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  1. I met Jaime Meder at a wedding. I drunkenly professed my love for him winning us the Chargers game. Thats about all I got.
  2. Ill be there all 3 days. Gonna suck having to wait until pick #32 each round but it’ll be worth it.
  3. My favorite lebron story was him being at a strip club and holding up a magnum condom asking chicks who wants the golden ticket
  4. Heres what happened; cop sees a speeder. Cop smells weed. Cop searches car and FINDS what he smelled. Cop doesnt even cite for the weed. Thats it. How does that lead you to the conclusion of “corruption”? this is 2 off the field stories in a row now where people have to throw in their personal gripes about police backed up with “facts” which are nothing more than skewed and exaggerated personal experience and crap they read on the internet.
  5. His hands were so questionable. Ill never forget the 4th down drop against the Steelers to seal 0-16. Him sitting in the grass with his hands covering his eyes will forever be burned in my brain.
  6. Hey at least he confirmed the uni’s are straight fire
  7. That was pretty much the first thing you said.
  8. The guy was enjoying his favorite team winning the title. As long as hes not flipping cars and setting couches on fire what’s wrong with some harmless celebrating?
  9. Hating cops is so played out man. The ones you described at Disneyland are the vast majority. The crusty ones definitely exist but not to the extent that you want to believe.
  10. Ill take OBJ handing out fake money over AB sexually assaulting women, using racial epithets, and refusing to play because of equipment any day of the week also am a cop. I resent your comment that most of us suck
  11. He gained 4 yards on a scramble and romo cant shut up about how great he is
  12. Then just take the 5 yard penalty. I rather have the timeout.
  13. They realy just used a timeout just to punt?
  14. It’s so depressing when you consider these big games down the stretch that we crapped the bed for (den, pit 2.0, and ari). This team does not deserve to be in the playoffs. Hopefully they respond next season and come back hungry and pissed, but we’ve all seen this story before. 5-11 next year, bye bye baker, draft a new qb in 2021, rinse and repeat. Goddamn i hate that i love this franchise...
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