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  1. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    Are Jets in on the Jalen Ramsey trade talk?
  2. I am laughing at how people thought Adam "Crazy Ivan" Gase would operate any different than in Miami. He alienates his best players and calls a lousy game.
  3. Week 1: Buffalo Bills vs NY Jets

    I was saying this the whole game. Trust your QB. This is nothing more than circa Miami Dolphins 2018. I am done trying this believe in this coach.
  4. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    I expect the Jets to make some waiver wire moves over the next couple of days. One rumor is Kiko Alonso is being let go by Miami. Do you think Kiko is an option to replace Avery Williamson?
  5. Training Camp

    What is done is done. The GM who ran the draft is GONE. Get over it and lets support the players the Jets currently have. Quinnen Williams is considered by many people to be the best player in the draft.
  6. Training Camp

    Is the green and white scrimmage going on tonight?
  7. Training Camp

    CB is going to be the Jets #1 problem this year. Darnold and Co. is going have to outscore teams this year.
  8. Training Camp

    Cody Parkey is available?
  9. Training Camp

    One thing I get from this game is Jamison Crowder will lead the team in catches.
  10. Training Camp

  11. Jets acquire Alex Lewis from Baltimore

    Mr. Douglas understands what the Jets needs are and is focused on addressing those needs. What a novel idea.
  12. Jets Sign Ryan Kalil

    I am just trying to figure out what direction the Jets are going. I rather get someone who will be with Darnold for a decade than a one year rental. If Harrison was not cutting it and Ryan Kilal improves the position, fine. I don't want Darnold running for his life. I want sustainability for the OL and not a bunch of aging one year rentals. That would be a same ol' Jets philosophy.
  13. Jets Sign Ryan Kalil

    Signing a 34yr player, albeit, at a need position is counter to the youth movement theory. Gase must not have been happy with Harrison's play and told Douglas "get me a f'ing center". I see this as a 1yr thing to bring some stability to the OL. I am trying to be optimistic about Gase and company. We'll see. GO JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    I have reservations about trading for a 31yr old player with injury concerns. I understand Trent Williams is a top player when healthy and will a be an upgrade at LT. The most I will offer will be a 3rd round. I am content to wait for Collins in free agency next offseason than to offer more draft picks. The best time to make a move is now before the games start. If the OL struggles in pre-season games the price will go up.
  15. Quinnen Williams has been signed. Jet have 100% attendance. Lets go. https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/jets-agree-to-terms-with-first-round-pick-dl-quinnen-williams From Rotoword: Jets signed No. 3 overall pick DL Quinnen Williams to a four-year, $32.5 million contract. The deal includes a $21.68 million signing bonus and fifth-year team option. New York reportedly initially tried to defer more than 30 percent of Williams' signing bonus to the second year of his contract, but the two sides met in the middle on a 25 percent layover and 75 percent once he puts pen to paper. Williams shredded the Combine with 83rd-percentile SPARQ results and 4.83 speed, otherworldly for a 303-pound human. Better suited for three-technique tackle in the pros, Williams’ game is reminiscent of Gerald McCoy as a slippery and explosive inside presence who can also win with power and balance and is capable of running down space players in pursuit.