand the pick to some degree familiarity, a weapon, blah blah blah.. and I even understand it may be a strategy pick meaning A lot of good players are still on the board.. and I can take him here without risking Buffalo swooping in and stealing him at the end of the round. I don’t want the front office getting cute with the picks because of a cool feel good story.. Eitenne may end up being a stud.. but I don’t think he’s going to produce that big play production next level to justify the pick. He is
  8. You’re reaching just because I was upset about Darrisaw going off the board.. being mad about Darrisaw doesn’t mean just because Eitenne is available makes it the right pick. 🤨 So with your logic if you wanted let’s says Zaven Collins and he is selected ahead and then they draft let’s say Landon Dickerson you feeling that?
  9. I didn’t say there aren’t any olinemen left I said any of the ones I’m interested in.. clearly they think they can get a solid starter later but to me it’s only 3 potential olinemen that have potential to be cornerstones and that was Sewell, Slater, and Darrisaw. I’m sure Echinberg, Radunz, and Mayfield maybe solid I’m just not excited with them.
  10. I agree but if they got a plan trust it.. that’s the name of game around here don’t question logic until it fails. 😂
  11. For some reason I get the sense Sidney maybe asked to play some FS this year.. I would probably prefer Moehrig at 33 but I’m just going to see. I like Holland and Richie as S prospects as well. They may slide to round 3. Campbell at 33 doesn’t pump me up and it doesn’t get me down either I kind of view him as a guy who may be a better pro than college player and he was pretty steady at UGA.
  12. Is any one opposed to drafting Teven playing him at RT if he falls to 45 and kicking Taylor inside to right guard?
  13. I guess I see if a corner is the pick it’s a real indictment on how terrible the front 7 personnel in this draft truly is. Barmore is going to take a slide do to mental health concerns.. he may slide out the top 45. Fields fell reportedly do to his inability to recall plays.. I want to see how that effects him going forward.
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