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  1. Dude, you killed it so far in this! Amazing Work!!! Now on to the 2nd round for an OT and DT/WR.
  2. Bucs has a point, I wouldn't give that
  3. try and see if you could give them our 1st 4th round? and maybe a 6th?
  4. Awesome, any word on harris?
  5. That’s fine with me OJ Howard is now non tradable
  6. I would rather trade Brate than Howard. So, getting a 3rd for Brate is fine, depending on the pick. If, we get a 1st for Howard, then I would really consider it.
  7. Let's see what we can get for the following (maybe not trade them, but see what we can get) Justin Evans OJ Howard Cameron Brate M.J. Stewart Can anyone else think of another player? and of course keeping one of the TE and not trading both
  8. New Uniforms in 2020? CONFIRMED

    Can not wait!!!!
  9. I think he is right, Lindsay wouldn't be a bad pick-up depending on the price of course.
  10. Draft szn rumors

    Maybe Jones, but I would also say Taylor or Swift
  11. I would be a fan of both scenarios personally
  12. 21. Josh Jones OT Houston 45. D’Andre Swift RB Georgia 76. Jacob Eason QB Washington 103. Jason Strowbridge DT UNC 117. Alex Highsmith DE Charlotte 139. Damien Lewis G LSU 145. J.R. Reed S Georgia 161. Quintez Cephus WR Wisconsin 194. Sewo Olonilua RB TCU A trade back with Phi, The top OT were off the board, and one of the Top WR was, so we trade back gain a 3rd and 4th and something next year.
  13. Here is another website that you guys can use if you want to, it allows trades https://www.profootballnetwork.com/mockdraft/
  14. Suh Resigned!!!

    Awesome! Now get one of the top OT or trade back and BPA and we are set and ready for next year
  15. I will help, but I can't control it