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  1. Yeah, that kid is a monster. This line was great all game besides a couple of plays. I tell you what, Aaron Stinnie played damn good, it does help he's next to Wirfs but great job on him.
  2. Ok I was writing this down if we even won or lose but damn these refs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 5 first down off of Penalties First Half Unnecessary roughness by whitehead No PI on Brate Play clock was at 0 and Brees Hiked it Holding on Barrett on 3rd (yes we got the stop but it’s the matter of the fact) Pulling Jensen down by the face mask (Anazlone) Bull crap holding on SMB 3rd down. Cook had face mask Second Half Lattimore with a face mask on Godwin Holding Brates arm in the end zone (yes we got the TD but it’s the matter of the fact)
  3. Not bad with 13-13 tie, but Godwin should have had that. Defense needs this stop on the first drive badly.
  4. Once again bull crap call... cook had his face mask the whole time should at least have been a off setting
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