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  1. Offseason Rumors

    To trade back to only 6 and still be able to grab White, gaining a early 2nd I think might be the best trade for us. But if we do trade back to 11th I think we would target Bush or Burns
  2. Offseason Rumors

    Personally, If one of them come up and ask for this I would pull the trigger if the big 3 are gone.
  3. Offseason Rumors

    What in your eyes would you take for trading back to either 6 or 11
  4. 2019 Prospects thread.

    After watching Ed Olivers pro day. Man that dude looks good. Rumors came out Falcons love this kid and might trade up for him. I wouldn't be mad to trade back if (big 3 aren't there) and picking Oliver up. Especially if we trade McCoy through the draft.
  5. Offseason Rumors

    With just Brate and McCoy traded that is 20 million in our books making us 22 million over.
  6. Bucs interested in trading for LB Darron Lee

    I really haven't seen or hear much about Lee. But if we do in fact trade for him. They're thinking a 3rd. I wouldn't doubt we trade back from our pick if the big 3 aren't there. To recoup the lost of the pick
  7. My Annual Forum by Forum Mock

  8. 2019 combine

  9. Mock Drafts

    To trade down 2 times and still get Oliver is a DREAM draft (Highly doubt that happens) but a draft like this I would give A++++++
  10. Senior Bowl

    Personally, I think it really depends on how the trade looks like. If they're offering 2 firsts and 2 seconds. I would have to take a hard look at that
  11. If we do in up trading him (Rumor Season) what do you think we can get out of him with that contract he has? 3rd-4th?
  12. Mock Drafts

    Yeah that's what I thought when I saw it. That is what you consider a major reach
  13. Our forum activity

    What Part of Cali? Iā€™m out here in So Cal area! Maybe you and me are the only 2 Bucs fans out here šŸ˜‚
  14. šŸˆ Week 17: Falcons (6-9) @ Bucs (5-10)

    This year has flown by! Can't believe it's the last game. Hopefully this off-season brings some fun! Can't wait to see who's the new coach and potential GM.
  15. Same thing happen to me as did you. I drafted for a standard league thinking it was that, but it isn't. Hasn't been a good season for me but I am sitting in 4 place for the last playoff spot because I've won 3 of the last 5 games which has been weird. I've had the injury bug hit me all season long IE - A.J Green, Emmanuel Sanders, T.Y Hilton, Kerryon Johnson. Then players really not living up to there potential or just really sucking this year. IE - Matthew Stafford, Trey Burton, Kenyan Drake, David Johnson (in the beginning) If I do happen to win this week then I can go into the playoff as the last seed and just hope for a miracle to beat the #1 player in our FF this year at 11-2