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  1. I picked Trevor Lawrence to be one of my Dynasty QBs in fantasy football. Is there an order of preference of WR Trevor Lawrence is throwing to in the workouts?
  2. Its good for the Ravens to weigh their options in case of injury. Gurley will eventually land somewhere. I don't mind Gurley being on the team at the right price.
  3. Who is doing the UDFA thread? There are some great values still available for Jets to bring in.
  4. It more likely the Jets use Darnold to trade up than for Jets to trade the #2 pick. I see Darnold going to the Broncos for the #9 pick. Jets draft the best CB available at #9.
  5. Too much to pay for Golladay. Of the remaining WR I see only 2 I am interested in. - Ty Hilton who can bring a veteran presence to a Superbowl contending team. Better than Dez Bryant. - Adam Humphries who I feel is an underrated WR and will be a nice complement to Hollywood and Miles Boykin as they continue to develop.
  6. I would love to see AJ Green signed. Should be a fairly inexpensive signing that brings veteran presence until Mile Boykin and Hollywood reach their true potentials.
  7. Wentz to Colts trade have little impact on any potential Waton deal. I seriously doubt the Texans was thinking of COlts as a suitor for Watson. I think the Jets, Bears, 49ers, Panthers and Broncos are the top suitors for Watson. Watson will be traded. This comes down how interested the Texans are in current prospects and Sam Danold. If Joe Douglas wants Deshaun Watson he will make the deal happen. Preferably without Darnold who can be dealt in a separate deal.
  8. Taking Watt reduces the amount of picks Houston wants and frees up salary space for the Texans. JD knows Jets can adsorb Watt contract for a year. If Watt works out its a WIN.
  9. Here is my blockbuster trade deal. 3-way deal between Jets,Texans and 49ers Jets get Deshaun Watson , JJ Watt and SF (2021 5th round pick) Texans get #2 , #12 (From SF) and #34 49ers get Sam Darnold, #23 and Hou (4th round pick) Jets get their QB and pass rusher Texans had to cut or trade anyway. Texans get picks to rebuild with this year. 49ers get a potential starter in Sam Darnold as they move down in the 1st round. Sam Darnold is happy to go back to the west coast.
  10. You are right. The longer the Texans wait the less teams and leverage they will have with other teams. I will expect a deal to be made after the Superbowl and before free agency begins. Jets can wait and let Watson pressure the Texans to make the trade.
  11. I am not a Goff fan. I guess you prefer to trade for draft capital than to trade away draft capital. Deshaun Watson is the only QB I am interested in getting. Otherwise stick with Darnold or pick the future Jets starting QB at #2. The Stafford -Goff trade shows how much value teams put into getting a good quality QB. Trading QBs is on a different level than trading players like Khalil Mack, Jalen Ramsey or a Jamal Adams. I can't say the Rams overpaid for Stafford. Its the value the Rams felt they needed to pay for a quality QB.
  12. How about Jets trade Sam Darnold and #86 for 49ers #43 and get back Jets 7th rounder?
  13. Yeah. expect the Jets to players to pilfer more players and coaches from the Ravens for their same-ol-jets team.
  14. Told ya'll the Jets were going to make a hire by Monday. The Jets aggressively went after their guy to bring some much needed energy and experience coaching to the team. We'll see what other moves Joe Douglas makes. Big Decision --> What to do with Sam Darnold?
  15. Here is a trade scenario to mull over. Jets trade #23 and 2nd round pick for Deshaun Watson then Jets trade #2 with Lions for #7, 2nd round pick and 2022 1st round Jets pick Patrick Surtain II at #7. Sam Darnold can be traded but could still be kept to be the backup.
  16. I think the Jets will hire their HC by Monday. I don't see them waiting for Eric Bieniemy to finish the playoffs. Robert Saleh looks like the top candidate. Not sure how any of the coaches feel about Sam Darnold. I don't see Sam Darnold remaining the QB of the Jets next year.
  17. Sign Dak Prescott, keep Darnold , draft Penei Sewell and move Beckhton to RT. Keep building the team from the Lines out.
  18. Just keep running Gore. Forget about developing Perine. Not important. Great job.
  19. 40 - 10 Dolphins. Owner still gives Gase a vote of confidence. Tanking for Trevor saga continues...
  20. This game can be a problem if the Ravens let the Bengals keep it close. Lets get out to a quick lead and run the ball down the Bengals throats the rest of the game, 31 - 10 Ravens.
  21. Justin Herbert has looked better than Sam Darnold over the past 3 games than Sam has done over the past 3 years. Not sure if it is coaching or talent but something is wrong here. Justin Herbert has better talent around him. That is a management problem.
  22. The Jets season has been going so bad this is first time in 40yrs as a fan I don't see a win for the Jets. Maybe one of the Dolphins games. DO YOU? 5 Sun Oct 11, 1:00PM Arizona Cardinals 6 Sun Oct 18, 4:05PM @ Los Angeles Chargers 7 Sun Oct 25, 1:00PM Buffalo Bills 8 Sun Nov 1, 1:00PM @ Kansas City Chiefs 9 Mon Nov 9, 8:15PM New England Patriots 10 Sun Nov 15, 4:05PM @ Miami Dolphi
  23. The jets have not been remotely competitive in the first 3 games of the season. Is it Adam Gase firing time now?
  24. Desean Jackson - OL troubles really is hurting Wentz ability to get Jackson the ball down field.
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