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  1. Ngakoue Thread: News and Notes

    That’s still too steep I love Yann I don’t think he is that dominant. You’re going to take the pros and cons with any player for example Von Miller is a liability in coverage but he is so dominant as a pass rusher that you over look it. Yann is a nice player but is he a dominant player? Plus he is suspect versus the run to me he is a very good pass rusher? Yes.. Dominating... eeeh. To me I think the 19 mill a year mark is where I’d pay him I think he would have took it if it had been a 5 yr deal. But that was then this is now so maybe he has aspirations of the 20+ mill.. if that’s the case the Jags should let him find a new suitor. That core that you had is dead you might as well restart with a cheaper yet less productive option. The CBA usually wants players to exceed what predecessors make. By comparison Mack makes 23 mill per yer and Cameron Jordan makes 17.. Neither 1 I don’t think Yann is better then. But to add more context Jordan’s on I believe his 3rd contract. But are you really that much in need of Yann where you want to drastically over pay him for the production to keep him here? I’d rather not.
  2. Jaguars hiring Jay Gruden as OC

    You pick and choose what you want to read.. when did I say I hate him? You have Leonard, and Chark and decent depth at wide receiver? That’s exactly why this team never succeeds and never admits failure because they are always content and they keep throwing the same players on the field yr after yr expecting the same results because they are coached by different people. So I expect them to run the same offensive personnel adding in some middle of the road FAs (insert this yrs Conley, Moncrief) and developmental offensive pieces.. they’ll retool the defense with majority of the draft capital. Fournette will still be running behind a subpar Oline that can’t run block and can’t keep your man Minshew up right. You can pretty much forecast everything this team does before they actually do it. I say last year don’t sign Foles why invest that money in someone who hasn’t shown you that he can play 16 games. What happens? They sign Foles he plays 4 games. Last yr I predicted the Jags to go 7-9 they ended up 6-10. This type of obscurity isn’t hard to break down it’s actually fairly easily.
  3. Jaguars hiring Jay Gruden as OC

    Yeah the Vikings should have hopped on this because they have the weapons to the tee to do what Gruden wants to do. That’s why his success here will be minimum he doesn’t have the pieces to make it work here it doesn’t matter who you hire. It probably would have been better to keep flip because you allow your team to get some type of familiarity with the offense. People are thinking this hire means an instant uptick in offense.. how with what pieces? Now you have to deal with mediocrity at Oline .. which puts you in bind because you can’t draft the Jeudy’s and the Lambs of the draft. So you either draft game breaker and play with the bums you’ve been playing with on the Oline. Or you finally decided we need to up grade this line but we believe in our scouting team to get us solid guys deeper in the draft for lineman let’s get out of the stone age of football and take a shot on a play maker. This team is put together with a bunch of mismatch pieces. Now this team is back to having no identity except for being ‘Inept in everything football related’. You could of coaxed Lincoln Riley to come OC for this squad and it wouldn’t move my needle.
  4. Jaguars hiring Jay Gruden as OC

    Gruden will probably be your interim coach by week 15. Then Gruden will be your head coach going into 2021. Just seems like the Jags thing to do.
  5. Jaguars hiring Jay Gruden as OC

    I’m not excited 😐
  6. Jaguars fire OC John DeFlippo

    Caldwell is 38-76 that’s adding in his fluke *** season. Seems pretty status quo to me.
  7. 2020 nfl mock drafts thread

    FANSPEAK sim: 9:Jeffery Okudah /CB/OSU.. Jalen's replacement he slipped to 9 take him. 20:Kenneth Murray /OLB/ OU.. Telvin's replacement at will. 42:Raekwon Davis /IDL/Ala.. Help on the interior of the defensive line Davis is a solid anchor for the middle of the defense really stout against the run. 73:Hunter Bryant /TE/Wash.. Not the ideal inline blocker TE but its alright to move into the 21st century on offense athletic move TE create mismatches on the outside. 113:Shane Lemieux/G/Ore.. Smooth athletic guard but he is physical played mostly LG move him to right guard to replace Cann or let him compete with Linder. 165:KJ Hill/WR/OSU.. Offensive weapon smaller wideout different type of wide out that we have on this team we need guys who can make plays in space.. not upper echelon athletic wise but he is a ball player who can make plays late round flyer. 189:Salvon Ahmed/RB/Wash Offensive weapon change of pace sort of back in that Miles Sanders mold, different style of back that can make you miss in the open field. 206:Aaron Fuller/WR/Wash Offensive weapon BPA end of late rounds similar wideout to KJ this is sort of like the Allen and Lee picks hopefully one of them sticks and picks up the role to be a top level slot and or push Westbrook. 223:Mohamed Berry/LB/Neb/Solid backer can play some mike probably won't remove Jack but he provides depth at backer we need. Draft network sim: 9:Jerry Jeudy/WR/Al.. Stud wideout play on the outside opposite of Chark potentially the No. 1 by year 2. 20:Javon Kinlaw /IDL/ South Car.. IDL who will be the anchor of the middle for a long time coming . 42:Mekhi Becton /LT/Louisville.. LT possibly another a G if Cam beats him out. 73: Justin Madubuike/IDL/Texas A&M.. Fell in the simulator has been a 2nd to 3 rounder in a lot of simulator if he falls him and Kinlaw make a heck of combo on rotational basis and if you can figure out away to play both your Dline will be stout for years to come . 113:Jack Driscoll/RT/Aub.. Played a lot of snaps at RT for Auburn BPA pick later rounds provides solid depth on the line maybe able to give you reps at G. 169:Denzel Mims/WR/Baylor.. Is a solid reliable wideout not crazy athletic, or blazing speed but he is just a savvy technician who knows how to play the position will provide solid depth. 186:Johnathan Garvin/Edge/Miami.. D line depth later rounds developmental player. 200:Saahdiq Charles/OT/LSU.. Oline depth later rounds
  8. Jaguars fire OC John DeFlippo

    Marrone pretty much said next year won’t be predicated on the win lose record.. it appears to me they have a long leash.. why give him one yr with more say to build a shot in the dark coming from where the team is currently at? It makes no sense it has to be more than a year prove it.. There is no possible way this team is going to the playoffs next year unless the rest of the NFL forgets how to play football. Kahn also stated at the end of 18' he wasn't going to allow a losing 19 season under the current regime.. yet here we sit with the same people.. How can you take a person's word when their actions don't match what they say?.. Saying in no uncertain terms that someone won't be fired after an abysmal season doesn't mean they'll be canned.. after a losing season.. I don't know how you gather that from we're coming off a losing season, i'm going to give you another shot at it, as this is a make or break.
  9. Jaguars fire OC John DeFlippo

    No it’s not
  10. Front Office and Coaching Staff News

    I highly doubt that happens.. Doug more than likely will just change position coaches highly doubt you see a change at coordinators.
  11. Front Office and Coaching Staff News

    Who was really excited about Doug to begin with? Getting a coach is like drafting a lineman you know it’s essential to your teams success if he’s good everybody’s excited about it and if he is trash.. you want him replaced.
  12. Front Office and Coaching Staff News

    I predicted 7-9 for this past season which was off by a game and that was me thinking Foles would at least miss 4 games.. and thinking Ramsey would play the whole yr. I didn’t think the team was going to be that good because I felt like everyone was putting too much stock in the defense returning to 17’. I felt they’d be avg but I didn’t think they’d put up a historic 5 game stretch of a dismal performance that would have modern football snickering either. Talent wise this roster went from a top 3 In the league roster talent wise to the doldrums. When you watch a team like Miami you can see the talent gap from the rest of league. But you also see a well coached team just waiting on pieces go back to SF game in 17 when the Jags played them you can see the talent gap on the field but you can also see the coaching gap too. You can clearly see the Jags had more talent SF.. SF clearly out coached the Jags while talent deficient and won. Meanwhile currently SF is ascending.. but the Jags are descending 🤷‍♂️. It’s what happens when pieces meet good coaching... versus a coach with a talent pool.. the talent pool is gone now.. Doug better be the wizard.
  13. Front Office and Coaching Staff News

    With teams with QBs like: Baltimore KC Hou thats 3 playoff births pretty much locked barring the QBs having a significant injury. This team right now QBs aside are not even better than the Colts. The Titans have been slapping Doug around even in his 10-6 yr they beat him 2x.. Jags can’t even get out the basement of the division.. but are suppose to compete for a playoff birth in 20? Which is why I’m not high on Minshew he’s doing good things but the rest of the league as far as QBs go are just playing the QB position on another level. Even if you get Minshew from last season.. next year that’s not going to cut it. The elite put the foot on the gas early it’s not spotty play hot streak here cold for 2 quarters there.. but you can say well that not Minshew’s fault it’s his coaching... Well you can’t say that because that would help the argument that the coaching was bad.. I know, I know TC was taking up rent in everyone’s heads to effect schemes, game planning, and overall team readiness.