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  1. I think Hunt is a restricted free agent next year.
  2. What to do about Myles Garrett

    Garrett should get at least the rest of the year. Browns players getting asked about Garrett are not sticking up for him at all.
  3. Around the league discussion

    Trent Williams was put on the non football injury list. He won't play this year and loses about 8 million dollars.
  4. Tretter signed to 3 year extension

    Good signing.
  5. Is Baker the Answer? (Poll)

    Way way to early to tell. Freddie made a big mistake not playing Baker and O.B.J. in practice games.
  6. 2020 College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Houston coach Dana Holgersen said a Browns scout visited Houston and was impressed with left tackle Josh Jones.
  7. 2020 College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    C.B.S. had a mock out. We were picking 9th and he had us taking Josh Jones o.t. out of Houston Univ. Anyone know anything about him?
  8. Around the league discussion

    Actually Houston got the third round pick for J. Clowny D.E. according to great blue north. Sorry I was wrong at first.
  9. Around the league discussion

    I think Houston got Seattle's third in the Duane Brown o.t. trade.
  10. Around the league discussion

    I'm surprised Washington hasn't traded Trent. Time to rebuild.
  11. Is Nick Chubb the next Lebron James???

    A running back certainly can. Jim Brown at one time as big as Lebron. I remember.
  12. Scalamania's updated (11/21) 2020 Mock Draft (3 rounds)

    Like both Browns picks but we could go with two Off. tackles.
  13. Mock Draft 2020 2.0

    Good pick for the Browns.
  14. GDT Week 3; Browns VS Rams

    3 timeouts and 1st down on the 4 and a half yard line and Farmer doesn't call a run.
  15. The Time Has Come - Browns/Titans GDT Thread

    I waited all spring ans summer for this mess.