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  1. Hear Ye! Hear Ye! A Forum Declaration

    Truth. I once had the mock draft forum on top of this one. It was...different.
  2. The Search for Coaching Staff Begins

    I have a difficult time seeing Munchak coming to work for the guy he lost this HC job to.
  3. Grade the Fangio Hire

    To an extent, yes. But it definitely brings up other concerns. Mainly, what appears to be a shocking lack of communication and preparedness.
  4. Grade the Fangio Hire

    I’m sure circumstance was part of it though, and now that’s changed. This is all such a joke.
  5. Front Office Changes?

    If they can find $2.3B in their couch cushions.
  6. DEN hires CHI DC Vic Fangio as HC

    Yeah, if you’re a good DC, you get your players paid. And if you don’t have a good GM to replace those players when they move on, how much can you do? Our defence has experienced a pretty serious talent drain because of Wade Phillips getting the most out of his guys.
  7. Von’s Trade Value

    Is there a reason why NFL teams don’t try to weaponize their cap space like other leagues do (besides less guaranteed money)? If you took on some bad money from a contender in a Von deal (which wouldn’t have nearly the negative value to us as it does them), why couldn’t you ask for a pair of 1st’s?
  8. Rank Your Choices for Head Coach

    I also like the idea of bringing in Taylor in a non-HC role, but to lure him away from the Rams, you’d need to give him the type of role most of us assume Kubiak’s getting. Full control of offence plus playcalling. Kubiak + Taylor won’t happen.
  9. With the 10th pick the Denver Broncos select?

    If we take Jones in the top 10, I’ll be able to talk myself into really liking the pick because of our circumstance. But in a “normal year”, I see him as that 3rd QB in the draft, that some team reaches for a bit at the end of round one.
  10. Let the Offseason Begin

    If Elway’s not going balls out to get a franchise QB this spring, honestly, there are worse decisions he could make than trading Miller and Harris. I adore Chris Harris, but one year left on his deal...re-signing a 30+ year old corner to a big deal, you’re hoping that the first 1-2 years are great, and then you’re happy with average marginal value after that. The first 1-2 years of his next contract don’t look like super bowl chances unless the QB arrives this March/April, so if you can get a pair of 2nd’s, I think it’s a no-brainer. Even a 2nd and 4th is probably enough for me to pull the trigger. And if you’re trading Harris, you’re fully going down Rebuild Road. Getting another 1st in this draft, plus one next year when there seems to be 3 pretty great QB options for Von...that can vault us back to contender status pretty darn quick. Sports teams way too often get stuck in purgatory because they wait too long to reset. If there’s no QB coming this spring, it’s time to reset.
  11. Vance Joseph Fired as Broncos HC

    If Kubiak is on the coaching staff, then it makes sense to have an established defensive coach as the HC. I don’t necessarily hate the idea of Kubiak completely owning the offence, with the HC then taking control of D, special teams, and game management.
  12. Vance Joseph Fired as Broncos HC

    I’m not a huge Kubiak guy, but I also don’t mind the idea of another John Fox-type, steady-the-ship hire. A Pagano-Kubiak pairing isn’t exactly inspiring, but I think with another good draft, they can get us 8-9 wins next year, with an upwards trajectory. Then, hopefully with a QBOTF in hand and more cash flow with a better naming rights deal, we can swing for the fences with our next hire in 2021-22. Let’s not forget, our safe pick in John Fox (with the right QB, obvs) got us to a super bowl. Honestly, I could see us making some serious hay in 2020 with a combo of Pagano-Kubiak-Haskins. There’s probably a ceiling there, but again, John Fox and Adam Gase got us to a super bowl. If Haskins is The Guy, Pagano-Kubiak might be good enough.
  13. With the 10th pick the Denver Broncos select?

    I personally don’t like drafting a QB without trading up to get him. Either you like him so much that you need to guarantee getting him, or he’s not worth it. Even just for the message you send to the player: ‘look at how much we think of you that we just needed to make sure we got you.’ I’ve got no problem making that kind of gamble on your QBOTF. The problem is, you need to jump the Giants and Jags for sure, and quite possibly even the Raiders. You’re looking at an absolute mountain of picks.
  14. With the 10th pick the Denver Broncos select?

    Early big board: 1. Bosa 2. Quinnen 3. Haskins 4. Greedy 5. Oliver 6. Gary 7. Jonah 8. D. White 9. D. Brown 10. Jones 11. Little 12. Baker 13. Lawrence 14. Allen 15. Ferrell 16. D. Bush I’d be happy getting any one of these guys, so if the right trade down offer comes, I’d be willing.
  15. Vance Joseph Fired as Broncos HC

    It might be a red flag, but maybe he was the runner up for multiple jobs? Only one team wins the Super Bowl every year, ya know?