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  1. 🤔 I can envision Dede catching that. A guy can dream right?
  2. 2019 Mock Drafts

  3. The report came out about 2 weeks before the season ended about the 5 live scouting visits it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where we were drafting and the Jags needs who they were scouting there isn’t any upper echelon OSU players this year outside of Haskins, Bosa, and Dre’mont Jones. Jones is mid to late 1st early 2nd round pick, and Bosa left school like the 4th game of the season.. it wasn’t that hard to figure out. You can say that maybe the they were scouting the wideouts for 2-4th round selections but who is really traveling to 5 live games to see 2-4th round picks?🤔 Come on now let’s be real.
  4. General News Thread

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours 🤣
  5. Did you really need Diroc to tell you that? They went and scouted 5 OSU games live this past season. I know OSU has a wealth of NFL talent but Haskins was clearly who they were scouting on the team.
  6. I like Murray but honestly can’t see the FO pulling the trigger on the little guy.. I don’t care about his height or his size can the kid ball? Bortles at 6’5 was good for at least a batted pass a game I just want a guy who is going to strike fear in defenses.. I think Murray can provide that my concern is will his game continue to grow I don’t care if he gets any taller which won’t happen but as long as his game keeps on ascending I’m good.
  7. I’m going with what the team needs and the names are not in any particular. Just names I would pick before TJ based on need and players that I just feel will make a bigger impact sooner, TE is not a position that you are going to see immediate impact from historically. Nick Bosa Quinnen Wiiliams Josh Allen Dwayne Haskin Greedy Williams Devin White Ed Oliver Kyler Murray Clelin Ferrell Jawaan Taylor Dalton Risner Kelvin Harmon Cody Ford D.K. Metcalf Rashan Gary Montez Sweat DeAndre Baker AJ Brown Marquise Brown M’keal Harry Byron Murphy Kelvin Harmon Christan Wilkins Probably a few more names I’d take I like TJ if we were picking 20-32 I may take him. But to me these names would make a bigger impact out the box.
  8. Vernon Davis was an outlier he was basically chosen that high because he was thought to be the guy who was going to revolutionize the position because he had such a dominate workout. VD ran a 4.3 40 coming out he had a skill set that scouts thought were going to set him apart from past prospects but it didn't really materialize into anything QB or no QB aside and clearly as currently constructed we have no QB but people would be cool with taking TJ number 7? Is TJ a top 7 player in this years draft? I think I can rattle off about 30 players or more names I'd rather have before I even get to TJs name.
  9. The Offseason Thread (News and Notes)

    Jalen is one of a kind 🤣.
  10. If you pick a TE top 7 I don't care if you know for a fact you've got Gronk reincarnated.. you've got to be a front office in love with failure.
  11. The Offseason Thread (News and Notes)

    I think Telvin is going to have to have a hell of a season to be a Jag beyond next season.
  12. 2019 Mock Drafts

    Harris isn’t going to do much of anything next level he is a solid college running back the kid lacks that explosive burst that you need next level. Jacobs pretty much sat behind Harris similar to how Tribisky sat behind Marquise Williams at UNC. People wondered why if Tribisky was the NFL talent why was Williams starting over him? People didn’t know in a college setting Williams was the clear leader of that squad the team rallied around him. But it’s sort of a similar situation in Ala. Harris worked hard all 4 yrs and was the leader of the RB room but all the scouts know next level that if Jacobs links with a coach that’s going to coach him up and use his talent he could be an impact player if he stays healthy next level. I may start drooling if the Jags draft Jacobs highly doubt it would happen because what we need and where he'll be drafted wouldn't sync up but would love to see him in teal the kid is just a gritty, tough, football player.
  13. Has too many red flag and now would have to sit out a yr. The team with the talent pool the Jags have can’t afford to take players for the next regime to benefit off of they have to get day 1 contributers in here NOW!