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  1. Conference Championship Games

    No on Suh. He would probably cost too much and he's a POS.
  2. 16th Coach of the GB Packers (let the search begin)

    Does JIm Bob Couter seem like a fit for AR? He seems to have done wonders with Stafford in the last few years.
  3. Bears vs Vikings GDT

    Not sure here. Don't we have 2 or 3 threads currently discussing how FA are almost as much of a crap shoot as drafting, but it costs more? Not sure the Bears will be able to get everything they need under their cap. Will it be possible to sign first/second round talent at an affordable price in FA? Rookie contracts are more important than people realize. The top end of their draft is empty for the next couple of years, and with their success they will be drafting lower in each round. They had better be real good picks. This could affect their depth for a number of years, as we have seen in Green Bay with drafting lower for a number of years.
  4. Bears vs Vikings GDT

    Okay, I read the draft chart wrong. So that is even worse: nothing until their 3rd this year, which will be somewhat lower because of a good finish this year. Nothing in 2020 until the Raiders 2nd rounder. The Bears are happy now, but will feel the pinch in 2-4 years. If they have to pay for FA to upgrade and/or patch, that will get expensive. Isn't that the upshot of the discussion in the thread concerning the Jimmy Graham contract, that a team has to overpay for good FA's? As a Packer fan this makes me happy.
  5. Bears vs Vikings GDT

    Don't the Bear's have the Patriot's second round in 2019? They don't pick up anything from the Raider's until 2020, is that correct? So no first, a very low second (almost third) round this year? Then no first in 2020? Is this correct? And Bear fans are saying draft capital given up for Mack isn't important? Just want to make sure I understand this...
  6. Contract years, Cobb vs CMJ.

    I think CM coming back depends on who the next DC is. CM has provided pressure this year, just not sack numbers. Will that production be needed? Seems like a number of games this year he has made some poor choices with angles, missed tackles, etc. (Not super excited to see that on a rotational basis.) I would think a veteran wouldn't make those type of 'high motor' mistakes. I'm not sold on the move to IL. IIRC he blitzed from there and looked good; his coverage was average at best (maybe AG20 could weigh in on that).
  7. 16th Coach of the GB Packers (let the search begin)

    I honestly don't care if the next HC is a 'pick-your-flavor' guru. I want someone who can pick excellent assistant coaches and can manage a game. Most of the great teams seem to have great coordinators who get poached (think Holmgren's coaching staff), which provides as much parity in the league as the draft does. Once a coaching tree is picked, it's hard to restock. (Sorry for mixing metaphors).
  8. Who do you want as Head coach?

    I like the idea of Vic Fangio
  9. Actually IL raised the rate to 4.95% this past July, but your point is valid.
  10. GDT Week 12 - SNF Packers @ Steelers

    It wasn't the great catch that put them in fg range. It was the wide open catch after that.
  11. Who should be held accountable?

    Voted for Capers, missed the 'I voted' tally with everyone else.
  12. Let's talk problems CALMLY

    I posted about the gap between Dom's complex scheme and utilizing a draft and develop philosophy about three years ago. I was roundly ignored. I've given it more thought over that time and I think it also explains why Dom has a drop off in performance over time. When a new program is installed, even the vets get a simpler version and then build on it. As the complexity is added, the performance goes down, with odd times of the right players 'getting it' and making it hum. Then the team is right back to inserting young players who struggle with the complexity. I think it also shows that a 'stripped down' version of Dom's schemes will work, perhaps because the players are more able to use their physical skills with less thinking/depending on complex communication. If someone shows that I'm wrong with how new schemes are installed, I'll be the first to thank them for educating me.
  13. 4th and 1 Zeke Elliott Run - Correct Call?

    I also pointed this out to the group I was watching the game with. Everyone said he was contacted in the pile and so he was down. BUT if he was contacted and progress stopped, wouldn't he have been down before he extended the ball? I would also like to see an explanation from the officials.