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  1. The free money cash grab continues.
  2. NFL Draft: What do we need NOW and LATER

    He’s not going to get those type of snaps because Todd Wash isn’t that creative. Simmons at this point would be pointless because the production snap wise wouldn’t added up to the draft slot. A top 10 pick should see the field kind of how I was disappointed Wash wasn’t very creative with the abilities of Fowler or Allen last yr.
  3. Free Agent Tracker: News and Notes

    As a FSU fan who’s been watching him since college I love his game when he’s healthy.. but it’s gon have to be a hard no for me dawg. Tired of seeing Jags continue to waste money on IR candidates.
  4. NFL Draft: What do we need NOW and LATER

    I agree to an extent but in my eyes the team has to be built from the inside out the trenches are the key. As much as we both want and need a receiver like Lamb we can’t afford it. I think you almost have to take Brown if he falls or Kinlaw. I’m not particularly to fond of picking Kinlaw at 9 because I don’t think he is a top 10 player in the draft. But as putrid as that run D is and as pedestrian as I think Wash is as DC we need studs. So although I’d loathe it I’d still understand a reach right there because after Kinlaw it’s a considerable drop off in talent for explosive interior D linemen. Which is why I believe get a trench monster at 9. Maybe even Epenesa at 20. And pray a player like Aiyuk falls to 42. But if you’re able to get Lamb 9 Epenesa 20 and Blacklock at 42. I wouldn’t be opposed to that either I guess.
  5. NFL Draft: What do we need NOW and LATER

    Antonio Gibson needs to be a priority with 1 of those 4th round picks if he is on the board in the 4th and doesn’t go in the 3rd.
  6. You originally said the team taking him had to pay him 21 million 🤨.. or no?
  7. The money owed for 2020 is 21 mill.. the Jags will pay 18.75 mill the Bears are responsible for paying the remaining 2.25 mill left on the contract for 2020.. The Bear restructured the contract on their end going forward and Foles has a clause now in his contract he can opt out of his contract in either of the first 2 yrs if he chooses. 3 yrs 50 mil. from the Bears.
  8. That’s not how that works Jags pay 18 sum odd mill on the contract for 20 but it falls off the books after this year.. the 3 sum odd remaining the Bears pay.. that 3 sum odd mill is the only cap relief the Jags get against the cap in 20’. It’s just good to get a pick for a blunder that shouldn’t have happened to begin with.
  9. Every situation is not the same example Arizona wanted to keep CC but they were cap strapped and just couldn’t do it they had minimal to no moves that off season. The Browns let Schobert walk.. and signed Keenum and Conklin. Cardinals biggest contract they gave that offseason was a 3 year 12 mill deal to Betha. If Schobert was irreplaceable he’d still be a Brown. This was a reach man.. it’s okay to say it.. you could have drafted a 5th round LB and probably got the same production you’ll get from Schobert next yr. You pay that kind of coin to real player not just guys. He is liability in your biggest weakness on your defense? How is it not a reach? If it’s a good move I’d say hey that’s a solid move. Adding a guy to an already trash defense does you absolutely no gawd damn good. You say that moves like this are not cost effective to giving out future contracts and that’s wrong.. because you don’t know what the hell you’ll need 2-3 yrs down the line it’s the same dumb *** logic that got you Foles. You get a player you pay him and the numbers and everything look cost effective and suitable til you get into a situation where you need a player and you look back at your books and you have a dud staring you in the face where the contract doesn’t match the production. Stop wasting money just to waste it.