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  1. General News and Notes

    I’m not to sure about that especially if he regresses back to how he was playing the first 3 games he wasn’t that great. It’s all going to be if his play the remaining part of this season, will it be worth his cap number next year. Especially if its going to be a front office regime change I could see them clearing some of the heavy weight cap numbers in order to go younger and cheaper.
  2. I alluded to this in another post this is a win now deal. But thing is I don’t think they the Rams knows his absolute disgust about playing on that rookie deal. They think Jalen is going to be a good get because he is still on his rookie deal. They may smooth him over by playing a scheme he is more comfortable with, and the lure of off the field marketing.. but he could still potential hold out this coming off season. It won’t last long if they implement fines. But defensively they can be tweaked with this upgrade, unfortunately that’s not this teams main problem it’s to the health of that line and Gurley. Without those key components the Rams could begin to erode similar to how our season fell apart last yr. Who knows maybe Wade cooks up something with the defense and the can create turnovers but I’m not seeing it. It’s a lot of teams out west with pretty solid teams top to bottom. Rams could essentially become Jags west of last yr. So all in all Ramsey could back peddle into a worse situation since it’s all about winning. 😏 😒 But now I have anxiety about the Jags screwing up these picks.
  3. Where about? I’m moving to Brentwood, Ca.
  4. It’s weird I’m actually movin to Cali next week and Jalen gets traded to a Cali team.. I’ll be in no cal, he’ll be in so cal though. He’ll be a old man when he plays the Jags again unless he fleeces the Rams and signs else where.
  5. I think Ramsey is going to run into the same situation he was here but he gets the bigger market so kudos to everybody. But whoever plays the rams you should be rooting against them the next 2 yrs. I figured if they did trade him no way it was going to be an AFC contender the Rams are good but they are beatable + he’s in the AFC so your likely hood of seeing him is if we make the SB together which would be a 1 and a billion chance. It would be funny if the Jags came back from down 2-4 made the playoffs and the SB w/o Ramsey with the Rams missing the playoffs.. 🤔hmmmmm.
  6. 20, 21 1st rounder and a 4th sounds good to me
  7. Week 6: Jaguars vs. Saints

    All games and match ups are not the same and I’m not knocking Gardner It’s to be expected of a rookie the thing is in this day in age if you say anything that is not inline with calling somebody the best thing since sliced bread than it’s considered hating or being pessimistic. When you go against the grain and you’re not on board the hype train then you become the guy who is bashing. When all I said was the hype around the kid is just hype individually he has done some great things for a kid coming from where he’s been to where he is now it’s the American story that everyone roots for. But people look at his numbers which are not bad he has played well enough that if coaching, defense, and special teams plays well enough he’s not going to lose you games.. but the hype behind this kid is like he has been coming out here just toying with defenses putting the jags on his back and the jags are avg 28 points per game. That’s not the case everybody knows the Saints defense is good. This isn’t about Gardner sucking or being trash.. it was more about chilling out on this kid and accept him for what he is and stop acting like this kid is the savior because if he was you’d be sitting in a better spot than 2-4 a victory Sunday against a quality opponent. It would have went a lot further into changing the the narrative in getting a quality win in order to unseat Foles as permanent starter. Wins against the Bengals and Jets doesn’t do it for me I don’t care if he goes out and throws for 300 yards and avg 3 TDs and 0 picks.. those are hollow victories to me and even if 1 of those games are dropped it makes your status go down even further. I like Gardner wish him the best because when he wins we all win but I gotta see the team results not the individual.
  8. Week 6: Jaguars vs. Saints

    I’m not here to change your mind adults are set in their ways. Also that is a misconception about not having as much talent as the Saints I disagree.. coaching yes but talent wise I just can’t buy. All I’m saying is fans should have tempered their hype for this kid. I know the numbers look good the kid does some great things majority of his play is more good than bad. But I just don’t feel like currently he’s done anything to outright take Foles job. Nor am I huge fan of Foles because I’ve said before they even signed Foles that it was illogical idea to put your franchise in the hands of fragile body like Foles. But I don’t care who you are unless Gardner is Russell Wilson reincarnated out the gate you’re not going to unseat Foles. I’m not going to sit here and say that Gardner can’t raise his game to that level of QB play in the future. But you can rest assure to date with the body of work that Gardner has put out to date it’s not enough to unseat Foles. I don’t care if you fired the front office right now and hired all new people. The Jags new FO would still play a healthy Foles over Gardner that’s just the facts of life regardless of how you feel about Gardner. Foles healthy still gives you a better chance to win football games dollar amounts aside because of his intelligence, he’s still got enough athleticism.. and the key component he has way more experience than Gardner.
  9. Week 6: Jaguars vs. Saints

    What happened It was Minshew Mania Day, both for Jaguars fans (who were given fake Gardner Minshew II mustaches at the gate) and the Fox telecast (which featured groovy graphics and cutaway shots of beach beauties waving to the camera wearing—you guessed it—Minshew mustaches). A football game was also scheduled as part of the festivities. The Saints won that game 13-6 because they are a playoff-caliber team with quality veteran backup Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback, while the Jaguars are a mediocre team whose quarterback, the focus of all the hysteria, is Case Keenum 2.0 dressed as a Blue Oyster Cult roadie. Minshew was 14-of-29 for 163 yards and an interception, and he didn't play as well as the stats indicate. Cameron Jordan summed up the performance when he celebrated one of his two sacks by waxing an imaginary mustache. What it means Minshew Mania has been more about the cosplay than the results since the moment Minshew replaced injured Nick Foles in the season opener. Minshew has never looked like Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold or Lamar Jackson looked when they were hotshot rookies last season. The "mania" has been built around reduced expectations: keeping losses to tough opponents close, delivering a highlight-reel throw or two to DJ Chark Jr. per week, looking like a '70s cop chasing a perp through an alley in slow motion while scrambling and so forth. Minshew is destined to have a Keenum-like career, and that's a good thing. Keenum, who left college as an undersized third-tier prospect with great stats (just like Minshew), has had an eight-year career and led the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game three years ago. Minshew can also be a capable backup and spot starter for a long time. But he's not a franchise-caliber quarterback, and the Jaguars could make a big mistake if they get swept up in the feel-good vibes. Sunday's loss may well have been a blessing in disguise for that often confused organization. Hey, this week's Jaguars segment sounds a lot like this week's Panthers segment! It's a good thing Kyle Allen doesn't have a cool mustache, or else Twitter would have traded Cam Newton to the XFL by now. What's next The Jaguars visit the Bengals. Minshew will probably look pretty good. And that's far out, man. Just don't get too carried away by it. ———————— Mike Tainer B/R don’t shoot the messenger.
  10. Week 6: Jaguars vs. Saints

    I wish people made this many excuses for me in my life. He lead the team to 2 wins with the team playing poorly? 🤨 Sooo the game against the Titans the defense didn't get 9 sacks.. he willed the Jags to victory.. 🛑 everybody outside of the Falcons has been smacking the Titans in the mouth since then. You guys keep adding to folk lure of Minshew as the weeks go on its amusing this kid has y'all thinking he can walk on water like Jesus. Has Minshew played well sure but nobody made excuses for Watson when he's been playing behind the worst Oline the last 3 yrs and when he went 3-3 his rookie season and clearly elevating the play of the rest of the team around him when he also took over the Texans had no wins. Its players all over the league who don't have everything going right but what can the leader, the QB do to rally everyone around him. We can go back and forth about the nuances but the actual facts are the results which are 2-3 as the starter. Minshew the Jags savior knew that game was important yesterday the whole team didn't play like trash the defense held the team to 13 points. But I guess they were suppose to create 3 turnovers to help him out but.. i'm sure that pick he threw lead to points for the Saints... the defense that played so bad allowed 13 points.. he lead offensive drives you mustered 6 points.. I know it’s Flips fault he didn’t call the right plays right.. you lost 13-6 but I know he's a rookie. 😏
  11. Week 6: Jaguars vs. Saints

    🤨 Because you paid him to be the franchise QB for the next 2 yrs or a 22 mill backup for 2020 seems like the Jags thing to do. But wins against the Titans.. (how has that win looked lately), Broncos.. just shut out the Titans, Bengals, and the Jets (who just beat the Cowboys so that W doesn’t look like a lock plus he hasn’t even actually won the games versus the Bengals or Jets just yet). So why should Minshew be the starter? Because he played well in a 1 point lose to the Texans. Because the Jags beat the Titans in a short week and beat the Broncos by 2? Players get hot for stretches look at Fitzpatrick the start of last season the best are consistent and dependable week in and week out.. you have to go beyond stats and able to squeak out Ws ah la Allen and Bridgewater.. who are the quote on quote game managers.. who are doing it week In and week out.. that’s just the reality. We can make all the excuses about the line not playing great the defense playing good 1 week trash the next same with special teams.. wideouts not getting open.. oh he’s a rookie. And I get all that but if you want to take someone’s job you have to do it convincingly.. Like Allen winning the Panthers last 4 games and Cam losing his last 8 starts. This team is so starved by horrific QB play for the last 15 yrs that any uptick of play that the fans go in a frenzy about decent QB play.. but sometimes your play has to pick up the people around you and when things were not working it looked like same old jags ball but hey it’s just 1 game.
  12. Week 6: Jaguars vs. Saints

    Well I mean the season is over unless they can win 4 of the next 5 if not it’s time to shut it down.. and if that’s the case you might as well let him play out the season and get his bumps and bruises. But the likelihood of this team winning anything over 7 games is slim to none.
  13. Week 6: Jaguars vs. Saints

    That’s not overreaction the overreaction is the fact that everybody anointed this kid off of a 3 game sample sized showing. But I’m over reacting 🤨? I said when Foles was hurt originally that the Jags would be lucky to win 3 games that was before I saw the Bengals and Jets teams. But what if he splits the Jets and Bengals 2 teams he should beat? I highly doubt he gives you enough to beat the Texans or the Colts.. so even if he beats the Bengals and Jets that combined with his last 5 outings is good enough to maintain a starting Job.. how why? The Jags have one of the easiest schedules in the league. So winning against the Titans, Broncos, Jets, and Bengals over 9 game stretch is good enough to be the guy.. 🤨 In what league? But I know Minshew can do no wrong and it’s everybody else’s fault but Minshew. Stop giving fishes credit for swimming that’s what they are suppose to do.. what are you going to do beyond that should be the real question.
  14. Week 6: Jaguars vs. Saints

    Don’t let Minshew’s wins against the Jets and Bengals lead you to believe he should be the starter if Foles is healthy.
  15. He’s basically Luke Joeckel at guard. Luke would play solid for 95% of the game but it would always be 2 to 3 plays that Luke would give up that would change the game negatively in the jags favor 9x out of 10.