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  1. The draft is too deep to draft a TE top 10 I don’t thinks it’s happening. The pick will be either 1 of the trenches (Dline or Oline) and seeing the riches at Dline that’s probably where they will go with the pick.
  2. Jaguars 2019 Schedule Released

    It’s a 7-9 schedule.. maybe 8-8
  3. I think Dline should be the pick as well pass rusher is the second most important player on the field to me. But since trash can 90 was drafted last season highly doubt they double back on it again this year. I’d take Oliver, or possibly Sweat. But I wouldn’t be against if they took Jonah as long as it’s not Taylor. I don’t think Taylor is going to be trash but I don’t think he’s going to be a pro bowler either you don’t use top 10 picks on solid.
  4. A year removed from 1st team All Pro at the position as one of the top paid G in the league. If you think Coughlin is about to redraft or sign someone to replace him than make sure you check in before I do. outside of that you’re draft strategy isn’t bad all this talk about Taylor being the pick. But I don’t see how the Jags can just pick a plug and play RT when LT really truly isn’t solidified. The strategy should be to draft a LT let the drafted LT compete with Cam in camp loser plays RT.
  5. Scenario: You’re the Jags GM the pick has to be Oline number 7 overall. You have Cam coming off an ACL, center is solidified along with right guard and you have a serviceable left guard. But you have no known commodity at right tackle. What offensive lineman are you taking and why?
  6. Jaguars claim OG Parker Ehinger

    all I could find on him
  7. I will mos def take Williams over Taylor.. everyday and twice on Sunday.
  8. Eh I actually wouldn't knock that pick but things that concern me are using a top 10 pick on a guy with a injury red flag.. but if their docs are good with taking him fine.. I just don't want to get into yr 3 and then we find out his career is stunted or ending. Reservation 2 is they sell us on the we will have 2 bookends in the next 6-8 yrs and free agency rolls around and they let Yann walk because Sweat is so promising.
  9. Gary is a essential Fowler a jack of many trades and a master of none.
  10. They wouldn’t get exotic with looks from Allen you can assure Wash would put his hand in the ground 99.9% of the time just like Fowler. Allen is going to be a great 34 OLB. I wouldn’t draft him to put his hand in the majority of the time in a 43 because you’d kill his potential.
  11. Jaguars sign RB Benny Cunningham

    Agreed but clearly it seems they the coaches don’t feel like the talent outways the antics. So when you have a situation like that you can assure Yeldon may not be touched until some training camp injuries. I’ve also noticed a trend that if you cross Coughlin he has a way of kind of sullying your name. Clearly Yeldon hasn’t even got a whiff from the other 31 teams 😏. My issue with the running back situation is you can pretty much assure Benny will be primarily a kick returner. Fournette, Rawls, Blue are all essentially the same type of backs. I thought Ajayi would have been a good get if you could have got him for a few mill a yr. This team does some really unorthodox stuff.. and frankly I don’t like it.
  12. Hockenson at 7 is a reach it’s a reach like Fournette. But I think the pick will probably be Hockenson because I think they are also looking for that type of look Lewis use to give them from a blocking stand point back in the day. What surprised me about the Blue signing is that they signed a back that does things similar to what Fournette can do instead of a pure 3rd down pass catching threat. Not to mention we have a lot of pieces that don’t necessarily mesh well with what Foles is known to have success in doing. Things like RPOs and passing to TE and backs. Fournette is a down hill runner who isn’t known for his pass catching. Fournette isn’t the type of finesse back where you can just stick the ball in his belly and take it away from him. At least Hock sets up things nice as an extra lineman to chip on the end on elite DEs and it allows you to run a lot of offense off of what he can do skill set wise both in run and pass situations . I believe if they draft Taylor they’re going to regret it in 3 years. Taylor would fit the JAGs figuratively as just another guy.
  13. Jags are going either pick Hockenson or a pass rusher.