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  1. Quarantine everything is running together or whenever Uche released the video my apologies on the time frame.
  2. Nobody was boasting about Telvin doing anything disgusting.. All I said was I posted a video when Uche Nwaneri broke this news months ago on his YouTube channel. All I’m stating is it’s no surprise people knew this was coming the end.
  3. 😏 I told y’all about this like before this previous season even started.
  4. That’s not the Belicheck way they’ll be competitive with scrubs I wouldn’t even be slightly surprised if the Pats still ended up winning the division.
  5. He was a transfer from UConn. He has potential to become more than a blocking tight end may become a overlooked gym.
  6. People get to into these clips I’m sure that DB won’t even make a practice squad. But it is good to see he will fight.
  7. 9x out of 10 the 100 meter track guy will always go before the tall guy in football.
  8. Curtis Weaver would be a good 34-43 interchangeable OLB-Edge
  9. This small school running back Johnathan Ward is a pretty intriguing prospect from Central Michigan.
  10. Going over what’s left it’s already plenty to scrap together to solidify dline if they want to add piece to fit what they want when they give 34 looks. There are plenty of interior to Oline to upgrade the line you may even find a starter or depth that could scare starters. And a couple of move TEs still available as well.
  11. Also keep an eye on Ben Barch small school G Jags interviewed.
  12. There is no RB left that I want including Moss.. I know they interviewed Sewo Olonilua.. but the im not impressed with him either as a difference maker.. at this point just draft BPA fill as many holes as possible.
  13. I think Robertson can play FS as well.
  14. I’m not sayin we need one hopefully Dantzler, Hall, or Amik Robertson with 1 of the 4ths. And Robertson I believe can transition to free safety he is a ball hawk.. and plays cover corner well.
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