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  1. Who do you want as Head coach?

    I like the idea of Vic Fangio
  2. Actually IL raised the rate to 4.95% this past July, but your point is valid.
  3. GDT Week 12 - SNF Packers @ Steelers

    It wasn't the great catch that put them in fg range. It was the wide open catch after that.
  4. Who should be held accountable?

    Voted for Capers, missed the 'I voted' tally with everyone else.
  5. Let's talk problems CALMLY

    I posted about the gap between Dom's complex scheme and utilizing a draft and develop philosophy about three years ago. I was roundly ignored. I've given it more thought over that time and I think it also explains why Dom has a drop off in performance over time. When a new program is installed, even the vets get a simpler version and then build on it. As the complexity is added, the performance goes down, with odd times of the right players 'getting it' and making it hum. Then the team is right back to inserting young players who struggle with the complexity. I think it also shows that a 'stripped down' version of Dom's schemes will work, perhaps because the players are more able to use their physical skills with less thinking/depending on complex communication. If someone shows that I'm wrong with how new schemes are installed, I'll be the first to thank them for educating me.
  6. 4th and 1 Zeke Elliott Run - Correct Call?

    I also pointed this out to the group I was watching the game with. Everyone said he was contacted in the pile and so he was down. BUT if he was contacted and progress stopped, wouldn't he have been down before he extended the ball? I would also like to see an explanation from the officials.