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  1. As someone who saw none of the camp reps…¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Most media witnesses I read said it was super close, the consensus I would say leaned slightly towards Lock. But leaning slightly is far from definitive.
  2. You’re the first person I’ve seen anywhere suggest that Drew Lock won the competition definitively. Also, when the QB is gonna be playing behind an IOL that will probably struggle in pass pro, it certainly makes sense to lean toward the guy with the far superior pocket presence. As for the Shurmur discussion, I think the screen to Javonte for a TD was the only play design where I thought, “hey, I liked that.” Everything else just seemed vanilla.
  3. Watched that Keenum 4th down run a few times now and holy balls, Strnad needs to make that stop. No idea what he was trying to accomplish there.
  4. Could only watch the last 8 minutes or so, and now a pretty extensive highlight package, but Strnad stood out for the wrong reason a whole lot. Dang we miss our ILB’s.
  5. Patrick’s on pace to have back to back seasons as good as Agholor had going into his FA year. Agholor had three of them in 4 years, Patrick will have two in two (at this rate). That’s gonna profile the same to teams looking for a #2/3 WR in free agency. He’s getting paid.
  6. To my untrained eye, his explosiveness never recovered after the hip injury. And for a guy who never had great arm strength, to lose any power in your legs and/or hips makes it really tough to get zip on the ball.
  7. Russ Wilson or Aaron Rodgers next spring is obviously preferable, but depending on acquisition price, a Tua in hand might be worth two in the bush. With 3 wins already and a not-brutal remaining schedule, it’s tough to see us getting a draft pick good enough to target the top tier QB prospects (whoever they end up being). Risking striking out on Russ and Aaron might be too much to stomach if you can get Tua for a 2nd right now.
  8. I’m not sure anyone considered it a “strength” exactly, but it sure seemed like there were enough talented options on the interior to make it average at least, with a stud LT to anchor everything. That…has not happened. I’d like to hear opinions as to why not.
  9. Supremely overrated, or he’s just lost his touch. The OL is bad, even though there’s certainly a decent baseline of talent. Teddy has seen the 2nd highest rate of pressures per drop back this season, and while playcalling/personnel is surely part of that, the linemen themselves straight up haven’t been good enough. Bolles had one great year, Risner was good as a rookie, but that’s about all the positives we’ve seen in his 3 seasons here. Tell me I’m wrong.
  10. Nelson Agholor got $22M over 2 years in the offseason, and you guys think Tim Patrick is gonna be in the $7-8M range annually?? I’d lock him in for 6 years at that price. He’s easily north of $10M per, probably around $12M. Courtland is an alpha. He’s two years younger and is currently a top 20 WR while not all the way back from a torn ACL. That injury might help us with the next contract as his track record won’t be quite as extensive as it could be. If you can keep him south of $20M annually, I’ll take him over Patrick.
  11. I wonder if the Colts are ready to pack it in, what kind of price tag would they put on Zach Pascal? UFA after this season, which should make a move more attractive to both teams.
  12. Imagine thinking this after watching Vic go for three 4th downs in higher leverage spots just two weeks ago 😂
  13. When thinking about the game this week, I started thinking about the Jets, and their whole situation in general. I’m guessing most of us saw the stat that only 4 top-5 picked QB’s in history have played 0 TD 4 INT games in their rookie season. The last 3 have been Mark Sanchez, Sam Darnold, and Zach Wilson. Drafting a franchise QB is crazy hard, but when you’re bringing even an elite-level talent into unstable organization, it’s practically impossible. Of the truly elite QB’s in the last 20 years, how many of them have seen success when being drafted by an org in shambles? Not surrounding *at
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