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  1. FWIW, there were Vegas fans on some of the Facebook fan pages saying they ran into Bowden Jr at the card tables with girls on his arm when he wasn't supposed to be mingling with the populace. Take it with a grain of salt, of course, but they were saying that he looked like he was getting a bit too involved with the Vegas night life.
  2. Rumors of Povetkin's demise might be slightly exaggerated. The power is still there.
  3. .....but what if (WHAT IF) Pacquiao actually beats Triple G and becomes the IBF/IBO middleweight champion? He will have held titles in 9 (!!!) different weight classes. Is that enough to surpass Ali as the GOAT?
  4. I laughed: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29240242/melvin-gordon-says-chargers-home-games-prepped-playing-no-fans
  5. Trade the farm for Trevor Lawrence
  6. I'm a big Carr fan, but I would trade him (even if he has a great season and we make the playoffs) and however many picks it takes to get Lawrence in Silver and Black.
  7. Version #8 is my last before the actual Draft -- and just for fun, I had a few players drop a bit farther than they probably will in the real thing. Let me know which Version you like best.
  8. Probably my last update before the actual Draft, so enjoy Version #7 (only a few changes, TBH) and let me know which version you like the best.
  9. Version #6 is up, with slight changes from Pick 9 onward. Let me know which Version you like best.
  10. Version 5 is up. There’s no changes (compared with Version 4) until Pick #19, but this is what happens when you’re quarantined.
  11. Another quarantine version. The first half is largely the same, but I made some changes to the second-half of the first round.
  12. COVID quarantining has grown increasingly boring, so Version 4 has some out-of-the-box (i.e., unlikely to happen) thinking in regards to the Draft. Let me know which version you like best.
  13. Version #3 is up. Let me know which of the three y'all like best.
  14. Version 2 is up, heavily influenced by FA moves.
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