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  1. Thanks, @goldfishwars I read every single team on this waiting for the Buccaneers. Vita Vea, DT, Washington - Again, you nailed it. I think most of us on the Bucs forums was a little bit confused or mad about the pick (I myself was) for them not picking James. Then I keep reading about Vea and it made it a little better. Can he be not just a 2 down DT? That's the big question mark that always comes to mind. Since Buckner came to coach he's been working with him a lot. Hopefully, he can command double teams so like you said to free up the LB and also McCoy. Ronald Jones III, RB, USC - We needed an RB badly after letting Martin go. I feel as Jones will split carries with Barber to start out then overtake mid-season. The nack on him going around is that he needs to get better at pass protection and hasn't caught too many passes. This is why I don't think he can be a 3rd down back just yet. Good Pick though. M. J. Stewart, CB, North Carolina - I feel like you nailed it here. I think Stewart is going to push VHGIII to ball out because he really hasn't. I see Stewart at best in the slot like you said. Carlton Davis, CB, Auburn - I can see by the start of the preseason Davis being the #2 CB next to Grimes. We need the height and size which we lacked. Davis will be are tallest CB on the roster and could potentially take over GRimes if he doesn't come back next year. Again, that leaves Stewart and VHGIII at the slot. Alex Cappa, OT, Humboldt State - Man Licht really loves his lower division guys. I didn't know much about this kid until I saw those tapes you were talking about. I read somewhere that they want to try and have Cappa learn all 5 O-Line spots. He might start at G for the season because we all know that Sweezy hasn't lived to his contract. Jordan Whitehead, S, Pittsburgh - Nailed it here. He might overtake Conte on the SS spot or just be put in packages. Justin Watson, WR, Penn - The funny thing about him. Everyone around the One Bucs Place knows. Is that this kid is committed to football. Missed graduation (Most do) but he turned down an intern job that would led to a 6 figure job on Wall Street. I feel he might become a WR #3 next year Jackson and Humphries might not be back. We will see. We needed height at the position as the only WR over 6'2 was Evans. Jack Cichy, LB, Wisconsin - Again, like I keep saying you nailed it! This pick reminds me of the Beckwith pick like last year. Reports came out that he is about 95% ready. Amazing write ups on all teams! This thread deserves an A+++++. GOOD JOB!!!!!
  2. @bucsfan333 #1 !!!!
  3. @bucsfan333 TOP 2!!!!
  4. Draft Grades

    After looking at a couple of draft sites. It seems like everyone loves our picks beside Walter.
  5. Draft Grades

    No. 12: DT Vita Vea - I would give this a B+. Not an A that James would have got, but still a good grade. No. 38: RB Ronald Jones II - Again I would give this a- B+ No. 53: CB M.J. Stewart - This is the one I didn't like. I would grade it a - C No. 63: CB Carlton Davis - Love the pick. Great CB - A No. 94: OT Alex Cappa - Again love this pick always. A No. 117: S Jordan Whitehead - There were better safeties on the board C No. 144: WR Justin Watson - Didn't know him much but after reading it I like the pick. B+ No. 202: LB Jack Cichy - This might be a steal in the draft later down the road. A-
  6. Offseason Discussion

    Unreal offseason we had! I can't believe how much we have changed. FA/TRADE Ryan Jensen, C Vinny Curry, DE Jason Pierre-Paul, DE Beau Allen, DT Mitch Unrein, DT Chandler Catanzaro, K DRAFT 1 (12) Vita Vea, DL, Washington 2 (38) Ronald Jones II, RB, USC 2 (53) M.J. Stewart, CB, UNC 2 (63) Carlton Davis, CB, Auburn 3 (940 Alex Cappa, OT, Humboldt State 4 (117) Jordan Whitehead, S, Pittsburgh 5 (144) Justin Watson, WR, Penn 6 (202) Jack Cichy, LB, Wisconsin Just can't believe the offseason we had. Traded a 3rd round for JPP then have the draft play out the way it did. I'm looking forward to mini-camp and the preseason and the regular season! You guys as pump as I am!!!!!
  7. Day Three Draft Desires

    I say not in order but S or DE May trade back into the late 4th for either S or DE To come away with 7 players in 4 rounds, it would be amazing
  8. Bucs draft OT Alex Cappa - SIGNED

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I couldn't stop laughing. My wife thought I was going to pass oit
  9. Bucs draft OT Alex Cappa - SIGNED

    Didn't want all of that on there Good pick
  10. Bucs draft OT Alex Cappa - SIGNED

    Good pick
  11. Bucs Draft Thread

    Coming away with DT, RB, CB, CB, G/T That's what we needed and still have a late 4th
  12. Bucs Draft Thread

    Thanks goodness! Amazing draft
  13. Bucs Draft Thread

    I'll be fine with Allen or Cappa
  14. Bucs draft CB Carlton Davis - SIGNED

    I wish I could like this but cant.
  15. Bucs draft CB Carlton Davis - SIGNED

    Per NFL.com Analysis By Lance Zierlein NFL Analyst Draft Projection Round 2 NFL Comparison Richard Sherman Overview Davis' combination of height, weight, length and ball skills make him a nuisance that college wide receivers could do without on Saturdays. Davis has some struggles mirroring routes in space and is best as a full-time press corner who is able to use his length and strength to take wideouts out of their game. Davis plays with confidence and some edge and was able to show and prove against NFL-caliber talent over the last three years. In the right scheme, he could become a high-impact starter. Strengths Outstanding size and length Bigger and longer than the average NFL cornerback with arms that dangle down his size Parks himself in front of receivers in press coverage and uses wingspan to jam and blanket opponents Slow releasing receivers will get owned Crowds and bulls wideouts into the boundary Searches for incoming throws once receiver makes his break Tremendously disruptive Plays high or low side of the route and attacks the throw with relentless timing and aggression Had double-digit passes defensed in each of his three seasons Hands are like garden rakes dragging the football away from the receiver Extremely difficult to feather touch throws over him downfield Has experience guarding extremely athletic and talented targets in the SEC Weaknesses Can be goaded out of early press positioning by fakes Plays upright in space Slow to hit brakes and challenge comeback routes Long-strider in short spaces Off-man can be a struggle Transitions are spotty unless he reads the pattern Sometimes stumbles and loses balance checking complex routes Unable to mirror and match from a backpedal Extremely grabby at the top of the route Tugs on jerseys as recovery tactic Six pass interference penalties in 2017 Opportunistic angles on the throw leave him susceptible to big plays when he misses Takes inconsistent angles as tackler Needs more fundamental strike and wrap approach Sources Tell Us "His own quarterback (Jarrett Stidham) stayed away from throwing to his side in practice from what a scout told me. I need to find out if he can catch it because he just knocks them down and doesn't take them away. You've got to take them away." -- NFC defensive back coach