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  1. That's what I like to see 0!! Sacks given! Also, 5 Sacks for us! Let's go into Denver and keep this going.
  2. I would start Diontae Johnson, I don't know if I can trust Ingram as of right now with the shared carriers to JK and the goal line carriers going to him as well. Full PPR - Since A.J Brown and Kenny Golladay out. Would would you chose? Curtis Samuel @Bucs Emmanuel Sanders @LV Also, would would you pick out of the three for my other league - Full PPR D.J Moore @Bucs Will Fuller V vs BAL CeeDee Lamb vs ATL
  3. A huge game for the run game? Jones comes away with a 100 yard game?
  4. Pick 1: Would be Ronald Jones, he had most of the carriers in Week 1 vs the Saints. Also, Pick 2: Chark and Brown for me Pick 3: I would bench DK Metcalf
  5. For week 2, should I start the following - Both Full PPR Ronald Jones vs CAR over Mark Ingram @HOU? Kenny Golloaday @GB over A.J. Brown vs JAX I have my ESPN league with the WR and Flex of: Allen Robinson II vs NYG DJ Moore @TB Robert Woods @PHI Would you consider starting CeeDee Lamb vs ATL? or Wil Fuller V vs BAL?
  6. ESPN League was good won 166-110 NFL League sucked majorly - Ingram killed me with 2.9 points (doesn't look good for him) Jarwin out for the year - Colts didn't play well either. The funny thing was 4 players of his team scores a combined 110 points - more than all my players combined at 104.
  7. How was that not a PI when he hit him WAY before the ball came in. Oh well.... get this half over, do something with Smith and come back with a great 1st drive
  8. Hey Thanks! I don't know how White wasn't picked up other than this was a $100 money league for my Real Estate Company and people picked Def in the 5th and K in the 8th 😀 I looked at the FA list and there are some that intrigue me Mecole Hardman, Darrel Williams, Chris Thompson, Bruce Love, Justin Jefferson, Sammy Watkins, Anthony Miller, Curtis Samuel, Jonnu Smith, Blake Jarwin, just to name a few
  9. 10 Team League (Full PPR) QB - Russell Wilson (7th) RB - Clyde Edwards-Helaire (1st) RB - Josh Jacobs (2nd) WR - Allen Robinson (3rd) WR - DJ Moore (4th) TE - Zach Ertz (6th) FLEX - Robert Woods (5th) D/ST - Colts (14th) K - Jake Elliott (15th) Bench RB - Mark Ingram (8th) RB - David Montogomery (10th) RB - James White (12th) WR - Will Fuller V (9th) WR - CeeDee Lamb (11th) WR - Henry Ruggs III (13th) What do you guys think?
  10. Aren't they thinking about doing that? I read at one of the Bucs practices they were doing that to prepare. P.S a lot of players said they came out with headaches because of how loud it can get.
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