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  1. Game 2, 2018: vs Miami Dolphins

    Momma said there be days like this. They are what we thought their were. Every situation in life is temporary so, when life is good, make sure you enjoy and receive it fully. And when life isn't so good, remember that it will not last forever and better days are on the way.
  2. Game 2, 2018: vs Miami Dolphins

    Game is not over. We have "THE DARNOLD".
  3. Game 2, 2018: vs Miami Dolphins

    Miami has a good secondary. I was afraid the Miami secondary would disrupt what Darnold can do down field. The Jets defense need to take over this game.
  4. Game 1, 2018: @ Detroit Lions [MNF]

    Darnold looked tight when the game started. Darnold has looked more comfortable as the game progressed. I'll like to see more down field throws.
  5. Game 1, 2018: @ Detroit Lions [MNF]

    NEW GAME!!!!
  6. would you trade bell?

    Hey Steeler fans. Here is the offer for LeVeon Bell. 2019 first, 4th round picks and Bilal Powell to take Bell off your hands.
  7. Le'Veon Bell

    I think Le'Veon Bell is trying to force a trade. The Jets have the cap space for Bell. The Jets can offer the Steelers the 2019 #1 pick and Bilal Powell for Le'Veon Bell. The Jets sign Bell to a 4yr, 66mil with first 3 years fully guaranteed and an 18million signing bonus. Bell will be coming into a situation where the OL is much weaker than the Steelers but I think he could still run for 1,200yd and catch about 60 balls.
  8. Where is the pass rush coming from?
  9. Cuts

    Michael Johnson was cut. I would consider bring him in even though he had recent subpar seasons in Cincinnati. http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/5241/michael-johnson
  10. Khalil Mack

    Here is an offer. Jets trade #1, #3 and Darren Lee to Raiders for Khalil Mack.
  11. The OL did not help Darnold. The OL depth was more exposed then Sam Darnold. The GM has to bring in some better OL players. If the OL starters go down this team is done.
  12. Game 0.1, 2018: Atlanta Falcons @ New York Jets

    The man-child can ball. Made all the right decisions.
  13. Game 0.1, 2018: Atlanta Falcons @ New York Jets

    Teddy looking real good.
  14. Game 0.1, 2018: Atlanta Falcons @ New York Jets

    I was thinking the same thing. For Preseason, I'll give him a pass.