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  1. Just keep running Gore. Forget about developing Perine. Not important. Great job.
  2. 40 - 10 Dolphins. Owner still gives Gase a vote of confidence. Tanking for Trevor saga continues...
  3. This game can be a problem if the Ravens let the Bengals keep it close. Lets get out to a quick lead and run the ball down the Bengals throats the rest of the game, 31 - 10 Ravens.
  4. Justin Herbert has looked better than Sam Darnold over the past 3 games than Sam has done over the past 3 years. Not sure if it is coaching or talent but something is wrong here. Justin Herbert has better talent around him. That is a management problem.
  5. The Jets season has been going so bad this is first time in 40yrs as a fan I don't see a win for the Jets. Maybe one of the Dolphins games. DO YOU? 5 Sun Oct 11, 1:00PM Arizona Cardinals 6 Sun Oct 18, 4:05PM @ Los Angeles Chargers 7 Sun Oct 25, 1:00PM Buffalo Bills 8 Sun Nov 1, 1:00PM @ Kansas City Chiefs 9 Mon Nov 9, 8:15PM New England Patriots 10 Sun Nov 15, 4:05PM @ Miami Dolphins 12 Sun Nov 29, 1:00PM Miami Dolphins 13 Sun Dec 6, 1:00PM Las Vegas Raiders 14 Sun Dec 13, 4:05PM @ Seattle Seahawks 15 Sun Dec 20, 1:00AM @ Los Angeles Rams 16 Sun Dec 27, 1:00AM Cleveland Browns 17 Sun Jan 3, 1:00PM @ New England Patriots
  6. The jets have not been remotely competitive in the first 3 games of the season. Is it Adam Gase firing time now?
  7. Desean Jackson - OL troubles really is hurting Wentz ability to get Jackson the ball down field.
  8. Jamal Adams is a game changer. Is Jamal Adams $6m better than the next safety. Maybe. I'll give him $16mil/yr with incentives to get to $20mil (Prob bowl, All-Pro, MVP...) next summer. Jamal has to wait until then to get paid. Jets have all the leverage.
  9. L. Bell and J. Adams for Y. Ngakoue and L. Fournette. Hate the trade but the salaries match.
  10. Good thing I did not buy my Jamal Adams jersey. Hate to see Jamal go but enough is enough. Anything less than 2 #1s will be unacceptable.
  11. Jets just drafted several Team Captions in college. New leadership can be found. It is about bringing talent that can make the team better.
  12. Here is a before season start trade: Jets trades LeVeon Bell, Avery Williamson and Steve McLendon to Jaguars for Yannick Ngakoue and Leonard Fournette.
  13. 3 Things needed to make the playoffs: 1. Sam needs to stay healthy. 2. Gase needs to be not like Gase and find a way to maximize the pieces he already has. 3. Defense needs to be a top 3 unit.
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