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  1. It’s essentially the same thing we’ve been saying around here for years. It makes absolutely no sense to fire a coach and retain a GM and vice versa but yet the Jags keep piece milling together these staffs that eventually fail.
  2. In terms of Pitt with no true 1 and a talented group of wideouts I don’t know who he’d predominantly play. That’s why I say whomever gets going. But if I’m Pitt I play Claypool a lot in the slot this game on Herndon a ton.. even tho he’s a rook he is a mismatch nightmare for Herndon.
  3. Henderson is no where near shutdown he’ll make a splash play every other game. Starting Claypool would be just fine. He doesn’t follow the number 1 Wash may get into a spot where if Claypool gets goin he may stick Henderson on him but I wouldn’t expect to see him travel with a particular wideout.
  4. Cam has taken a huge step forward.. but this year is a contract year that’s just how I feel he’ll get money and fall off a cliff. Conditioning your body and working on your craft are different things I’m pretty sure boxing helps with your punch and your footwork from a quickness standpoint.. but those guys need to be in the grass working on the actual technique and nuances of the position not sparring that’s just my opinion.
  5. I think he would benefit playing guard to replace Cann down the road. How it was thought that he could possibly even be a LT down the line.. hell no! I said last year he was a guy who just has the intangibles but not actual drive to work on his short comings same thing with Cam no work ethic to improve in the offseason. We have to get better talent on the edges.
  6. I was about to be upset when I saw this earlier. I knew someone was going to post about I was praying it wouldn’t be jinxed.😆
  7. If we could take Luton’s arm off him and put it on Minshew we’d be in business.
  8. Wash deserves to be fired solely based on the fact he played Jack at ILB for so long. A blind man knew Jack is an OLB. 👨‍🦯
  9. He has stuff that I like about him he throws a decent ball and he has decent arm strength but even in the first clip he made some throws that were flat.. he had 2 throws that were troubling to me and that was throw to the hash and a sideline throw that was 🤨. I like his athletic ability, he’s in command he knows his offense he has some good characteristics that I like. His level of competition is so so but if you can play you can play.. Being a franchise QB encompasses more than just QB talent. It’s so much that goes into it but outside of the talent is the work ethic. Which is where Minshew falls short Minshew works hard but he is limited talent wise. So what happens when you have to get down in a duel with a QB that works just as hard as Minshew but has world class talent to go with it. We see it year after year it’s a lot of cats out here that have NFL talent Darnold, Daniels, Rosen and so on.. but they can’t marry the talent up with the work ethic needed to be among the top 10 QBs. I’m not saying the kid is dud.. he has talent but I’d like to see more. This also has to be situation that is nurturing for the QB. The Jags have yet to draft a QB and he be among the elite QBs in the league or even anywhere close. I want to turn on the TV 3 yrs from now and the Jags QB is talked about in the NFL pregame shows as 1 of the must see QBs on Sundays. If the coach is changed the coaching hire and the QB need to be married together.
  10. 🤨 I’m getting Trace McSorley vibes with this one.. he is clearly the master of the offense, his passing percentage is inflated because of the offense.. it appears similar to an offense similar to what Blake ran in college lots of screens and check downs.
  11. I agree with this fully the way of the league is going offense so that gives me pause about the hire. I don’t want a retread like Gruden I wouldn’t even interview him. My short list consists of: Robert Saleh Brian Daboll Eric Bieniemy Greg Roman Byron Leftwich Joe Brady Mike LaFleur No particular order but I know they’ll interview Jay Gruden and possibly hire him.. All this is just wishful thinking until I see action on the front of Khan which may never happen.
  12. I don’t know who this new guy is who’s been taking for @.Buzz this season.. but he’s alright with me. 😂
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