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  1. Yannick Ngakoue

  2. Telvin Smith sitting out 2019

    Todd Wash-‘direct quote’: “I honestly can’t say, being a D-line coach, that I get too excited about a 15-sack guy dropping into coverage. Hopefully, you won’t see too damn much of that.” I didn’t think I had to break out crayons for the obvious. What DC in the league that runs 43 that doesn’t zone blitz by dropping DEs and DTs? Is this some innovative scheme that Wash has embarked on? I thought that was pretty self explanatory but I guess not. Then I comeback explain in-depth but you still want to imply what you think you interpreted. I felt Tug was right in his original statement about it being a wasted pick. The Jags are essentially saying we’re going to draft a 34 OLB and put his hand in the ground predominantly as a 43 DE. Sounds like shades of Bryce Paup all over again to me. Even though it’s still early in Josh’s development not saying he can’t do it but to me it seem logical to take a football player and what you’ve seen him do naturally and excel at a high level doing it and use him in that fashion. Than to draft him and have him do something he’s not naturally good at and have him do only that is not smart. Which is one of the reason this franchise keeps losing there is no forward thinking with this team.
  3. Telvin Smith sitting out 2019

    Do you see Allen standing up as a OLB yes or no?
  4. Telvin Smith sitting out 2019

    Nobody refutes if Wash is going to use zone blitz or not. I’m saying highly doubt you ever see Allen stand up as a prototypical OLB. Nobody is doubting whether he’ll drop into coverage as a DE in the scheme. I’m merely speaking in primarily how he’ll be used. Which is with his hand in the ground; it’s the same reason Dante Fowler’s talent were not unlocked. Because they put him in a box when he could have done so much more for you. Fowler clearly was not a great edge rusher. But Fowler is undoubtedly a solid football player there could have been times where Fowler could have lined up over a G inside or could have used his athleticism at that size and speed to stand him up to create more havoc. This team is known to handcuff a player by banging square pegs into round holes. I see more of the same for Josh which is why this will be another failed Jags pick. Because if you drafted Josh to put his hand in the ground on every snap it would be sort of like the Jets signing Bell to hand it off to him 30 plays a game and not use his skills in the passing game its a waste.
  5. Telvin Smith sitting out 2019

    What’s the point of zone blitzing if you get exposed while you do it? Sort of like the Jags just lining up playing football for 9 of the past 10 seasons. I guess if you line up enough seasons your bound to get in the playoffs at least once. Sort of like a Todd Wash zone blitz if you run it enough eventually it’ll work sooner or later I suppose. 🤔
  6. Telvin Smith sitting out 2019

    https://www.lockedonjaguars.com/jaguars/film-room-todd-wash-is-the-problem-for-the-jaguars-defense/ They speak about Todd Wash’s in ability to properly diagnose when to use a zone blitz in this article actually.
  7. Telvin Smith sitting out 2019

    With Wash I highly doubt it.
  8. Telvin Smith sitting out 2019

    Jack’s reason must predominantly be because he doesn’t want to jump from position to position. It seems to me the prisoners are running the asylum because personally I don’t feel he played inside backer to tough last yr. His skills are better suited covering TEs and doing things that Wash had Poz doing like covering slot receivers at times 🤦‍♂️ . Jack should be using his skill set to cover, tackle in space, and support the run. But let ol Jack tell you where he is going to play Jack would play the position better than Telvin with his skill set. Hopefully Williams can show promise and win the job because I don’t want to see an non athletic backer trying to cover TEs, backs, and slot receivers in space it’s going to be a long season for whoever the will backer is.
  9. The Offseason Thread (News and Notes)

    As Yann should I said Yann needs to be paid before camp starts for moral reasons it’s deeper than what you see surface level. Yann needs to be paid because for (1) He’s avg 800k a yr in earnings over the past 3 yrs. (2) He’s been your most productive Dlineman on your squad the last 3 yrs. (3) Regardless of it being a business you want to make a good impression on future signees by doing things in a class way. Meaning you don’t want a guy in Josh Allen making more money than your stud who’s already put in work for you. You can’t have Josh Allen making more money than Yann going into the season.. it should be self explanatory as to why. (4) If Yann is injured and his play suffers or he misses the season like ARob going into a contract season he’s going to hurt his potential earnings. Pay that man!
  10. No problem with Oliver wearing 89. To me Lewis was a decent contributor he didn’t play well enough to stop another guy from putting the number on imo.