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  1. The more I watch and read, the more separation there is for me between Fields at QB3, Jones at QB4, and Lance at QB5. I’d move up to 1.4 for Fields, 1.7 for Jones, or stay put for Lance.
  2. Brugler’s latest mock has us getting Fields at 1.9, and then Jabril Cox and Walker Little with our 2nd and 3rd. I can’t think of many situations more ideal than that.
  3. Been randomly thinking today about how this dumbass win vs MIA cost us a top 5 pick.
  4. Very much this. With the first two picks completely set in stone, there’s no reason for smoke from SF. Especially after making the move they did. Which isn’t to say that Jones to SF is true, I just don’t see the point in them being purposefully deceitful about it. The rumour may have come from Jones’ camp though, or from ATL/CIN to drive up the value of their picks as landing spots for Fields and Lance. No one knows!
  5. I think people underestimate how specific most teams are with their QB tastes. Even if Fields/Lance are consensus top 5 picks, there could easily be QB-needy teams that don’t think they’re franchise guys, and won’t pick them in the top 20. The position is so incredibly scheme-sensitive, and I don’t think most coaching staffs are flexible enough for differing skill sets. In regards to Darnold, thank goodness. The Tannehill comparisons are rampant, but I really don’t think they’re warranted.
  6. Kyle Pitts measured almost 6’6”, 245 lbs, an 84” wingspan, and ran a 4.45 40. I don’t know, you guys, running a base 12 personnel with Sutton/Jeudy/Fant/Pitts would be ferocious. I doubt he falls to 1.9, but I couldn’t pass on him if he did.
  7. For me, there’s a difference between ‘hey I think Drew Lock’s got a chance to be a guy,’ and ‘Drew Lock’s gonna be a franchise QB.’ At every other position, value is a spectrum, but I guess my opinion is that QB rankings should be much more polarized. Example: if a team thinks Jaylen Waddle is WR1 and is gonna be the next Tyreek Hill, they should try to move up to secure him. But if they don’t, it’s much much more excusable than Sean Payton believing Patrick Mahomes was gonna be the best QB in the world one day but refusing to give up a future 1st to move up for him. Having a top 3 W
  8. If you take that chance on what you believe is your next franchise QB, you’re an absolute fool. All it takes is one other team to feel the same way and make the jump, and you don’t have your franchise QB. You don’t have your franchise QB. Your franchise QB. There is nothing even remotely close in value to that.
  9. MIA could easily target Pitts at 1.6. Sewell’s in the conversation there, too. I like what they did.
  10. The QB position is no place for value plays. There is no ‘we’ll take whoever’s there.’ You have one guy, either you go get him or you’re making a mistake.
  11. Trade up. Make the move for Your Guy. Again, if Lock takes the leap, a team will absolutely give you a 1st+ in next year’s draft if you wanna move Wilson/Fields/Lance next spring, especially if the QB talent available is as poor as it currently looks.
  12. I’d sell just about everything for Zach Wilson. He moves really well, makes decisions quickly, and has more than enough arm talent. I think he’s a long term top 10 QB. As for the trade down, I really don’t hate it! But there are some issues. The only way we’re getting a 2022 1st is if someone desires Mac Jones, *and he’s still there.* Not a given. But even if he is, why don’t we want him? Is there gonna be a better QB available in the next draft? Are we not gonna be telegraphing our unique desperation in needing to trade up in 2022, unless our additional 1st (Chicago?) reeeeally bott
  13. So we’re wasting a pretty great win-now defence in favour of a 2022 tear down in hopes of having a franchise QB ready for 2024? And if that one doesn’t work out?? Now Paton’s used almost his entire contract length and hasn’t won yet. He gone. I’m thinking of the situation the Chargers were in 15 years ago. Brees wasn’t working out, they draft Rivers. Oh no, Brees actually hits! Is it really a bad thing to have to choose between two franchise QB’s?? I mean, ideally you make that decision at a time when you can still recoup assets for one of them instead of seeing the other walk as a FA, bu
  14. Paton got a 6 year deal. He could grab a new QB this offseason and still have enough leash to get another one in a few years if he flops. But again I ask: if we go 8-8 this season with little growth from Lock, what’s your plan for getting a franchise QB?
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