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  1. Hey @lomaxgrUK, just checking in. How’s your week going?? 👀
  2. I would’ve thought that too, but the Lions had a prime opportunity to get their QB in the draft if they didn’t have belief in Goff. Not saying he’s Their Guy just yet, but he must be thought of at least in some regard there.
  3. I mean, look, I get it, we all over-value our players. ESPECIALLY our draft picks. But a *gigantic* LOL if you don’t think Stokes was a reach. He was 45th on the consensus rankings with a peak(!) of 35. The difference between where he was ranked and where you took him is the equivalent of a late 3rd rounder. You wasted the equivalent of a late 3rd rounder. It’s a reach.
  4. Going back to possible trade specifics, if I’m Paton, there’s no way in hell I’m valuing Eric Stokes as the 29th pick in the draft. He was a borderline top 50 guy by consensus, so I’m not rewarding GB for their mega-reach. So the potential Surtain-Stokes swap is going to be the majority of the value I’m giving up. That plus a 2022 1st, and then some filler.
  6. The rumoured offer was 1.3, Garoppolo, and “other picks and players.” In this situation, it’s pretty clear that “other picks and players” means “filler.” Remember the Bears offer for Russy Wilson that was three 1sts and two starters and everyone went nuts, only to find out the two starters were Hicks and Fuller (a 32 year old overpaid DL and a corner who was about to get cut)?? When part of the offer is specific and part of it isn’t, that generally means either the offering team wants to make their offer sound serious, or the receiving team wants to start up a bidding war. 1.3 + Garo
  7. You can find really good corners who are fast and smooth, like PS2. You can find really good corners who are quick and twitchy, like Tre’Davious White. But guys that are somehow both of those things, like Champ...that’s when you’ve got a Mount Rushmore level DB. I agree that in off coverage, or when they’re at full speed, PS2 can look an awful lot like Champ. But the separator is in press off the line, where Champ was literally lightning, and I think PS2 isn’t at a special level.
  8. Let’s not underestimate how important this injury could be in our pursuit of Rodgers. Is he now less willing to push for Denver as a primary destination given our questionable RT situation is now in complete shambles? If I’m Paton, I’ve been on the phone with Rick Wagner’s and Bobby Massie’s agents all day.
  9. I like the Javonte pick, but dang, Christian Barmore would’ve filled an equal-sized, but more important need. Unless Paton/Vic are really bullish on Jones and Agim.
  10. I was very willing to include either Sutton or Chubb in a Watson deal, since that trade would’ve been a real long term play. Winning a SB in year one or two wasn’t a must. A Rodgers trade is very different. Just like I was vehemently against spending a 2nd rounder on a QB after signing Manning, I couldn’t possibly get behind using a win-now piece to get Rodgers. Getting Rodgers is about maximizing the 2021-23 window, and you can’t do that by trading away Sutton or Chubb. Two 1st’s, Hamler, plus whatever we could get for Lock is about as far as I’d go.
  11. The reward if Farley ends up better than Surtain is tiny. I think that upside is certainly there, but legitimately, we’re talking about a potential top 5-6 CB in the NFL in Farley vs a top 8-10 CB in Surtain. Minuscule. The risk profile though? Enormous. Surtain at 1.9 is a significantly better pick than Farley at 1.20 (or wherever that trade down ended up.) The future 1st obviously helps a lot, but I don’t think Farley + 2022 1st over Surtain is a slam dunk in any way.
  12. “This was a swing and miss by Paton. Like swing for a 98mph fastball up and away when it’s a slurve at 72 off the bottom corner. His GM tenure is off to a sh***y start.” “It was a bad pick, good player, back pick, so quit acting like Mike Klis making excuses.” “George Paton is such an idiot.” “Listening the press conference, I just keep disliking Paton more and more.” “Initially annoyed” Haha
  13. Even Stokes and Campbell were gone at 2.40. Although Samuel Jr. was there, which I didn’t expect (and would’ve loved.) But for real, what a gamble it would’ve been if they valued CB this much and risked it all on Asante Samuel Jr. falling out of the top 39.
  14. In terms of talent, this is clearly an A draft. I’m sure you saw my post in the draft thread, where I found that the surplus value Paton added using consensus rankings was equivalent to an early-mid 2nd rounder. Even when factoring in general needs, all of the day 1+2 picks match up with significant projected holes in 2022, and even the safeties in the 5th have a clear path to long term roster spots. But everyone here knows, this draft will forever hinge on Justin Fields and Drew Lock. Paton has tied together those two careers in the minds of Denver sports fans for a long long time.
  15. So even if Muti, Meinerz, and Cush all have remarkable camps, they’re all super cheap, and there’s really no reason to move on from Glasgow yet. Overpaid depth is still better than no depth. That’s when you try to move him next offseason, when his contract is easier for others to take. And I did specifically say veteran “on the interior.” I don’t think Risner qualifies for vet status yet since we don’t really know what to expect from him consistently.
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