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  1. Our forum activity

    What Part of Cali? Iā€™m out here in So Cal area! Maybe you and me are the only 2 Bucs fans out here šŸ˜‚
  2. šŸˆ Week 17: Falcons (6-9) @ Bucs (5-10)

    This year has flown by! Can't believe it's the last game. Hopefully this off-season brings some fun! Can't wait to see who's the new coach and potential GM.
  3. Same thing happen to me as did you. I drafted for a standard league thinking it was that, but it isn't. Hasn't been a good season for me but I am sitting in 4 place for the last playoff spot because I've won 3 of the last 5 games which has been weird. I've had the injury bug hit me all season long IE - A.J Green, Emmanuel Sanders, T.Y Hilton, Kerryon Johnson. Then players really not living up to there potential or just really sucking this year. IE - Matthew Stafford, Trey Burton, Kenyan Drake, David Johnson (in the beginning) If I do happen to win this week then I can go into the playoff as the last seed and just hope for a miracle to beat the #1 player in our FF this year at 11-2
  4. šŸˆ Week 12: 49ers (2-8) @ Bucs (3-7)

    Evans passed 1000 again! Love how we locked him up!
  5. šŸˆ Week 12: 49ers (2-8) @ Bucs (3-7)

    Nassib has been amazing so far!!! LOVE IT!
  6. šŸˆ Week 12: 49ers (2-8) @ Bucs (3-7)

    As living in California and not having TV (just the amazon fire stick) which is amazing. I have a few sites that I stream on to watch all of the games.
  7. ? Week 8: Bucs (3-3) @ Bengals (4-3)

    Again, I'll get back with you guys at halftime and the end of the game! Go Bucs
  8. Trade Deadline

    That is true he did look good, but I wouldn't mind getting rid of D-Jax. Winston just doesn't have chemistry with him at all and singing back Humps. Winston - Godwin - Hump - Watson.
  9. Trade Deadline

    Yeah I hope so too, but like you said Hump is definitely one of Winston favorite targets.
  10. Trade Deadline

    What LB do you think is on the Trade Block? or even worth trading for?
  11. ? Week 7: Browns (2-3-1) @ Bucs (2-3)

    Also, who loved what Nassib did today! 2 Sacks vs his old team. Great D-Line especially with McCoy and Curry out. JPP = LOVE!
  12. ? Week 7: Browns (2-3-1) @ Bucs (2-3)

    Must needed win. 3-3 is definitely what we need heading to Cincy next week. We need to clean those penalties, turnovers around. Also, that O-Line play was bad, we desperately need a RG.
  13. ? Week 7: Browns (2-3-1) @ Bucs (2-3)

    I'll talk to you guys after the game! This forum is a lot faster than my stream! Let's go Bucs!
  14. Black Ops 4

    Dude was that you? That was amazing! You play on Xbox or PS?
  15. Black Ops 4

    I don't play blackout. MP this year has been the best since I've been playing Cod4...