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  1. I think for a (reachy) 3rd round rookie corner, it’s safe to say Michael Ojemudia has surpassed all of our expectations to this point. He’s playing very well.
  2. Holy **** I forgot about that. BOBBBBBBBB
  3. Speaking of QB’s. The Texans are legit contenders for 1.1 next April. What’s the play there (after firing BOB of course)?
  4. Also, what’s the deal with Smalling? Ed doesn’t want to sell him, Ole doesn’t want him training with the squad? Forever looking for a CB, he apparently played quite well in Italy last season.
  5. I don’t know why Tunsil’s contract is reported as 3/66. It’s 4/76, with 50 guaranteed. Still very rich (and negotiated himself, well done), but it’s not the $22M per that it looks like. Also, there’s no way agents can realistically look at that contract as the new market, especially in the covid world. That’s just BOB being BOB. Another factor is that those 4 years will cover Tunsil’s age 26-29 seasons, whereas Bolles’ next contract starts after the OL prime year of 28. I think a deal for Bolles in the $15M per range, which would put him in the top 5-8 highest paid LT’s, is pretty fair.
  6. The age curve on tackles starts to really plummet at age 32, Bolles will be 29 when his next contract starts. I’d be willing to guarantee basically all of $45M over the next 3 years, with a few options for low guarantees tacked on after that.
  7. I’m glad we were running partners on this one. Funny thing is, I don’t think he’s been any better this season so far, he’s just cut down the penalties a bit. Just shocking we didn’t grab that 5th year option.
  8. Rypien’s arm got clipped on that pick-6. I haven’t seen a good replay showing whether it happened before or after he released it. Real bad decision to throw it there, but he might have been trying to get it high and outside, and the contact to his arm took some juice off of it?
  9. https://twitter.com/adamschefter/status/1311877053785018371?s=21
  10. What in God’s green earth was Fangio doing by at the end there, trying to get Rypien killed?? It’s a two score game! Take a knee on 4th down!
  11. Dembele and Traore are the latest I’ve seen links with. Surely they are not the answer.
  12. I’ve often wondered who Masai paid to fabricate medical reports on OG. Getting a borderline top 10 talent to fall to 23 because of a knee injury that was apparently gonna cost him his entire rookie season, only to be ready for the first game...big flex. Not to mention getting that pick AND the one used on Norm for Greivis Vasquez. Damn. Best exec in the game.
  13. OG gettin locked up this offseason, gonna buy so many scarves.
  14. @lomaxgrUK George, why have we not paid for Sancho yet?
  15. His defensive impact has regressed to the point where he’s really only rim protection. He’s a 5, don’t see him fitting in with Jokic defensively.
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