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  1. I’d activate both — Koonce as a pass-rushing DE/LB and Ferrell as DT/run-stopping DE.
  2. You’re not wrong, but Littleton clearly played better under Marinelli than he did under Guenther.
  3. Heck, bring him back on a minimum deal.
  4. Current active-duty Army, getting ready to re-up for another 4 years. Respect to you all ✊🏻
  5. As far as being technically-skilled or having the best record, that’s true. No one else (in any era) has accomplished what he has in the sport, however.
  6. Somewhat meh, but he's coming off a season where he snagged career-high INTs.
  7. With Irving being cut, I'd be surprised if Stills doesn't make the roster.
  8. Looks like Pacquiao/Spence Jr is a go for August 21 on FOX PPV. If Manny wins this (and he probably won’t), he’s no doubt officially in the conversation as the greatest boxer of all time.
  9. If it’s not certain that Watson plays for awhile and we get vibes that the Texans are anxious to get rid of him, I’d offer a 2023 1st and see if they take it. Probably not, but why not try? If it looks like Watson will be good to go, but still wants out of Houston and/or the local community doesn’t want him around any longer, I’d give up a 2022 1st. Carr is good enough to get a fairly good trade deal for him, and Watson is comparable enough to Mahomes to make us competitive for the AFC West title for years to come.
  10. And you could easily be right. We all know Gruden is running the show and has final say over anything/everything that actually matters, however, so I’d be willing to give Mayock the benefit of the doubt for a period of time.
  11. I’d axe Gruden after Year 5 (if no playoffs) and keep Mayock for another two years just to see what he could do outside of Gruden’s shadow.
  12. We’re stuck with Gruden for 5 years minimum. If we miss the playoffs for 5 straight years under him, then I can imagine Mark rethinking his decision.
  13. A CB for his first 5 seasons, switched to Safety (SS, I think) last year and had the best season of his college career (also went back to CB in at least one game). Team Captain (2020) All-ACC Honorable Mention ACC Defensive Back of the Week: Boston College (11/14/20) Gameball recipient: Louisville (10/17/20) CoSIDA Mayo Clinic Comeback Player of the Year Honorable Mention (2019)
  14. Am I the only one who would be willing to get rid of Gruden and keep Mayock?
  15. As someone who watches a lot of ND football, this could potentially be a very good move. Crawford played 6 years at ND due to several season-ending injuries (hence why he wasn’t drafted) — but when he was on the field, he was consistently one of the best DBs on some very good Irish defenses. Probably a practice squad player in Year 1, but could be more in Year 2 and beyond.
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