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  1. What makes LaFleur's offense go? RB's, QB's, TEs. Those positions were covered. Some of these rookies will play on special teams while waiting for their chance to move up. Having more talent there is good, yes? How do you say they didn't look for Oline back-ups? They took three O linemen. GB doesn't seem to draft OTs, they draft guys who can move to different positions for flexibility. The type of WR we as fans are used to seeing GB use in the past has changed. Correct me if I'm wrong, but LaFleur wants guys who are bigger and can block. Looking at this year's draft seems to tell us that a WR with those attributes wasn't worth the draft capital at the places Gute was picking. I agree they didn't do much on the defensive side of the ball. But there has been a LOT of draft capital spent on that side over the last number of drafts. Maybe it' time for Pettine to get something out of what he has. I will agree this draft is very much setting up a future team. But like I said, LaFleur and Gute seem to like what they had last year, even if we disagree. I may be one of the few posters who doesn't expect a rookie to be a starter from day 1. Even a first rounder. Let them learn the technique necessary to compete at the pro level. They already have the athletic ability.
  2. The NFL is a replacement league. The Packers were incredibly lucky in the lack of serious injuries last year. Anyone expect that to continue? This draft seems to fill some important positions with quality backups, not the UDFAs that seemed to be the only choice in year's past. The more I look at this draft, the more it makes sense. LaFleur and Gute seem to like a lot of what got them to 13-3 last year. It provides depth at key positions that make LaFleur's plan work. It looks to protect the cap going forward.
  3. I truly don't get the 'giving up on Rodgers' take. I see three ways this goes: (I'm sure there are many others that I will hear about) 12 plays at an elite level. In which case Love never sees the field, the Packers are successful and have a good backup QB. The Packer FO is not stupid and won't move on from Rodgers if he is back in MVP mode. 12 plays at an average QB level. In which case the Packers will replace a good QB with a big contract with a good QB on a rookie contract, allowing them the cap space to spend on other areas. 12 plays at a deteriorating level, in which case the Packers have his replacement. Obviously, all of this depends on Love being the guy they think he is (or can be), but you don't draft a guy with the expectation of failure.
  4. Honest question: how much does a LeFluer offense help Rodgers? More run based, less spread. Seems like that moves away from what we've been complaining about (holding the ball, missing open receivers). Honest question: how much does a LeFluer offense help the defense? Run based to control the flow and time of possession? The picks this year seem to indicate the FO is moving towards what LaFleur wants for his plan to work. They are most definitely moving away from what we as fans are used to with the MM and TT strategy.
  5. And the NFL's attempt to appeal to the Casual Fan, to the detriment of the Loyal Fan, continues full speed ahead.
  6. Agree. Finding the occasional diamond in the rough undrafted player is great; liberally spreading them throughout the team is perhaps not.
  7. I feel like this is a Scorpion and the Frog type thing. (Scorpion stings Frog, Why?, That's who I am) Pettine is who he is. When Pettine came on board, there were two things: KILL and 'The pass will be the emphasis because you can lose faster that way'. The KILL seems to have worked. I don't remember seeing players pointing at each other because of communication issues (which seemed to happen frequently under Capers). And the emphasis on stopping the pass would be a good strategy if the Packers had the AR led offense that could stress another team by putting up 30-35 points a game. That has not happened and I'm not sure it will happen. What to expect out of the offense is a discussion for another thread. Bottom line, stopping the run is not in Pettine's wheelhouse. Gute needs to figure out how this Packers team is going to be built and make his decisions from there.
  8. Sounds crazy, but I've always thought losing the Championship game was worse than losing the SB. Being 'that' close and not getting to the big dance hurt more than losing to Denver, every time. Of course, your mileage may vary.
  9. That's a good point. I'm hoping Lafluer has AR's ear and gets him invested in working a plan, not just looking for chunk plays down the field. (I can hope, right?). Moving the sticks would be one of the most welcome things I can imagine.
  10. I feel a 7+ point victory. NO ONE is giving GB a chance. That's when AR shows up big, unlike when GB is odds on to win. If GB plays like they can, 49ers can be beat. OK, I'm done with my cheerleader soapbox, anyone else need it?
  11. I can usually follow the reasoning for avy changes. This one eludes me. But, if it means a trip to the SB, who am I to question my betters?
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