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  1. It is time the Jets break from tradition of making mediocre moves and make a big splash. I"ll trade with Cleveland for the #1 pick and pick the best QB in the draft class. I am tired of the Jets trying to make a average veteran the franchise QB we need. I'll rather take a chance with Josh Rosen or Sam Darnold as our franchise. Let the Jets put their money towards building around a real franchise QB. Upgrade the offensive and defensive lines via free agency. Get the franchise QB with the first pick and draft BPA with the remaining picks. Lets have something worth rooting for next year. GO JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Sheldon Richardson traded to Seahawks

    This trade helps both teams out. The Jets get more draft collateral to work with. The Seahawks just improved their DL immensely. I an glad the Jets were able to get a 2nd round pick. Jermaine Kearse was the 4th WR in Seatlle. He is just holding a spot until the rookie WRs get up to speed.
  3. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    It is clear the Jets have some work to do. Are we really surprised by the Jets performance? This game is what many of us expected. As someone mentioned earlier, the goal is the get a franchise QB. If it is not going to be Christian Hackenberg then there are a number of solid QB prospects coming out in next year's draft to choose from. This is just the beginning of the Jets rebuilding the franchise. The offense is going to bad no matter who is the starting at QB. We knew this when training camp started. The Offense at times are going to be bad at first but the hope is we see improvement over the course of the season. The defense is going to be good this season but will wear down over time since the offense is not going to generate many points. Don't fret Jets fans. Our day will come when we can rejoice over the Superbowl winning Jets. IT JUST WON'T BE THIS SEASON. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!!!!
  4. Jets 2017 Training Camp Thread

    The first preseason game changes nothing for me. The Jets are who we thought they are. They are a team who will have a quality defense and a poor offense. Hackenberg showed me he has improved to the point where I think he can be a starting QB in the league. Hackenberg stills need to throw the ball farther down field to be an effective QB in NFL. This only comes with reps in a game so he can get more comfortable with seeing the various defenses. If the QB competition is close the job should go to Hackenberg. It is time to unleash HackAttack and hope he does not give us a heart attack.