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  1. Draft Talk 2018

    Little late on that one
  2. Draft Talk 2018

    Would like to see a CB or another LB Toliver or Hill Scales or McCray
  3. Draft Talk 2018

    Will add QB Falk and OT Jones from OSU Like the last pick. Would have no issues with us double dipping at WR
  4. Draft Talk 2018

    3 of my guys still on the board St Brown Cobb Cichy
  5. Draft Talk 2018

    Whant St Brown with our 3rd
  6. Draft Talk 2018

    I want Landry Jackson and Andrew Miller in that order
  7. Draft Talk 2018

    I think trading back in with the Eagles makes a lot of sense. We make sure we get the guy we want and lock in the option for a 5 year. Only down side would be that he would cost a little bit more money but we have it to spend
  8. Draft Talk 2018

    Any chance we trade back into the first for a DE or LB
  9. Draft Talk 2018

    For selfish reasons I want big Mike to fall to us in round 2. Would love to watch Mike and Q continue playing together
  10. Draft Talk 2018

    3 slots on the line are now set. Hope Jack can stay healthy and make it 4
  11. Draft Talk 2018

    I'm not mad. I'm a huge Irish fan and this is the first Irish player I can remember the Colts drafting in forever
  12. Draft Talk 2018

    That didn't take long. I say Smith
  13. Draft Talk 2018

    Chubb and Miller. That's going to be scary
  14. Draft Talk 2018

    I would be thrilled with any of the 3
  15. Draft Talk 2018

    Chubb Nelson or Smith. Who are we taking?