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  1. Bronco Mount Rushmore

    As an aside, Champ is exhibit A for my thesis that the cornerback position in football is overrated. We watched a 5-6 year peak possibly as good as any in NFL history from a CB, and it helped us very little. Got a few pass rushers a little later and it changed everything. An elite front seven with average DB’s will make a much better D than an average front seven with an elite secondary. I’d even take an elite safety over a corner. Corners are the most difficult defensive position to scheme advantageously. Every other position can be moved around more easily to exploit matchups. That being said, there probably aren’t 3 better corners in NFL history. How many Broncos can you say belong in their positional Rushmore league-wide?
  2. Bronco Mount Rushmore

    I don’t think Peyton can qualify for ours. Anyone who has more qualifications for another team’s Rushmore shouldn’t be on yours, in my opinion. And I love Peyton. Elway, TD, Von are my locks. Great careers across the board, all capped off with SB MVP’s. The last spot could go so many different ways. If you’re making this organizational wide, not just players, it’s gotta be Mr. Bowlen. If it’s just players, I think I’d flip a coin between Gradishar and Champ, leaning Champ because that’s who I got to watch. His 2006 season was the most incredible year I’ve seen a football player play. He would’ve had more all-pro selections if he played with more consistently quality CB’s across from him, but QB’s rarely had to test him.
  3. 2020 Surprise

    Cutler playing in Shanny’s bootleg offence was beautiful. He got real stone-footed as he aged in Chicago (and those o-lines did him no favours.)
  4. 2020 Surprise

    The sulking would be after the whistle, which I said was night and day difference between the two. But the footwork is identical. The arm talent is identical. The ability to throw while on the move is identical. The sloppy mechanics with arm slot and release points are extremely similar. I don’t think Jay failed because of his abilities *at all*, he just didn’t seem committed to either his team or to improving himself. He didn’t seem to enjoy the game. Drew Lock seems to be on the other end of that spectrum.
  5. 2020 Surprise

    Between the whistles, he really is a Jay Cutler clone. But after the whistle, they seem like complete opposites.
  6. Broncos 2020 Schedule

    Looking through this a little more in-depth, ugh. Week 7 at home to KC, maybe a chance for a statement win before the bye! Well, KC plays TNF the week before, so they get the extra long week to prep. Week 11, at home to LAC, probably a game that will have playoff implications: Chargers coming off the bye. Week 14, coming off what will probably be losses to NO and KC, we’ve got a winnable game in CAR: Panthers coming off the bye. Week 16 at LAC, probably crunch time for both teams, gotta get that W: LAC plays TNF the week before. Three divisional games with significantly fewer rest days than the opponent is BRUTAL. Like, we’re not even just talking the short week after MNF, this is after byes and TNF. Schedule makers did us zero favours here.
  7. 2020 Surprise

    Tell me this kid lacks any confidence.
  8. Broncos 2020 Schedule

    I hate this virus for so many reasons. This is one of them, even if it’s rather inconsequential in the grand scheme of everything. (Although my wife’s been talking about a UK trip in the fall of 2021 for our 10th anniversary, so if this thing gets pushed back a year...👀
  9. Broncos 2020 Schedule

    Catching a whole bunch of teams off their byes it would seem. Oh and hey, guess who gets the biggest advantage 🙄
  10. 2020 Surprise

    If Callahan only plays 50% of the snaps, the secondary will struggle. I think the best use of our roster is to have him line up outside on base sets. In nickel, Bausby/Dawson/Ojemudia fills in on the edge and Callahan slides into the slot.
  11. Free Agent Frenzy

    He was *very* good in 2018, grading out above average in run support, coverage, and tackling. Last year was a step back, no question, but he’s flashed enough talent that I think he’s worth taking a shot (assuming the price isn’t extravagant).
  12. 2020 Surprise

    I really like Malik Reed. The “problem” (not that it’s a problem at all) is that with Chubb back, Reed’s snap count probably has a pretty low ceiling. Maybe Vic moves him inside on passing downs, but that wouldn’t be the right spot for him, as he’s clearly more of a speed guy than a power rusher. Quality depth at least. But you know, I’ve been watching Ojemudia a lot, and I think I see it. His feel with his eyes in the backfield is real good, and he consistently gets real deep in his zone without being particularly susceptible to RB swings or screens. Fills in *hard* in run support. Ideal zone corner, or safety in more of a man defence. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he’s playing 75% of defensive snaps in the second half of the season.
  13. Free Agent Frenzy

    A 2nd or 3rd would be more than I’d be willing to give, I honestly have no idea what his market would be. Only $3M guaranteed to Kareem in 2021, though, so a Hooker/Simmons tandem might be the long term play.
  14. Free Agent Frenzy

    Apparently Malik Hooker was being shopped at the draft. The Colts then drafted Julian Blackmon. What do you think the asking price is for Hooker? He’s often injured, but very effective when he plays. Maybe as our new Will Parks, he can stay healthy playing 50-60% of the snaps?
  15. Jeudy and Hamlers NFL comps?

    KJ Hamler = John Brown Jerry Jeudy = Odell Beckham Jr / Stefon Diggs