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  1. ~~\\~~ Jaguars Preseason Game Thread ~~//~~

    Andrew Luck retired 🤷‍♂️
  2. ~~\\~~ Jaguars Preseason Game Thread ~~//~~

    When I say that I just call those names because they are generational talents.. I’m not implying he has the same skill sets or plays like either of those players he is going to be his own talent. To me he has potential to be better than Von because Von at times does become a liability in pass coverage. Allen is not afraid to drop back into coverage because he has the ability to do it and he enjoys doing it. I also liked the smoke and mirrors of the 34 look. I know I bashed Wash early in the offseason for his comments on sticking strictly 43 but he put on tape that they have the ability in their arsenal to show different looks where you can use Allen’s skill. I’m not saying it’s a wrinkle that you have to show every week. But teams need to know this defense is evolving and you don’t know exactly what to expect game to game or even down in down out. But I will say I’m interested to see how they use Allen regular season because Allen is clearly one of the best players on this football team he needs to be on the field and not in a reserve role like Fowler.
  3. ~~\\~~ Jaguars Preseason Game Thread ~~//~~

    Allen just may be in the LT, Derrick Thomas, Reggie White mold he is just an instinctual generational defensive talent. His ceiling maybe higher than Von Miller 😤 Allen is a STUD. Just pray he can stay healthy you can just see his instincts kid is savage..
  4. Players want to be paid what their worth if Jack plays well this yr he should get that or pretty close to it. It more than likely won’t be here though it’s going to be a lot of pissed off Jags fans this up coming offseason. If Ramsey balls out this yr I full expect him to hold out next off season mandatory time included.. maybe this is Yann’s last yr if they don’t make the playoffs I don’t expect Yann or Jack back... along with people in the front office.
  5. ~~\\~~ Jaguars Preseason Game Thread ~~//~~

    Offensive line coach George Warhop Q&A on his thoughts on the Oline and how they are progressing throughout camp if any of you are interested... https://theathletic.com/1133159/2019/08/12/jaguars-qa-as-cam-robinson-returns-george-warhop-dishes-on-offensive-line-group/
  6. I’d like to go on record now by saying Chark will have a more productive season than ARob this year.. which could be considered a long shot seeing the rookie season Chark had. I’d also like to say that I’m concerned Keelan Cole may not make this years squad it wouldn’t surprise me.
  7. For LinderFournette you said Chi spreads around the rock. ARob would have essential been in the same boat here. 🤷‍♂️ Exactly.
  8. Well actually we are kind and of in cap hell now but you bring up some valid points.. the Jags already have issues signing Yann now.. so add an ARob contract on the books that makes it even more difficult. ARob is a solid receiver but he isn’t upper echelon wideout. For LinderFournette you said Chi spreads around the rock. ARob would have essential been in the same boat here. I think a few of you view ARob as a top 10 receiver in the league.. but it’s probably 25 receivers that you can run off that you’d take before you’d get to ARobs name.. To me it’s only like 5-8 receivers in the league who is worth making big time money. ARob does not fit that build.
  9. I’m not understanding why the whole ARob thing is still an issue. Did anyone hear from ARob last yr? Was his play worth 14 million dollars last yr? You do realize Robinson had 7 more receptions and only 86 more total yards than Moncrief. Robinson is going to make 15 mill this yr. Not worth the money especially for someone who didn’t want to be in Jax let it go folks.
  10. Yannick Ngakoue

  11. Telvin Smith sitting out 2019

    Todd Wash-‘direct quote’: “I honestly can’t say, being a D-line coach, that I get too excited about a 15-sack guy dropping into coverage. Hopefully, you won’t see too damn much of that.” I didn’t think I had to break out crayons for the obvious. What DC in the league that runs 43 that doesn’t zone blitz by dropping DEs and DTs? Is this some innovative scheme that Wash has embarked on? I thought that was pretty self explanatory but I guess not. Then I comeback explain in-depth but you still want to imply what you think you interpreted. I felt Tug was right in his original statement about it being a wasted pick. The Jags are essentially saying we’re going to draft a 34 OLB and put his hand in the ground predominantly as a 43 DE. Sounds like shades of Bryce Paup all over again to me. Even though it’s still early in Josh’s development not saying he can’t do it but to me it seem logical to take a football player and what you’ve seen him do naturally and excel at a high level doing it and use him in that fashion. Than to draft him and have him do something he’s not naturally good at and have him do only that is not smart. Which is one of the reason this franchise keeps losing there is no forward thinking with this team.
  12. Telvin Smith sitting out 2019

    Do you see Allen standing up as a OLB yes or no?
  13. Telvin Smith sitting out 2019

    Nobody refutes if Wash is going to use zone blitz or not. I’m saying highly doubt you ever see Allen stand up as a prototypical OLB. Nobody is doubting whether he’ll drop into coverage as a DE in the scheme. I’m merely speaking in primarily how he’ll be used. Which is with his hand in the ground; it’s the same reason Dante Fowler’s talent were not unlocked. Because they put him in a box when he could have done so much more for you. Fowler clearly was not a great edge rusher. But Fowler is undoubtedly a solid football player there could have been times where Fowler could have lined up over a G inside or could have used his athleticism at that size and speed to stand him up to create more havoc. This team is known to handcuff a player by banging square pegs into round holes. I see more of the same for Josh which is why this will be another failed Jags pick. Because if you drafted Josh to put his hand in the ground on every snap it would be sort of like the Jets signing Bell to hand it off to him 30 plays a game and not use his skills in the passing game its a waste.
  14. Telvin Smith sitting out 2019

    What’s the point of zone blitzing if you get exposed while you do it? Sort of like the Jags just lining up playing football for 9 of the past 10 seasons. I guess if you line up enough seasons your bound to get in the playoffs at least once. Sort of like a Todd Wash zone blitz if you run it enough eventually it’ll work sooner or later I suppose. 🤔